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The girls and glitter bombs

So in a few headcannons I mention glitter bombs, here’s sort of the story behind it. Thanks again to @atomicnightbear for the help with ideas over dinner. Also she’s my awesome roommate who likes to talk about the batgirls with me which is often.

- So the glitter bombs started off with Stephanie. She needed a way to express her anger when the boys are being stupid without actually hitting them. Now she just throws glitter bombs at them.

- Cass joined in on this idea. She prefers to use yellow glitter while Stephanie’s was purple.

- Barbara has a few she keeps too just in case. Most of hers are directed at Dick and Bruce though. There was a a few months where Dick couldn’t go a week without getting hit by one.

- Harper took claims on the blue glitter. She doesn’t use them as often but it’s still nice to have to let anger at.

- One of the boys claiming they are better then you, bomb covered in glitter. Just imagine trying to patrol when your costume as glitter on it. Yeah not very sneaky. The black surface of the costumes just lets the glitter reflect better.

- Tim is often the target of most of Stephanie’s. Jason usually gets hit by Cass’s when he kills someone.

-Damian gets hit by everyone’s. He wins for most about of glitter bombs. Once he was hit by all of them at once.

-Duke gets hit the less amount because he ain’t going to piss off the girls. Glitter takes forever to get out.

- It is well known now that if someone is covered in glitter they it means they have pissed off one of the girls.Usually you can tell which one by the color. Alfred makes the person cover in glitter clean up any that gets on his rugs.

- Katie Kane totally joins it as well. Her’s are red. She prefers to use them when everyone is getting all glumly.

- Selina totally joined in. It all started when Bruce was ignoring her for awhile. She took one of Cass’s and just threw it straight for his face. He was not impress. She couldn’t stop laughing.

- One time when fighting Harley and Ivy Stephanie accidentally threw a glitter bomb instead of smoke pellets. Harley was in love with it and figured out how to make some at home. Ivy was not impressed.

- Glitter bombs are suppose to be banned from the batcave. Yeah they ignore that rule.

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Since almost everyone who's asking u questions rn are either asking about sciencey junk, or giving u hate, imma ask a question that actually is relevant to the story. (Jk, not relevant at all. Imma ask it anyways!! =^-^=) If Frisk had to choose between two pets, which pet do u think they'd choose? A magical flying cat that can puke rainbows, or a dog that can see the future but only speaks in riddles? And, follow up question, how would Chara react to their choice?

Frisk clearly would choose the dog because they love dogs and they don’t know how to clean up rainbows. Chara would probably think this was a good choice o Frisk’s part because riddles about the future are better than getting rainbows all over your floor. They would also be afraid of what the dog might say.

Does anyone else experience this problem where your gay little heart makes simple tasks far more difficult than they need to be?

Like the other day I just needed to order myself a coffee at Starbucks. Simple, right? WRONG. The barista was so gosh darn pretty that every time I tried to tell her my order I just sounded like a freak. Then she couldn’t hear me well, so she leaned over the counter… & oh my lanta…that made my gay little heart start pumping into overdrive. I swear if someone cut me open at that exact moment, the blood in my veins would’ve poured out in rainbow colors on the floor spelling out “h-e-l-p”.

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What do you thing the gangs social media's would be like?

Jack uses his Instagram as a place to store inspiration photos for art stuff. It’s everything from city skylines to graffiti to the way the light reflects through the window and casts rainbows across the floor. And, when he’s recreated the photo in what ever medium it demands, he takes down the original and posts one of the art work instead.
Davey uses Facebook to get updates on breaking news. Jack has to convince him to get Twitter but he only ever uses it to check up on his friends.
Race is a social media king. His Twitter and his Instagram are super popular because he posts parts of New York everyone else ignores. Whilst people are all taking photos of the arches of the Brooklyn bridge, he takes them of the stickers on the railings. He finds the parts of New York that its people create on a daily basis, and shares them. And occasionally there’ll be a picture of him and Spot, which doesn’t hurt his follower count.
Spot’s snapchat story is legendary. It’s everything from law classes to diving at the docks to the view from the fire escape but there’s always so much of it and no one understands how Spot manages to fit it all in to 24 hours.
Crutchie has a tumblr that’s half positive quotes on floral background or photos of the sea, and half disabled activism calling out ableist shit he encounters.
Katherine has a tumblr too. She uses hers as a social justice blog where she reminds people to vote and lists all the ridiculous shit Trump does. She tried to highlight ways women are being oppressed by the establishment, writing posts against FGM and the strict abortion laws in Ireland. She mainly keeps herself off her own blog, not sharing very much that could be considered personal. But after same sex marriage is legalised in the US she posts a photo of her kissing Sarah’s cheek with the tags #loveislove #marryingthisgirloneday and it goes viral. She’s mad that’s that what people reblog and like at first but it gets her a lot more followers who read everything else she posts so it’s not all bad.

And The Shadows Fall And The Crickets Sing

Relationships: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson, Larry Stylinson
Series: Part 5 of The ‘And…’ Series

He didn’t see him in jeans enough out of work for his liking, but they’d done some visiting with the grandparents earlier so they’d both dressed up a little, before dropping off the car in the drive and going on the walk when they’d gotten back. The fit of the denim across his hips and thighs made him want to watch, and touch, and just feel the warmth of him pressed against him. He let his eyes run across his chest and down his arms, just taking him in. All that bare skin covered in the story of them. He wants to touch him now, but he’s waiting. Waiting for the words he’ll give him next.

“Lips though, Harry.” Louis shrugged, letting those delicate shoulders rise and fall. “What would I do without those?” He drew a thumb across them now. “Such a pretty mouth. And that tongue. So good. So many memories. And the feel of your lips on me is in all of them. On my cheek, and my neck, and my hands, all the places we could go, even before we ever kissed. Your lips. My skin.” He pressed his hand against Harry’s cheek, his words a soft murmur. “Lips, Harry. Make another memory with me.”

being a fan of Melanie Martinez and Ghost be like: drinking Papastrello out of a milk bottle and drawing a pentagram on your bedroom floor in rainbow chalk then arranging your stuffed animals around it just so and try to summon Satan and then when that fucker comes out the woodwork you tell Him he better have some ice cream and then you coax him into playing Mario Kart with you.



Renwick Gallery Is Overtaken With 60 Miles Of Rainbow Hand Weaved by Gabriel Dawe

Contemporary artist Gabriel Dawe is delighting visitors at the Smithsonian American Art Museum’s Renwick Gallery with his masterpiece “Plexus A1” - rainbows woven with 60 miles of thread that create a magical visual experience. It’s part of a major exhibition titled “Wonder” where several artists transform their location specific installations into a larger than life installation.

The Mexican artist combines the architecture of the historical museum and fashions a hand-threaded spectrum of rainbow yarn individually from floor to ceiling; replicating an enchanting experience for spectators as they walk through the corridors and hallways to be confronted by monumental rainbows sweeping from the ceiling to the floor.  Dawe has meticulously worked with 60 miles of thread for 10 days, composed of 15 colors of the spectrum, and single handedly blanketed the Renwick’s 19-foot tall ceilings with thousands of strands of polyester string. Mistaken for fleeting rays of light, the piece is an iridescent exhibition. Each layer is carefully constructed, to assure that the hues shift with light in a specific gradient mimicking a true rainbow.

Gabriel Dawe’s Plexus A1 is a resurrection of his memories from his childhood in Mexico city.