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Black actresses in lead roles: 2014

Mew Mew all together!

Since I finished Mew Ringo recently I wanted to make another group picture.
Tbh I prefer the main team. xD This image looks so huge. But I bet they’d make an awesome idol group. ;)


‘you love a girl made of stardust
               constellations splayed across bare skin’

‘you love a girl rooted in the earth
                made of iron and steel and healing‘

‘you love you love you love
                you love ‘


PSA TO FANS WHO STAN ‘unpopular’/’underrated’ GROUPS : please reblog

So I’m writing this to other fans that know the struggle of being constantly scared for the disbandment of one of your fave groups. I know Nu'est fans, Topp Dogg fans, After School, Stellar, B.I.G, Madtown, 24k, Boys Republic, MYNAME, Berry Good, Rainbow, Sonamoo, f(x), History and so many other fandoms can relate. You all know who you are, and I’m praying, hoping, that we can all help each other out again, like we’ve done before and band together to help support a group that I really don’t want to disappear like so many others have.

If you’re interested in helping out that would mean the world to me but if not, maybe you could check out some of the links I’ve attached below, or REBLOG, or even just check out one video: BIGSTAR’s most recent comeback Full Moon Shine. If you’d like to just skip to the links, I’ll have everything under the cut, but if you’d like to read a little about the group and hear my thoughts that would be awesome. (There is quite a bit, I will warn you.)

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Final Fantasy XV, 2016

Sunny and I just having a “friendly chat” about personal punk philosophy. Eff that guy sometimes.

(Over 500 followers?! Thank you guys so much! A huge shout out to all the people of Derpibooru, my friends, and my girlfriend who runs @awesomeasiwannabe for pushing me to get more stuff out! Here’s to more stories and other fun art!)