rainbow carousel

We are very excited for the next launch of metal & enamel products for Spring/Summer of 2016! Here is a look at 3 of the new metal necklaces coming in soon!

We have the special edition Hibiscus Tofusagi, Sakura Blossom, and the Rainbow Carousel Horse! All metal is nickel-free, lead-free, and hypoallergenic!

These will be released in a few weeks, and will be announced when they go live!

This is what I drew while watching the election all night!

This is the main female cast from my webcomic Rainbow Carousel~ From R to L; Cocoa, Macadamia, Honey, Jukebox and Toffee. Wanted to give myself some practise drawing different body shapes to incorporate them better into the comic… was mainly inspired by Mr. Hart’s “Cutting Edge” lessons on body diversity: http://eschergirls.tumblr.com/post/32666705341/albinwonderland-akitron-sammvitch Mmm.

These are for my own reference, I didn’t even flip a couple of them so they could be really squiffy… but I like them enough to share. I should share more sketches… It feels weird though. A bit like flashing my underwear. These are the supportive undergarments to a finished image’s sparkling ballgown. O_O

Anyway, please enjoy my gals. :3 The lads will follow at some point in the future… (maybe during the next election judging by my progress on these things orz)

I don’t think I’ll ever stop asking myself why I made a comic about a carousel… X,D

I can honestly say that in the past, actually drawing the titular turning thing has been a huge barrier to me. Hopefully busting my ass and making a model like this will make things a touch easier… and I refuse to think of this as cheating. It’s still my skill that’s making this thing, I’m not just downloading it from the 3D warehouse… And when it’s done I still have to draw lights and chairs on the upper floor and swirly fancy detail bits and HORSES. No artist, except for the equestrially-inclined, actually wants to draw horses. Although at least some of the time it appears the horses have been removed…

I remember Sketchup being harder to use than this though. Probably a combo of the software being updated since I last tried it and having a computer that doesn’t choke when there’s a 3D shape on the screen!

Oh my gosh… a sudden load of followers happened last night. Hello! I’m kinda scared! But it’s lovely… thank you! I’ll try my best just to draw and post and not let my anxieties make me hide the stuff I draw from the world. Ehe. ^^;

Starting with this! Just a doodle of my bbys Bubblegum and Sundae from my webcomic, Rainbow Carousel. I so want to hide this because my style has changed once again, more manga… but I think I’m satisfied. So satisfied that I think I’ll be able to get my webcomic going very soon… after I’ve finished my dissertation… oh my gosh my dissertation… I’m totally urgh omg with that right now… *crumpled heap*

Just look at the pretty bishies with the gaudy colours slapped on them I’ll be under my duvet, seeking comfort from my cat…

(sorry if this appears twice Tumblr’s being a bit temperamental with me)

This quaint Parasol Cart is usually located in a French Quarter alleyway near Cafe Orleans in New Orleans Square, and is operated by Rubio Arts.

The vendor sells small decorative parasol’s that can be designed with a hand drawn image for all the southern belles who want to escape the glaring rays of the California sun.

The cart offers two sizes of parasols in five colors. Choosing the size and color is the easy part - choosing what to put on it is tough.

The price of the parasol ($11.95 for the mini and $17.95 for the large) includes your name and hearts or flowers painted on four panels.

Optional artwork is available for an extra $5.00 per panel. These designs can include a rainbow, carousel horse, castle, butterfly and dozens of other patterns.

You half expect Mary Poppin’s herself to pop by to get a new “practically perfect parasol” to make it a jolly holiday.

I watched a lot of Toddlers and Tiaras while drawing this one (I know it’s trash but I’m morbidly fascinated by that program and the concept of child pageants in general…). Anyways, these are the main guys from my webcomic Rainbow Carousel - L to R; Sundae, Bubblegum, Bourbon, Sherbet, Turps and Liquorice. 

I find drawing males so hard. That’s why these are neater than the gals; I’ve spent ages making them right, deliberating over the lines and referencing off photos and stuff urghgh… I’m only posting these up because I sorta promised in the last picture! Otherwise I’d keep them to myself until I’m as confident with male figures as I am female figures. >_< These show no where near as much diversity as the ladies - I tried to make Sundae a more muscular and Sherbet a bit bigger, but they all ended up kinda similar in my eyes? I’m dubbing it Clamp bishonen syndrome; when your first experience of attractive manga males have bodies like noodles and you can’t shake yourself out of that rut years and yeaaars later. I have so much to learn. :/

Oh gosh, I’ll stop griping. XD I want Bubblegum’s drippy stars shirt and I love how Turps came out; he’s just how my mind sees him. :D And shoe diversity! Tempted to redraw the ladies shoes because they’ve totally been upstaged by these guys. XD