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1. always repost the rules
2. answer the random eleven questions posted for you
3. create eleven more questions and tag eleven more people
4. let the person who tagged you know you answered

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1.      if you were a colour, what colour would you be and why?
anything minor key, like bordeaux or a pale green… it doesn’t stand out but isn’t too boring and goes nicely with black. 

2.      If you were a musical instrument, what instrument would you be?
maybe a guitar… a guitar is quite easy to play :( but also quite divers. and as  accompaniment it is unimposing but you notice when it stops. my life.

3.      if you could live in any place of the world for three months and wouldn’t have to worry about money or organizing things, which one would you choose?
my home! my home without any chores? organizing? financial matters to handle? that would be so awesome!!!

4.      what is your dream house/flat/…?
i’d love to have a big garden all around the house, not just in the back. you’d have to walk through the gates into a garden and find the house right in the middle of all the green.

5.      If you could live in any era of history for three months, which one would you choose?
to think about this scares me. It would be so awkward. So i’d like to stay where i am… now that i think about this… this „now“ makes me scared too :(  

6.      If you were an artist, what kind of art would you make?
something behind the scenes.

7.      what is your favourite age?
i really loved the time in my life when i was on my own (my early twenties). I had my own flat, my friends, my own money, and actually had to only answer to myself… yay! (announcement: i love love love my kids and the man!)

8    is there one item you have lost and still miss?
not one but… i lost count: rings. ileave my rings everywhere… by the sink, on (any) table, in my pockets… there are pleasant surprises now and then. but some are still missing :(

9.      the first thing you switch on in the morning?
the radio in my kitchen

10.   do you have to stop yourself from singing along when you listen to music with headphones?
sometimes. I’m not very good at memorising lyrics in entirety, except favourites of course.

11.   What was the last thing you did before reading these questions?
scrolling throug my dash

now my eleven
i’d like to know:

1. your breakfast
2. did you travel this summer?
3. do you have a current music crush?
4. what about a current fanfic to weep to?
5. swimsuit or bikini (or skinny-dipping)? (i love that there is a word for swimming naked in english :)
6. how do you sort your bookshelfs? (do you sort your bookshelfs?)
7. i always like this: shuffle your music and write down the first three
8. is there a film you unexpectedly liked very much?
9. do you have plants indoor?
10. what was your first LP/ CD you fondly remember?
11. care to share a pic of the fabric of your favourite piece of clothing?

now, tagging 11…-ish

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and everyone and their dog… maybe you just are in need of some questions :)

Done xo

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When it’s just me it’s easier to pretend.

Inspired by the work of @superphazed (NSFW) and @davidsherenow so if you haven’t seen their stuff you should. Sorry for potato quality, I can only make gifs in Flash.