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Hi there! I'm hoping to write a story about a woman combat medic, and have multiple questions. I know this is a combat position, and women were only recently accepted to those, so where would she most likely be stationed? Would she spend more time in battles or in hospitals? Are combat medics (68Ws?) more likely to develop PTSD? What are more common positions for women? How easy is it for combat medics, once they leave the military, to become EMTs? Are there any common misconceptions? Thanks!

I always want to provide the best answers here that I can, so I’m thrilled to announce the first guest post of @ginger-wuv​, a fantastic female medic who’s graciously agreed to tackle this ask. This is some grade A stuff, so I hope you all enjoy and give Doc Rain some kudos if you like it! -Kingsley

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In 2013, news sites were covering the tale of a mysterious entity known locally as the ghost of De Maules or, more popularly, Le Loyon. According to various news sites (and Daily Mail), this strange figure had been roaming a particular road in the Swiss countryside on a daily basis for the last decade, always clad in a gas mask and a strange, military-style rain cloak, frightening people with its appearance and … minding its own business, deliberately avoiding people, and occasionally picking flowers?

Just a few months after the story started making rounds, Le Loyon’s clothing was found by the road it had been stalking, complete with an extremely passive-aggressive “suicide” note (it’s in French, but here’s a reasonably accurate translation). The note expressed Le Loyon’s concerns that the recent exposure would lead to further attention, which forced the person under the clothes to abandon the walks, which the letter referred to as “happiness therapy.” Then, it snarks at the reader for not understanding the works of one Sacher-Masoch.

Yep, we’re talking about Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, as in “the granddaddy of masochism.” So, yeah, while in theory it’s still possible that Switzerland just barely dodged a Friday The 13th situation here, it sure looks a lot like Internet attention just managed to freak out a harmless S&M enthusiast who merely wanted to mind their own business and suffer nature in peace.

5 Creepy Unsolved Mysteries (That Have Totally Been Solved)

What I have with you is worth it. It is worth every lonely night, every tear I cry from missing you, and the pain I feel from not having you close. It is worth it because you are my one and only. When I picture myself years from now, I see only you. No matter how painful distance can be, not having you in my life would be worse.
—  Singing through the rain
  • Interviewer: We have seen all of the seven kingdoms in action in one way or another except Dorne and the Vale. I am trying to get an understanding of the various strengths of the different realms. When Robb calls the Northern Banners he gathers a host of about 18 thousand men. How do Dorne and the Vale compare to this (I don't expect numbers, just general feeling)
  • GRRM: I'd say these three kingdoms were roughly equal in the force they could assemble... but the north is much bigger, so it takes longer for an army to gather. And life is harsher there as well, so lords and smallfolk both need to think carefully before beating those plowshares into swords.
  • Interviewer: I also gather that Highgarden is the most populated place (Renly mentions 40,000 men), with the Lannisters being next (two combined hosts in GoT seem to be about 35,000).
  • GRRM: The Reach is the second largest domain (after the north), and the most populous and fertile as well. The westerlands are the richest, with all the gold and silver in those hills. Those two regions also have the greatest strength at sea, after the Iron Islands.
  • Interviewer: Dragonstone appears to be the least powerful. The Riverlands and Stormlords appear to fall in the middle I imagine.
  • GRRM: Dragonstone is last, agreed. The riverlands are rich and fertile and populous, but suffer from divided leadership and a lack of natural boundaries. The stormlands have lots of trees and rocks and rain.

Jeju Island is the first place in the world to receive all three UNESCO natural science designations : Biosphere Reserve in 2002, Natural Heritage in 2007, Global Geopark in 2010. But the Korean and U.S. military is constructing a U.S. Naval Base over the UNESCO heritage sites.

Gureombi Rock was our prayer site, our dining place, our place of rest. It was our swimming pool. We did everything on the rock.

Every day, villagers & activists will sit, stand & dance at the gate of the naval base being constructed.

The villagers of Gangjeong Village outside the Jeju Courts, refuse to pay fines for their peaceful protests.

The villagers remember that 30,000 people were killed on Jeju Island in 1948, in an April 3rd massacre collaborated by the U.S. military.

Daily, rain or shine, the villagers protest the destruction of their people & land by the U.S. naval base

Things I really wish would be in the Pacific Rim Prop Auction

• the little metal robot toy that was found by the grandpa and grandson on the Alaskan beach, right before Gipsy/Raleigh staggered ashore

• Mako’s red shoe

• Hannibal’s gold-tipped shoe

• Newt’s cracked/broken glasses

• Hermann’s parka or sweater or jacket or something worn by Hermann… But mostly Hermann’s parka

• Mako’s umbrella from the iconic umbrella-in-the-rain shot

• Stacker’s overcoat, military jacket, something worn by Stacker

[…Of all of these, I think I’d want the robot toy the most!!!]

I choose who I engage with very carefully

I choose who I engage with very carefully. When you take a position against marginalized people taking a stand against abuse and hurtful rhetoric, you’ve shown your true colors. There’s really nothing to discuss.

However, it bothers me when people who look like me fight against their own best interests. Why are you fighting against your own humanity? Why are you fighting against being portrayed decently? Why do you align with and defend jokes that debase you? It’s one thing to get ignorant comments about Africa from non-Africans, it’s quite another when some Africans go out of their way to defend or excuse the ignorance. I just want to know what the end goal is for these jolly Africans who don’t mind being the butt of ignorant jokes. What are you getting out of this? What do you get for defending your debasement? Are you not an African? Do you like African nations being depicted as insignificant in an ignorant, racist and reductive manner for “jokes”? Is that acceptable to you? If so, why do you accept this? Why do you lash out at those of us who refuse to accept it? Why are you so comfortable with being a foot stool?

Other people are talking about how many don’t know about geography (and they say this almost with pride) and that the “tiny” Ghana is insignificant, which makes Ellen’s tweet really funny. These are the things people say when they have imbibed white supremacy. If you don’t know about geography, then open up a book. You have free will don’t you? You can do things can’t you? You have internet access don’t you? Look up the things that you don’t know. Your internet access isn’t just for insulting Blue Ivy’s hair. Can you be proactive for once in your wretched lives? Must everything be spoonfed and explained away for you? What would you do if marginalized people didn’t take the time to educate you after they were the targets of insults and “jokes”? It’s a hell of a thing to expect the people you victimize to tutor you on why you should not victimize them. Your empathy chip is missing.

BTW - Ghana only happens to have the 2nd largest population in West Africa. Only in the mind of someone drunk on US exceptionalism will a population of over 24 million be something that is insignificant. That’s larger than many European countries, but I bet they aren’t calling those European countries insignificant. Ask yourself why. Just sit there and ponder it. Try to see what reasons you come up with. Are you still able to reason? There are even more people in Ghana than Australia, but that’s not the point though. Even if their population was 24 thousand and not over 24 million, it wouldn’t make them insignificant. Their existence means they matter. Your existence means you matter.

This is one of the reasons why I can’t discuss global issues and politics with many westerners. It’s an infuriating process that in no way benefits me. Many often can’t see the top to bottom rot in a pervasive mentality that otherizes entire continents of people, even in humor. They can’t separate themselves from criticism of their leader’s foreign policies that they know little to nothing about. They take those critiques as a personal attack of their person and not their governments. They also think in numbers, and the greater the number or the more the military might, then it makes them right. Note that they never extend that logic to China and their larger military and population of nearly 1.4 billion. They tend to use terms like “collateral damage” when their governments and military rain death on innocents, like they aren’t talking about human beings. They themselves are never collateral damage however. When was the last time they described western casualties as collateral damage? It’s always someone else.

Nevertheless, it’s one thing for people in the US and the west to have that mindset, it’s quite another to see some Africans adopt and defend it. It’s like they don’t get that it’s people like them being figuratively and literally extinguished by that mindset, which is why I do not laugh at these “jokes” that reduce African countries to a pile of insignificant, unknown rubbish. That comes with a lot of baggage, forgive me for not laughing.

Some of my fellow Africans have contacted me about this post and this post, telling me how they love Ellen, and that she means well or that it’s no big deal. I just want you to grow some damn dignity and love yourselves. I’m begging you. Can you do that please? If you took one tenth of the energy you used to defend your precious celebs making ignorant and racist quips, we might actually gain a foothold, or at least have some solidarity. Instead, you are lashing out at those of us who aren’t laughing along. What’s wrong with you? I’m neither surprised or shocked when people (especially white people) show the world their ass in the form of “jokes”, but it bothers me when the butt of the joke runs in to defend them. Have you got no self-respect?

Imagine the world we would be living in if people used the energy they exerted in attacking those who point out ignorance, xenophobia and white supremacist mentalities towards attacking the perpetrators of ignorance, xenophobia and white supremacy. Imagine it.

I don’t even get why these people who always have something contrarian to say follow me. Why are you here? You clearly have a problem with my views, yet you never leave. What do you think my position will be regarding “jokes” that debase and render an African nation as insignificant and an unknown entity? You expect me to laugh at that?

Sidenote: I noticed that some of the people caping for Ellen were also caping for Justin Bieber. All I will say is that you’ve got to love yourselves more. I mean that.