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Kara being a little confused when she learns about earths sexuality and labels. But then ecstatic about the bright stripes flags and parades . asking Winn to make her a bi-pride cape and painting rainbows on all her friends cheeks pouting at lena saying “stop giggling now its not straight” when lena complains it tickles . oh and lena making the ‘L’ in l corp rainbow lit for pride month

C:KND turned 13 yesterday

Abby (age 23) is off travelling, doing humanitarian work. She’s modest about the whole thing, and will easily admit she’s doing it more for the sense of adventure. She doesn’t have any notion that she’s changing the world.

Wally (age 23) is in graduate school, going for his doctorate. He plays a lot of local sports, still under the delusion that he’ll be scouted for the major leagues soon enough, and this stupid “Doctor Beetles” thing will never play out. But, he got this far, so he might as well see where it goes.

Kuki (age 22) has an internship with the Rainbow Monkey Corp. She’s constantly overworked and underpaid, which has been slowly eroding at her cheerful disposition, but she does feel like she’s been working her way up to better opportunities. At the very least, her energy has been noted by her superiors.

Hoagie (age 23) has two part-time jobs: one in an auto shop and the other behind the desk of a local hobby shop. The former is alright, but he does kinda get bored with the more tedious work. The latter has board games! Yipper tournaments! Models! He seriously could not be happier there.

Nigel (age ??) is off-planet. Further information is classified.

The sixth of every month, the five of them will carve out time in their busy schedules to share a video conference with each other, reminiscing on their days as Sector V and catching each other up on what’s been going on in their lives.

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(( 👻  - Someone They Don’t See Often ))

(( Did you guys know that Mini is friends with a unicorn?  I think they’ve mentioned it before.  @rainbow-corp-public-relations is the unicorn named Enigma that taught them to say “oh my josh” instead of “oh my gosh”.  They met him during some of their early witchly training with the use of portals - back when Mini was still human.  They used to write stories together and just have the most bazaar conversations.  Enigma was one of their best friends back in the day and they talked almost daily! 

But uh,, You guys know the mythos behind unicorns, right?  Dangerous creatures, they are!  Legend says they can only be tamed by those pure of heart.  But legend also says that they kill those who are pure of heart - spearing them with their horns - so that they may never be tamed.  But yeh, my point is that Enigma’s got some blood on his hooves that Mini never knew about.  

They uh,, , they don’t talk as much now.  I never did find out the exact reason why but given the mythos, I guess you can say I have some theories. ~ Magpie mun ))