rainbow chocolate chips

What I Associate with The Signs

Aries : Teenagers, Park Benches, New Credit Cards

Taurus : Redwood Trees, Music Notes, Nimble Hands

Gemini : Pineapples, New Years Eve, Rainbow Confetti

Cancer : Chocolate Chip Cookies, Swing sets, Tears

Leo : Gold Aura, Apple Cinnamon Candles, Laurel Wreaths

Virgo : Fireflies, Peach Flavored Teabags, Thrift Stores

Libra : Big Lips,  Used Hairspray, Random Presents

Scorpio : Eyebags, Straight Long Lashes, Motorcycles

Sagittarius : Hippies, Belly Dancers, Spontaneous Road Trips

Capricorn : Vegetarians, Piano Lessons, Windbreakers

Aquarius : Chokers, Glow-In-The Dark Bracelets, Crickets

Pisces : Incense, Fortune Tellers, Tie-Die Shirts

Dancing Partner

Lance x Reader


Summary :  You made the comment saying that you miss earth music because your were a dancer and you miss dancing. So Lance tries to chance it.

Author Note : It took my 20 minutes but I found out what a Bachata dance is.
I hope you like it hotemotionalmess.


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The Signs As Ice Cream Flavors
  • Aries: cookie dough
  • Taurus: peanut butter
  • Gemini: raspberry swirl
  • Cancer: vanilla with rainbow sprinkles
  • Leo: rainbow sorbet
  • Virgo: mint chocolate chip
  • Libra: black cherry
  • Scorpio: cookies n cream
  • Sagittarius: party cake
  • Capricorn: coffee
  • Aquarius: double fudge brownie
  • Pisces: Classic strawberry