rainbow curve


Blac Chyna flaunting rainbow hair.

Ok so I have to leave in 2 hours for a vacation and I still need to pack EVERYTHING but I really wanted to put this out for a friend.

The characters are from this lovely webcomic that you should totally check out right now.



This dress makes even my flat pancake butt look huge. Susie hasn’t decorated her tree, but it’s a great backdrop for ootd shoots. Also, Susie and I are so happy military-style coats and jackets are back in the style so we can get away with wearing all the bright buttoned pieces.

Size: 22-24, 3x-4x, 47"/49"/56"
Dress: Plussizefix.com
Leggings: Torrid
Knee boots: Remonte
Jacket: Deb (are Deb stores even still a thing? I got this forever ago omg)

The Rainbow Comforter

Your lips outline
A white rainbow
The same curve inverted
As black arcs below my eyes
Together we blend 


I’ve seen your smile
Upside down
In the sky
When the sun stabs
The prism of your eyes
You don’t break
You paint
A masterpiece

Weave these pigments
Over me
I’ll bury myself
In your misty
Multicolored sheets
Hidden at the end
Of your rainbow smile
You’ll find me

I sleep


anon: Nat getting stuck, and Steve tickling her because she can’t get out.

I’m back! Finally! So I know I’ve been absent WAY too long, and when I was starting to plan to jump in better life kind of threw a thousand boulders at once. I hope you guys will be patient with me. I’d love to get some more prompts and questions and more! Hope you enjoy this long overdue fic <3

She couldn’t believe it.

Natalia Romanov- the Black Widow. The Spy. The Avenger. It’s humiliating. It’s ridiculous. It’s-

“Steve!” She calls, kicking her legs angrily.

It doesn’t take long for Steve to run in, panicked and worried. “Nat! Are you-” He pauses, and she feels his eyes on her. “So…” He clears his throat, and she knows he’s smirking, probably with a fist over his mouth as he fights laughing at her. “What are you doing?”

She kicks irritably, humiliated. “I’m stuck!”

Natasha hears his cough, but she knows he was chuckling. “I can see that. What, uh, caused this?”

She huffs, really not wanting to get into it. “Can’t you just help me first?” She whines, humiliated. She’s the Black Widow. She shouldn’t be getting stuck like this for something so- so- ridiculous.

He chuckles openly, making her scowl. “Nnope.” He swats her ass gently, making her squeak. “Gotta tell me.”

She huffs, pouting, and she reluctantly mutters. “I lost my knife.” It was her favorite.

Steve pauses. “That rainbow looking one?” It’s curved, a black handle that’s really only used for decoration and opening boxes, but he knows she loves to just watch the colors play off of it.

“Yes,” She says firmly, and he knows she doesn’t want to talk about it. Not when she’s stuck.

He hums. “Makes sense. However… You know your muscles make it hard for you to slip in and out from under the bed.” He sounds impressed though, but she can’t blame him. It’s extremely difficult- and not worth it- to try to force yourself in such a small space, at least that’s what she always thought.

Natasha huffs, annoyed. “I know, I know. Just get me out of here.”

“Hang on,” He chides, padding closer. “How many chances do I really have to play with you like this?”

She freezes. “Steve… Don’t even think about it…”

Steve smirks, and she senses him crouch down beside her. “Oh really?” He hums, hand resting on her lower back. “Why not?”

“Because-” She jerks, cutting herself off, and Steve chuckles as he continues gently squeezing her side. “Stop it!”

He laughs, gently tickling where her butt meets her thighs, making her squeal and flail around. “Why? I love when you’re like this! My ticklish girl!”

She giggles, wiggling around and kicking her legs. “Steve! Stop it! Дай!

He laughs harder. “Oh really? Is that how we’re playing it?” He reaches back and snags a foot, wiggling his fingers on her arch and making her shriek with laughter. “How’s that? Better?”

“Let me go!” She laughs, squirming, and Steve chuckles as he lets her go, lifting the bed easily so she can climb out. She flushes, embarrassed, but her knife is in hand. “About time, Rogers.”

He smiles beautifully, leaning closer and kissing her tenderly. “I love you, spider. I’m sorry I teased you.”

She smirks, tugging him closer so her lips brush his. “You’ll be even sorrier if you don’t show me,” She breathes, and then his lips are on hers again.

Maybe humiliation isn’t so bad after all.


Дай! = Dang it!

And then all wars ended / Arms of every kind were outlawed and the masses gladly contributed them to giant foundries in which they were melted down and the metal poured back into the earth / The Pentagon was turned on its side and painted purple, yellow & green / All boundaries were dissolved / The slaughter of animals was forbidden / The whole of lower Manhattan became a meadow in which unfortunates from the Bowery were allowed to live out their fantasies in the sunshine and were cured / People swam in the sparkling rivers under blue skies streaked only with incense pouring from the new factories / The energy from dismantled nuclear weapons provided free heat and light / World health was restored / An abundance of organic vegetables, fruits and grains was growing wild along the discarded highways / National flags were sewn together into brightly colored circus tents under which politicians were allowed to perform harmless theatrical games / The concept of work was forgotten
—  Author unknown, from the back cover of Terry Riley’s A Rainbow in Curved Air
The Beginning

Title: The Haven

Chapter 1: The Beginning

Genre: Romance/Fluff/Comedy

Rating: T

Author’s Notes: I don’t know what I’m doing.  I’m not a writer.  I probably overuse ellipses.  You’ve been warned.  

Written from Mr.Hiddleston’s POV

My brain was screaming at me that what I was doing was terribly wrong and inappropriate, but something I had never experienced was propelling me forward.  I could see the headlines in tomorrow’s news: Actor Arrested On Stalking Charges. 

Calm down, man.  You’re just walking down the street like all these other people. 

 I told myself to shut up and kept my eyes fixed on the luscious inky black waves that cascaded down her back and bounced gently as she slowed her pace to stand in front of a jewelry store that was located on the corner of the block.  I stopped by a large planter with a very sad looking fichus and pretended to be engrossed with my phone.  I kept my head down and glanced over at her.  

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I was thinking this week about how much my own brain has changed regarding beauty. I went almost 40 years without seeing anyone presented as beautiful unless they met a really narrow standard. I never saw fat women presented as beautiful. I think Tumblr, specifically, has actually healed my brain. It’s exposed me to so many types of beauty. And I realized that I have widened my own standards to include myself.
—  Rainbow Rowell 

She said he was getting too close.
He said she was getting too far.

She said he was drowning in an ocean.
He said she was drowning in her tears.

She said he loved the concept of time,
so he let go of people before they left.
He said she loved the concept of space,
so she let go of people before they gasp.

She said he was like an island,
separated from the mainland.
He said she was like a rainbow,
curving from no man’s land.

She knew he would love her,
so she had to cut him loose.
He knew he would love her,
so he was determined not to lose.

And that’s the sickest truth about love,
oceans apart, ocean deep, I can still
find your tear drops within the sea.

The salt within them,
it’s own body of water.

Pure and pain.
Cure and rain.

She and he,
her and him,
they loved,
we loved,
& that’s us.

—  We live for the ocean blues
// k.c.
signs as things heard/seen at band camp

aries: *to the guy that took the last oreo* Fuck you, I hope you choke on that.

taurus: director: Be back at 4:20. entire band: *hoots loudly*

gemini: ‘Why are rainbows curved?’ ‘Because they’re gay.’


leo: Oh my god, a cloud! Praise the lord!

virgo: Honestly though, Michael is such a hoe.

libra: *shoving a tiny water balloon in someone’s face* Eat Squishy! Eat Squishy! Eat!!! Squishy!!!

scorpio: *two kids go in for a high five, but both dab*

sagittarius: I swear to god, put that motherfucking chicken down.

capricorn: I hope I don’t get a nipple tan.

aquarius: Do you dare disrespect Harambe?!?!?!

pisces: *tapping on a snare head* Wanna sit on this dick?

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