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Nice rainbow Cait tweeted Sam for his birthday. It will go well with his cake. I swear, you people are the ones with your heads in the sand. You all need to wake up and smell the rainbow.

I swear too… FUCK! This is the stupidest fucking train of thought I’ve ever been exposed to! Geeeeeezzzzzz.

Also, I have several gay and lesbian friends and family members and it’s funny how not one of them EVER includes any shit about rainbows on their SM ever. One of them goes full drag queen for Mardi Gras, cause, New Orleans…. and still even he isn’t communicating through secret rainbow Morse Code on SM.

If the man is closeted gay his friends aren’t going to bake him rainbow cakes, dumbass.

And for the rest of the dumbasses…. I don’t think he’s gay, but how the fuck would I know?!

People and companies treat girl groups like they’re expendable and it really needs to stop. Girl groups serve as a beacon of light and empowerment for so many and to see them be treated like this in so many cases is heartbreaking.


Guys.  Stop what you’re doing and look at these unbelievable charts made by asthebelltolls, who allowed me to share them with all of you.  Send love their way, because this is gorgeous and fabulous!  Thank you SO MUCH!

(And if you’re not sure about where your voice sits, check out this post for some help!)

You may not fit perfectly into one of these categories, or your range may span over many! That’s alright–each voice is unique. This just gives a very general look at various ranges!

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Why do people think that the kid who died in the car in TST is gay?

Hi Nonny!

I know I read a meta about it, but from what I can recall about it is because of the way he was coded:

The rainbow over his face in not one but two scenes one after the other (from 19:48 to 20:16):

The ORIGINAL blue Power Ranger on the hood of the car.

  • This is significant because the original actor who played Billy (COUGH COUGH ANOTHER WILLIAM COUGH), David Yost, in the American version of the show is gay and reportedly suffered a LOT of homophobia on set:
    • While it was originally believed that he had left the series due to insufficient pay, Yost later revealed in a 2010 interview that he left because he could no longer handle harassment by members of the production crew who targeted him over his sexual orientation. According to Yost, he was often called a “f*****t”, and the producers frequently questioned other cast members in private about his sexuality. Yost left late in the fourth season after a week of contemplation and thoughts of suicide instead of continuing work another six months into the second film. He stated that the co-workers involved with writing, filming, and producing the show considered him “not worthy” to be where he was and that he “could not be a superhero” because of his homosexuality.[2][3]
  • And the subtextual erection Charlie gave to the ranger up there… *shrugs*

• Some people say that Charlie’s surprise is metaphorical to “coming out”. Charlie is in a disguise, hidden in plain sight, and then he “comes out” of his costume and surprises his conservative father.

There’s also the speculation that he may be a closeted-MTF, since Sherlock initially misgendered Charlie when he entered the residence:

(Sherlock throws him a look and then heads towards a nearby closed door. A man opens it and leads the boys into the same room which the Welsboroughs were in when they took Charlie’s phone call. Charlie’s parents are sitting on a sofa and they stand as Sherlock walks towards them.)
SHERLOCK: Mr and Mrs Welsborough. (He takes Emma’s hand to shake it.) I really am most terribly sorry to hear about your daughter.
JOHN (instantly): Son.
SHERLOCK (instantly): Son. (X)

Which is also a plausible theory, as well as my initial theory that Sherlock says this because he has John’s daughter on his mind – probably from the Alibi theory that the baby HAS died. Either works :)

Anyway, I know that there are more clues to Charlie’s possible orientation, but it isn’t anything new in this series, since we are constantly seeing Sherlock as being coded as gay. If anyone has that meta handy, that would be awesome so I can attach that stuff to here. As I said, all of my points came from that initial meta.



Cancer & Libra
  • Cancer, watching Pisces and Sagittarius argue/bicker w/ Libra, takes a bite of their burger:
  • Pisces, pointing a finger in Sagittarius's face: That's why your still fucking single- you don't know how to listen to other people!
  • Sagittarius, scoffs: Oh yeah?! At least I'm in reality instead of trying to escape to the land of rainbow monkeys who don't even exist!
  • Pisces, gasps: You take that back, you son of a whore!
  • Libra, takes a sip of Cancer's drink: I bet when they reconnect around their 30's, they're gonna get married.