rain ninja

Rain, as Raizo, in Ninja Assassin.

You would not believe how many times I’ve watched this clip now. (I still haven’t even seen the whole movie.)

He’s just so sexy! (Also, hearing him speak English is seriously messing me up.)

The drip-drop sound of the summer rain splattering off the red umbrella shielding her was comforting, and loud enough to drown out the sound of her heels squelching in the mud. Beside her walked her source of bodily warmth in the form of Kakashi Hatake, the Sixth Hokage. 

It was probably a good thing that the streets were deserted at this time of the day because the infamously lazy Hokage would’ve made quite the sight accompanying the rosette, umbrella clutched in hand. Sakura had no doubt in her mind it would’ve caused at least some traffic. 

“Maybe I should’ve assigned someone else for this mission.” He said quietly, she almost didn’t hear him. “Kakashi it’s just a diplomatic mission. Easy stuff." 

Sakura chided, her elbow easily finding purchase in his side. "Quit worrying, I’ll be back in a week tops.”

“I’m not worrying.” He immediately disagreed, which was in itself hilarious but she decided to let it go this one time, especially since he carried it on with a quiet: “I guess… well, I’ll miss you." 

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Hey @silverskye13 @theblogofcastingrain remember when Casting Rain wasn’t full of tears and pain?? ‘Cause I do!

Just kidding. Holy cow you can really see where I started running out of energy with this. But I’ve wanted to draw this scene from way back in the beginning for ages and I finally sat down and just did it. With an app on my dying phone but I did it! 

Anyway, Casting Rain has brought me a lot of joy since I started reading it and as a writer has really inspired me as to how I want to write these guys as well. Just…let these boys be happy! 

And get that silly fire man out of the rain


(via Ninja Assassin Rain Training - YouTube)