rain legacy


Conner: Hello Eva, you look beautiful, as always. I wanted to tell you congratulations and that I am happy for you and Benjamin and I also wanted to ask about…

Eva: Who’s baby is that?

Conner: Oh umm, this is my son Tidal.

Eva: You have a son?! Who and where is the mother?!?

Conner: You might remember her, Dorothy? From Appaloosa Plains? It is a little complicated but yes, I am a Dad now and it is pretty amazing to be honest.


Ladies and gentlemen, the heir potentials for generation 7 of the Rain Legacy! I aged everyone up temporarily so they are all on even voting ground.

1. Scout and Willow are the children of Colby and Nickie Rain, they will be a double heir and count as one vote

2. Calvin is the child of Eva and Conner Rain.

3. Tidal is the child of Dorothy and Conner 

4. Ivy is Colby’s lil’ experiment.

Their traits so far:

Tidal: loves to swim, over emotional, loner, loves the outdoors
Calvin: shy, clumsy, neurotic, socially awkward (poor kid lol)
Scout: good, excitable
Willow: brave, athletic
Ivy: loves the outdoors, good

As always, I have a poll up on the main page of my site, under the left side menu. You may want to hold off casting your vote until you get to know the kids a little better or maybe you already have a favorite? If so, go ahead and vote!


Rest in Peace, Irving Rain

Did you know Irving has been in the Rain Legacy since Generation 3? He started out as the family butler and Loni had a crush on him as a girl. When she grew up and went off to college, he followed her, as he felt a strong need to protect her. And slowly he fell in love with precocious, quirky Loni. 

They had a little bit of a bumpy spot when Irving was turned into a werewolf and was afraid of harming Loni, but that girl loved him no matter what, and you all know the rest of the story…..