rainbeau mars


My friend Chris Brochu and I performing a song we wrote together.


♥ ♥ ♥

Yoga, Spencer, Rainbeau Mars

Rainbeau Mars! I have to take a minute to give thanks to a friend who introduced me to this beautiful young women, Rainbeau! Yes, this is her name for those who are not familiar. Recently, her workouts get me moving in the morning and…basically, just make me feel good. Well, better than good, I feel awesome! Thanks Spencer! And thanks universe! Soon, hopefully, I can do the detox cleanse she offers, and maybe kick the nasty habit of my on-again, off-again smoking issue:/ Finding balance is pretty tough in life…once I work hard, I feel like I need a release, and so I go a little too hard on my weekends. All it really comes down to is balance in all aspects of life…sometimes I eat a little too much pizza (haha), sometimes, I drink a little too many GreyGoose and tonics. Er, Yuengling. Sometimes, I overindulge in sleep. Time to get healthier. Because who wants to have to pay those nasty medical bills when you are growing old from all that alcohol abuse in your 20’s and 30’s, just trying to have “fun”? Not me. So, here is to better living but still raging out and having fun. In a more balanced way, if possible:)