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If I’m going to be ‘too’ anything, 'too cute’ is fine. I love puppies. So what? Who hates puppies? —  Zooey Deschanel

Somewhere Over The Rainbow
  • Finn:
  • Breathing in the fresh air, Finn got comfy as he sat in the beach chair that faced the ocean. It was New Year’s Eve and even though the year had been a busy one for him, he was happy to unwind away from his life in Hollywood.
  • You see, five years ago Finn was thrusted into life as a Hollywood star. Having grown up in Canada and moving to Los Angeles at the age of 20, Finn had no idea what he wanted to do with his life. He had an idea but like most, they don’t go after their dreams. From a young age, Finn loved playing the drums, he had even formed a band and some how a music producer had caught them on YouTube while they were in LA and the next thing, their song had gone straight to number one and their album went platinum over night. The rest was pretty much history.
  • He hadn’t always had an easy run but that was a story for another time. For now, the next chapter of his life started today. Even though his band was still pretty big, they had all agreed to take a year off and focus on other projects and that’s what Finn was going to do. Over a year ago, Finn caught the acting bug. A movie producer and big time director had set their eyes on him and he was thrusted once again into the limelight but for a very different reason. He was cast as Superman and from that moment on, he was hooked. So when another acting opportunity presented himself, he couldn’t help but take it.
  • Before the movie began filming, Finn knew he had to have a vacation. So with the holidays now in full swing, Finn and a couple of guys found themselves in Maui, staying at a resort that looked over the ocean. Usually a lady’s man, Finn was always around girls but today, he was happy to relax by the water and take in the moment. To him the place was beautiful and he wanted to enjoy it. Even if his friends were off hitting on all the girls in sight.