“You say all those nobles would fight for my hand, but you’re wrong. They wouldn’t be fighting for me. None of them wants me. They want the princess. None of them want just Anna. None of them would carry me down a mountain, or run across the fjord, or, or sing stupid songs to me or hold me the way you do or make me feel the way you do. I love you,” she said fiercely.

Happy birthday @karis-the-fangirl! I commissioned @rain1940 to illustrate this moment from Show Me and I hope you love it.

Commission: Moonstone dress

Haven’t posted any art on here in months, so I thought I’d share some of my commission pieces I did this summer.

This is a little scene from a human Toy Story/BLoSC AU fanfic where Star Command is having some kind of ceremony for it’s crew.

Mira Nova, as being Jessie’s best friend gives her a dress, which she knows it would catch the eyes of a certain someone. :D

The commissioner wanted some Star Wars and Star Trek outfits for Mira and Buzz to wear, which has been a bit challenging. (Never thought Buzz would make a good Price Charming in those clothes)

One of her silliest moments Jessie decided to surprise Buzz with a little flower crown made by herself. She wasn’t entirely sure what Buzz’s reaction would be so she acted kinda sheepishly.

You won’t believe it how long I’ve been trying to finish of this drawing! The funny thing was that every time I opened the file these silly goofballs made me burst out in giggles so I ended up closing PS and do something else…
It has been hilarious.
Also, the whole spring and summer I’ve been trying to collect some of these daisy flowers for reference, because I wasn’t sure about their size, but by the time I got to drawing the flowers dried out completely in my pockets. So, thanks to this picture I’ve got a whole collection of dried Daisies on my desk.

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