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A sort of rainbow blob I made from some of my collection a while back, and closeups of a couple of my favorite specimens! The first I think is quartz with some funky inclusions, the second a neat bit of agate. Really enjoy your blog :D

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Heat of the Moment

Steve x OC!Dustin’s sister sorta thing, also first ever fanfic so be easy on me, I’m not much of a writer… but if you like it or want more let me know!!

Chapter 1 Close Encounters of the First Kind

Christmas break had finally come, and my study abroad term had finally come to an end. Paris was great and all (really great honestly) but I had been gone long enough and just really wanted my mother’s baked apple strudel. And to veg out watching awful sitcoms.

I stepped off the plane in to the departure room to be greeted by a gaggle of boys holding a large sign saying, “WELCOME HOME PEST!!!!!!” decorated with dragons and rainbows and…. some sorta blob… I couldn’t help smiling. As soon as Dustin saw me he threw his arms out and ran straight for me.

“MARY!!” I opened my arms and hugged him.

“Oh my god it’s been, like a million years!!! You’re like fifty now! And what happened to your hair?” It was… styled, what happened to my little brother?

“Shuttup,” he said brushing a few tears from his eyes, “at least I don’t look like a mummy.” He giggled.

“Hey!” I smacked him lightly on the head. We slowly returned to the group, dustin talking about dnd the whole way.

“Mary you’re back!!” The rest of the boys shouted in uneven unison. I smiled at all of them, geez these kids, they were all together just to see you home. Mike, Will, Dustin (of course), Lucas and….?

“Wait, I’m sorry who are you?”

The boy, looked shocked for a second. Then he smiled awkwardly and scratched the back of his head, “Oh I’m-” as he reached out his hand, Dustin slapped it down.

“This is our dad, Steve.” The guy, Steve, smiled sheeishly at me, shrugging his shoulders.

“That’s me Steve Harrington part time Dad, and full time rock star.” He punctuated that last bit with a wink.

“He also drove us here.” Mike said grinning eagerly at Steve, to which he bowed, all the kids looked at him and applauded with small golf claps.

“Basically your parents have been gone for the past week and I’ve been staying at Dustin’s as a full time babysitter.” That was a surprise.

“Mom and dad aren’t home?”

“Nope!! We’ve been staying up late eating SO much pizza, Steve’s been teaching us all so much about hair and girls and-” Steve then elbows Dustin in the ribs, Dustin turns and punches Steve in the arm, I giggle quietly to myself.

“Anyways,” Steve laughs nervously, “we should probably get you home, you’re probably tired.” He leans forward and grabs my bag.

“Ah no, there’s no need-”

“No”, he holds up his other hand preventing me from grabbing the bag, “I insist.”

Well alright then.

“Come on you little shits! To the Steve mobile!” He led the crew of boys and myself out of the airport and to his car. The kids all piled in the back leaving me to sit in the front, with a guy, I still really didn’t know.

The drive home was very noisy, the kids were all animatedly talking amongst themselves about different campaigns, classes, girls. I smiled to myself, 2 years and these kids haven’t changed a bit, still a bunch of dweebs.

“So you really don’t remember me, huh?” Steve said glancing at you. Oh god what?

“Hmmm?” I said, a slight frown forming on my face. “ I’m sorry you can’t be one of Dustin"s friends you’re too old… and I wasn’t really close to anyone in my class so…?“  I looked at him apologetically, but continued trying to wrack my brain for any memory of this guy.

"Ah it’s no big, I was just a freshman, you used to come in to the library during my study period.” He grinned at me, “you would paint and talk to me about artists and colours.” A vague memory popped into my head of scrawny boy asking you questions about his history homework.

“That was YOU!” He nodded, I looked him once over, “time has done you good kiddo.” His smile fell a bit.

“Yeah well now I run the school, king Steve they call me.”

“Ah yes king of high school, there is no higher honour.” I smirk back, he pouts his lips and quietly mumbles.

“Hey we can’t all be art geniuses.”

I couldn’t help, but smile. How did this even happen?

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Serendipity //Gang!Au Pt.2

Serendipity Preview//Gang!AU

Group & Member : Jimin of BTS

Genre: GANG!AU Angst, Fluff, Tragedy, Romance, Smut/Eventual, Interracial, TRIGGER WARNING

Warnings: Mentions of Racism, Mentions of rape and self harm. Mentions of girl on girl. Mentions of death. Mentions of kidnapping. mature themes, strong language, violence, substance abuse, eventual smut.


Pairings: Jimin and OC

Summary: Gang member Jimin falls in love with a girl from a fucked up side of the tracks who happens to be on a mission. But he’s not such a good boy either, is he? He just wants to love her. To protect her. even if other people and his profession have something to say about it.

AN: Ft, B.A.P and a little Black Pink. Not really in depth with them, though.

Serendipity: the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.

A/N: Again, thank you guys so much for such the positive feedback. I’ll get around to the requests you put in ASAP. I thought you guys would appreciate this really long chapter. hmmm. 

Parts: Preview- 1-2


A/N: It’s time to start introducing playlists and stuff. I’m so very happy with where this is going. You can also find these songs on this tumblr. But the best songs for this chapter are:

Lean on: Major Lazer
Shape of you: Ed Sheeran
Ko Ko Bop: Exo
Wild Thoughts: RihannaRake it up: Yo Gotti Ft. Nicki Minaj 

‘’Wake up! Wake up!’’ a tiny little girl pulled a large pillow over her head and smacked her sister on top in what she probably thought was a really harsh way. ‘’Tazzie! Get up!’’ she whined. She had been trying in her mind for what seemed like forever. Finally she smiled when she saw movement. And then frowned when she watched her older sister pull her pillow over her head. ‘’No, No, No!’’ she wailed and jumped on top of her sister ‘’get uppie uppie uppie!’’ she cried. She laid there for a while. Angry, confused and feeling so alone in the world.

 Her ears perked up a little when she heard the front door to their cozy apartment open. ‘’Helloooo!’’ called a voice. And the little girl smiled and slid off the larger bed and towards the front door. ‘’Auntie Lisa!’’ The little one ran into the blonde girl’s arms and was easily scooped up. ‘’My wittle Momo! Hi baby girl. Where’s your sister?’’ she asked setting her large bag down and looking around for her friend. ‘’Sissy is lazy and won’t get up. Even on a day as important as this.’’ she sniffed. ‘’I even made her a really nice drawing.’’ she said. Lisa put the little girl down and pulled out the box of cupcakes from one of her bags.

 ‘’Well let’s go make her get up so we can give her the drawing. Yes?’’ she asked. She took the small girl into the kitchen and let her get up on the cute pale pink stool with all the lady bugs on them. She took out one yellowish cupcake and put a mint green and pink candle in it and lit it. She looked at Momo and walked with her to the bedroom whilst singing happy birthday very loudly. When the blob in the bed didn’t move, Lisa set the cupcake down. ‘’Bitch. I know you heard me. Get your little ass up and greet me!’’ The other girl finally let out a drawn out groan and sat up. Her curls were sticking up everywhere and she looked so done with her friend. Lalisa Manoban you literally-’’‘’Didn’t have to do this, you say that every year and every year I make a mental note to do something bigger and better.’’ 

she watched her friend blow out her candle and take a small bite. ‘’My favorite.’’ she sighed happily and Lisa smiled proudly. ‘’I know.’’ Momo’s little feet could be heard coming down the hall and she waved a large paper proudly in her hands as she flopped back on the bed.and handed her the picture of a rainbow colored blob. ‘’To brighten your day.’’ she said rather proud of herself. Tazanna brought a good smile on her face and dramatically smiled.

 ‘’Oh my goodness! They just get better every year! Thank you, Momo-chan.’’ she said and accepted a hug from the smaller girl. She watched as the little girl exited the room. Lisa waited before stating, ‘’I’ve got a goodie bag.’’  Tazanna fell back and watched her friend with caution. 

‘’Please don’t tell me you and Jisoo are throwing me some kind of passion party.’’ she begged. And Lisa rolled her eyes. ‘’Baby cakes, I am the passion party. And no. we’re just going to have a sort of adult sleepover. It’s your biirthday, you’re not a baby anymore! You’re finally 21!’’ ‘’Um..In Korean years.’’ she corrected.

 ‘’And Technically it’s 22. I’m only 20.’’ ‘’Right.’’ said Lisa making a pouty face. ‘’Still a baby.’’ She made herself comfortable.‘’I’m taking you to a club tonight.’’ Lisa spit it out like she was spilling nuclear launch codes on accident. But she didn’t look guilty. That was her problem. ‘’No.’’ was the automatic answer when Tazanna finally got up. ‘’I’m not asking.’’ She said. ‘’We’re going to dye my hair that nice pumpkin orange color I’ve been eyeing. And Jackson and Jb got a booth.’’ Tazanna’s face fell.‘’Jb? Gang banger Jb?’’‘’Don’t you want a man to keep you safe. He’s sugar daddy material, too. Heard he got you a gift.’’ 

she winked and stood. ‘’Please, for me! And then we can have an adult slumber party complete with drinks and truth or dare. Orrr maybe, you’ll get laid and bring home a hot piece of ass.’’ Tazanna couldn’t help but laugh. ‘’Fine. You’re a bad influence on me, you know.’’ she said. And Lisa smiled. ‘’But you love me.’’  she said with a smile and Tazanna rolled her eyes again. ‘What am I going to do with you?’’ she asked casually and Lisa replied. ‘’Well right now you’re going to dye my hair.’’ she went towards the front to grab her bags.

 ‘’I didn’t even get a babysitter for Momo.’’ she tried to argue and Lisa raised an eyebrow that caused the other to groan.’’ You already handled it, didn’t you?’’‘’You know me so well.’’ she giggled. ‘’And I know you hid all of those Sexy thot outfits in the very back of your closet but I’m going to be your very own coal miner and dig them up for you, alright?’’ Tazanna stared at her friend in disbelief and begin casually taking out her hair dye to mix it.

 ‘’Hurry up. I’ve got the crew coming over for a little pregame. Adult sleepover, remember?’’ she didn’t even back a pretty eyelash at her friend as she began pouring the orange liquid into the dye bowl.‘’Hurry up and get Momo’s bag together, we don’t want Baby to wait.’’ Tazanna’s voice dropped in shock.‘’Bambam’s little sister?’’ she asked. ‘’How did you even?-’’ Lisa held up her hand to interrupt her.‘’She’s doing BamBam a solid. Don’t worry.’’ She wasn’t buying it. And soon she was glaring down the other girl while listening for her little sister in the room. ‘’…You and BamBam threatened her, didn’t you?’’ She asked with a black face.

‘’Yeah. We threatened her.’’


‘’I’m just thankful Momo was asleep when Baby finally came. She’s going to be so mad at me when she wakes up.’’ Lisa sat on the bed with products laid out. Hair products, make up. The whole shebang. She waited eagerly for her friend to dry off and come out of the bathroom. Tazanna stepped out with her hair in a large bun and frowned. ‘’Why do I feel like you’re about to go full on psycho on me?’’ she asked reaching over to grab some underwear out of her drawer. ‘’Because you know me so we- Oh my god that ass!’’ Lisa squealed as she reached over to smack her friend’s bare bottom with a laugh, causing her friend to shriek.

‘’If no one else wants to bring you back tonight, I will.’’ she joked and turned on the straighter, Tazanna’s cocoa skin burned and she began to dress herself.

Pleased, Lisa smiled again. ‘’Ooh, Even shaved the pum pum, huh?’’ ‘’Lisa, please never in your life say that, again. You’ve been hanging around Jackson too much.’’ She glanced over to the bed while sorting out a bra and flushed in horror at her outfit choice. ‘’Lisa what the hell is that?’’ she asked reached over to pick up the scanty shirt she had picked out. Lisa looked innocent at she looked up. ‘’That was last years birthday gift to you. Remember? You didn’t even open the box.’’ Tazanna groaned inwardly. Now, it wasn’t like she didn’t get out and live a little. But she had to be a party pooper sometimes. She was saving her inheritance by working and going to school, and she was the only one left to take care of her little sister. So yeah, she was the mom friend in the group. Lisa’s eyes darkened and suddenly resembled an evil godmother.

‘’You’re going to wear it, you’re going to let me do your make up. And you’re going to have fun tonight.’’ she wasn’t asking. And she wasn’t begging. She was glaring dead at her little friend with the intent of murder. ‘’And most importantly, you’re going to twerk that ass for a real one a.k.a me. Now put that sexy ass outfit on and sit down so I can tame that mane.’’ and without another word, Tazanna did as she was told. ‘’Good baby bird.’’ she praised, her innocent friendly smile returning back on her face.
Both girls jumped at the sound of the heavy handed knock at the door. Lisa handed Tazanna the dark red lip stain and told her to put in on as she went to open the door. ‘’I’m coming, losers! Stop knocking like you’re the police.’’ she yelled jokingly.

Tazanna looked up at herself in the mirror. She looked more like her mother. Well, what her mother probably looked like in her prime. She ran the dark stick over her plump lips and smiled a little at herself. ‘’I guess I do look kind of good.’’ she said standing up, her living room was being filled with voices she recognized. There was Sorn, her voice like velvet and she looked right out of a romantic vampire novel, the good kind. And Bambam who had apparently already been drinking. Or maybe he was high. 

‘’Hey, don’t blame me for being late. Bambam couldn’t decide what shoes to wear.’’ she laughed and lit up, which was a big saying for her as Tazanna entered the room. ‘’There’s our baby.’’ she said with a smile and held up a bag, there were baby pink bats all over it, typical Sorn.

‘’You didn’t have to.’’ She said, mocking Tazanna and setting the bag on the counter. ‘’I know I know, but you’ll love it. You love my drinks every year.’’ Jackson laughed and started pulling the drinks out of a large brown bag. ‘’Alright, everyone. Take out your cab fare share and hand it all to Lisa.’’ he said, trying so hard to sound responsible. ‘’W-woah, not you, Taz. you’re the birthday girl.’’ Tazanna frowned.

 She hated being treated like a baby and really hated handouts even more. But she grit her teeth and accepted in silence. She really didn’t feel like being ganged up on. ‘’I prerolled.’’ Said Bambam taking out a bag from his front pocket and smiling as he head to the kitchen. ‘’I know it’s probably been awhile since you’ve smoked.’’ he winked. ‘’It’s okay though, I like good girls.’’ Jackson pretended to gag and started pulling out cups to pour the beer in. ‘’No, BamBam, you like corrupting good girls. And If Jb finds out you’re trying to move up on her, he’ll kill you.’’ Sorn pretended to sip tea with a screwed up face.


Tazanna shook her head and took a glass from Jackson. ‘’No. No one is moving up on me, I’ve been rejecting Jb since like… I moved here.’’ she drank a little and raised an eyebrow. ‘’ Where is he, anyways?’’Jaebum, Im Jaebum. She had met him a long time ago. She knew a lot about him. She knew he grew up in pretty much the same situation she did. Though a lot more fortunate. And the fact that he was still his parents’ pillow pince to get around. Everyone knew his father took part in the illegal drug trade and used fear to get what he wanted while his mom sat at home like the perfect housewife, like her mom once had.

‘’He’s meeting us there with Mark.’’ Said Jackson dealing out the drinks. ‘’Cheers to the birthday girl!’’ he said, and they all raised their glasses and took drinks.

It only took them a few drinks later to decide to leave. None of them wanted to get completely hammered and well, no one really knew if it was possible for Sorn herself to get drunk.

‘’Jb’s got a booth.’’ Said Bambam excitedly and looked at his phone. ‘’And the cab is here. Let’s go. I’m ready to shake what my Mama gave me.’’ Sorn scoffed.’’Please, it’s Beer that’s got the ass.’’

Lisa locked arms with Tazanna after she locked the door, but frowned when she noticed her friend’s somber expression. ‘’Tazanna if you kill my buzz I’ll kill you.’’ She snapped. Tazanna looked away. She wasn’t trying to make her friend feel bad, she really wasn’t. But in truth she had a mission that only her best friend knew about. Because Lisa was the only one she really trusted. ‘’You’re thinking about that guy again, aren’t you?’’ she asked. And Tazanna looked down guiltily. ‘’You can look for him a little later. Tonight I want you to have fun, please do that for me.’’ She pleaded and even shook her a little. Tazanna didn’t meet Lisa’s eye. ‘’Alright. I’m sorry.’’

Lisa pulled her along to where the others were waiting in the car. ‘’Don’t apologize to me. Apologize to Jb, I promised him a dance with you.’’ and with a mischievous laugh, she shoved her younger friend inside of the Taxi van.~

Everyone could hear the pulsating music from outside the club as soon as they pulled up. Tazanna frowned inwardly and her eyebrows Drew together. This wasn’t her first time at a club. It was actually… Her second. The first time she’s ever gone to a club was on Jackson’s birthday last year and what a mess that turned out to be. She ended up sneaking out and leaving going to get her little sister from the babysitters early. 

Was it totally worth getting cussed out by Lisa later? She would say so.“ move, Frank birthday girl coming through.” said Lisa talking to a random security guard and pulling her friend in behind her. It wasn’t that Tazanna didn’t have Lisa’s confidence, she had it perfectly down to a tee. But she just didn’t have all the balls Lisa had. That girl had gotten into more bar fights, street fights and school fights than she could count. And the other was either at times her little cheerleader or jumping in.

“Well well “ JB flash his amazing smile after group as they approached his booth. Taz could admit to herself or others that JB’s smile was everything. He had two perfect rows of pearly whites shaping perfect squares and they reflected any type of light that bounced off of them. He spent most of his time smiling even when he was mad. But yeah, she loves his smile.“ look at my birthday babe.” he purred, standing to make room for her and to give her a large hug encasing her in his strong arms. “ you look like one of Lisa’s Barbies.” “ correction.” Lisa said reaching over to grab a bottle and pour yourself a drink without asking. Like she needed to.

 “ what you meant to say was Baby Alive. That’s what she is.” and she turned over her shoulder to wink.

“I hear you.” 

he said tossing back a shot He looked nice. A deep red button up shirt in a black ice chain decorated him nicely write down his perfectly styled hair. Sure, he was attractive. But he wasn’t exactly Tazanna’s type. It was the fact that he wouldn’t stop pushing that is what made him so easy to be mean to.“Now, if you would excuse us.” sad Lisa watching her friend happily toss back a drink before grabbing her. “ we’re about to go Sugar Mama’s gave us. You comin’ Sorn?” the girl with the black lips put down her cup and smiled seductively. “ if one of you bitch made motherfuckers does something to my drink everyone pays.” she said bittersweetly as she took Lisa’s hand and followed the other two girls to the dance floor. Taz didn’t know if it was the alcohol in her system or the fact that she felt more comfortable in Lisa’s presence. She liked to let loose. The alcohol chasing away all worries about her sister, she was sure she was fine. Baby having babysat for her before, it was her birthday. She wouldn’t be that bitch that no one wanted to be around because she didn’t know how to have fun. Because she did. And she felt some type of way being sandwiched between Lisa, who had killer moves and Sorn, who had killer thighs.

‘’Yes, Baby!’’ Yelled Sorn as she took a handful of Tazanna’s butt as they danced. ‘’Girl, Elkie’s gonna kill you.’’ Lisa yelled over the music. ‘’Not if you keep you little pumpkin headed mouth shut!’’ Sorn fired back.


‘’Man, why did Hobie-Hyung have to go with Yoongi to Japan.’’ Whined Tae. his eyes followed Namjoon’s glass as he down a shot. ‘’Tae, Shut the fuck up.’’ he said standing. ‘’He said take a load off. So Chim and I are taking a load off. And maybe blow one or two.’’

‘’You’re sick.’’

 Said Tae as Jimin laughed around his drink. And Namjoon shook his head. ‘’No I’m not. Or else I wouldn’t be at the club.’’ He tapped Jimin’s arm and Jimin tossed back a shot before getting up.

‘’Why is your cousin such a square?’’ he groaned to the shorter man and Jimin shrugged his shoulders. ‘’He’s like a puppy with abandonment issues. It’s even worse considering Jungkook has a cold. You know that’s his partner in crime.’’ Jimin defended and licked his lips in thought. Alcohol stimulating his mind and his eyes scanned the crowd as a song he was familiar with played over the speaker. Namjoon’s eyes widened and he nearled jumped with Joy. 

‘’This is my fucking shit. I need to dance, man.’’ Jimin smiled and followed his friend further into the crowd. ‘’Wait!’’ he called. ‘’You know damn well I have to dance next to you to make yours look a little a decent!’’ he laughed. He liked nights like this. No patrolling, no threatening to shank people. And even with Jungkook being a little sick, he was still keeping an eye out. As if anyone who wasn’t into their little circle would dare tip toe on their turf. 

  It wasn’t like fuckers didn’t try it every so often, tough.

Dancing his way into the crowd he let loose. People usually made way for him every where he went. But his favorite places to get down, clubs like this. He liked to dance and let things cloud his mind. Something hard to do when people depended on you to always be on alert. There was always someone he needed to fuck up. And it was even more pressure when his boss was the Kingpin himself, a fuck up with Yoongi would sure end up with either his head chopped off or with him at the bottom on the fucking Han river. Or Yoongi’s person favorite, selling organs on the black market, or Making Taehyung or Johnny do it for him. Yeah, Jimin’s seen some scary fucking things in his life. But he didn’t know how scary things could actually get until he met Min Yoongi, Pale, poker faced and precocious.

And he was coerced into his gang and wasn’t really allowed to look back.

‘’Hey. Hey..’’ Namjoon nudged him  and nodded with his head. ‘’Well would you look at that.’’ he said pointing to a trio of girls. Jimin followed his gaze and observed. The tall ginger one made eye contact with him and a smile appeared on her red painted lips at once as she looked down at the middle girl. Who tilted her head in curiosity as she leaned forward to listen closer. The one on the outside with dark hair turned to look, she was wearing even darker makeup and gave a slight look of disapproval before turning back.

‘’Two out of 3 are lesbos. I’m calling it.’’ He said with a wry smirk. That was when the smaller girl turned to look at them. Her sweet almost eyes glossed first over Namjoon and he smiled back, Jimin thought he saw her lips quiver and she looked back at the blonde in question.

‘’They’re cute though. The one in the middle looks like a little lost lamb.’’ he said over the music. Now which one of them was going to make a move? He eyed the little one in the middle again. The colored lights bounced around her face. She had beautiful brown skin and even more beautiful features. He often liked to hit on hos in the club, but this girl was giving him different vibes from so far away. ~

‘’They keep staring.’’ Sorn said in disgust making Lisa rolled her eyes and scoff. ‘’We get it, Sorn. you don’t like dick.’’ She said Grabbing Tazanna’s hand. ‘’We’re gonna go dance with ‘em.’’ She started pulling her friend along. ‘’Wait. Lisa, what the fuck- no!’’ she yelled in protest. But she was too frozen with anxiety to pull away. ‘’Lisa, you’re drunk!’’ she yelled. And Lisa waved it off. ‘’When am I not?’’ she asked with a giggle. Before Tazanna could protest anymore they were standing in front of the guys. 

One had plum colored hair that was fading nicely back to blond. And the other one. Well he was just blond. His plump lips were pulled into a smirk as he stared down at the girls. And he was wearing dark purple silk shirt that was opened  a little to reveal a little chest. Tazanna stared at the honey skin with interest and bit her lip. Now, she had seen some pretty korean boys since she had arrived. But these two were captivating, they looked like models, but at the same time he was screaming danger.  And maybe it was the makgeolli making her feel this way, but she liked it.

‘’Well hello.’’ Said Namjoon holding his hand out for Lisa to take it. She smirked and put on her charm. Which was heightened when she was intoxicated. She giggled as he brought her hand to his handsome lips and kissed it. ‘’Hey there, daddy.’’ she cooed and slipped an arm around Tazanna’s middle. She was still staring at the slightly taller blond’s chest. But finally she was able to bring her eyes up to the other’s face. ‘’We saw you eyeing us from across the room. Thought we would come say hi.’’ Now Jimin had little quirks that he liked. And he loved when girls made the first move. Namjoon beside him chuckled deeply. Oh yeah, He liked what he was seeing.

‘’Oh? Well we’re honored that a couple of beauties would be so brave. I’m Namjoon, and this is my Boy. Jimin.’’ Jimin gave each of them a head nod. Lisa bit her lip in anticipation and looked towards Tazanna. ‘’Lisa.’’ she said and pushed some hair away from Tazanna’s face. ‘’One of you daddies wanna give my little girl here a dance? It’s her birthday.’’

‘’Ooh, a birthday girl.’’ Said Namjoon whilst looking the two up and down. ‘’Aren’t we lucky.’’ Jimin cut in hastily and held out his hand. ‘’Come on.’’ he told her. ‘’I’ll even buy you a drink.’’ Lisa cooed and shoved her lightly to Jimin. ‘’She’s all yours, Daddy.’’ she leaned over to Tazanna real close to her ear and whispered, ‘’You better dance with that hot piece of ass. He looks rich.’’ and with that, she put on another smile and  took Namjoon’s Pulled Namjoon by his muscular arm into the crowd.

‘’She’s so fucking drunk.’’ Tazanna hissed. Jimin’s eyes widened in surprise. And he laughed before tapping her on the shoulder. She turned to him and was finally able to will herself to look him in the eyes.held out his hand and smiled. ‘’Whaddya say baby girl, you wanna or am I gonna have to beg?’’ He watched her take his hand and smiled when she did. ‘’You don’t look like the begging type.’’ she commented as she pulled him into the sea of people. Jimin barked a laugh into her ear. ‘’I’m not. But you look like the type who plays with her food before she eats it, so I was ready to prepare myself.’’ he commented she smirked and tilted her head curiously at him like a small puppy. She was so fucking cute.

‘’You’re damn right.’’ she answered back. Her eyes went bright when a song came overhead. ‘’I fucking love this song.’’ and she laughed as she noticed that Jimin had said the very same thing at the same time. ‘’Jimin? Was it?’’ she asked as she started to sway against him. He let his hands come up to rest on her waist and he nodded. He often gave a fake name. But honestly, there were too many Park Jimins running around Korea to begin with. ‘’Your friend didn’t mention your name.’’ She stood on her tip toes to bring her lips to her ear. ‘’Tazanna.’’ she murmured. And Jimin felt several pleasured chills go down his spine.

‘’Tazanna.’’ he repeated. ‘’Well damn. That’s kind of sexy.’’ she giggled, he could barely hear it over the music. ‘’Well thanks.’’ she said and as the beat dropped she turned around he was pressed up against her from behind.
‘’Can you keep up?’’ she asked from over her shoulder and Jimin scoffed into her ear.

‘’I’ll do more than keep up.’’

AN: I’m so so so sorry to end it here. But I wanted to save the even juicier stuff for the next chapter. What do you guys think about it so far? Stay tuned for part three! oh. and if you didn’t know, Bambam actually has a brother named beer.

To help me figure out and be comfortable with my sexuality I found myself a label. But the more I learn, the harder that is

I first identified as bi, and then I was like, oh wait, no I’m pan

but I’m also demi sexual

but actually I’m only sexually attracted to girls

so I guess I’m panromantic and homosexual 

but if I fall in love with a guy I can become sexually attracted to them

and oh wait! according to past behaviors and preferences I must be genderfluid too 

Now, see, I have no problem with being a giant blurred rainbow blob

but society likes things to be simple and orderly. Everything fits under a label. 

not only do I not fit under any simple labels, but I am made up of sexualities and types of (or lack of) gender that don’t exist. 

Therefore I am an outliered rainbow anomaly, and thus belong in nightvale, where no one would give a shit and I could worship the glow cloud in peace