rain owl


Modern Greek Goddesses (7/?):


Daughter of Zeus & Daughter of Metis

Goddess of wisdom, poetry art, and the strategic side of war. 
“It has been prophesied that Metis would bear children more powerful than the sire, even Zeus himself.” (x)

I think I can talk about what happened now. 

Yesterday was very rainy, but despite this I let Owl out to go forage. Moon and her babies were outside for most of the day too until the rain really started coming down. Owl sat on the porch an waited for the rain to stop.

I guess the rain stopped and Owl ran out to the backyard to find the bugs attracted by the rain. She rarely goes back that far near the woods. I was inside when it happened an I didn’t hear anything. I’m guessing it was quick. 

As soon as I saw the amount of feathers scattered around I knew what had happened and that she was dead. I found her body in the woods nearby covered up by some leaves. 

I hope she didn’t suffer