rainbow connection


Do you know what the beauty of this scene at the beginning of The Muppet Movie is?  It’s that Kermit has just been approached for the first time by a Hollywood talent agent who tells him he’d be a shoe-in, and that he could be rich and famous.  Kermit actually couldn’t care less about that, and he’s pretty happy right where he is.  But then the agent tells Kermit he could make millions of people happy.  That’s when Kermit first feels something stirring inside him.  Kermit is the least egotistical character I’ve ever seen try to pursue fame and entertainment.  He also shows that he’s scared to leave where he’s comfortable, as many very normal people are.  Why leave a place that you’ve known your whole life for the chance at something that seems so far fetched that it can’t ever be real?  And yet, despite that, he feels called to do something bigger.  He hints at it only a minute or two before that in the opening song Rainbow Connection, saying he hears some voice calling to him that he can’t ignore, and that there’s something he’s supposed to be.  Kermit is the ultimate embodiment of stepping outside of one’s comfort zone and giving something a chance against all odds, and not even for himself, but because he thinks it would bring happiness to the whole world.

We should all strive to be like the Kermit portrayed in The Muppet Movie.

Rainbow Connection: Finding Home Within One Direction's Queer Fan Base
A look at Rainbow Direction and the worldwide community of LGBTQ Directioners

After weeks of putting relentless work, careful research and a lot of patience and heart into creating a piece about the LGBTQ+ community of the One Direction fandom an Rainbow Direction, MTV’s Brodie Lancaster finished her article talking about our efforts for visibility and safe spaces among 1D fans. We’re very excited to be able to share this with you.

A huge and heart-felt Thank You to Brodie for taking the time and investing so much to give our part of the fandom a positive and respectful representation in the press!

Please make sure to spread her article and give her many, many clicks!

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This song (Rainbow Connection) was in my head today and made me think of my old friend Brooke who really liked it.  Also a favourite of my cousin Christine. A childhood classic.  Gatsby, Daisy, and maybe you, too - we’re all chasing rainbows in some respects lol. This clip adds Debbie Harry (lead singer of Blondie) in a duet with Kermit. Enjoy!

Layering fun with OPI Rainbow Connection! I’ve wanted to do a jelly sandwich with this, but sadly I think I own a total of one jelly, which is almost dead. This is two coats of Love and Beauty Turquoise, one coat of Rainbow Connection, and one coat of Love and Beauty Creme. Creme is extremely sheer, and I love the effect if gives when layered over glitter or other designs.