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Gloomverse week day 5:  your favourite colour character (or characters, if you can’t choose) or your favourite characters hanging out together!

Okay, so I mostly just chose these two because I’m going with an Inverse theme this year. But, I am quite excited to see what these two are like! I do have some headcanons about them, but that’s about it. Also, Egnaro looks quite bored out of her mind there. Rip.

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geenotrightnow  asked:

Okay love the new kitchen (from what I saw) but I noticed the chairs were a lot more sophisticated (which is great fits a lot more with this era) but im gonna miss the iconic rainbow colored chairs

A lot of things in their new house is a lot more sophisticated. While I miss the comfort of the old place, I kind of love all the new stuff. It’s got a far more mature vibe too it, which really shows how much they’ve grown, and how much they’d grown out of their old place. It’s also pretty interesting to me that the majority of the main house matches “Dan’s aesthetic” when it’s their house. Like the living room/kitchen goes perfectly with “Dan’s bedroom” but doesn’t really match “Phil’s bedroom” at all. I’m going like full demon right now, but I don’t care. All I’m saying is, they have similar taste and the master bedroom matches it.

But back to what I was saying… The old place had a very young-twenties, just starting out vibe to it and this one is “we’re established and can afford to have the things we want” and I couldn’t be happier for them.

Inseparable (Reddie) 5/?

They say you should never date a good friend. Why? Because if your relationship ends badly, you will more than likely lose that good friend. Richie and his best friend Eddie took that risk when they became an official couple. But what happens when sudden change erupts into their relationship? The two who would travel to the ends of the world for each other are put up to the test. Unfortunately, Eddie knew there was no such thing as fairy tales…Right?

Chapters: | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 (coming soon)

Richie fell back onto his mattress and stared at the ceiling with wide blank eyes. The temperature in his room was chilly. His chest felt tight while his stomach felt knotted. His fingers were like ice and the rest of his body was tense. His mind was like a carousel and he just wanted to get off the sickening ride. The lump in his throat began to physically hurt as tears forced their escape through his eyes. He tried to battle them away with quick blinks but the tears won the war and poured from his eyes.

How could he move? What would happen to his friends? What about Eddie?

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Different Time, Different Place

A/N: So this is a new side blog just for phan, which my main is okayintatarus and i will start to post my phics on this blog instead of on my main. I posted it on there first but yea

Genre: 2009x2015

Word Count: 2547

Warnings: Amnesia ish, i mean dan looses memory

Summary: 2009!dan wakes up in 2015!phan apartment

Dan woke up in an unfamiliar room. It was a room he had never been in before, and had never even seen in his life. Glancing around the room, he saw a piano in the corner, and an iMac on a table across the room. There was a chair shaped like a butt, and in the other corner, there was a beanbag chair and a full length mirror. Outside, he heard a bunch of cars, and unlike his brown-poop coloured room, the colour scheme was monotone black and white. And then there was an inflatable dinosaur next to the piano, but Dan decided not to question it.

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Pizza and Tickles (Lams Fluff)

Hey, my lovelies <3 I’m really sorry that all I’ve been posting is reblogs lately, I had a lot of history stuff due, (on the American Revolution ;0.) 
I’ll probably be much more active this weekend and all of next week! This is just a small fluff fic. Requests are OPEN! SEND ME A SHIP ANY PROMPT YOU WANT, I SHALL WRITE IT FOR YOU! I’ll even do smut ;) Enjoy, I appreciate all feedback!

Also, check me out on ao3 at Passionate_Fiction! I just made an account. I’m probably going to post several-chapter fics on there and short fics like this on Tumblr.  Enjoy <3

“Alexander, we are going to sleep.

“No!” protested Alexander, lips forming a toddler’s pout. “I need to finish this paper, John.”

“It’s due in a week and a half, Alex. A week and a half. There’s a reason they give you time to do your work!” Alexander was slouched in their rainbow beanie chair, with their coffee maker plugged in a nearby socket and lying an arm’s-length away, brewing more coffee to keep the student awake. There were bags under his eyelids, and his hair was a mess, and his body looked so positively tired… but when John stared into those eyes, there was such unyielding determination. As if if he turned it in early, something spectacular would happen. Looking in those eyes always gave John courage… but today, he almost resented it. That determination. It kept Alex awake. Even when he really did need to sleep.

“But… John” Alex pleaded. “Look, I’m so close… this close to being done.” He held a hand up to the taller boy’s face, displaying a small gap between his thumb and pointer. “I promise I’ll go to sleep after I finish this essay, and my Biology assignment.”

“Your Biology assignment? That is not happening.” John leaned over and pecked the boy on the side of his lip, earning a short and soft giggle. That gave him an idea. His hands slowly approached the other boy from behind… then he striked, tickling under the boy’s armpits, his chest, his neck. Alex was squirming in the chair, laughing and crying at the same time. “Joh-” He caught his breath. “Please! Stop that!”

“Not until you agree to have a proper dinner, and go to sleep! In bed! Now!”

“Never!” Alex giggled, his flailing foot toppling over the coffee as it spilled and soaked into their carpet. “I… I need to…”

“Oh, no you don’t!”

“Fine! Fine, John! I’ll… I’ll do what you say!”

John stopped his tickling, and left Alex to catch his breath. He gulped down the air, and closed the laptop that had slipped off his lap whilst he endured his lover’s tickling torture. The laptop was set to the side, far away from the coffee stain. “Are you happy now, John?”

“Oh, Alex…” The smaller boy scooted over in the bean-bag chair, making space for John. He enveloped Alexander and planted a kiss on his forehead. “Let’s have dinner together, okay? I’ll order pizza.”

Alexander kissed his chin, and then his neck. “We’re broke, John. We can barely afford the shitty mac-and-cheese that Jefferson worships.”

“If we don’t buy pizza, we’ll be broke. If we buy pizza, we’ll still be broke.” That earned John a laugh.

“I can’t say you’re wrong.” Alexander was so beautiful, especially when he spoke, and especially when he spoke to him.

“I missed you, you know? You’re always working, and I sleep alone. You must be so tired…” John’s speech hushed to a murmur, and held Alexander tighter. He didn’t want to let go.

“I know, John.” Alexander replied. “I know. I’m sorry.” Alexander reached for his phone, and dialed for pizza.