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Just rewatched “28 Pranks Later” and...

why do none of the reviewers on YouTube comment on how perfect it is for having a message against trolling that never says the word trolling?

I mean c’mon! Rainbow Dash is trolling pranking everyone online in ponyville and no one finds it funny, some even cry because of it, but she thinks it’s hilarious until someone turns it on her?
Plus she has a friend that likes to troll pull pranks on people, but she enjoys it when people do it to her and she knows when to and not to do it? I mean… did no one else see that parallel, or am I high?

My Reason for Doing Anything: Because Cute

Happy Family Day, everybody! In order to celebrate today and the season seven spoilers we just go over the weekend, I thought we could just do something fun.

No real analytical insight here (she says, as if there normally is), I just want to acknowledge how cute the families are in this dang show. I could argue we’re doing this because the characters and their relationships are so central in what makes the show as wonderful as it is but… let’s be honest. It’s just because they’re cute.

Okay, so, before we start with that cuteness, let’s set some ground rules. Honourary/found families are in the running, and a family only has to be two or more characters. Small families are still families. Also, if it’s debatable that the characters themselves see that relationship as family, I’ll use my own judgement on whether they count or not.

Oh, and I should specify since we’re not taking this seriously in the slightest, the order is more a suggestion than anything. I would in fact really love to hear what you think the cutest family really is, but hey, I’ll keep blabbing whether you want to join in or not!

Special Spoiler Warning: Season 7 spoilers will be mentioned or referenced. Once specific episodes air in season 7, this list will be updated.

Honourable Mentions

Here’s the families that didn’t quite make the cut:

  • The Dash Family
  • The Sparkle Family
  • The Flim-Flam Bros
  • The Filthy Family
  • Cranky & Miltilda
  • Scorpan and Tirek
  • Sunburst’s Family
  • Discord and Fluttershy (an upcoming book entitled We Are Family suggests they might be considered familiy in some fashion, as well as a brief implication in the Luna and Discord Friends Forever comic; however, it has yet to be implied in the show proper)
  • Background/Side-Character Families

If I missed anyone significant, feel free to tell me so I can add it to the list!

#10. The Flutter/Breeze Family

Let’s start out with something not everyone can agree on: Zephyr Breeze is a fun character, if nothing else.

Like every family in MLP, Fluttershy’s family reveals a lot about her upbringing just by being who they are in the present. There’s no need for a flashback when you can plainly see Fluttershy’s coddling parents, and Zephyr Breeze’s bombastic, thoughtless personality and how he walks all over his family.

To some, this understandably makes Zephyr unlikable, but for others still, the comedy of his character lies in loving to… maybe not hate him, but certainly recognize just how unlikable he is. His silly self-absorption puts him clearly in the wrong in the episode, but to be fair to the guy, even when he’s extremely inconsiderate he’s never really malicious. You can tell he does love his family, he’s just a little focused on himself to show it well.

Between Zephyr’s fear of failure and Fluttershy’s fears of… well, a lot of things, it’s quite endearing to see Fluttershy’s character development pay off, and allow her to take the competent big sister role when coming home for a visit.

#9. The Armour-Amore Family

Really quick thought: it doesn’t seem like ponies always change their last names when they get married, but if they use Cadance’s name (and they did carry on that name scheme in a way with Flurry Heart), they would be the Amore or “Love” family. Just throwing that out there.

Ah, Shining Armor, Cadance, and Flurry Heart. One of the only families we’ve seen built from the ground up—and in real-time, nonetheless!

Even though the world’s cutest plot device there has garnered a fair bit of controversy, I’d still personally say this new family is pretty dang sweet. They’re currently living out a happily ever after of sorts, although still proving that comes with its fair share of struggles and quirks.

This is definitely a family founded on love. In fact that’s probably why Flurry Heart is so special to begin with. Together, her parents wield the power of love, so who knows what they can achieve working together, as a sweet, loving family.

#8. Rarity’s Family/The Belle Family

Another Note: Their mom has some kind of cookie-related cutie mark—is that their family theme? Sweets? Because I’ve been struggling to figure out how family names work in Equestria and that’s the best I’ve managed to find for these four

Who says there can’t be any fun in “dysfunctional?”

Now he’s a family with a lot of character, even if we don’t technically really know half of them. Rarity’s parents have only had a speaking role once, in Sisterhooves Social, but wow, did that one appearance pack a punch!

With their unfashionable mid-western designs and hokey Minnesotan accents, you can instantly tell what Rarity’s relationship with them must’ve been like, just because of the contrast between them.

Even better, of course, is one of the three primary sister relationships in the show: Rarity and Sweetie Belle.

I really struggle with not putting this higher because of them. They so expertly capture the subtleties of an argumentative but loving sibling relationship. How Sweetie looks up to Rarity, but that also puts her in her shadow. How Rarity’s responsibilities can even make Sweetie’s well-meaning failures frustrating. They’ve certainly had to grow quite a bit to be as close as they are now, and that relatable struggle is what makes this family all the sweeter.

#7. Celestia and Her Students

This one was the hardest to justify. Because it would be one thing if the only reason I wanted to include it was based on my own silly headcanons (which I could do but I don’t want this list to just be personal choices), but I feel like there’s been enough evidence to back me up here.

Celestia’s a motherly character by nature, so it doesn’t come as a surprise when that comes through in her role as a mentor. But I think what clinches it is how to some extent, she really did help raise Twilight and Sunset. If nothing else, it’s sort of comparable to a nanny, I guess, but even then that doesn’t seem to cut it. In the comics, Twilight’s been shown to have had other teachers throughout her schooling, but Celestia’s been a constant part of her life ever since she got her cutie mark—and even now that she’s graduated as a full-grown adult.

And don’t get me started on the mother-daughter parallels in Sunset and Celestia’s relationship, or what little we’ve seen of it. The added depth that comes with knowing how meaningful that relationship is to them both only makes the fracture between them more filled with The Feels. I swear, the fandom’s all but made a petition to DHX to show us their reunion.

They both look up to her and want her approval in their own ways, and that… kills me. Slowly.

My gut tells me there will be those who argue that even if it’s a meaningful relationship, it’s not necessarily classified as family, which is true. Outside of fan-works, neither Twilight, Sunset, nor Celestia have explicitly referred to each other family in any real way. But, hey, I did say honorary family counts, and if the subtext is arguably there, that’s close enough for me!

#6. Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo

Pure cute factor winning out!

I was having a hard time with the order of the 8-6. They’re three extremely different types of relationships, so it’s hard to set them next to each other and compare, but I think I made the right call.

Because this one was a relationship that was theorized about/anticipated by fans for the first two and a half seasons—spawning countless “Scootalove” stories and art to combat the “Scootabuse” going on at the time (our fandom has weird phases). So when it finally actually happened?

For even more context, I used to think that if Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo actually were sisters, Rainbow actually wouldn’t be all that kind to her. Lauren Faust originally thought Rainbow would make a bad sister, too (I think because there’s a difference between choosing a sister and having to grow up with one).

But, I think by that point in the series, Rainbow had matured enough to be that role model and big sister Scoots needed, which made it all the more satisfying to see! And ever since, Rainbow’s still managed to surprise us with how tender and genuinely open she’s willing to be with this little squirt of hers.

On the down side, I feel like Scoots has picked up a tiny bit of Dash’s ego since they started hanging out more, but it’s all worth it for the moments they now get to share.

#5. The Cakes and The Pies

This is such a cheat it’s not even funny. But, the reason I grouped them together is the main reason they’re both so adorable: their relationships with Pinkie Pie.

On the one hand, you’ve got the Cakes, a young couple who adopted this wandering party-planner into their home. Later, they were blessed with two, adorable, trouble-making twins who absolutely love Pinkie.

Technically, you could question whether or not they see Pinkie as family, but come on. Come on.

And on the other hand, there’s the Pies. Wow, they’re delightful! For a family as dull as dishwater, they’re really anything but with their unique personalities and unquestionable love for one and other. I’d love to see more of them! Special shoutout goes to Maud and Pinkie’s relationship, of course, because I don’t know if there’s anything cuter than how much they clearly love each other.

That’s some real cute stuff right there.

#4. Twilight and Spike

Are they mother and son? Sister and brother?

I don’t know if we’ll ever have their relationship defined beyond “number one assistant,” but dammit if they aren’t an adorable pair. Spike was Twilight’s first friend. Twilight raised Spike ever since he hatched.

Even now that Spike finally has a dragon friend in his homeland, there’s nothing that can erase the meaningful bond these two share. Heck, Spike’s worst fear is Twilight sending him away, not needing him anymore, but as she tells him in season 3 opener, there’s absolutely no chance of that fear coming to pass.

What could be cuter?

#3. The Apple Family

You knew they’d be pretty far up here, didn’t you? After all, what could be more adorable than a family who (for whatever reason) lost two central members and had to reform even stronger?

Check out Days Gone By for some proper Apple family feels, BECAUSE WOW. I don’t know about you, but finally getting to meet their parents in the upcoming season has me hyped! It’s currently unclear whether the deaths the staff have confirmed and hinted at in the show will be retconned or not, but I can’t help it after waiting for this for so long!

It’s especially cute because we know how important family has always been to the Apple clan, even before the parents left the picture. The Apple family spans all the way across Equestria, from sea to shining sea, and all of them love each other dearly.

Tight-knit is definitely the right word, and the more times we’ve explored the relationships in this family, the more we’ve seen why they value family so much. They’re all apples to the core.

#2. The Royal Sisters/ The Royal Family

This one’s sort of a catch-all, isn’t it? In fact three of the other families on this nonsensical list can qualify as different offshoots of the royal family. Shout-out to Twilight’s B.B.B.F.F!

If it bothers you, that’s fair, but even if we’re strictly talking about Luna and Celestia, they still easily steal this spot. Their story was the original backbone behind this series, the first redemption arc, and an on-going source of guilt and pain. After a thousand years, their reunion must’ve been so special for them, and I think we’ve found that out more and more in hindsight, getting to know how deeply they love each other and the complex emotions involved in their tragedy (turned comedy, I suppose).

I think that’s part of what makes these characters so enduring. But more on that soon… (in another editorial, and hopefully in season 7 with a Celestia episode!)

For our purposes here, it’s more than enough to see these two ruling together, with their subjects, their friends, and their family around them.

#1. The Mane Family

Seriously, how could I not?

Yes, yes, you may think this is the biggest cheat of them all, but hey, way back in season 2, Applejack referred to them as honorary family. I don’t see why it shouldn’t count.

The best part of all this is that everyone can define this family differently. Want to keep it just the mane 6 and Spike? Go for it! Think characters like Discord, Starlight, Sci-Twi and/or Sunset should be included? Sure! Who’s gonna stop you?

Sometimes the most important family in your life are the people you’re related to, but as the old saying goes “the blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb”—meaning, sometimes it’s the family you choose that matters most.

And I think that’s what’s so special about this show, you know? The friendships in it can be as deep and meaningful as traditional family. That’s definitely something worth celebrating.

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