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300+ followers! Honestly, this is a milestone I never thought my unproductive, lazy ass would reach – but lo and behold! The friendships I’ve made, the interactions I’ve had, and the overwhelming support I’ve gotten from all of you is what got me this far, and I can’t thank you guys enough. So, to show my appreciation … here’s a list of suckers who can’t get rid of me. Some I’m good friends with, some I’ve enjoyed interactions with, and some I just admire from afar (love me someday pls). Regardless, I feel sorry for all of them.

@cloudpools, @cadcnce, @alicehart, @betraycd , @facetiousdespair, @galacticdemon, @thievinggentleman, @bopnty, @bloominghands, @ditzycloudian, @rollingsnowsmasher, @driftingjazzbard, @becassines, @despairousel , @puckish-rogue , @ayekanaru, @drillcommander, @jaicro, @losteidolon@doppiavitas, @lessertruth, @shugctenshi, @townterror, @icecabes@limitless-vagabond, @ginjobs, @nothingamaziing, @prism-rain​, and most importantly, @pitbull

Well, there you have it! I’m sure I’ve listed people twice, and I wouldn’t be surprised if some of these blogs are inactive, but whatever. Follow ‘em anyway! As for anyone who felt they were omitted … hey! It’s going to be awhile before I make it to 600. That’ll give us plenty of time to interact and learn to love each other. Anywho, thanks again everyone, and stay dandy!

- Ramona

Hey, it’s my birthday! I’m turning nineteen today, and my birthday wish is to make you guys smile cheesy I know but shhhh! Every roleplay blog I follow is on this list somewhere, whether you’re a thalassa charm ( people I talk to often ), a Paopu Fruit ( people I’ve talked to once or twice and interacted ic at least a lil or somethin ) or a Seashell Crown ( people I haven’t really talked to but I enjoy seeing on my dash! ) you’re on here! No matter what spot you have on this list, how long I’ve been following you, and whether you were active yesterday or several months ago, you’re all a pleasure to see on my dashboard and I’m extremely happy I clicked that follow button for each and every one of you!


Thalassa Charms

@luxkeeper/ @heartmotif: Tinny! Getting to angst and fluff with you about our bbys is always a good time and the thought you put into your character always blows me away! You’re artwork is absolutely amazing, and how could I write this up without mentioning what a kickass team we make on Unchained X! I’m so glad I started talking to you because now I can’t imagine bring on tumblr without you! Stay wonderful~!

@theoathkept: Talking to you was probably one of the greatest decisions I ever made ( even though technically you made the decision and approached me first but shhhh ). We relate to each other in a way I could never imagine, and I can’t wait until you come back so I can smother you with love! Je t'aime, Chap!

@one-dxstiny: I honestly don’t remember how we started talking. I don’t remember when we started obsessing over our adorable muses. I don’t remember when all our AUs and cute ideas started. To me, you’ve always been there, from tumblr to skype, summer to school and sad days to happy days. You should never be upset that you’re a lil busy, because you being offline for a little while doesn’t lessen our love for you~!

@lumennox: J A W N! I don’t even know where to start with you! You’re writing is amazing, your characterization is well planned, you’re absolutely one of the kindest people I know and you’re headed towards a bright future for sure! Oh, and of course, Happy Birthday~!

@drexm-eater: I honestly have no idea how you deal with me. Between my headcannons, weird AUs, and spamming you with memes, you must be a saint! Megan, you’re a pleasure to write with and talk to, and i look forward to many adorable threads and angsty AUs in the future!

@aeristheancient: Autumn! Autumn! Autumn! Autumn! Autumn! If there’s anyone I strive to be like on this website it’s you! You’re positivity is inspiring, your honesty is encouraging and your support is absolutely amazing! You make me feel like I can do anything haha! Keep being your wonderful, beautiful, amazing self!

@maenadist: Okay, honesty time. I was super afraid to talk to you because you’re Larxene is super mean and sassy ( actually perfection ) so I was afraid you were going to be super mean and sassy. But tbh you’re like the sweetest person ever??? We haven spoken a whole lot, but you’re always super kind and super supportive and you laugh at my bad jokes which gives you brownie points in my book. You’re heading towards wonderful things and I know everything will work out for you in the long run, you just gotta persevere and remember I’m here if you ever need me! I believe in you 100%!

Paopu Fruits

@aspiringparasyte @luckeecharm / @lcstpath @cxccinellebelle @serenaxluna @rxcusant / @supuritto / @fokkusuu @olxtte @twilightsheartbreak @fromzeroesandones @unbeliievable @photondebugger / @fantasmicevil @magicalborn @destinyislandscutestgirl @mxssmouse @uitatx @alongxthexroadxtoxdawn @tabularaxa @darlingbluebird @sleepyplier @asiifisms @seasaltmmemory @floralxfallal @sorava @goofballfromtheislands @literariian @xluminosity @hunnypct @viamadlucem @incetumaura @regialux @dualshields @theroyalmagician @valorxdrive @fashionsleuth @oathkey @eternefiamme @wxyfinder @wavegxgs @arutiimu @unholykeyblader @worthytowield @keybeareroflight @buxom-badass @tinkeriisms @photondebugger @vcidgear / @noctxscaeli @bxllanotte @guardianofdawn @allthoseinkstains @kxybearer @arpeggxo

Seashell Crowns 

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People have asked how I pick out colors for palettes while painting. It mainly comes through practice and experience, but that’s normally how everybody gets good at anything, so I decided to try and explain as much of my process as I could.

After drawing for so long, I became good at visualizing what I wanted in my head. Although more times than not, I end up improvising along the way so my pieces turn out drastically different than from how I first imagined it. But having an already imagined base helped a lot in fleshing out the general idea of what I wanted.

The coloring process is something that took me some time to learn and understand since I didn’t have the luxury of someone to learn from. Although I do reckon that observing and analyzing other people’s works and occasionally trying to mimic the aspects that I liked most in drawings has helped me learn quite a bit. In that sense, I was indirectly taught by them, so I thank the art community for that.

While I paint, I have a pretty good idea of what color to choose next when shading. I feel like I was able to sharpen this ability during my years of making pixel art. In pixel art, you work with small canvas sizes and are limited to what you can do in terms of shading because there is no such thing as blending. There is a process called dithering which is close to blending, but it’s a very long, manual process. in fact, everything about pixel art is manual. You have absolute control over where every single pixel goes. All anti-aliasing is also done manually. Anti-aliasing is a process that helps to smooth out rough edges. All advanced painting programs have pre-anti-aliased brushes so that all your brush strokes appear smooth unlike the jagged, sharp pixels in pixel art. But those hard limitations of pixel art is what helped me learn how to improve my shading.

In pixel art, you have to use only colors that you really need. If the shades didn’t have enough contrast, the artwork would look flat and gradient. So the key here was to learn how to manipulate contrast. I wanted the most optimal contrast with the least effort and that’s how I developed my coloring process.

When you color, you should never stick to one color’s shade. For example, you don’t want to go from dark blue, to a lighter blue, and then to an even lighter blue. The reason is that you have to move up in brightness in shade a lot more than you actually need to in order to achieve great contrast. Instead of sticking to one shade of color, why not move around to a different tone in the color wheel? So instead of going from dark blue to a lighter blue, you can move slightly from dark blue to a greenish-blue and then into an even more greenish tone. This is because green appears lighter as a color as opposed to blue which is one of the darkest colors on the color spectrum. But why do you use green specifically? Because green is right next to blue in the color spectrum which allows for the smoothest transition in contrast. So you can achieve great contrast simply by shifting slightly to a new color.

Here is a reference to my example. As you can see, to achieve a significant amount of contrast in the second example, where I did not shift colors, I had to increase brightness much more significantly, while in the first example where I did shift colors, I barely had to increase brightness at all.

In real life, even objects with one solid color reflects off different colors depending on the environment. Objects will reflect off other colors even under white light. White light is made up of all the component colors in the color spectrum. If you pass white light through a triangular prism or rain drops for example, you will see a rainbow due to all the varying frequencies of each color bending and refracting through the structure of the prism. So it’s actually more normal to shade through color shifting rather than sticking to one color and simply increasing its brightness. It’s also why paintings that make use of a large variety of colors tend to look more realistic and appealing (in my opinion) than those that do not.

I tend to color from darkest to lightest so when I start off, I choose a color that has tones of blues or purples because they are the darkest colors on the color spectrum and thus would give the optimal amount of dark contrast I need. Yellow is the brightest color in the spectrum so I usually want to shift towards that color. So when I color I either go from blue to green to yellow to white, or purple to red to orange to yellow to white when shifting colors.

As you color and become familiar with what you’re doing, you can move out of those basics and experiment with all sorts of colors and see which colors work well together and which don’t.

I’d also like to mention a bit about having a majority of a certain color or tone in an art piece to set a certain type of atmosphere in the drawing. For example, if you have a lot of blue, purplish or just dark and dull tones in general, you create a dark atmosphere (in most cases) in the piece. So if you want to create a happy looking image, you would stay away from too many blues and purples, but use much warmer tones such as orange or yellow. Colors are extremely powerful in setting moods so it’s something to keep in mind when you paint.

And to answer some other miscellaneous questions, yes, I do still use a mouse to draw and the main tools I use when drawing on Paint Tool SAI are the pen and water brush tool. I also change the blending, dilution, and persistence of the water brush tool depending on the effect I want each brush stroke to have when I blend colors together. I also stick to one layer most of the time because it’s easier to keep track and to harmonize everything together.

I hope this helped and made sense. Feel free to ask me any questions if you have any and thanks for reading!

Also, I uploaded a higher resolution reference to the examples I gave earlier here: http://saikayden.tumblr.com/post/83397791137/reuploaded-the-examples-from-my-coloring

Cause this only took me like 20 years //slapped
Anyways here she is! RPG AU! White Mage Namie!!!
With her lil fairy/pixie navigator (or whatever they called Yue from SAO in the second season) Sven.

Namie | 16y/o | still 4'11 | White Mage

     easy going, kind-hearted, clumsy, slow (basic generic annoyingly nice girl really)
     - Radiant Circle: A healing circle surrounds her party and heals at least 75-85% HP and restores 45-60% MP
     - Singing Swords: Boost attack 
     - Holy Song: Sings a tone which will relieve party from any status effects,
     - Glory Bells: Summons bells of light which boosts attack and defense.
     - Prism Walls: (Only Offensive move) Creates a magic circle that traps her enemy(s) inside then has a bunch of little prisms rain down on them.

Is just like an NPC Thing really
IDK. he helps Namie get through things cause she gets lost and side-tracked easily. He’s NOT like Navi thank god
Still acts like how he does in canon, kind of, though is obviously nicer towards Namie. And only her.
(I also asked for permission to do the lil pixie pet/helper thing before making this)


Ok I decided to spoil you a bit…to present you (my personnal view of) Rainbow Dash and Soarin’ parents…

I won’t give you details about their talents or else… I prefer to let you guess… (or not since the cutie mark of the mothers aren’t totally related to their talents…)

And please don’t mind the “same pose reference”. I wasn’t suppose to do a “clean” things since it was just to test out the colors I had in mind but finally even though it’s minimalist it doesn’t come out that bad…

Oh well I hope the result doesn’t look bad and that the name aren’t too weird (it took me a while to figure them out)…

And even though I don’t think I really need to precise it, the first two are Soarin’ Parents and the last two… Rainbow Dash…


wow do i have a potty mouth or what?

if the dates weren’t a rather dead giveaway, as of 12:00 am june 18th marks the official one year anniversary i’ve been a part of citta (or at least, have been active since i came back) 

for those of you who were unaware, i was a part of the beginning of citta’s second running, but i had left due to a lack of real confidence in my ability to roleplay at that time after having taken a considerable hiatus from writing, and a combination of other inter personnel feelings really got in my way of having any kinds of fun, or being able to enjoy my writing with others, and with that, i had decided to leave the group, dropping about 90% of my original cast which included 

chrom; fe:a
saber nero; fate/extra
toriko; toriko
minato namikaze; naruto
m!robin; fe:a
and irisviel von einzbern; fate/zero

during that time, i did feel a bit bad because while there were others i were having fun with, a number of rather minor issues began to take their toll on my mind and so i did leave. after some time however, i had wanted to get back into roleplaying as a hobby and as a means of getting through the day. nothing too spectacular, and the first group that came back to mind was naturally, citta-alveare. since coming back, my cast has changed rather drastically with toriko being my only returning muse out of all of this, but ultimately, i had come back as the tactician forlorn by time, morgan from fe:a! 

since then, i’ve made a number of incredible relationships and friendships with the mods, people inside of the group, all of which i hold rather dear to me and would not want to give up for anything. among those however, there are a select few individuals that i want to give personal thanks to for how much they honestly mean to me and have made this not only a great roleplay group, but for being an amazing outlet of life for me as a whole, as well as giving thanks to an honorable lot of you that have made roleplaying with rather incredible.

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