rain love song

She was beautiful.
There was no denying it.
But she wasn’t that kind of beautiful that made everyone turn,
Or took everyones breath away when she entered the room.
Her beauty was hidden,
But once you’ve seen it she becomes nothing but beautiful.
Shes the kind of beautiful that keeps you up at night,
The kind that makes you love every part of her.
Some people may not see it,
And you know she can’t,
But she’s beautiful.
Theres no denying it.
—  A.P

I saw it one morning in the car. When the sun rising found your eyes and turned them gold.

I kept seeing everyday we were together.
Riding home in the afternoons,
That one Friday night.

It occurred to me,
That i think i had always known.
All the moments we touched
All the times we locked eyes.
I love you and you will never know.

—  A.P
The Signs as Kdrama Tropes

Aquarius: Amnesia - Yes, not of the best sorts of Kdrama tropes but does it further the story. How can any Kdrama love interest know how much they love the other without a bit of SHORT TERM MEMORY LOSS?

Pisces: Piggy back ride - can come in many forms, sometimes the carrier has to carry a love interest home drunk or someone has somehow lost or destroyed their shoes. Creates a good amount of skinship for a broody couple that are not ready to express their feelings yet.

Aries: Cinderella Story - Some even have it in the title. A poor girl and a rich love interest and their social clashes that teach you it’s not about the money but the HEART. It usually includes evil mothers and a extreme makeover with shopping montage! Nothing better!

Taurus: Friends to Lovers - A very lovely backdrop for a very lovely relationship. Sometimes in a drama its nice to have that friendship basis so they have the internal struggle of liking their best friend; A basis for most of the Reply series, it’s makes amazing kdramas.

Gemini: The much needed, overly long first kiss - An extreme theme of most old and new kdramas. Not a lot of dramas dare to be a bit risky, especially with a younger cast but it creates an endearing lovable couple. But, the kiss has lasted 2 minutes of slow-mo maybe… hurry up?

Cancer: The classic “Back Hug” - Even better if its a “Don’t go” kind-of-hug. A Kdrama isn’t a Kdrama if there isn’t at least one of these bad boys in the mix. DON’T GO!

Leo: Enemies to Lovers - a much needed juxtapostion to the friends-to-lovers trope. It creates drama and tension that makes even more tension and starts a tsundere male lead everyone hates to love. Angsty arguements and dramatic kisses, who could ask for more? Sometimes even comes with a side of a nicer, gentler secondary lead… who do you choose?

Virgo: Forced to Live together/Cohabitation - A personal favourite. What could go wrong when two attractive people are forced to live together? Literally nothing, all they can do is get closer and become domestic. DOES THAT NOT SOUND LIKE THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD?

Libra: Gender-Bending - creates SO MUCH TENSION. The main love interest having to fight with having gay thoughts about their feminine looking (very easy to tell female) male counterparts? Creates a good WATCH

Scorpio: Supernatural romance - Who doesn’t love a mysterious one in the couple? Hooded with secrets and amazing skills, you see true love with they trust their love interests with their life. Also, absolutely always attractive.

Sagittarius: Noona romance - some look at these and instantly think they are a little odd but its far from it. Wiser ladies who are absolutely stunning with a lively love interest that prefers an older woman? Quality content.

Capricorn: Accidental relationships - Whether it’s accidental drunken marriage, other kinds of relations (Maybe a bit to risque - Fated to Love You as an example) two people can’t do much other than get closer and create a funny story for their grandchildren later on in life.

Evans not only knows how to tap dance (just ask any of his co-stars, who frequently comment on his awesome dancing skills), but he’d love to star in a musical. “I’m looking to find one,” he said, adding, “I love Gene Kelly, he was great. Wouldn’t it be great to do a [Gene Kelly] biopic or something like that?” Or Guys & Dolls! “That would be great, too,” Evans said. “I did that in high school.”
—  Chris Evans, E! interview (March 2017)