rain legacy


Elvin: Hey, hey, I know that I hurt you when we were dating but…I was never cruel, never hit you, I don’t understand how dating a jerk for two month ruined your life?

Eva: I was so in love with you. Blindly in love…I guess. And then you cheated on me with half the town, you purposely tried to harm my family, you made me look like a fool and yet, I still loved you.

Eva: I was physically in pain, not being able to be with you and I started to question myself, all my choices. How on earth could I have made such a mistake yet still love you so much?

Everything I did after that was to try and feel … normal … again. To try and fix….me…because I felt so broken.


Conner: Hello Eva, you look beautiful, as always. I wanted to tell you congratulations and that I am happy for you and Benjamin and I also wanted to ask about…

Eva: Who’s baby is that?

Conner: Oh umm, this is my son Tidal.

Eva: You have a son?! Who and where is the mother?!?

Conner: You might remember her, Dorothy? From Appaloosa Plains? It is a little complicated but yes, I am a Dad now and it is pretty amazing to be honest.


While Colin works his butt off maintaining the never ending deteriorating equipment, his fellow firefighters have a nice relaxing day…

By the way, if any of you use Twallan’s Story Progression mod and are playing a Firefighter & notice that your equipment never seems to stay maintained, go into your SP settings  "Options: Situations \ Allow Inactive to Maintain Firefighter Equipment" and turn that off. This stops Story Progression from making the inactive firefighters update the equipment magically in the background and then your sim can actually do it successfully.


Eva: This actually doesn’t hurt that much y'know.

Jeez, keep your knickers on. Maddie - Your supposed to be a doctor!

Maddie: Your right, SimGoddess! Come on baby - I’ll drive.
Eva: Okay. I don’t know what all the fuss is about it doesn’t even hurt. 

K. So Eva’s being pretty calm for a neurotic sim >.>