rain testing

when is a bed not a bed?

when it’s a prison. when it’s a morgue. when it’s 4 in the
evening and you
can’t get out from under the covers. when you just want to study but
every bad thought
is hitting you and all the bruises are showing. nothing is working. you’re tired
but then again
you’re always tired. you’re always tired.

did he ever love you?

short answer- no
evidence- he’s with her now. he could’ve been with you but instead you’re alone
and you can’t
bring yourself to think of her as anything less than something ruinous,
something with blood on her hands.
you ignore the taste of metal in your own mouth,
like your innocence really is still there after everything.
like hers wasn’t.

are you going to survive this?

survive what? the divorce or
the emptiness? the way your dad fell out of love with your mom or
the way the boy in next semester’s guitar class is
never going to look at you like you
mean something to him.
survive what?
be more specific. the answer is only yes sometimes.

—  please answer truthfully. this is a test– lily rain 
Halloween Headcanons!
  • Cecil and Carlos are the couple that wear matching costumes 
  • This year they decide to dress up as each other
  • Carlos borrows the most ridiculous clothes he can find in Cecil’s closet 
  • That happens to be purple furry boots, rainbow leggings, leg warmers with unicorns on them, a glow in the dark button up shirt, a poncho that has a rainbow on the pocket, and, of course, the cat ears
  • Cecil wears a lab coat and goggles with yellow rain boots and a test tube and runs around petting cats “for science”
  • Janice really wanted to be a five headed dragon so Cecil, Carlos, and Steve helped her make her costume with little dragon finger puppets and cardboard wings on her wheelchair that flap when the wheels turn 
  • Cecil put a sheet with eyes on Khoshek since he floats he’d be a flying ghost 
  • The science squad all procrastinated costumes and ended up making crappy shirts with element symbols on them 
  • a column in the periodic table is called a group 
  • so they go as a group 
  • (Please appreciate my crappy science puns)
  • Maureen and Michelle wear half assed glow cloud (all hail) costumes and spend the night throwing stuffed animals at people

sirius c’mon we have to get inside or we’ll both catch a cold


some kind of non-magical boarding school au where there’s a uniform but sirius never wears it and they harbor crushes on each other for years until remus confesses, sirius is ecstatic, it rains, and they both catch a wicked cold