rainbow dash chubbie


autistic fluttershy!!!!!!

she stims with her hair and stuffed animals, and she flaps her wings and hums her favorite songs!

also, she likes to pressure stim in a pile with her also autistic girlfriends!!

(dont tag as kin/me with flutters pls :’^>)


460x460 Jasper, Amethyst, and Steven Icons from an assortment of episodes, as a gift for @deadartistxx! ( these three are her favorite SU characters :3 )

Feel free to like/reblog if you’re going to use any of them!

Giving me credit for making these is not mandatory, but it is appreciated


some requests from the stream. enjoy them and there are 4 more requests on the way.


at first i was just doodling a steven but then i had an idea and things got out of hand