rainbow avenue

Imagine Tiny Gargoyle Mabel painting herself pink! Just her whole body fun paint rainbows because you can’t paint human skin effectively BUT YOU CAN TOTALLY PAINT SKIN THAT’S MADE OF ROCK FUN COLORS.

Gargoyle Mabel drawing all over herself in sidewalk chalk! Swirlies on her cheeks and starbursts on her knees! ‘Painting’ her nails with chalk rainbows! Whole new avenues of fun being opened up by being a gargoyle.


maybe christmas looks 🎄🎁☕

sweater, skirt, and coat - all thrifted / leggings - rainbow / boots - avenue / necklace - on clearance from sears

Rainbow Avenue

I’m on an adventure over the rainbow Bridge
Why let the sunshine out when the rain can fall.
Some say at the end there’s a large pot full of gold
But if you’d asked me it’d be between the spectrums of light!

I’m waltzing from parkway to rainbow avenue
Why let the tulips die when the roses bloom
Sometimes I stare up into the dark sky of lights
asking which stars to find with a heart and soul!

I’m driving from park place over to rainbow road
Why let the trophy go when you steered your heart.
Some turns seemed so easy when you looked ahead
but it turned out you drove onto the rocky road.

Take a hold of the dice,  let your path unfold
any way that you like, it’s your right choose
each days an adventure, and every night is a dream
so open your arms and take it in as you please!


Some Ashley Stewart stores are sadly going out of business. However, this does mean sales on top of sales! I bought this amazing skirt for 80% off the original price this week!

Skirt: Ashley Stewart

Shirt: Avenue

Shoes: Rainbow Shoppes


pictured: me, joyfully not apologizing. no makeup, no filter, no sleep, no sorries.

shirt - shopper’s world / shrug - target clearance / leggings - rainbow ($7!) / boots - avenue / necklace - was a gift