rain legacy


Gardenia stood back up feeling numb. She wasn’t really sure what was happening.

Gardenia: Azure, what’s wrong? Don’t you want to get married?

Azure: See, that’s the thing. I don’t.

Gardenia: W-what do you mean? Is it too soon? We’ve been dating almost a year now.

Azure: I think you have everything all wrong. Yeah, we’ve been dating, but this is more like a casual thing. I don’t really want to be tied down. Life’s too short to spend with just one person.

Gardenia: You’ve been seeing other people?

Azure: Yeah, haven’t you?

Gardenia: No! No I haven’t! Why didn’t you ever tell me you were with other people? You what, just didn’t think it was important for me to know?

Azure: It’s not like I was cheating on you. I never said we were official.

Gardenia: I asked you if we were girlfriends.

Azure: And I never said we were. I guess it’s my fault for not correcting you.


First movie night without Lily. 

Lilac: Hey, mom. Lavender and I were thinking. Windenburg is soooo boring. We’ve lived here forever. You’re retired now and a hall of famer. Someone famous like you should be living somewhere that makes more sense. Like San Myshuno!
Rain: San Myshuno, huh?
Lilac: Yes and you know what San Myshuno is full of? Karaoke bars…
Rain: ….you have a point. What do you think, sweetheart? 
Lavender: Can you two stop being gross?


Rain’s birthday into elderhood rolled around, so Kerri hopped on the internet to buy something for Rain that she knew she wanted more than anything. Rain sang about ten songs on it as soon as it arrived and Kerri was given the best wife ever award. The kids? Not so excited about it.


Welcome to the family, Theo (baby #15)

He rolled Absent-Minded & Easily Impressed

So far we can tell he has/doesn’t have:

Summer’s hair [ YES ] Summer’s eyes [ ? ] Kalen’s Fairy life state [ ? ]

Theo is eligible for heir since at this point we can tell he has Summer’s hair color! AND he’s the first boy to get her hair color! Woot!


She spun the lock on the safe, swearing as it took two tries, and when it popped open she rifled through the cabinet for her passport and her documents folder. Her trembling hands found Effie’s birth certificate; she unfolded it, ran her finger along the laughably long winded name at the top, and then took one of the photocopies from behind it and slipped it into her folder.

She was counting out stacks of notes, a small part of their emergency cash money, when the door to the drawing room opened and light flooded into the room. Beatrice’s shadowed form loomed in the doorway. “What do you think you’re doing?” She drawled, and while the lack of surprise on her impassive face wasn’t unexpected, its absence in her voice was. “You can’t be thinking of stealing from us, surely?”

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Conner: Hello Eva, you look beautiful, as always. I wanted to tell you congratulations and that I am happy for you and Benjamin and I also wanted to ask about…

Eva: Who’s baby is that?

Conner: Oh umm, this is my son Tidal.

Eva: You have a son?! Who and where is the mother?!?

Conner: You might remember her, Dorothy? From Appaloosa Plains? It is a little complicated but yes, I am a Dad now and it is pretty amazing to be honest.