rain like the sound of trains

aesthetics for the signs

aries: fairy lights, ripped fishnets, disco balls, neon signs, movie tickets, concerts, roller blading rinks, train tickets, listening to a good song for the first time, watching scary movies with friends, screaming until you lose your voice.

taurus: flushed cheeks, playing in the snow, staying up all night to talk to someone you like, caring for someone, hugs, travelling, the sound of a pen scratching against paper, twirling around in a pretty dress.

gemini: finishing a paper ten minutes before its due, sending a risky text, ripped skinny jeans, storm clouds, standing in the rain, screaming into your pillow, making out with someone for hours, blasting your music.

cancer: the colour blue, grocery shopping, holding hands, love confessions, cherry blossoms, sexual tension, making bad decisions, motorcycles, coffee shops, cotton candy, spicy food, sweet talking your way out of things.

leo: long eyelashes, dimples, the feeling of freedom, dancing without a care in the world, buying clothes without looking at the price, lattes, face masks, sharp eyeliner, waterfalls, smirking, making people jealous, blankets fresh out of the dryer.

virgo: campfires, stargazing, old books, rainy days, modern buildings, a steamed up mirror, the rooftop of a building, breathless laughter, the glow of your phone at night, dipping your feet into a swimming pool, a shy kiss on the cheek, glittery eyeshadow.

libra: having someone play with your hair, flirty texts, the colour pink, red roses, high heels, long hair blowing in the wind, hands on your thighs, scented candles, being complimented, kissing someone you like for the first time.

scorpio: spending all your money on concert tickets, bruised lips, getting drunk for the first time, pressed flowers, glitter, polaroids, red lipstick, laughing at 2am, whispering secrets, piercings, making eye contact with someone you like.

sagittarius: an adrenaline rush, ignoring texts, knee high socks, smashing a window, staying out until 5am, freckles, stickers, the colour yellow, cursive writing, museums, laughing at silly jokes, discussing conspiracy theories.

capricorn: city skylines, chocolate, red wine, being pampered, lace bras, silk robes, bubble baths, smelling flowers, bubblegum, piano music, rose petals on silk sheets, expensive perfume, driving down an empty highway at 3am.

aquarius: coloured hair, hot chocolate, a field of flowers, taking long showers, smiling until your cheeks hurt, drinking with friends, the sound of a movie quietly playing in the background as you fall asleep.

pisces: hickeys, ripped denim jackets, bumble bees, rain gently pattering against your window as you try to fall asleep, fluffy clouds, receipts, sunsets, biting your lips, messy eyeliner, discovering new places, scented candles.

That Night

I had just come out the shower and was now chilling in my boxers. There I was laying in my bed watching the Justice League DVD on a Saturday night while my room mate was out having fun at the club on this rainy night. In my opinion, this was a better way to spend my night instead of going out in the rain to get sick. I am Derek, a slender light skinned black male with brown eyes. I’m not much of a party enthusiast as most in my age category of 18 are but I am human and my dick was starting to make me aware of that fact as it ascended from slumber. If you haven’t guessed already, I’m a virgin. I lowered the TV volume and just as I was about to give it some attention, there was a text notification sound on my phone .

Me (Derek Towers)

My friend AJ hit me up on whatsapp. Now AJ was an attractive guy with an amazing ass and what I had to guess was a pretty good size dick. I could only imagine as I saw the outline once while we were on the beach. AJ was an easygoing fellow about a year older than myself. We met at my job at the hotel where I was a waiter and he was a lifeguard. He was cool and we got along great but he was ridiculously homophobic and there was no way I was going to let him know that I played for both teams.

After our conversation, I still had my little problem. I opened the tumblr app on my phone and scrolled down looking at sexy guys for hours, occasionally watching some porn video. Eventually, I saw a new story by my favorite author @morrisondauthor​ entitled  “Freak by Night 7: Freaky Sneaky.” His stories are always so sexy that I find myself ejaculating before I get to the end. I get so upset when he takes a while to post his stories because they give me life and take me to a world I could never imagine. For some reason, the context usually gets me hornier than the images he uses. I got to the good part and it made me so close to my climax when my phone notification alarmed me. If you haven’t guessed, it was AJ letting me know he got home safely. He went on to tell me about his night and how he had four rounds of sex with his date in her car and she came all 4 times. I was so jealous, I was trying to come once to satisfy myself and he interrupted me boasting about his extravagant time. Now all I had in my mind were images of his sexy ass f***ing her sexy ass in the car and my vivid imagination made me ten times hornier. I had to get my nut so I told him the truth.

Me: You got your nut now I’m going to work on mine

Him: With Pamela? 😂😂😂 Night. Don’t forget the jergens.

I didn’t dignify him with a response. Instead I went to the living room and sat in the couch with nothing on but my boxer briefs. My dick stuck fully erect through the hole in my boxers and I jacked away once again replaying Morrison’s story in my head imagining it was me coming down the stairs to a sexy surprise. The sound of the thunderstorm outside with sprinkles of rain violently pelleting the window fueled my hormones and I could feel my balls ready to release the seed from their constraints. Suddenly there was a loud crash at my doorstep synonymous with a lightning bolt outside which ignited fear into my heart and caused me to forget that I was horny. Cautiously I approached the door and peered through the peep hole to notice nobody standing in the hallway. Still my curiosity wouldn’t let me rest so I opened the door ready to put my self defense skills to the test if I needed it. Imagine my disappointment when I viewed my roommate, Kevin wet from head to toe lying at our doorstep in the fetal position. He appeared to be highly intoxicated and since he doesn’t have a car, I can only assume that a Good Samaritan literally dropped him at the door. As the epinephrine wore off, I started to realize that I was once again disturbed from achieving my natural high.

Even though I was upset, I couldn’t leave him there like that so I dragged him inside. Like AJ, Kevin was straight, usually requesting that I keep the “gay shit” to myself. Yes, he knew about me. I’ve known him since we were kids because we were neighbors and grew up living in each other’s homes. When I found out that I had a taste for both girls and boys, I was around 13 and Kevin was the only person I told at the time. His reaction to the news could have been better. He called me a faggot and stormed out of my house. We didn’t speak for weeks afterward. Eventually he came to me randomly one day and apologized. I couldn’t forgive him and asked him to leave letting him know just how much he hurt me. He didn’t give up though and proved himself from that day forth that he wanted to be my best friend again. He fought off bullies, walked with me home from school and acted like the friend he was before I told him. I forgave him after a while and we were boys again. He constantly tries to get me to go out and drink with him but like I said before, I really don’t have a taste for it. We got this apartment when we moved to Florida for college and we get along well despite his occasional battles with alcoholism. Even so, it’s never been this bad.Kevin loved the gym and he worked out every weekday evening at 5 and went jogging every morning at 6. He took his physical health very seriously which is why I never understood why he drank alcohol. He also managed to maintain above average grades for his track and field scholarship at UCF.

Kevin Dill

I lifted Kevin off the floor and even though he was rather heavy, got him to the bathtub and removed the wet clothes from his barely responsive body. I haven’t seen him naked since we took baths together as kids but when I saw his naked body I had to step back and admire the marvelous muscular masterpiece. My eyes wandered to his dick which wasn’t even hard yet his uncircumcised attachment was 7 inches long and fatter towards the base. I finally snapped back into reality left to get a glass of warm water and an empty bucket in case he vomited. I ran some warm water in the bathtub and thoroughly bathed him. I couldn’t believe I was cleaning a grown man, but I didn’t want him to go into hypothermia. Not only was he drunk, but he was also wet from the cold rain. He started to gain a reasonable level of consciousness.

“Derek? What are you doing?”

“You’re drunk and cold just relax and drink this.”

I gave him an aspirin and the glass of warm water and watched him take it.

“I’m naked”

“I know”


“You were wet and unconscious”

“You couldn’t let me sleep it off?”

“I’m sorry would you rather get a cold or die from dehydration and hypothermia?”

He sucked his teeth, “you didn’t have to remove my boxers.”

“Hey if it’s wet it comes off.”

“Get out,” he said covering his private area.

“Nope, you could pass out at any minute. Look, I already lifted your heavy ass in here, removed your clothes by myself then took my bare hands and wiped your dirty ass. In fact it was my hands that peeled back your foreskin and cleaned your penis. It’s a little too late for modesty.”

He was speechless so I said, “What’s that on the floor? Pick it up you’re making a mess.”

He looked down, “What? What are you talking about?”

“Your bottom lip, now get out the tub and come dry off”

“Ha Ha…very funny,” he sarcastically mumbled as he stumbled out the bathtub.

I was right there to catch him with a towel and prevent him from falling. I began to dry his body when he smartly remarked, “I can do it myself you know”

I removed my body support and he dropped to the ground barely breaking his fall with his forearms.

“I thought you had it.”

“Help me up”

“Help me up what?”

“Help me up please”

“Help me up please what?”

“D’, I’m not saying that”

“Ok,” I began to leave the room.

“Fine, Please help me up Supreme Overlord Towers”

“No problem.” I helped him up and noticed he had an erection.

“Friend of yours?” I teased.

“Shut up!”

I assisted him to his bedside and helped him slide on his boxers.

“I feel so embarrassed,” he admitted

“Why? It’s just us here, chill.”

“This is not fair. You’ve seen me naked now and I even got hard,” he slapped his face in embarrassment.

“We used to bathe together all the time, washing each other’s backs and laughing at each other’s nakedness. What’s the big deal?”

He couldn’t make eye contact and stayed quiet so after sucking my teeth, I slid off my boxers, threw them to the side and danced around in a circle wagging my dick from left to right.

“Woah!” He exclaimed.

“Now I don’t have on anything. Are you happy now?”

He laughed hysterically, “that’s not what I meant.”

“Go to bed.” I helped him lay down and covered him with a warm blanket.

I turned around to leave but to my surprise, he grabbed my hand, “Please, don’t leave me again.”

“Again? I never left you.”

He burst into tears, “yes you did. When I called you by that word and you got upset with me, I didn’t know what to do with myself. I never wanted to lose my best friend. Those were the hardest months of my life, I never even cried over a girl like that.”

Confused, all I could say was, “This must be the alcohol talking.” I turned to leave again.

“Please!” He shouted.

“Okay, okay, just don’t yell like that again. The neighbors are sleeping.”

“Sleep here tonight.”

“If that would make you feel better, fine, but don’t vomit on me please.” I went to the corner to get my boxers.

“You don’t need those.”

Once again, confused but internally contented. I happily obliged, turned off the light went on the other side of his queen sized bed, pulling the covers over my exposed body.

“Good night.”

“Good night.”

The sound of rain pattering on the window echoed in the room and I was falling asleep. Unexpectedly, I felt a warm gentle touch on my dick that slammed the emergency brake of the train to dreamland. My dick was being massaged by none other than my best friend. I silently protested in my head not wanting to disturb the amazing sensation I was feeling which caused me to leak pre-ejaculation fluid. My brain finally gained control and I managed to stop him.

“Wait, what are you doing?”

“Shh. Just let it happen.”

“Now you sound like a rapist. This has to be the alcohol affecting you. You are not in your right frame of mind.” I got up and as I was standing up to leave, he pulled my hand and I landed supine right on the side of him. He lay against me leaning on his side I could see the shadow of his head in front of me and I could feel he was staring at me. Lightning flashed and I saw the look in his eyes that paralyzed me for that moment. I felt the heat radiating from his head increasing in intensity as he slowly approached my face. I felt like Chris from Get Out in the hypnosis scene, helplessly watching this happen through the windows of my eyes. When the eternity passed and he connected with my lips, the curtains closed but I could sense the brightest flashes of lightning outside. I regained control and participated in the best kiss of my life. Opening our eyes and pulling apart met us with nature’s fireworks applauding our performance.

“Wow,” we chorused.

He grabbed my body and brought me into a passionate make out session, rubbing his well toned body against mine allowing me to once again feel it’s shape, this time against my own. He went down to the left side of my neck and started sucking on it while rubbing his hands all over my back down to my bare ass. I hate hickeys but the euphoria was too intense to stop. I felt electricity flowing through my body as he continued. He kissed his way down to my left nipple and I expressed a soft moan. It felt like there was a string directly attached to the pleasure nerves in my dickhead. He continued kissing down my abs until he got to my pubic hairs and he got up. My eyes opened reacting to the sudden pause. We breathed deeply and synchronized.

“I never did anything with a dude before,” he admitted

“I’m still a virgin,” I countered.

“I know.”

I felt my face blush with embarrassment only to be aroused with pleasure at the immediate moist warm sensation that came from the head of my dick. Did he really just put my dick in his mouth? I looked down and he continued down the nine and a half inch solid shaft managing to get half of it in his mouth. That was the most mind blowing feeling in my life.

“You sure you never did this before?”

He chuckled and continued up and down repetitively sending me to a new level of heaven. He paused again and I couldn’t handle any more suspense. I reversed our positions and did exactly as he did to me in the same sequence. I thought my reaction was intense but as I sucked his neck his hands went all over my body and their favorite place was my ass. I worked my way to his nipples and he let out the sexiest deep moan that I couldn’t compare to all my years of watching porn. It send jolts through my body causing me to be extra turned on. I couldn’t take it anymore, I had to know what that dick tasted like. I skipped his abs and went straight to his pubic hairs which like mine were short lavishing in the musk they produced. I licked his dick from the base along the underside to the tip where I licked around the head tasting the pheromones produced. I experimented sticking my tongue in the entrance and he jumped.

“That was intense!” he smiled

I continued taking his head in my throat and he rewarded me with another deep moan. I continued my assault down the shaft attempting to go as far as I could. I made it as far as about 3 inches when ii felt my teeth hit his skin and I pulled back thinking about how much that hurt.

“Easy with the teeth baby”

Baby? If I wasn’t black I’m sure my face would be an apple right now. I tried again, this time opening my mouth as wide as I could and I made it down 5 inches of his eleven before I started to choke and retreat for air. He moaned again and that made me determined to get to the base. I went for it again this time holding my breath and swallowing as I went down fighting hard to resist the urge to cough. I think I made it as far as 9 inches that time but it was as far as I could possibly go. He let out another deep moan lasting longer than any of the predecessors.

“Damn baby no girl ever committed to going that far down.”

I was happy to satisfy him but after that I went up and down taking in only what I could manage, slobbering all over that sexy tool of his. After a few minutes, he pulled my head up and lead me in another intense kiss.

“I want to make love to you baby.” He stared intimately at me.


“I want to fuck you.”

“You gotta let me fuck you too”

“No way I’m letting you anywhere near my ass with that thing.” He protested

“And I’m supposed to let you in mine?”

“Yeah but I love you and I want to prove it to you by taking your virginity.”

“I love you too and you can prove your love by letting me fuck you and take your virginity as well”

“I’m not a virgin.”

“Your ass is.”

“You always did have a smart mouth. It’s one of your most attractive qualities.”

“Well, the ball is in your court”

“Ugh….Okay, just go easy on me please.”

“I could say the same.”

“Okay turn over.”

“Umm no. We need to do a couple things to prepare first”

“We? Things like what?”

“Yes we! Come on, I’ll show you”

I went in my bedroom and grabbed my fleet. It’s a good thing I got two new bottles just in case a miracle happened. Didn’t think I’d get to use them so soon. I researched online how to prepare a long time ago and even practiced a couple of times. I taught Kevin what to do and after a while we were ready. We returned to his bedroom and turned his desk lamp on dimly. The patter of the rain was the only sound for a brief moment.

“That felt wierd,” he complained.

“Well there’s one more step we have to take,” I handed him the tube of lube.

“Hold on no need to rush just yet, I want to taste that ass first,” He kissed me intently then moved both of my legs up and attacking my asshole like it was his last meal. I don’t know which was better, that blowjob or the other level he was sending me to while he ate me. I felt his tongue go places that I didn’t know anything could. All of a sudden, I had this epileptic episode I couldn’t control. I was so weak after he finally finished with me. He grabbed the lube and inserted a finger inside my hole to open me up. He worked his second finger in there. and was about to enter.

“You better go up to 4 fingers, that thing is huge”

The third finger hurt like pins and needles. and the fourth was even worse. I really thought I was bleeding. He waited until I was comfortable, somehow managing to remain hard during the entire exercise. I guess he was as horny as I was. He entered me in the missionary position and I felt a sudden sharp pain as he passed my sphincter that sent kilojoules of electricity through my body. I cried and wanted to stop but he held me down and comforted me,

“Relax baby, just relax.”

I took slow deep breaths until the pain eased and he did not move. He waited until I was comfortable before he continued penetrating me at a steady pace. He didn’t go all the way in but he started a slow rhythm with about three inches of his massive meat. He only went further when I was in agreement. I stopped the rhythm and pushed him on his back without severing our connection. Gently I lowered myself onto his rod taking inch by inch until to my surprise, I fit the whole thing in there. I was so proud I almost didn’t notice the euphoric look on Kevin’s face.

“Damn baby, you sexy as f***,” he complimented.

I began a steady rhythm on him and I could feel him hitting my spot every time. Our session went on for a while. We went in every position we could imagine possible until he had me on my belly leaning against the edge of the bed drilling me.

“Hold on baby, you’re going to make me come,” I warned.

“That’s the plan baby,” he smirked.

I realized what he was trying to do and used every will power I had to stop myself from coming and resist him, ending that part of our session.

“You think you’re slick. I’m f***ing your ass tonight.” I retaliated.

He had a look of disappointment on his face but he lie back, removed his condom and succumbed to my wishes. He lie on his back rolling his eyes and pulled his leg up to reveal the prettiest pink spot I’ve ever seen in my life (only one I saw in person but it didn’t compare to anything in porn). I had to treat something so precious with the utmost care. I gently licked it for a few minutes before I let my tongue explore every delicious crevice of his ass it could reach. I imagine his ass would taste like ass but his was surprisingly sweet. I stuck my tongue inside and was shocked when I heard a deep moan escape his lips. I guess he was enjoying this as much as I was. I continued until I tasted something extra sweet and when I looked at it, it was a white fluid. I think he came from his ass. Damn I made him cream from eating him. I couldn’t believe it. His ass was moister than my tongue and I tasted as much as I could before grabbing the bottle of lube. I didn’t think I’d need it but I did not want to hurt him nor did I want him to chicken out. I inserted 2 of my fingers and they went in without a struggle. I had to fight with the third and fourth because his ass had a constant death grip on them. I positioned myself for entry and took it slow with him, exercising as much care as he did me. Like myself, he seemed to experience discomfort with the infiltration of the head. So I repeated the process and let him get used to it. After a while, he told me to go ahead. I started a slow rhythm  and carefully eased inch by inch into him until i was working 5 inches inside him. Without warning, he reversed the situation and put himself on top like I did. He started riding me. I was speechless but it felt so good when he slammed all the way down onto my dick taking all of it. He looked so sexy, I watched as his pecks vibrated and his ass jiggled moving up and down on me. He was so sexy I wanted to cry at the beauty I was beholding. His mouth was wide open and his eyes closed with his head tilted back moaning. He was enjoying this as much as I was. Once again we had another session with multiple positions until I was backshotting him. He creamed on my dick again throughout the experience. It felt so good, I knew I would climax soon.  He tried to run but I managed to pull him back every time. He said it was too intense and he couldn’t take much more, begging me to cum.

“What’s my name?”


“Wrong!” I violently pounded him.

“What’s my name?”

“I don’t know.” He cried.

“Yea you do,” I pounded harder, “what’s my name?”

“Supreme (moan) Overlord (moan) Towers,” he cried out in pleasure. With those words, 2 weeks of tension building erupted into the condom flooding it with life fluid. I came for a minute straight. I didn’t even know that was possible. The condom had the most cum I’ve ever seen in my life inside and I have know idea how all that fit in there. I looked down to see that Kevin came too. His sheets were soaked in his liquid release. There was so much I was sure he produced more than I did. We struggled to catch our breaths for bout five minutes. It was still raining and we took a shower together and had another make out session. We dried off and went to my room in our birthday suits. He spooned me and we had a long intense discussion even though it was now 3 in the morning.

“I wanted to do that for a long time,” he admitted.

“Why didn’t you?”

“I was afraid.”

“Of what? I’m your best friend.”

“I don’t know. I panicked that day you told me and the reason I freaked out is because I didn’t know how to react. I developed feelings for you and didn’t know how to express myself.”

“All these years and you wait until now to tell me. So what now?”


Disclaimer: Persons in the images used are not necessarily as the story describes do not reflect their character or sexuality. They are a mere depiction of each character’s features. However if there is a problem, please write me and they will be replaced by similar entities

© I. Black 2017

Some cute romantic-cliché questions :)
  • Coffee Shop: How do you take your coffee?
  • Train Station: Where do you want to travel?
  • Picnic in the Park: Do you enjoy people watching?
  • Kiss Under the Rain: What sounds help you sleep?
  • Butterflies: What unique thing would you/do you enjoy in a partner?
  • Snow Angels: What's your favorite kind of weather?
  • Bed & Breakfast: What do you like to do on Tuesdays?
  • Kiss at the Door: When you hold hands, do you interlock fingers? Swing your arms?
  • Bowling: Do you laugh loudly or giggle more?
  • Chocolates: What's your favorite kind of sweet thing?
  • Roses: Do you blush easily?
  • Cheesy Pick-Up Lines: Are you more of a comic or a romantic?
  • Candlelight: What romantic cliché do you wish for most?
just some great things in animal crossing

-the obvious one: running in a giant dream flower patch that isnt yours and absolutely destroying all the flowers while gigglng

-the little sound and animation when you complete initiatives

-also: that sound he CAT machine makes when it has meow coupons for you

-when you help out a villager and they get so happy that they walk around singing

-the music when it rains or snows

-shrunk’s dance (AKA the Shrunk Funk Shuffle)

-when you make an expression and a villager does it with you

-whenever it rains and everyone has umbrellas catered to their personalities

-the frogs not having umbrellas because they like water

-the sound and animation when you plant something

-when trains randomly roll by

-walking into a conversation between villagers

-playing hide n seek

-twirling umbrellas

-villagers giving you nicknames

-villagers giving you random items

-blowing dandelions away

-the balloons and ice cream you get from the HHA

-when villagers get clothing and immediately change

-doing a backflip when you change clothes, complete with sparkles

-the little victory dance your avatar does when you pay off your loan or complete a holiday game

-the pine trees getting lights during winter

-”rumors” being spread about you (some rumors include: green thumb, fashionista, and town hero)

-villagers that have moved out visiting

-finding villagers that live in your town at a dream address and the villagers recognize you

-luna counting sheep to send you to a dream address

-playing grocery store with kappn’s daughter

-town themes and flags

-running past the butterflies at the museum and having them fly all around you

-when you play an instrument and randomized notes play every time you hit it

-villagers clapping for you after you play an instrument

-getting pictures from villagers

-making a wish when shooting stars pass

-the games you play with campers

-the custom outfits other players make and share

-sitting on rocks

-sitting on benches with villagers

~feel free to add more!!~

Aesthetics For The Signs

aries: fairy lights, ripped fishnets, disco balls, neon signs, movie tickets, concerts, roller blading rinks, train tickets, listening to a good song for the first time, watching scary movies with friends, screaming until you lose your voice.

taurus: flushed cheeks, playing in the snow, staying up all night to talk to someone you like, caring for someone, hugs, travelling, the sound of a pen scratching against paper, twirling around in a pretty dress.

gemini: finishing a paper ten minutes before its due, sending a risky text, ripped skinny jeans, storm clouds, standing in the rain, screaming into your pillow, making out with someone for hours, blasting your music.

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In the Heart of the Storm (Part 1)

Bucky x Reader

Summary – You are house-sitting for some friends on the Chesapeake Bay in the middle of a hurricane. Unbeknownst to you, you’re not alone. Takes place immediately following the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. 

Warnings – Storms, power outages, knives

Word Count – 1,909

Notes – I actually do a lot of house-sitting on the side, and let me tell you, if this ever happened to me, I would lose it!! The house in this story is actually based of one of the places I stay at.  It’s absolutely gorgeous, the only difference is, it’s on a farm whereas the house in this fic is by the Bay.  As always, I appreciate all of your feedback and questions!!!

Part 1  

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You stood on the front porch and waved goodbye to your friends, Aaron and Olivia, as they drove off on their two-week road trip to the Grand Canyon. Although you loved your friends dearly, you also loved when they went out of town.  They always asked you to stay at their house on the Chesapeake Bay. It was a gorgeous two-story loft-style home with a wall of windows on the back half of the house that overlooked the Bay.  There was a small dock leading out over the water, and you loved nothing more than to sit out there with a good book and a glass of wine.  This was more of a vacation than a side job for you, but you weren’t going to tell anyone that!

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the day my best friend got drunk – lit her whole arm
on fire with a can of axe & some matches and jumped off
the roof – she kept talking about this documentary she’d seen about birds. 

i said yeah i feel like that too sometimes, sometimes i feel like that
too. like we’re all looking
for meaning in something, like i could have died & you could have died
but we didn’t and now we’re here 
sitting on my bedroom floor talking about poetry.

the summer after sophomore year i wrote down
everything i liked about a girl and she wrote a poem about two girls
jumping in front of an underground train. like they didn’t want to die, she said,
just look into each other’s eyes
a little bit longer. i said i think i know what you mean, i think i really do,
especially when it starts to rain
and her eyes look so big under the led tube lights. especially when the train
sounds a little bit like thunder and i want it to be thunder
because i really want to kiss someone while the sky makes a lot of noise.

i want to watch the sunrise from the grass by the freedom parkway
overpass. i want it to be like some kind of movie
where two people in love watch the sunrise, like one day we’ll talk about
all the things that make us sad instead of just alluding
to them. like all the trains in the world could collide and we wouldn’t
hear a thing. i think this is the first time i’ve been glad to be from 
where i’m from. i think i’m gonna take a lot of photographs
and bring them back to massachusetts. i think i’m gonna
project them onto a wall and say look
at this cool city & look at all these places i thought of you before i knew you. 

anonymous asked:

any self care pointers/tips? i'm in desperate need, man.

Uncomfortable with silence; -Rainy mood.
-10 hours of rain and thunder.
-3 hours of rain and thunder.
-Human heartbeat.
-Sound of rain on a tin roof.
-Autumn wind.
-Rain on a tent
-Traffic in the rain.
-Soft traffic.
-Simply noise.
-My noise.
-Rainy cafe.

Listening to 3D audios!!!
Asmr is good and distracting.
Cleaning your room!!!
Changing your Tumblr theme
Listen to new playlists

Draw something
-This website translates the time into colours.
-Create your own galaxy.
-Play flowing.
-Make a 3D line travel where ever you like.
-Listen to music.
-Ocean mood, do nothing for two minutes.
House Aesthetics
  • Tag which house you are in the tags!
  • Hufflepuff: rosemary, having someone play with your hair, smiling at babies, fields full of sunflowers, chamomile tea, landscape paintings, film cameras, scrapbooks, tea lights, vinyl records, writing letters, big sweaters, lazy Sunday mornings, playing tag, bubble baths, summer, wandering through cobblestone streets, goodnight kisses, going for an afternoon bike ride, scraped knees, horseback riding, running to hug someone after not seeing them for a long while, freckles, climbing trees, disney movie marathons
  • Ravenclaw: stargazing, the smell of earth after it rains, misty mornings by the sea, earl grey tea, lavender, the smell of old books, charcoal drawings, braids, long conversations late at night, quiet afternoons spent listening to music, baking, owls, winter, open windows, getting so absorbed in a book you forget the world exists, snow globes, watching milk swirl into coffee, getting up early to watch the sunrise, the sound of rain on a rooftop as you try to fall asleep, keeping a journal
  • Slytherin: evergreen forests, sage, big dogs, spring, the stories behind scars, archery, fairy lights, staring at the moon, secrets kept between best friends, horoscopes, going on adventures, mountains, rainy mornings, love at first sight, rivers, fog, holding someone while they cry, piano, long train rides, pencil drawings, silver, castles, blushing when you make eye contact with someone you like, lace, sleeping in, pine scented candles, climbing into bed after a long day, writing stories, the start of friendships
  • Gryffindor: crackling fireplaces, brownies, singing with friends, big scarves, nutmeg, hot chocolate, museums, sculpting, playing guitar, autumn, birthmarks, brown eyes, love notes, polaroids, lockets, roasting marshmallows, vanilla tea, tight hugs, small cabins deep in the woods, homemade gifts, poetry, cuddling, big blankets, getting lost in your thoughts, home being people rather than places, the first day back at school, reminiscing, putting photographs up on a wall, pinky promises
Help me save this dog!

hey Tumblr! I don’t post here often but I need your help!

my neighbour has been abusing their dog for two weeks now, we don’t know if he actually owns the dog, but this is basically what I’ve got;

  • -We got him impounded two weeks ago because continuous barking for hours on end, it’s a German Shepard, and it’s bark was so dry and screechy that I actually thought there was two dogs, because there was no way in hell a German Shepard’s bark could get that high pitched and messed up. found out he was locked back there for hours upon days without food or water. the owner had to pay a $300 fine but that didn’t teach him a lesson.
  • -The police were at the house again at 3am a few nights ago, I guess to check in or another concerned neighbour called, again, no food or water outside and she was locked outside at 3am, I don’t think they let him out at all
  • -They’re letting him wander freely around the back allies, in my city that’s very illegal and it’s causing extreme stress to mine and my brother’s roomates dogs (who live right next to me) and I’m terrified to let my cat out because I don’t know how the GSD will react to seeing cats
  • -My brother saw the owner punch the dog
  • -My father has seen the owner whip the dog with it’s leash, and pick it up (hook it up, basically like choking it) on the leash
  • -The dog is well trained though
  • -As I’m writing this he’s been trapped outside all day in the pouring rain without food or water and he’s howling (more like shrilling, it legit sounds like a dinosaur because the poor animal’s throat is that sour) and walking back and forth along the fence in the neighbour’s yard, I can’t see in the yard to record, which is why I’m asking for help.

I need to get enough evidence to get the dog taken away (it’s a male GSD and he knows a lot of commands because I’ve seen the owner showing him off to people passing by in the back alley, so he won’t have a hard time finding a new home!), but the neighbour purposely built the fence so high that even though I have the highest house on the block, I can’t see anything back there.

So Tumblr, I need your help!

I need ways that I can record and take pictures of their yard without trespassing, as well as ways to potentially sneak food and water to the dog in the meantime. I live in an alright area but these ARE NOT FRIENDLY PEOPLE. My mom’s pretty sure she heard the owner of the dog slap his 17 year old son, who I went to school with in grade 6, so these ARE NOT THE PEOPLE I WANT TO SCREW WITH. I really need any advice or help at all!

IF YOU CAN’T HELP, PLEASE REBLOG! YOU COULD SAVE A PUPPER’S LIFE! I’ll reblog with updates and pictures of the dog if I can manage to get any!

My parents and my neighbours are in 100% support of helping me save this dog, I don’t know if the owner actually lives there or is just staying there, so this is really urgent because if he’s only staying there temporarily with friends of the family that lives there, I could miss my opportunity to get him away from that family! SO THIS IS VERY URGENT!

the eyes to pull me in (lucaya)

basically i wrote this for secret santa and i thought it could use a repost ;) also, if you read this, shoot me an ask and lmk if i should change my url to trahgedy or not!!

It was never supposed to get that far. Lucas and Maya, together. Before that night, they could maintain the tremulous balance, so close to toppling. No one was supposed to get hurt. No one was ever supposed to acknowledge that they did get hurt. If it wasn’t for the rain and the stupid, stupid bus, then things would probably have worked out alright for just a bit longer.  But it was just Maya Hart’s luck to get caught in a thunderstorm.

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thunderstorm | derek hale

A/N: This one was requested by @ jamieunsworth13. This was my first attempt at a Derek smut. I hope I did it justice. Let me know what you guys think. Love, J xx

Prompt: The sexual tension between you and Derek become so unbearable that the pack hatches a plan to get you guys alone.

Word Count: 1,297

Warning: Scruff. Smut. And more smut.

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Let Me Stay

This is for @wordstothewisereaders 300 follower celebration (congratulations!) 

*Image not mine

First things first

I'ma say all the words inside my head

I’m fired up and tired of the way that things have been, oh-ooh

The way that things have been, oh-ooh

You turned the key and busted into the war room, causing the brothers and the angel to shoot up from where they were sitting and, in the Winchesters case, point their guns at you. You looked down at the boys, too numb to even care about the weapons pointed at you. “Who are you and how did you get in here?” Dean directed at you aggressively. You looked down at him before responded, “I know you’re going to freak out even more but I’m Y/N Y/L/N from the British Men of Letters, and you’re going to listen to what I have to say,” you said weakly and unconvincingly. “You fought against them and I see how wrong I was to ever be a part of it, and I’m sick of it, and I want out.” you finished with pleading eyes looking nowhere in particular.

Second thing second

Don’t you tell me what you think that I can be

I’m the one at the sail, I’m the master of my sea, oh-ooh

The master of my sea, oh-ooh

Sam and Dean shared a look before repositioning their guns to be pointed directly at you again. “How do we know you aren’t just a distraction?” Sam asked, “You people could be swarming this place.” You scoffed, “Please don’t label me as one of ‘them’, I’m my own person now. Don’t call me names,” you spit out. You could tell by their faces that they still didn’t trust you.

I was broken from a young age

Taking my sulking to the masses

Writing my poems for the few

That looked at me, took to me, shook to me, feeling me

Singing from heartache from the pain

Take up my message from the veins

Speaking my lesson from the brain

Seeing the beauty through the…

You glared down, looking Sam directly in the eye and not backing down from his harsh gaze, “Listen, I’ve been beaten and broken down and put myself through so much pain with those posh bitches!” you started, “Now, I’m here to tell you anything you want to know!” you walked over leaning your arms against the railing before the stairs, “Access codes, locations, spells, whatever you want, I’m here!” you finished somewhat angrily. There was a short silence before Castiel spoke up, looking at you softly, “You lost somebody, was it their fault?”


You made me a, you made me a believer, believer


You break me down, you build me up, believer, believer


Let the bullets fly, oh let them rain

My life, my love, my drive, it came from…


You made me a, you made me a believer, believer

You rubbed your hand over your face roughly before responding, “Mick, it was Mick,” you struggled out. “I know he told you that the Men of Letters picked him up of the street, he just didn’t tell you that there was anyone else with him.” You let out a small smile at the memory, “The only reason he didn’t get away with stealing that coin from them was that he was the distraction.” Thinking about him immediately caused you to break down. “I told him we couldn’t trust them but nope, ‘C’mon Y/N, their stuff is cool and they’re helping us,’” you finished with a spot on imitation his voice.

Third things third

Send a prayer to the ones up above

All the hate that you’ve heard has turned your spirit to a dove, oh-ooh

Your spirit up above, oh-ooh

“Please just let me stay here?” you pleaded, wiping your eyes while looking at Dean, knowing he was going to be the most hesitant. He looked down before glancing over at Castiel, “Is she telling the truth?” Cas scrunched up his face and tilted his head, “She appears to be, yes.” he responded, nodding once. Sam looked up at you, “Have you ever killed anything?” You started walking down the stairs since all guns had been forgotten at this point, “I never did but I got all kinds of training, I think I got access to more toys than that stuck up asshole Ketch!” Dean looked at Sam and then to you, “You sound like you could be helpful, I guess you can hang around.” You smiled and ran back up the stairs, “Fantastic, let me get all of the stuff I stole!” When you were out of the room Sam turned to Dean, “Why did she have an American accent?”

I was choking in the crowd

Building my rain up in the cloud

Falling like ashes to the ground

Hoping my feelings, they would drown

But they never did, ever lived, ebbing and flowing

Inhibited, limited

‘Til it broke open and rained down

It rained down, like…

You were friendly and nice and befriended the Winchesters very quickly. Sam’s question was answered when they found out that you were from the United States but your parents “accidentally” lost you in a crowd and abandoned you. You tried to keep calm, but you were still broken over Mick. Whether you hid in the alcohol or kept it in until late at night in your room, you were a mess. A combination of both is how Sam found you one night during your second week at the bunker.


You made me a, you made me a believer, believer


You break me down, you build me up, believer, believer


Let the bullets fly, oh let them rain

My life, my love, my drive, it came from…


You made me a, you made me a believer, believer

It had been a particularly bad day and you had gone to bed right after dinner. The boys were concerned for you, but decided it was better to leave you alone. When Sam was walking to his room that night he could hear your quiet sobbing a decided to check on you. He lightly knocked on your door frame when he saw you sitting on the side of your bed turned away from him, “Hey Y/N?” he said quietly, asking for permission to come in. He slowly walked in and crawled over the bed behind you when you didn’t respond. You finally lifted your tear stained face when you felt a weight around your stomach and turned to see Sam next to you. You shook your head and wiped off your face, “I’m a mess, I’m sorry. I just feel like if I had tried harder, he would be safe,” you said quietly. Sam readjusted his arms so that you were completely engulfed in this hug, “Hey, there wasn’t anything more you could have done, it isn’t your fault.” You don’t know why, but hearing him say it made it feel true, unlike the other times you had tried telling yourself.

Last things last

By the grace of the fire and the flames

You’re the face of the future, the blood in my veins, oh-ooh

The blood in my veins, oh-ooh

But they never did, ever lived, ebbing and flowing

Inhibited, limited

'Til it broke open and rained down

It rained down, like…

Sam and Dean had decided to bring you on a simple hunt to see how good you actually were. It was a good thing that they did so, you kicked ass and saved them in the process. You smiled as you watched the spirit go up in flames, you were good at this kind of stuff. Dean looked up from where he had been thrown on the ground, “Damn, Y/N, you’re a natural!” Maybe you could do well as an American hunter.


You made me a, you made me a believer, believer


You break me down, you build me up, believer, believer


Let the bullets fly, oh let them rain

My life, my love, my drive, it came from…


You made me a, you made me a believer, believer

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The time has come for me to post my very first something that should resemble a masterpost ever. After more than half a year. Go me. Anyways, I am one of those people who like to study with sound, but not always with music. So here’s a little list of my favorite ambient study sounds on YouTube that I listen to while studying. Enjoy!

Most relaxing rain on tent ever (X)

Rain on tent (X)

Rain on tent 2 (X)

Waterfall and birds singing (X)

Busy cafe with lots of inaudible talking (X)

Mildly busy cafe (chatting, coffee machine, music) Really good 360 sound (X)

Thunder and heavy rain (X)

Hogwarts train (X)

Hogwarts train 2 (chatting, quill scratching) (X)

Disclaimer: none of these videos are mine :)

Void ❁I

We become aware of the void as we fill it

Pairing: Kim Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Angst and future smut.

Summary: Breaking into apartments while the owners are away. Sleeping in their beds, eating their food, using their showers and leaving before being seen. That´s what you do. A loner, a wanderer, a human ghost, call it whatever you want. You come and go, and no one notices. That, until Kim Taehyung returns home before expected.

Word count: 1.649

It´s been five months since I met Kim Taehyung and it still feels like I don´t know him at all.

I myself am a solitary person who detests having company, even I am a bit churlish, but none of that comes close enough to how much he hates being around people. He never answers the phone, he never smiles to strangers and he never goes out. His brows are constantly furrowed, his hands frantically separating the locks of hair that fall over his forehead denoting certain frustration that could only be caused by his obsession with work, the only thing that seems to make him get out of bed.

Every day he gets up excessively early to go to the office, putting on the same suit and packing the exact same items in his black backpack only to walk for one hour until he reaches the train station. For the rest of the day, I know nothing about him until the night comes and with it his worst mood. He arrives closing the door with a loud bang and reluctantly eats the food I´ve prepared, not letting me ask him about his day. Then he starts rambling about how miserable his life is and locks himself in his room to continue working.

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[On Thin Ice #7]

Series: Fairy Tail.
AU: Figure Skating, Modern; Fake Dating to Lovers.
Romantic Pairing: Gruvia.
Other Pairings: Gray/Silver, Juvia/Silver, Juvia/Gajeel.
Rating: T+ - language, alcohol, adult themes.
Genre(s): Romance, Drama.

Read on FF.net: here.
Read on AO3: here.
Read other chapters: here.

A/N: This chapter will be a little emotional and will explore Gray’s friendship with Lyon and Ultear. Also, it’ll set up the beginning of Gray and Juvia’s real romantic relationship, unbeknownst to them. Hahaha. 

;I try to wash the scars and marks from under my skin. But you’re etched in me like stone. You can’t save me, yeah, yeah.

Chapter Seven: Haunted

Juvia had often heard it said that time, in its slow and patient essence, had the ability to heal all wounds. The shallow. The deep. The fatal. As long as those wounds festered in the soul, life would run its course with a medicine not available on the market. A medicine administered by the diligent ticking of a temporal human heart. 

Juvia was still waiting for her dose to kick in. 

Three months had passed since the interview with Sorcerer Weekly; three months of being stopped in the street, of unwanted photos and mindless insults, that trickled slowly, steadily, along the stream of time and ended in a pool of suspicious calm. Though there were still children who stopped and asked her about Gray, and the headlines still talked of Oak Town’s Rain Woman, Juvia’s name no longer felt as tainted as it once had. In fact, there were those that were, in a sense, rooting for her success with Gray. Just as there were those who wanted the relationship to crash and burn in a public mess of humiliation and slander.

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Manhattan Gothic

The rats grow bigger every year and have since the factories were built up toward the smoggy sky. If you feed them, even only once, they and their children will bring you gifts from the murky subway tunnels until you grow old. Your mother once dropped half a bagel into the gutter and every time an offering of thanks turns up on your porch she cries for days.

You visit the farmers market in Union Square. The trestle tables are all dressed with black cloth and you don’t dare to meet the eyes of the people behind them. The signs advertise organic lavender and freshly mulled cider but the things that lie squirming and blinking on beds of packed ice are surely not natural. A man calls for you to try some artisan wine, and you force a smile and decline. The air smells like windfall peaches and unwashed stone. A man calls for you to try some artisan wine. Your blood runs cold as you turn away from a pair of little girls with alarmingly red juice running down their chins. Artisan wine.

You have never been to Eataly. You aren’t completely sure what resides within the sleek glass exterior of Eataly, but the people you see on the subway clutching little paper bags bearing its insignia are all pallid and glassy-eyed. They never speak, but the faint fragrance of tagliatelle follows them when they leave. They are not threatening, but once you found a chocolate truffle, round and luscious, in your coat pocket when one of them sat too closely. The taste of salted caramel hasn’t left your mouth for months.

You wait for the F train. You left yourself an extra hour for your commute, but somehow it doesn’t feel like enough. The uptown F always runs faster than the downtown F. The downtown F always runs faster than the uptown F. You fall in love with others on the platform, and you fall out of love. The sound of warm summer rain and the smell of halal carts and the timbre in your lover’s voice all fade into the garlands of trash that decorate the tracks. Was there a delay? How can infinity be delayed? Who can hold the void between stations?

So… Um… T-This is my fanart… I suppose… OuO’’’ I’m sorry if it’s shitty.
Well… All I wanted to say is: Thank you @yoralim​ , @borurou​ and @junkpilestuff​ . My adventure with Echotale and G!Sans/G was truly full of emotions. I remember when I saw G!Sans at the first time. “Holyduck too sexy =///_///=“ ~ I was saying.
And… Umm… (I’m sorry I’m so nervous XD I don’t even know what to write) There’s this one song that inspired me . It’s in my native language (polish) and this is an rap music (and btw I really like this video).
BUT(T), what is important in it? There’re some lines that really fits G and Frisk’s relationship and what happend at the end.
I will just write those lines.

“[…]Ale teraz siedzę w warsie z kubkiem pociągowej lury
Boją się że nie zapomną nigdy woni twojej skóry “

“[…]But now I’m sitting in Warsaw (capital of Poland) with a cup of traction lura (term for really bad coffee)
Fearing that I will never forget the odor of your skin” 


(this is the ref)
“Twoja skóra pachnie jak ostanie dni wakacji
Dziś powietrze pachnie jak ostanie dni wakacji
Po co mi ten pociąg, skoro ciebie nie ma na stacji?
A melodia się urywa niby hejnał mariacki?
Twoja skóra pach nie jak ostanie dni wakacji
Dziś powietrze pachnie jak ostanie dni wakacji
Deszcz na betonie x2”

“Your skin smells like the last days of holidays
Today, the air smells like the last days of holidays
For what I need this train, when you’re not at the station?
And melody breaks off like a  Saint Mary’s dawn?
Your skin smells like the last days of holidays
Today, the air smells like the last days of holidays
Rain on concrete x2″


(this one was too long so I decited to add only translated version)

“People in love wants pathos
I ’m trying to be mundane and I have a way for it
I will not tell you that thy presence is like a gift of fate
Or skylarks singing, or a fucking lotus flower
Rather like the morning smell of decent coffee 
Short sleeve on a summer day , the smell of mowing grass
Full tank, empty road
A series of green lights

On the radio, a one song of your underrated bands
You’re like an unexpected tax refund

Long weekend for those who drowned in Corporation World
When everyone around sound nohow, I still drink (in “enjoying” way/enjoys it) your voice
As the sound of vinyl in the morning
The sound of the rain that breaks on the concrete
Drums on the windows when you fall asleep solo, or with a woman
When you wake up at dusk, instantaneous you feel anxiety
You catch jacket, everything is: wallet, keys and phone
And her hair smell like the last days of holidays.”


That’s all.
Thanks again and… enjoy? Maybe QuQ’’’
(and yea, I know there was an idea of G sitting in the train… ik guys >_>’’ )

Every time I hear my name, or something that sounds a lot like my name, I startle.

So imagine Will Treaty. Imagine Horace going around saying things like, “I will train today,” and “Will I do this or not,” “ Will it rain?” “ I don’t think I will.” Imagine Will getting more and more annoyed when Horace just gives him an innocent look. It gets to the point that Will just ignores “will” altogether.

And then imagine Will’s utter mortification and embarrassment when he realises that Halt had been saying his name to get his attention.

After Practice


Prompt: Romantic | Platonic | Sharing a Blanket

Pairing: Asakage

Title: After Practice

Summary: Kageyama and Asashi are accidentally locked in the gym after practice and faced with a power outage and thunderstorm must make do with a single blanket. Gwah ensues.

The gym wasn’t supposed to be locked before practice had ended, but apparently, the memo hadn’t reached everyone. Though to be fair, Kageyama conceded, technically practice had ended quite a while ago.

It was a strike of pure chance and bad luck that Kageyama had asked Asahi if he could toss for him, not satisfied with how he, as their main setter, was still not as in tune with Asahi’s needs and preferences on the court as Suga-san.

Hinata and his’ freak quick was all well and good, but what was a setter if they couldn’t properly cater to their team’s ace?

Of course, the fact that Kageyama had stayed after practice couldn’t exactly be called chance- he stayed late more often than not. No, the fact that Asahi had actually agreed to the extra practice, that was where ‘chance’ started playing a part. It then proceeded to take the lead when they just so happened to be wrapping up,heading into the shed together to dispose of the ball cart and the net, when someone passed by and deemed the gym empty, promptly locking up and unknowingly trapping the two teenagers inside.

So, Kageyama supposed as he shifted against Asahi, a sigh on his lips at the heat the other exerted, the fact that he wasn’t alone in this couldn’t exactly be called bad luck on his part.

Asahi’s presence was soothing, most of his own nerves having dissipated after seeing Kageyama flinch at that first stroke of lightning. He was quick to dry Kageyama’s tears, a gentle motion that tugged at Kageyama’s heart,  appeasing the small, pathetic part of him that was silently pleading for attention and affection, just a little bit, please. His tone was warm as he talked Kageyama through breathing exercises, not like flames or the heat in your palms after spiking a ball, but a soft, gentle warmth, like- like…. Like the jacket he was draping over the two of them as a makeshift blanket, evening Kageyama’s breathing out further, the hitches becoming far and in-between.

“I didn’t know you were scared of lightning,” Asahi started, cautiously, like he feared Kageyama to veer up and yell like he did with Hinata and Tsukishima.

But Asahi wasn’t Tsukishima, far from it, as his tone held not an ounce of judgement or mocking. It was easy to let his guard down around him, almost frighteningly so, and the part of him still tied to that cape and crown, still hearing the thud as the ball hit the court, untouched, was fighting to keep his lips sealed, frantically whispering ‘don’t trust don’t trust don’t trust, you’ll only get hurt

But a whisper was all it could muster, a muted sound drowned out by where Kageyama’s head lay against Asahi’s chest, close enough to hear the rhythmic beat of his heart.

“The dark, too.” He admitted, glancing up to inspect Asahi’s expression. It remained unchanged, and Kageyama was shit at reading facial expressions anyway, so he returned to his original position, focusing on fighting the worry that was starting to gnaw on the inner walls of his stomach instead. Opening up, letting himself be vulnerable… It was scary, and Asahi’s unreadable reaction wasn’t exactly helping.

“Ah- well…. You have nothing to be ashamed of.” Asahi laughed nervously. “You know I’m probably scared of a lot more things than you are. Fears are pretty irrational things, they don’t always make sense. Don’t feel bad about it, okay?”

Kageyama shrugged. He knew perfectly well just why he was afraid of these things- but thinking on it now would hardly help with his just recently settled nerves.

“How long do you think we’ll have, before…” He glanced up at the lights, pointedly.

“Either until the storm gets worse, or until whoever locked us in here turns off the main switch in the school building…” Asahi admitted hesitatingly, aware that there was no sense in lying about this. ”And there’s no knowing when that’ll be.”

Kageyama sighed, deflating a little, but his stomach felt strangely settled. There was a fluttering sensation, one that Kageyama had come to associate it with being near Asahi- whatever that meant- but there was no rush of nausea or pain at the fear of impending darkness. He wondered if it was a coping mechanism, his body denying the oncoming events, but when an ominous “click” broke the comfortable silence and draped the room in darkness, he got his answer. There was no terror coursing through his veins, no voice inside his head yelling ‘run, hide, get away’.

The only sounds were the pitter patter of rain, like the nature tracks Suga sometimes puts on at training camps to try and lull the team into sleep when they’re making a ruckus late at night, and the way Asahi’s heartbeat echoed his breathing like a softly sung duet.

It was nice.

“Shit-”  It was the first time Kageyama ever heard Asahi curse, but drowsiness had taken hold of him, barring him from the reactions he might’ve had any other day. “Kageyama-kun, are you alright?”

“I’m fine.” He sagged against Asahi further, limbs loose and warm where they were pressed close. “It’s fine if you’re with me.”

“Ah-” It was impressive, his tired mind decided, how flustered his senpai could sound with just that single noise. “I’m glad I can make you feel better.”

Warm fingertips grazed against his forehead, wiping away his bangs, and it was like the motion forced the words past his leaden tongue.

“You always make me feel good, Asahi-san”


Kageyama hummed, trying to collect the thoughts that were floating through the fog in his head. “You’re nice. When you get close it’s- it’s warm and all…gwaaah.”

“Gwah?” The battle between confusion and amusement was clear in Asahi’s tone, and Kageyama could picture his expression; one corner just slightly quirked up into a smile, an eyebrow raised as he took in the transpiring events.

“Gwah.” He stated with a decisive nod that exhaustion warped into a languid slide. “Like… a float serve. When it’s hovering near the net and you’re not sure on what side it’ll land.”

Silence, then, something warm pressing against his forehead, gone before he was fully aware of its presence.

“I like you too… Tobio.”

The fluttery feeling promptly spread to his chest, where it filled until he felt like he was overflowing with something he couldn’t name, and with a smile on his lips, he surrendered to sleep.