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sirius c’mon we have to get inside or we’ll both catch a cold


some kind of non-magical boarding school au where there’s a uniform but sirius never wears it and they harbor crushes on each other for years until remus confesses, sirius is ecstatic, it rains, and they both catch a wicked cold

Angry little sister (sister reader on her periods x stilinski triplets)

request: Stilinski triplets request please? Maybe she’s on her period so she’s a lot more easily annoyed than usual and then she had a shit day-like caught in the rain,tests etc- on top of her really painful cramps and pain in the ass brothers fighting&tryjng to fight with her so she snaps and rants at them and they’re all taken aback til Stuart understands why she did(he keeps track to avoid that but forgot) and they all apologise&suck up to her with cuddles, food, tea, tv and jokes etc? Pretty please?.

A/N: this took me over two hours to write, but I wanted to do it so here it is! I hope it doesn’t suck ass… 

”It wasn’t my on my turn!” Thomas yelled.

”Yes it was! No one else in this house is stupid enough to put white laundry with red, now all my clothes are pink!” Start screamed back at his brother. ”You barely even know how to put the machine on, Thomas!”

”It could’ve been Stiles!” Thomas defended himself.

”Me? Dad doesn’t let me near that thing and you know why! It wasn’t me for sure!” Stiles yelled back.

”Why are all the dishes dirty?” Stuart yelled from kitchen. While Thomas accused Stiles, he had escaped to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee, but all the cups were dirty, in the dishwasher or in the sink. ”Who was supposed to take care of the dishes this week?” He yelled and walked back to the bathroom where Stiles and Thomas were yelling at each other.

”Don’t you see we have other things to worry about?” Stiles snapped.

”So it was you.” Stuart realized. Stiles gave him a look, a look that said ’yeah, so?’ and it really angered Stuart. ”Oh so it’s too lowly for your highness to wash the dishes? Is it hard enough for you to just push one button to put the machine on? Are your brains so tiny?”

”Insults huh?” Stiles mocked. ”Are you too proud to do your own dishes then? You know you could just wash with your hands your own cup so you could drown yourself in coffee!”

”And it’s not like you haven’t done anything wrong!” Thomas snapped at Stuart.

”You have left things done too, you idiot!” Stiles slapped the back of Stuart’s head with his palm. ”Remember that time I asked you to put my jeep ready so I could get school faster, when I was already late?”

”Which time? You’re always late.” Stuart shot back.

”I didn’t mean that!” Stiles’s whole body shook from anger.

”Yeah, so?” Stuart mimicked Stiles. ”If that is the only time I have done something ’wrong’” He quoted ”then I can’t be the one to be blamed at. You two are obviously the lousiest ones in the family!”

”Well I ride the car!” Stiles announced proudly.

”Like we others couldn’t?” Stuart retorted. His gaze then fixed with Thomas and he said ”Well most of us.” Thomas gasped.

You walked in while listening the fight in the bathroom. So dad wasn’t home, once again. You sighed. Then you walked to the bathroom, to go fetch clean and dry new clothes, walking past your brothers.

You had gotten wet on your way back home, there had been raining hard and you didn’t have an umbrella with you, because the day was supposed to be clear, with sun shine. And you had just been informed by that morning while you went to the bathroom in school before the first class that your periods had started. You had fought through the classes against the pain that went through you, not having any pain killers with you. You had missed lunch in school too, because your friends wanted you to help them with some music class project and their only chance to practice was at the time when school lunch was. And to top that, Stiles hadn’t answered his phone so you had to walk home from school because you couldn’t contact with him to pick you up!

But you didn’t care to open up to your brothers about your awful day, no, not now when they were fighting and yelling. You only wanted to get your shirt and head to your room.

So you went to search for a certain white shirt, but all you could see was pink clothes. Odd. You didn’t have that much pink clothes. And the boys didn’t wear pink, neither did your dad. Unless…

”WHO THE FUCK HAS DYED MY WHITE SHIRT PINK?!” You yelled as loud as you could, your lungs hurt from the sound you made, your throat itching. All your brothers tensed and they looked at you, frozen and quiet. Then Stiles and Stuart pointed at Thomas.

”Well of course it’s Thomas…” You muttered loudly.

”It wasn’t me! I swear!” Thomas yelled back. ”You guys always blame me!” Then Thomas looked at Stiles. ”If I’ll get in trouble, you’ll get in too!”

”What are you-” Stiles started but Thomas cut him off.

”You haven’t washed the dishes! To me it’s worse than messing the clothes! What do we do when we have to eat, huh? Do the dishes and wait for thirteen minutes because you messed up?”

”Ha!” Stiles gasped. ”So you do admit it was you who messed the laundry!”

”What ever, we still have the dirty dishes…” Stuart reminded.

”You’re the one to talk, car saboteur!” Stiles shot back at Stuart who just rolled his eyes at him.

”OH WOULD YOU ALL JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP?!” You yelled. Your brothers stopped talking and looked at you with wide eyes. ”I’m so sick of this! Like you had rough time… You didn’t have to go through the whole day without food, didn’t have to walk home in that cold rain or have to listen to this stupid argument of nonsense. You, Stiles! It’s your fault that I’m now soaking wet, and it’s Thomas’s fault I can’t change because you ruined my clothes and Stuart just FUCK!” You snapped the last word. You were tiny bit of relieved your dad wasn’t home, he couldn’t stand swearing.

”Why the fuck you didn’t answer to your fucking phone, Stiles?! You guys always give me the hard time when I don’t pick up but when it’s about you it’s nothing! What a fair game, boys!” Stiles could only whisper that his phone died, he didn’t dare to argue. You were scaring the shit out of them.

”I haven’t done anything wrong!” Stuart said to his brothers’ surprise and horror. They begged him to shut up, not wanting you to explode. Stuart only crossed his arms over his chest and glared at you. ”Why are you yelling at me? I haven’t done anything unlike you, you’re here ranting like a crazy person. It’s not like you’re an angel compared to us!”

You felt a pain go through your body again. You put your hands around your stomach, holding it and then crying out ”Well sorry if I had a bad day!” You sniffled. ”Sorry for even being born! I didn’t know it was only boys that get to argue and yell in here! Didn’t know that women in this family have to just shut up and suffer from the bad energy you cause!” You started crying, letting your body fall against the wall down, curling into a ball and hiding your red and wet face. ”I’m so sick of this… Fucking shit day and… Stupid family…”

”Way to go Stuart!” Stiles hit Stuart on the back of his head again.

Thomas looked worriedly at his brothers. ”Is she alright?”

Stuart went through all what had happened with you. You held your stomach, you yelled, you cried easily… Of course!

Stuart snatched your phone from the pocket of your wet hoodie, you yelling at him from taking it, he broke easily through your security code and went to your calendar. Shit. He had messed up with his calculations! You were a week early on your periods! Your menstrual cycle had changed and you had your periods now instead of next week! Stuart had always tried to keep up with your cycle, so he could avoid angering you. It was his silent and unknown way to show he cared.

”She’s on her periods.” Stuart told his brothers and Stiles and Thomas understood right away. Stuart studied your phone, you had put notes to your calendar of your symptoms, how bad the pain was, where else it hurt and other like that. You had rated the pain being the worst you had ever experienced before during your periods.

”I’ll get the pain killers and wash her a cup for tea.” Stuart said and left with your phone. Thomas said to Stiles he’d go get something from his room. Stiles didn’t know how to help, but he knew how he’d like to help you. He let his body fall on the floor next to you, wrapping his arm around your whimpering body.

”Why didn’t you tell us you were in pain?” Stiles said softly, caressing your shoulder with his thumb. You took your head out from hiding behind your legs, but didn’t look at Stiles.

”You wouldn’t understand.” You sniffled. ”And besides, it’s not something boys want to hear about…”

”Yeah, but you don’t have to tell us about how it is, just how it affects you. We don’t know how you feel if you won’t tell us, ok?”

”Here’s the tea.” Stuart said, then lowering himself to sit in front of you, handing you the tea and two pills of pain killers.

”I didn’t know we still have these.” You said to yourself when you got the pills to your hand.

”We don’t but I usually hide some in my room for things like this. I know how those always run out quickly and it takes forever to get anyone go buy new ones.” Stuart said and watched you take the pills and take a sip of the tea.

”I found it!” Thomas yelled and got to the bathroom. He had one of his shirts with him, a white one, just like the one you had been looking for, but in men size and it was a little bit different from yours but close enough. How had he known you had been looking for your shirt that looked like that?

You took the hoodie off, thank god the top you had under it was dry, you didn’t have to strip naked in front of your brothers, then you took the shirt from Thomas and pulled it on. It was a little bit too big for you but it was warm and dry. All you needed. After you had put the shirt on, Stiles took a comfortable position and wrapped his arm around your shoulder again.

”Hey!” Thomas cried out and made everyone look at him. ”I want to cuddle too…” He said. You smiled at him and pat the empty space beside you, gesturing him to join you. He happily did and wrapped his other arm around your waist.

”Ouch!” You winced from the sudden pain.

”Didn’t the meds work?” Stiles asked. He looked at you worriedly.

”(Y/n) you shouldn’t sit here on a cold hard floor. Lets get you to the couch.” Stuart stood up, he leaned closer to you, holding his hand out and helped you up, then Thomas wrapped his arm around your waist so he could help you to the couch.

”I can walk on my own, Thomas.” You said softly to him.

”Yes, but if you get a cramp and you fall and you hit your head or something?” Thomas tried to convince you to be careful. You just sighed at him.

”You do realize that that is not very possible to happen.” You reasoned but Thomas reduced to let go. He helped you to sit on the couch and then gave you a blanket, you had to snap at him when he tried to help to tug you in, insisting you could do it yourself.

Stuart had made you more tea, and Stiles had put pizza in the oven. You laughed at Stiles when he announced proudly that he had succeeded to make dinner for you all. It was sweet of him, and sweet from the others that they wanted to help you so much.

You all three sat on the couch, watching a movie Stuart had picked up, because Stiles would’ve picked Star Wars, and Thomas didn’t much care about movies.

You argued was the movie so realistic with Stuart, while Stiles was trying to steal pizza piece from Thomas, his body laying on top of your and Stuart’s legs.

Stuart insisted that you would keep the other guys aware of your menstrual cycle so there wouldn’t be any mess ups with that. You were interested of why Stuart had even started keeping a track of your periods in the first place, but he didn’t let you know much about it. Though you had an idea. He, like the other brothers of yours, was overprotective and worried. Every time you got a cramp, Stuart let you squeeze his arm, to let him know how bad the cramps and the pain was.

You had a one really bad cramp during the movie, your body hurting so much that you doubled over, your body squeezing Stiles in between of your stomach and you legs while he was still laying on you legs. He patted your back, telling you it’s oaky and it’ll go away soon. Thomas did the same, hugging you after the bad cramp.

”Aww, the movie ended…” You moaned sadly. ”I know what we should watch next!” You said excitedly and got ready to get up from the couch, but Stiles didn’t move from the top of your legs. ”Uh? Could you move?” You asked, but Stiles shook his head.

”You’re not getting up from the couch.” He told you and in the corner of your eyes you could see that Thomas and Stuart agreed.

”But the movie stopped! And I know exactly the movie which we should watch next!” You explained but you didn’t get anywhere.

”I can go find something to watch. You guys just wait here.” Stuart said and went up stairs to get something. You sighed and folded your arms pouting.

”(Y/n), you look so cute when you do that!” Thomas laughed and squeezed your cheeks.

”Thomas! Stop that!” You cried out. ”I’m trying to make a stand and you’re embarrassing me!”

”Were you trying to look fierce or cute?” Stiles mocked and laughed at you. You glared at him and lifted your body, Stiles falling off the couch and dropping on the floor. You laughed at him with Thomas. ”Oh is that so?” Stiles challenged, got up as fast as he could, then he sat where Stuart used to sit, wrapping the blanket around you so tightly that you could barely move and then lifting you on his lap. ”Try to kick me off the couch now!” He smirked.

”Stiles!” You yelled while you tried to fight your way out of the cocoon. Stiles wrapped his arms around the nice packet and locked you in place, only laughing at you when you tried to get off from the hold of your brother.

It was almost midnight when your dad came home. He closed the door carefully, knowing you all would be sleeping, but when he saw the light coming from the living room he wondered were you  sleep after all. He walked to the living room, but what he saw was beyond his imagination.

There the all four of you were. Thomas on your left side, leaning against you, Stuart on your right side, his body pressed against the couch’s back and his head fallen back. Stiles had you sleeping in his lap, wrapped in a blanket, your back resting against his front.

Your dad smiled at the four of you, then shaking his head, closing the tv where the light came from, then leaving and going to bed on himself.

I call it “Probably Ruining the Drawing ‘Cuz I Can’t Tell I’m Overdoing it ‘Til it’s Overdone”

“Guess who tried practicing craziness in photoshop and decided that this char would be the perfect test subject and now it looks insane” was the second choice

The Character Design Challenge had a hippie theme this month and it just so happens that I have a lot of hippie and hippie like chars already. It all works \o/

Rain over here is from a commune in New Hampshire. He left when he was about eighteen because he wanted to see what lies beyond the hippie village. Had a hard time adjusting, but he got the hang of things eventually. Uuuunfortunately that led to this horrible phase of materialistic greed that he doesn’t like talking about. He’s okay now. Left that life behind him to return to his roots and better himself as a person.

He’s a nomad who probably smells like cloves and wild plants. Lots of cloves.

I think he really likes cloves :1

sending everyone good vibes today! hope you all have a kick ass day :)

Passing Your Driving Test

Since I got my license this past week and passed this test with 100%, and my brother is getting his permit next week, I decided to write a couple posts on how to pass both tests. Here are a few tips I came up with to help you pass.

1. Prepare for Any Weather 

It was raining during my driving test and initially I was worried that I might not pass just because I didn’t have a lot of experience with driving in the rain. To avoid weather related nerves on test day, I recommend driving in the rain at least a few times before your test.

2. Know the Route 

If possible try to familiarize yourself with the area in which you will be testing. If you have to go to another city for the test drive around the DDS building to get used to the roads you’ll be testing on.

3. Don’t Overthink It

I know a lot of people worry about parallel parking & two-point turns but if you practice beforehand and focus on the steps you won’t have any trouble.

4. Take Driver’s Ed 

Yes, just like my suggestion from the last post about getting your permit, I recommend taking Driver’s Ed. You can get great deals on insurance by taking Driver’s Ed, plus you’ll be more educated about driving when you take to the road. Plus, if you take a thirty-hour classroom course and have had six hours of on-the-road training with a certified instructor you can test with your teacher instead of a stranger at the DDS.

Good Luck On Your Test! 


Olivia aka the Pre-Law Princess

anonymous asked:

Sonoma appears to be rained out so testing scheduled for tomorrow rescheduled to 2/14. Not sure what this means for the possibility of J attending a show. The show will be in LA area from 12th-14th which is a short plane ride from Sonoma. Not expecting much, though.

Oh, interesting. Yeah I’m honestly not expecting that he’ll be able to make it to a show anymore, but if he does I’ll be pleasantly surprised :)