rain like the sound of trains

Some cute romantic-cliché questions :)
  • Coffee Shop: How do you take your coffee?
  • Train Station: Where do you want to travel?
  • Picnic in the Park: Do you enjoy people watching?
  • Kiss Under the Rain: What sounds help you sleep?
  • Butterflies: What unique thing would you/do you enjoy in a partner?
  • Snow Angels: What's your favorite kind of weather?
  • Bed & Breakfast: What do you like to do on Tuesdays?
  • Kiss at the Door: When you hold hands, do you interlock fingers? Swing your arms?
  • Bowling: Do you laugh loudly or giggle more?
  • Chocolates: What's your favorite kind of sweet thing?
  • Roses: Do you blush easily?
  • Cheesy Pick-Up Lines: Are you more of a comic or a romantic?
  • Candlelight: What romantic cliché do you wish for most?

We’re Scotsmen. We’re brave, and we’re strong, and we have God on our side, so why should we waste time with all this shite? Aye. I was like-minded. Then I went to France, and I became a soldier. I saw what a modern, well-trained army can do. Oh, it’s a pretty sight at first… Seeing them all marching together in their neat rows and columns, music playing, banners waving… So pretty, you want to smile. I laughed, too, the first time. Then they fired the first volley. First, you see the flash of metal in the sun. Together, as one, an entire line of men raise their muskets, aim, and let loose. The musket balls come tearing across the field like a sheet of metal rain, cutting down men left and right without mercy. Sound of gunfire… Rolling thunder across the hills. By the time the last of it fades, the second volley is already on its way. I realized it takes more than courage to beat an army like that. It takes discipline. It takes a well-trained soldier… an army of soldiers. Now, if we have the discipline to stand together, to march together, and to fight together, then by God, I ken we will win together.

Jamie Fraser, Outlander, season 2, Je Suis Prest

Misters Before Sisters - (Joker x Reader x Harley Quinn)

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Warning(s): None

Pairing: Past - Harley x Joker, Current - Joker x Reader

The blonde jester’s baby blue eyes peered at the destruction that teetered in front of her. The once playfulness and vexing light that danced and shimmered in her eyes died out faster than a burning birthday candle, flickering off with just one blow, one gust of freezing but powerful wind. She let the graffiti covered baseball bat fall of her shoulder and slip out of her callus hands, her once soft kind and caring fingers turn hard and rough from the years she spent wreaking havoc with the one and only. Rain began to trickle down on her, ruining her makeup and hair. She looked and felt like a mess.

A sad, psychopathic mess. 

The blaring sound of passing cars and the annoying clashing noise that bellowed from the train tracks reverberated through her now empty head. This was the first time in forever that the voices that lived and flourished in her head were dead silent, not a peep or a giggle coming from them. It was just Harley and her raw emotions.

Why her? Out of all the women he could’ve chosen…

Harley’s tone arms shook while her hands clenched in a iron tight fist. Her wet hair shielding her face from the neon street lights, while her chest that was covered in a skimpy top rise and feel with anger and betrayal.

Wasn’t the Jester better than the Pierrot?

You were a new goon that joined the gang, a new clown that joined the circus. At first Harley wasn’t threaten nor bothered by your emotional and loud personality, in fact she took a liking towards you, showing you the ropes and what not to do. Soon enough the both of you grew closer by the minute, becoming great, if not,  best of friends.

You and her felt like soul mates.

Like sisters.

It was the two of you versus the world, but then the Joker stepped into the picture, swaying your emotions and snatching your heart. The green haired man used your emotions against you, but you didn’t care, for your love for him grew and grew everyday to point were you had no choice but to act on those emotions. Of course Harley couldn’t believe it, even though it was right in her face. How the two of the closest people in her wild life, (Y/N) and Joker, became connect by the hip, rubbing and kissing all over each other like their lives depended on it. 

Tears rolled down Harley’s cheeks as the bitter thoughts of her best friend and her lover driving off into the sunset together, leaving the worn down blonde to rot all alone with a broken heart. 

“Grow up, Harls. I thought you’d understand…” You would say to her, a lazy yet flirtatious smirk crawling up onto your face. 

You always told her to grow up. And Joker would agree with the fellow clown with a loud laugh, making Harley’s face scrunched up in pure anger and embarrassment. She didn’t deserve this. After all the years of getting beaten on physically and mentally only in the name of love for a man that doesn’t even care about her made her blood run cold in…

Agony? She didn’t know, all she knew that this hurt.

She could still hear your loud and boisterous laughter meshing with the shrill giggling of the Joker. How easily you turned your back away from her and leaped into the Clown Prince of Crime’s arms. Not even looking back to see if Harley was okay or remotely fine. 

A painful smile tugged on her face as she heard your words linger in her fuzzy thoughts.


“C’mon, Harls! It’s just you and me against the whole entire world,” You said, wrapping your arms around her shoulder. The blonde laughed, leaning her head onto your shoulder.

“Even the Joker?”

“Yup! ‘Sisters Before Misters’.” 

//This story wasn’t my best but I wanted to post it so~


Screenshots from ALL ABOARD | The Final Station #1! ^_^ 

Wow, just wow I really liked this game. :) 

This game has such an intriguing atmosphere and I like that one of these pixel resource management post-apocalyptic games actually has a story line with it and I really want to know what’s going on in the world the game set up. Plus I loved this game’s attention to detail in it’s designs especially with the sounds. You can hear the character’s feet on the ground while they’re walking, the sound of the birds or the train on the tracks, the way the sound of the rain gets muffed when you go inside a building and those are just a few examples that I thought of at the top of my head. Plus something I noticed in the town that was raining is that on cafe’s sign you can see tiny pixels to make it look like the rain is splashing down on it. 

This screenshot doesn’t even do it justice to be honest go back and watch that part of the video and see it in motion it’s very cool. :) 

I loved watching Sean play this game too. I always like the kind of games where he can just freely and casually talk about anything that’s on his mind and when he completely gushes over something in a game. It shows a different side to him that shows more of who he is as a person and it shows a different layer to his personality outside of how loud and energetic he is. My favorite part of this whole video was the part when Sean first gets to the town or station with the rain. Not only because he completely just gushed and lit up and probably felt all cozy at hearing the sound of the rain and that reaction was absolutely priceless. :) But also because he stopped playing the game for a little bit for us to simply listen to the sound of the rain. It was actually very calming or at least for me it was and that’s coming from somebody that has Generalized Anxiety Disorder. xD
It’s moments like these that really help me see Sean more for who he is as a person and as a real friend and less as Youtuber. Honestly Sean has given me such a new appreciation for game development and video games in general because of those little moments where he’ll point out a tiny detail that he notices and likes. I’ve noticed that I take the time to listen to sounds a lot more often when I play a game or notice stuff about the way a game looks and it’s given me different perspective on the games I already love. Coming from me who’s someone who absolutely loves videos games and is super passionate about them it’s so nice to gain even more appreciation and love for them in a completely new or different perspective. :) I don’t know I just love hearing and listening to Sean talk about literally anything because I think he’ll have an interesting or unique thought or perspective towards something. He explains himself and how he feels very well in a way that I can totally understand where he’s coming from. Seriously, I love listening to him to him talk or ramble about anything whether he loves, likes or hates something because honestly, 
I love the way he looks at the world. :) 
That’s probably very weird of me to say but it is the genuine truth from me. xD

I really liked this game and this video and I would love to see more videos of it from Sean. ^_^ 


“We’re Scotsmen. We’re brave, and we’re strong, and we have God on our side, so, why should we waste time with all this shite? Aye. I was like-minded. Then I went to France, and I became a soldier. I saw what a modern, well-trained army can do. Oh, it’s a pretty sight at first… Seeing them all marching in their neat rows and columns, music playing, banners waving. So pretty, you want to smile. I laughed to, the first time. Then they fired the first volley. First, you see the flash of metal in the Sun. Together, as one, an entire line of men raise their muskets, aim, and let loose. The musket balls come tearing across the field like a sheet of metal rain, cuting down men left and right without mercy. Sound of gunfire… Rolling thunder across the hills. By the time the last of it fades, the second volley is already on its way. I realized it takes more than courage to beat an army like that. It takes discipline. It takes a well-trained soldier… an army of soldiers. Now, if we have the discipline to stand together, to march together, and to fight together, then by God, I ken we will win together.

Every time I hear my name, or something that sounds a lot like my name, I startle.

So imagine Will Treaty. Imagine Horace going around saying things like, “I will train today,” and “Will I do this or not,” “ Will it rain?” “ I don’t think I will.” Imagine Will getting more and more annoyed when Horace just gives him an innocent look. It gets to the point that Will just ignores “will” altogether.

And then imagine Will’s utter mortification and embarrassment when he realises that Halt had been saying his name to get his attention.

The time has come for me to post my very first something that should resemble a masterpost ever. After more than half a year. Go me. Anyways, I am one of those people who like to study with sound, but not always with music. So here’s a little list of my favorite ambient study sounds on YouTube that I listen to while studying. Enjoy!

Most relaxing rain on tent ever (X)

Rain on tent (X)

Rain on tent 2 (X)

Waterfall and birds singing (X)

Busy cafe with lots of inaudible talking (X)

Mildly busy cafe (chatting, coffee machine, music) Really good 360 sound (X)

Thunder and heavy rain (X)

Hogwarts train (X)

Hogwarts train 2 (chatting, quill scratching) (X)

Disclaimer: none of these videos are mine :)

“Thunderstorm” (Drabble #21)

http://marinette-sky.tumblr.com/post/143602220967/send-me-a-pairing-and-a-number-and-ill-write-you LINK TO DRABBLE LIST

(A/N: Alright, so this drabble is a little different from the rest so far. I decided to hop aboard @geek-fashionista ‘s Sidekick!Adrien AU and write a Ladrien fanfic drabble as contribution to such a beautiful idea. Hope you like it! [like omg my computer science knowledge finally came in handy for this fic drabble])

Summary: Driving in the middle of a thunderstorm as it grows darker outside makes a particular Parisian hero very nervous.

Prompt: “We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you wanna stop and feel the rain?”

Pairing: Ladrien

Word Count: 1,143

Ladybug thrummed her padded hands against the rental car’s steering wheel, keeping a firm but slightly lackadaisical stare trained on the miles of empty road ahead of them. The car ride back from Dijon had been a virtually quiet endeavor so far, with only the sound of rain pattering on the hood overhead and continuous clicks of Adrien’s laptop keyboard in the passenger seat chasing away any chance of utter silence. Even with the Stygian overcast, Marinette could tell they were well a ways into dusk judging by the fading overlay of colors on the horizon. It would definitely be nighttime once they arrived back in Paris, much to her disdain and annoyance. Driving in the midst of a rain shower is one thing, but driving during a thunderstorm while it’s dark out was a completely different story.  Many risks and perils came with coasting on a wet road, at least in her mind.

“Damn akuma, delaying us so long…” Ladybug muttered resentfully, frowning as a drum of thunder pounded in the distance. A streak of bright lightening followed in its wake, sending spider webs of electricity dancing along the under-belly of the cloud cover. Based on how numerous the bolts were, the heroine deduced they were drawing closer to the center of the storm, which inevitably worsened her attitude about driving.

“What was that bright flash of light?” Adrien suddenly remarked from beside her, the familiar rhythm of his typing coming to a halt. “Also, is it raining?”

Had he really not been paying attention to their surroundings this entire trip?

“Adrien, it’s been raining ever since we left Dijon. What have been so immersed in this whole time that kept you from noticing this obvious detail?” Ladybug surmised that her boyfriend had either been hacking into some major security network or scoping out potential motor parts on Shicaro.com for his beloved motorcycle. There was usually no in-between for him.

“I was just updating a few of my Class Arrays and toString methods in JavaCreator, so the next time I have to do a binarySearch in a security grid it’ll be a less time consuming process for myself and the computer mainframe…” Adrien stopped in the middle of his explanation, catching sight of the deadpan expression his girlfriend threw in his direction. He often forgot most people had no idea what he was talking about when it came to explaining the tedious job of a hacker, especially when he went off on tangents involving computer science. It really bugged the shit out of Ladybug that she didn’t understand a lick of what he chattered about when they discussed battle strategies.

“So, to summarize, you were doing hacker stuff?”

“Basically. These kinds of things require immense focus, so…yeah.”

Somewhere in the brief conversation Ladybug carried with Adrien, the rain had went from a shower to an all-out downpour, spurring her to make the decision of turning the windshield wipers on full blast. Out of nowhere, the car’s headlights flicked on, indicating there was about thirty minutes of daylight left. This made Marinette more nervous than she already was, which added another ingredient in the mixing bowl of possible causes for a car crash. To make matters even worse, an aggressive spurt of thunder and lightning burst forth from the clouds directly in front of her field of vision, intensifying the storm. Sheets of rain were slamming against the windshield while the female could slowly but surely feel the car start to hydroplane (or maybe it was just her imagination but either way).

“Adrien, I’m going to pull over on the side of the road for a while, driving in this bad weather is dangerous.” Ladybug informed her oblivious sidekick, tentatively applying the brakes and veering the steering wheel to the right of the pavement. By the time they came to complete stop on the roadside, her hands were shaking so badly she could barely put the vehicle in park. Adrien took note of this and voiced his concern.

“Hey, we can stay here until the storm passes. If you want, we could spend the night here…my father is on a business trip right now so no one is expecting me home. Would you like that?” Adrien reached over the small space and took hold of Marinette’s trembling hands, chiseled features softening in compassion. The lass nodded, offering a pearly, grateful smile in return for her partner’s thoughtfulness. Because of their intertwined fingers, both adults scooted farther over on their seats so that they could hold hands in comfortable distance on the center console. In the dim light of the car, Adrien eyes resembled an almost vibrant forest green color, which in turn complimented the long blonde waves of hair framing his structured cheek bones. Ladybug traced her gaze down the slope of his adorably pointed nose, stopping when she got to a very pink mouth. They were so close together now that she could clearly see every crinkle and curve of his lips, stirring up just the tiniest bit of desire in the pit of her stomach.



“Can I kiss you?” Ladybug felt a blush creep up her neck at her own forwardness. Adrien, who was clearly caught off guard (his cheeks looked pinker then they were a moment ago), only smiled a little and nodded. Marinette leaned forward with repressed eagerness and he met her in the middle with equal vigor, letting out a suspired breath as their lips melded together in a familiar pattern. Her nose began to prickle with the tantalizing scent of mint body wash and cologne, and she could swear she tasted bubblegum on his tongue when he dragged it across her bottom lip. As more and more seconds flew by, their kiss grew more heated and it became very obvious the temperature in the car was rising also. Just as Ladybug was coming to realization that the car was too cramped and small for something intimate like a makeout session, Adrien broke their liplock.

“This is a weird urge, but I really want to get out and play in the rain now.” The model stated, totally impromptu. Ladybug gave him an incredulous look.

“We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you wanna stop and feel the rain?” Marinette pursed her very kissed lips, considering his proposition.

“I mean, we don’t have to stop just because we’re in the rain…” Adrien waggled his eyebrows suggestively, inching his hand toward the car door handle. “Plus, there’s more space outside rather than in here.” Now that was an idea. Ladybug weighted the pros and cons of snogging in the rain, and after brief cogitating, grinned deviously.

“So?” Adrien pushed for a reply.

“So, why are we still in the car?” The bluenette mimicked, laughing as she unlocked the car doors.

Maybe thunderstorms weren’t so bad after all.

I’m sorry if my writing is a bit muddled(? is that the right word), wording something based off of someone else’s AU is kind of difficult. But I really hope y’all liked it because I spent four hours on this give me credit

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Calla lily and Sunflower

calla lily: are you more of a sunny day or a rainy evening?

A while ago, I would’ve said it’s sunny days hands-down. But one recent evening, I was driving home in the rain. I was feeling down, nothing good was on the radio, and the dumb traffic light outside my train station was being dumb. So while I was stuck at the light, I thought I may as well listen to the rain. I turned off the radio, sat quietly, and thought of nothing except the sound of rain.

A peace stole over me. Outside, it was cold, wet, and miserable, but in here, I was safe. Warm. Protected. I could sit here for as long as I liked, and the rain wouldn’t touch me. I thought it was exactly the sort of weather meant to be shared with someone else, but I was happy enough as I was. I spent the rest of the ride home humming a favorite song, feeling totally at peace.

So while I still prefer sunny days, I’ve learned to love rainy evenings too.

(This is my problem. I like too many things.)

sunflower: would you like to be a fairy or a mermaid?

Hrmm. Another tough one. Being able to fly would be something, but being the size of a twig less so. Similarly, being able to explore the seas would be amazing, but then I’d not be able to be on land.

If I had to pick, I think I’d be a Fairy. Maybe even a modern one! Who said all Faeries had to have natural domains? I could be a Fairy of debugging and computers and programmatic peculiarities, who could summon helpful rubber ducks at-will.

kiss you any day - michael one shot

pairing: michael + y/n

rated: PG13?? lmao

word count: 1,720

request: “can you do a fluffy one that’s any of the boys that’s really nice and soft and sweet and it’s not super smutty but like there’s a lot of exchanging of hickeys ? just like a cuddle + hickeys? :)” -anon

a/n: fluffy n short n sweet one shot. you asked and i delivered! hope you like it.

- - -

It was a lazy day shared between you and your boyfriend Michael. The sound of rain was pattering faintly against the windowpane of the apartment you shared, heard only subtly due to the television playing some movie on Netflix that you were hardly paying any attention to. It was difficult to focus, you found, because you could hardly tear your eyes away from Michael.

There he was, lain between your legs, ribcage felt firmly against your hip bones. His light stare was trained on the television, red lips curved upward as he chuckled mindlessly. He liked to stay like this - back pressed up against you, lounging languidly as your fingers smoothed through his hair, entangling themselves in the dyed strands. His eyes fluttered shut occasionally as he let out a low groan, enjoying the sensation and sighing contentedly.

But you had stopped your movements after growing tired, your hands retreating back to fold over your tummy. Michael visibly stilled, craning his neck to turn around and glance at you. “Babe, come on.” He whined. “That felt good.”

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Kissing In the Rain

It was raining.

Raven shivered under her sodden cloak, desperately trying to keep warm. Why she was out in this weather was beyond her; Robin had it in his thick skull that they just had to patrol that night, and Cyborg just had to conveniently take the T-car and leave her to walk home alone in the rain.

Just wonderful.

She would consider teleporting, but they’d done some pretty hardcore training earlier and Raven wasn’t sure she had the energy to safely transport herself across the city.

So she walked. In the rain. Did she mention it was cold?

Raven was definitely going to kill Cyborg when she got back.

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                                  YOU HAVE BEEN REBORN

It happens in a moment, a flash of what seems like a dream and suddenly your life is changed forever. You feel things without warning and without meaning, it’s raining when the sky is a clear blue. It’s the sound of a train when you’re in the middle of an open field with only trees around you for miles. It’s dreams of far off places that feel like home even though you have never stepped foot onto their soil. 

You are no longer alone.
And you are no longer safe.

Two clusters are born from the same mother, sixteen sensates being reborn again. Separate, yet somehow linked, a phenomenon in their own right. But they will always be hunted, their minds craved for science experiments…

                             And the only option they have is to run.

ENTWINEDRP is an upcoming sense8 skeleton roleplay. Featuring two clusters that are very distinct from each other, yet tangled together at the same time, it seems the stakes are higher for our sensates. The question is - will you decide their fate? Follow for updates and join the talk tag to chat with your fellow roleplayers.

Anyone who reblogs this promo will be given a link to preview the character skeletons before they are released! Happy sensing.

There were some suggestions that we should dedicate that (Knocking on Heaven’s Door) to Prince and then we should do a song or something but we didn’t really have time to get that together to really do justice. But we’re like real fans. I have a bootleg laser, a laser disc, do you know what laser disc is, it’s like a big frisbee, a CD of Purple Rain and Duff’s like a huge fan. Anyway, we don’t wanna dedicate the song, we’ll dedicate the whole show and everything in memory of Prince. And we’ll dedicate this sound right here (Nightrain intro - train whistle).
—  Axl Rose - during the 2nd show at Coachella

I’m on an old train. It looks like one from the earlier 00’s, all angular lines and small aisles: the seats are wide and comfy though. There are more tables than necessary. The two women next to me switch between loud talking and hushed whispers when they realise the rest of the carriage is silent.

I have a headache.

The train guard just came on sounding despondent and trying to make the over-priced, over-chemicalled sandwiches sound appealing.

My shoes need re-heeling.

I’m looking at the other passengers and they appear to be coasting through life. They look bored. I must look bored, but I’m not.

I wonder where they are going.

It’s beautiful outside. The rain adds a Moor-like quality to the fields and farms. The draw distance is very short, usually I can see miles. When the other train goes past I feel like it almost collided. The train shakes and I think of the tragedy that didn’t happen.

They’re talking about sausage rolls. People are boring.

The draw distance is getting shorter and I think about the Star Trek episode where Crusher’s universe was shrinking. Maybe my universe is shrinking and I’m going to disappear out of existence soon. Maybe the world is ending.

I should have worn my boots.

—  titled “the burden of boredom”  submission #293

Character: Brett
Sentence: “Catch me if you can.”                                   Request

You had always loved the rain for as long as you can remember. The sound of it, the amazing smell that comes after a good shower when everything is fresh. Most people just shook their heads like they couldn’t believe how strange you were, or laughed it off as a joke when you suggested going outside right in the middle of a downpour. 

Except for Brett, then again he never ceased to surprise you constantly. Which was why you were outside training despite the gloomy weather. When the first drop hit your face, a smile fell over your lips and you met his golden gaze.

“Catch me if you can.” Without waiting for a reply, you took off, laughing as you went until a pair of strong arms wrapped around you and pulled you in close.

“Got you.” He purred in your ear, his warm breath brushing against your ear.

“You always do.” 

~Coffee Run~

~Imagine slowly falling in love with Pietro Part: 2.~

Pietro x Reader

Prinţesă- princess
Draga- sweetheart
Frumoasa- beautiful

You woke up to the sound of rain drops hitting the top of the tower, you had a corner bedroom and so if you turned to your left you had the most beautiful view of the city. Rainy days had always been your favorite since moving in with the team. Rainy days meant that everyone got to stay in and have a lazy day.

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