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Hi! I'm new. I don't even have a Larry blog yet, but I'm trying to find out more about them. I've seen that you often talk about Harry's CO. Right now Louis' situation is too unstable to be talked about, so I am just asking about Harry. What are the pieces of evidence that make you (and other people) think that a CO is in plan? Do you think it's really far in time or happening in the foreseeable future? Sorry if this this a difficult question to answer

Hello! It’s a beautiful question to answer!

Listen, when my client came out, it literally shocked nobody. Previously, when they didn’t use to talk about their sexuality but always acted very openly and supported LGBT causes, part of the gay community often accused them of not doing enough, never being brave enough. At one point they felt so upset that snapped  “What more do they want me to do, walk up the stage wrapped in a rainbow flag?!”. So, this alone will tell you how I feel about Harry’s latest actions and current situation :)

Of course, this doesn’t mean that a celebrity who shows support for equal rights must be gay. I ADORE non LGBT people who are smart and human enough to publicly acknowledge and support the topic. This does mean that a celebrity who ONLY SUPPORTS the community without intending to send the message that they’re part of it doesn’t string a series of actions such as Harry is constantly doing. In a short time we’ve had tweets, IG post and public comments about marriage equality, the rainbow mug (which is so important), the rainbow bracelet, the rainbow flagS, his mum repeatedly tweeting about how invested he is in breaking gender norms and sustain equality. I am not even considering some ambiguous IG likes, the numerous times it’s being hinted/stated that he’s in a relationship with Louis in the press and the simultaneous, deliberate public separation from any “compromising” female presence.

You are very right, Louis’ image is way too unstable to be properly discussed right now. I’m sure the next few steps with babygate will tell us where he is going to stand in a couple of months. But about Harry…I’m not here to say that they will have him come out alone or wait for Louis’ image to be ready, but I’ll be reckless enough to affirm that he is surely, surely not going to be closeted next year.

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