rain ninja

“...why does Shaggy’s van & headlights teleport into frame like that?”

Carl the Animator: “Hey, I’d like to see you remember that kind of thing while also animating rain.”

Ted the Animator: “You can, because I do, and on a daily basis.”

Carl the Animator: “…humph.” 

Ted the Animator: “I’m like a multitasking ninja of rain animation prowess.”

Carl the Animator: “At least I made up for it with the Shaggy faces I drew right after.”

Ted the Animator: “…ok, I’ll give you that, those are some rather exquisite faces.”


• She love the rain. The constant downpour in her home village never bothered her. 2-3 times out the day she’ll go for a walk.

• She’s an adopted child. Her real parents are missing. Her adoptive parents let her keep her birth clan’s surname.

• Her hair is her only tie to her mother, so she doesn’t cut it or color it

• Her favorite flower/flower theme is the Water Lily

🚨 Extra Info 🚨

• She’s sometimes called the Floral Ninja because of her flower shirt and headband

• No she’s not related to the Uzumaki’s

• She’s a Jonin

• Has teammates but goes on solo missions most of the time.

Yay more info~ I really like how this turned out. I thought it would be best to use dark colors to offset the brights. Jata’s not particularly flashy. Her hair stands out enough as it is. Any more and she’ll be a walking rainbow. The stylized water lilies mercked my hand but it was worth it. = u =

Ideas come in the oddest of forms, am I right? Lol

This lady here was in the dream that I had Sunday and I had to draw her. I had some vivid head movies before but this one took the cake. This gal literally flipped her hair back before the fight broke out. And I’m like: “You diva….” However, she wasn’t smiling in my dream. I really don’t want a brigade of grumpy OCs XD I think my favorite thing about her was the headband. What ninja you know wears a floral headband??? If I remember right, her shirt matched as well. I scrapped an Ame nin a while back but after seeing this lady, I’ll take it as a sign to bring her back.

I saw so many interesting character designs and I really want to draw the ones I remember and the canon characters I saw too. Hanzo especially, not the dude, but a totally different person. Her name was called a lot in my dream. I hope to share them soon~ But I must go on my walk. Later! 👋