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#1 - Goodbye my almost lover

She was the most stunning bride she had ever seen.

Her smile was brighter than the sun itself. Her ocean blue eyes were shining with love and happiness. The delicate summer wind was slowly blowing in the golden halo of her hair, gathered in a loose ponytail that let some strands escape around her face. Everything about her was perfect, up to the very simple but yet sophisticated dress she was wearing. The fabric was silky and very light, softly glowing under the bright sunlight. It was a very simple, yet elegant summer dress, the kind she had seen on the girl multiple times.

There was a spring in her steps that reminded her of the old times. For a few seconds, her mind drifted to several years ago, when she was the CEO of her own empire and when that girl in white was nothing more than her assistant. Her annoyingly, desperately optimistic, and sunny assistant with a cheap and painful wardrobe made of rainbows cardigans and doubtful trousers. So young and so bright, yet so old and so wise.

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Scenes from Last Night
  • Rainbow Rowell: Is that... a pajama cardigan?
  • Me: I mean, yeah. I've tweeted about them before.
  • Rainbow: I guess I knew it was something you DID. I just didn't realize you even TRAVELED with one.
  • Me: Oh yeah. For layering on over-air conditioned buses and things.
  • Rainbow: So it's a TRAVELING pajama cardigan.
  • Me: Sisterhood of the Traveling Pajama Cardigans is just another name for the ALA.
"Summer" (Nash Grier Fanfic) Part 1

“Aria! Wake up! Your flight leaves in five hours and you still haven’t packed.” My mom poked me trying to wake me up.

“Why do I have to go to North Carolina?! It’s going to be soo boring” I whined back while covering my face with my blanket.

“Because your grandma misses you, and it’s only for a month.”

“That’s right a month, you’re making me miss basketball practice for a month” I paused and sat up in my bed. “I’m going to be so rusty when I get back”

“Calm down, now wake up and pack up” and she walked out the door. I got up and took a shower. After I got out I dressed into some jeans and cardigan with rainbow sandals. I packed all the stuff I’ll need for next month.

“Mom I’m ready” I said as I walked downstairs with my suitcase.

*At airport*

“I can’t believe I’m leaving sunny side California to go hang out with my grandma at North Carolina” I said as I hugged my mom goodbye”

“Bye sweetie I’ll miss you”

“Flight 450 to North Carolina is now boarding” the speaker said.

“Bye mom” and I hugged her one last time.

*Grandmas House*

“So, Grandma… What are we doing today?” I asked my grandma. I was so bored, I had already put my entire clothes in my room, and there was nothing to watch on TV.

“Honey, I’m exhausted to do anything.” A smile grew on her face. “What about if you go explore the neighborhood, make some friends…”

“I guess.” I said as walked out the door with my skateboard. I was ridding for a god 30 minutes before I started heading back home, the town was so small, this vacation was going to be so boring. I wasn’t really watching were I was going and next thing I know I crash into somebody. There was a really heavy body on top of me. It was a boy, with beautiful blue eyes, a smile growing on his face. And may I add he was extremely attractive! I had the feels!

“I’m so sorry!’ the blue eyed boy said as he stood up.

“It’s okay, it wasn’t your fault. I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going” I said as he extended an arm to help me up.

“Well… um… Hi I’m Nash Grier”

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“Hello I’m your boss and you’re the new employee who just saw me shove an entire cupcake into my mouth.” as Klaroline please

Hey Nonnie! Thank you for this prompt. For the first time in like literal months I’ve not overthought writing too much! I hope you like it! I enjoyed writing it. Also! Thank you, Rachel, for the read through! 

Caroline honestly couldn’t remember having a worse day in her life.

Every tiny, little thing that could go wrong, did go wrong from the café screwing up her coffee order that morning at 5:30am, to the meetings with new heads of the company’s international divisions, to running into her disgusting, cheating ex-boyfriend when she had to run out of the office to buy a new shirt at 2pm – after one of the interns (who was totally getting fired) spilt scorching hot tea down her sheer (white) top, and her secretary couldn’t do it, because she was called away on a family emergency, and her replacement secretary was a complete moron – to the disastrous mishap the head of her HR team had become embroiled in – how did a 55-year-old man get involved in a scandal surrounding selling silk scarves? – that was now her mess to clean up, to the dinner with her parents that she missed because of the terrible day she had, and the guilt trip that had ensued.

Needless to say, the Good-Day-Fate-Gods were not smiling down upon her at all that day.  

Now, she was sitting in a 24-hour Italian fast food restaurant at 11pm scoffing her face with creamy carbohydrates and terrible-for-you coke, her hair in an absolute shambles, her make up even worse, her new top – which didn’t even fit properly or match very well – askew and untucked from her very rumbled pencil skirt, her feet clad, not in the Armani pumps she left the house in about 18 hours ago, rather the sneakers she kept in her office for when she went straight to the gym after leaving the office. To cap off the wonderfully hot-mess look she had seemingly adopted, she had donned a hideous, rainbow, woollen cardigan – that was trimmed with pompoms for heaven’s sake (it had been a joke present from her best friend, Katherine; but that was a completely different story) – because it was the only thing warm enough she had in her office to brave the New York winter, seeing as her nice jacket had been ruined when the intern had attacked her with the tea.

As she slurped up the very last morsel of pasta, Caroline contemplated throwing away all her southern class and just licking the bowl, but she decided against it. It would be just her luck that day that someone who knew her would walk past and see.

“I’m glad to see you enjoyed your meal,” the waiter offered, as he took away her plate. “This one is from the chef, says you look like you’ve had a rough day.”

Before he moved away with her other dishes, the man placed a cupcake in front of her, and she thought that that maybe, just maybe, this day wouldn’t suck quite so completely, because these cupcakes were positively to die for.

It was a chocolate cupcake, with a swirl of hazelnut and white chocolate on the top. The cake was steaming, freshly out of the oven, and Caroline knew that in the centre, was a thick, chocolate ganache that was to positively die for.  

Her mouth watered, just looking at the damn treat.

And this time, she did throw all her southern belle-ness and class out the window, as she picked up the cupcake, and shoved the whole dessert into her mouth.

As the sweet heaven passed her lips, she moaned loudly, then she moaned some more as she began to chew and the chocolate sauce began to ooze into her mouth.

She honestly thought this was better than sex – not that she’s had any in, like months – but there was, surely, nothing as utterly wonderful as a chocolate cupcake at the end of the worst day in history?

She continued chewing, eyes shut tight, lost in the beauty of the flavour, ignoring the fact that she was sure it was getting all over her lips.

Well, she continued chewing… until she heard a manly chuckle.

When she heard that, her jaw stopped its motion, and her eyes flew open.

And went to staring directly into the eyes of a man.

A man who was extremely fucking attractive.

A man who was extremely fucking attractive and her newest fucking employee.  

“Well, Ms Forbes, I certainly didn’t expect to meet you under such circumstances,” he said. “I thought we’d at least be in the office.”

Caroline stared, mortified, as the new head of her Art and Antiques department smirked at her.

“Nothing to add? This is certainly at odds with the rumours I’ve heard of my new boss. Apparently, she’s got a tongue sharper than a sword?”

Her face went from mortified, to unimpressed.

“Still nothing? Cat got your tongue? Or, perhaps, it’s the four pound cake I just watched you scoff, whole.”

Caroline’s eyes narrowed, and pinned him with the most piercing, frosty death glare, she had in her arsenal. It was a look that served her well throughout her life, and it gave her no little satisfaction to see him cower, and take it down a notch.

She finished chewing her cake, swallowed, tried not to moan again at how brilliant it was, failed, ran her finger through her hair, then stood up slowly, menacingly.

“You will report to my office at 6:30am tomorrow, Mikaelson. Then you can see exactly how sharp my tongue can be.”

She was a tiny bit put off by the flirt that managed to unconsciously slip its way into her words, but continued anyway.

“I was going to go easy on you, but seeing as you took it upon yourself to be a douche-wad to your boss on your first day, I don’t think I will anymore.”

It was Klaus’ turn to look a little embarrassed, but, to his credit, he stood his ground.

Caroline stood up, threw her tip on the table, and grabbed her bag, trying to stand as proud as she could, despite the fact she looked like a positive twit, and flounced towards the door.

“And,” she said, turning on her heel as she reached the entryway. “If you so much as breathe a word of this –” she gestured to her less than stellar appearance – “I will accidentally send my best friend, who works in the social media department, the pictures of you from your college days I discovered while thoroughly vetting you.”

Klaus paled, and it was Caroline’s turn to smirk.

“I bet it’ll be hard for you to keep your arrogance when everyone has seen what I have.”

“There’s no need to be hasty…” he said hurriedly, though stopped just as quickly when she dismissively raised her hand.

“For what it’s worth, I think you look adorable as Elsa, hilarious as Mario. And very dashing as Dave from Homestuck. Though, if I were you, I’d rethink the Barney. Purple dinosaur isn’t a good colour on you.”