rain is b e s t

i thought about kissing you today
and yesterday
and the day before that.
i know i’ll think about kissing you
and the day after that
and some more days after those days.
i think about kissing you
and tracing my fingers along
your lips.
i think about kissing you
in your car, in the rain, on your doorstep.
i think about kissing your
dimple, your cheek, your spot.
i think about kissing only you,
not anyone else,
just you.
—  p i l l o w  t h o u g h t s  b y  c o u r t n e y  p e p p e r n e l l

AESTHETIC MEME:  [8/10] anything else: t h e  P e v e n s i e  s i b l i n g s
To the glistening eastern sea, I give you Queen Lucy the Valiant. To the great western woods, King Edmund the Just. To the radiant southern sun, Queen Susan the Gentle. And to the clear northern skies, I give you King Peter the Magnificent. Once a king or queen of Narnia, always a king or queen of Narnia. May your wisdom grace us until the stars rain down from the heavens.


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we haven’t talked about

the significance of the order that the force bond scenes are arranged in?????!!!1

allow me to expand


-rey shoots ben

-lots of running around, scooty scootin through halls, 

- TeLl mE WheRE luKe SKywALkEr iS

-ben is getting his face stitched together AKA ‘im still scarred from the last time we fought’ 

- r e y  s h o o t s  b e n

- everybody got their clothes and gloves on

- bitterness and salt everywhere


- its raining  2005 Pride and Prejudice first proposal vibes

- thay aint chasing eachother or trying to shoot eachother or demanding for luke sywalker’s location

- just calmly throwing around and accepting insults

- 2005 Pride and Prejudice Hand Flex ™ glove clench






- weeping

- crying

- E Y E  C O N T A C T

- H A N D  H O L D I N G

- gloves are GONE



What does this all mean???

Each scene is significantly and deliberately more intimate than the last. We’re first introduced to Rey and Ben both exhibiting actions and emotions we would expect to see from the last film- Rey shooting ben whenever she has the chance, and ben still trying to wrestle Luke’s location out of rey’s head

BUT as the force bond scenes go on, they LITTERALLY strip down the layers until they are both acting open and honest around one another. The force bond scenes are a progression of intimacy, which purposely shows how their bond only gets stronger the longer they spend around one another.

And the journey doesn’t stop there!!

In the next three(ish) scenes they’re together we see their intimacy and bond escalate even more. They almost make out in an elevator, they share lightsabers, kill snoke, fight togther, ben proposes, rey rejects him, ben cries on his knees, it’s overall a wild ride.

Most importantly, based on the way it has been developed in tlj we can expect their bond and intimacy to strengthen and expand even more in episode 9

so put that in your hat thanks for coming to my ted talk

one last time (for old time’s sake)

pairing: kim mingyu/reader (au)

genre: angst

warnings: cussing

word count: 10,950

note: this is for my anon “f”!!!! i cried a little at the end part so yeah….. dont say i didnt warn u

summary: you receive an invitation for the worst day of your life.

P r e s e n t

Jesus Christ, you hate the rain.

You sigh, repeatedly banging your head against the headrest and attempting to mute the sound of your windshield swiping back and forth from your head. There are only a few superficial things in the entire universe that get in your nerves, and two of which are at your presence at the moment: the rain and the sound of your windshield.

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reasons why cold weather is a++ and hot weather is death but not the fun kind

  • when it is too cold you can always put on more layers
  • when it is too hot you have to   r e m o v e   y o u r   s k i n
  • when it is cold you can wear cute sweaters and fuzzy hats
  • when it is hot to avoid overheating you must wear clothes that expose your flesh leaving you   v u l n e r a b l e   t o   t h e   e n e m y
  • when it is cold you can burrow in blankets to keep warm
  • when it is hot your body   w e e p s   t o   k e e p   y o u   a l i v e
  • when it is cold most bugs hibernate, stay underground, migrate, etc.
  • when it is hot people are   o p e n   s e a s o n   f o r   t h o s e   b u g g y   m o t h e r f u c k e r s
  • when it is cold and humid you can see your breath and it smells like rain
  • when it is hot and humid   h e l l   i s   m a n i f e s t i n g   o n   e a r t h     a n d   t h e   s u f f e r i n g   h a s   b e g u n
Best Friend Preferences - Inglourious Basterds

Originally posted by nerdreamer

Aldo Raine:

  • Neither of you can pass up a bet made by the other, it d o e s  n o t  m a t t e r how much potential danger is involved
  • Like you’re in a tavern and you tell Aldo “I bet you can’t take that knife off Stiglitz without him noticing”
  • And he just stands up and says “Wha’chiss.”
  • Ride.
  • Or.
  • Die.
  • Y’all know each other’s mamas
  • Never is he without a smart ass remark but insists that you are, in fact, the smart ass
  • He fusses about EVERYTHING before sending you out undercover
  • You know his middle name and the story behind that wicked scar and also to never ever repeat either
  • He’s always falling asleep on your legs when you’re gathered around the fire, and he’s always growling about shit in his sleep
  • You met when you were assigned to be his translator in Italy because even if he COULD speak Italian no one would fucking be able to understand him
  • Thus he speaks the most Italian of any of the Basterds (so badly)
  • It doesn’t matter if he asks you to come to Nazi-occupied France or Sicily or the goddamn Smoky Mountains
  • Because you’re there
  • Getting drunk with Aldo means lots of singing and reminiscing
  • Because of this, the guys all have this incomplete and splendorous story of what went down in on That Glorious Night in Naples, 1940
  • There was a lion, some amount of cocaine, a broken record player, an opera singer, and Aldo glassed someone in the face 
  • You’re the best friends that just haven’t figured out you’re in love yet
  • But everyone else has
  • Y’all will get there
  • He’s got a backhand slap to the back of the head for any of the boys that flirts with you and a big ol’ knife should a Nazi make that mistake
  • Because not for a single second since meeting has there ever been a doubt you’d be flying back across the Atlantic together

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Little Rain

Originally posted by sebaeked

Type: Fluff/Slight Smut

Character: Oh Sehun x Reader

Words Counted: 1k+


You woke up from your slumber by the feeling a pair of lips ghosting on your temple. You then felt it softly pressed against your skin, then moved to your forehead, then your cheek.

You grumbled, still feeling sleepy and shift your position.

You grumbled in your pillow before you could feel Sehun’s arm under your before it could make its way around your stomach. Pressing your back against his chest, he nuzzled his nose on the crook of your neck, tickling your shoulder with his warm breath. HIs breath sent goosebumps and warmth through your body.

You weren’t fully awake, but you felt alive.

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Colors (Part 17) [Min Yoongi x Reader]

Originally posted by sugakookie

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Part 8 / Part 9 / Part 10 /Part 11 / Part 12 / Part 13  / Part 14 / Part 15  / Part 16 / Part 17 / Part 18 / Part 19 / Part 20 

M A S T E R L I S T 

Genre : Mafia/gang AU (M)

November rain falls through the tattered grey sky like bullets of a pellet gun, hammering the earth and its inhabitants mercilessly. Min Yoongi stands near the window and listens to the rain battering the roof above his head and the window through which he looks at the world dancing below him. People are lost lambs running here there, shielding themselves up with their open umbrellas and looking for a safe space. But to him it’s ‘just rain’. It cleans and purifies, washes away our sins from yesterday, gives us a new beginning.

Rain is sad but rain is fulfilling.

He opens the window, just a little and puts his hand out to touch it.

The sleeve of his shirt starts to get soaked but he doesn’t really care. The sweet smell of rain pours in through the small crack; it’s so full of earth; he inhales it all at once. If he could keep some of it in a jar forever, he would take it with him everywhere. His bed room though always smelled like bitter perfume and cigarette smoke, the air was so thick sometimes he felt like he was choking on it.  And when he couldn’t breathe anymore he just had to get out. He would always leave without a word to anyone; wander around town for hours and hours.

A few days ago he didn’t come back home and stayed out all night just watching the stars. That night Min Yoongi saw the whole universe moving above his head, a sky freckled with so many stars he didn’t even knew existed.  In Seoul the only ‘stars’ one saw were on posters with a twinkling smile. He felt like a small kid who had just seen a real tiger for the first time, except, he has never actually seen one of those either. He has never even been to a zoo or an aquarium, even an amusement park.

On that day, Min Yoongi came to realize how sad his childhood truly was. He was never deprived of any of his materialistic needs. But now that he looks back, a little bit of affection would’ve shaped him into a better human being. He only had a brute for a father and a mother who disappeared from his life, never showed her face again..  He doesn’t really have a fond memory of being happy, like ever and that’s a bit depressing.

Jimin had found him that morning, sitting on a park bench looking all morose.

“Hyung” Yoongi, hearing that familiar voice, had looked back. The boy looked concerned. He always cared too much.

“I watched the stars all night” Yoongi had told Jimin like a child discovering something new. Jimin sat beside him, a hood over his head and hands shoved deep in the sweatshirts pocket.

“And how’s your ‘path to rediscovery’ going hyung?”

Yoongi had scoffed.

“I’m still looking for inner peace. One of these days I’ll find it.. I think I should just shave my head, it’ll help with the flow of thoughts and new ideas-”

“Don’t worry about that… You dye your hair so much it will fall off on its own.”

They both ended up laughing and sharing a cigarette before walking home together.  Another thing Min Yoongi learned that day was the true meaning of ‘Existential crises, as he was standing right in the middle of it.

Yoongi hears the bed creak behind him, while he’s still staring out, he doesn’t really make an effort to turn and look at the cause of it. He’s more interested in the outside world.

“Come back to bed” he then hears a sleepy voice from the bed. But he chooses to ignore it “Why did you open the window? It’s so cold. Close the window and come back to bed”

He finally turns and looks at the person sprawled on his bed.

Minah sleeps without any manners, she doesn’t sleep on her side she sleeps on both – right in the middle.  But that’s not the only problem; Looking at her just brings back the taste of last night’s whiskey and regret in Yoongi’s mouth. He hates that aftertaste; it’s bitter and burns a pit in his stomach. Her face is covered with her long blonde locks and she’s wearing his t-shirt.

He rolls his eyes and walks past the bed towards the bathroom.

Min Yoongi washes up quickly, runs his finger through his messy hair and studies himself in the mirror. He finds a stranger staring back at him: With tired baggy eyes and face covered in fading bruises. His hair is no longer a shade of green, it’s not any shade at all. It’s just black - Plain, colorless black. He can’t remember the last time he saw his hair in its natural form. He noticed how his skin looked too pale under the burning fluorescent light in the bathroom.  He looked like he was glowing. It was becoming harder and harder for Yoongi to recognize himself these days.

Yoongi steps out of the bathroom, Minah was still sleeping - thankfully. He looks around for his jacket, finds it under a heap of clothes and exits out of the room.

The moment he stepped out of that room a strong smell of fresh coffee wafted through the air and hit his nose buds. His feet automatically chased the source of it which led him to the kitchen. Jimin sat near the dining table reading a book.  He looked up at his hyung once and then went back to reading.  

Yoongi found a mug and poured himself some of the bitter caffeine, sat on the chair in front of Jimin and sipped it quietly.

“We have to move” Jimin decides to speak first, snapping Yoongi out of his peaceful train of thoughts. “We’ve been here for almost a month. It’s time to move hyung”

Yoongi brings the cup up to his lips, first taking in its smell and then tasting it slowly. Jimin always made the best coffee.

“Okay. If you want to-” Yoongi said, sounding a wee- bit disinterested.

“Namjoon already bought Yung-shin, his men are looking for us like hounds. Your father is hunting us down too. Ho-seok and I are his top fucking priority right now. We need to move out of here quickly-”

“Have you found Taehyung’s location? Where is that asshole hiding?”

“No, not yet..but don’t worry. We’ll find him soon, he’ll eventually come running back to us hyung. Where else could he go?” Jimin said drinking his coffee, turning his attention towards the book again.

“I’ll make all the arrangements to move out ASAP. We’ll be stronger if we’re together, right?”  

Yoongi finished his coffee and got up to leave.

“..Hyung, I need to tell you something else. It’s important.” Yoongi sighed. He was really getting bored of this conversation; one, he was craving a cigarette and two, he promised to see Choi, the old man they owed ten grand to. He and choi were ‘friends’ now, a strange bond formed over drinking together every other day.

He sat down; literally fell on the seat, to show Jimin how disinterested he really was right now.

“What?” Yoongi asked him. Jimin spoke in his body language way louder than his words; Yoongi noticed how he straightened his back and leaned ahead on the table, he looks around nervously, as if looking for the right words to say. He looked like a doctor who was just about to give some really bad news to his patient.

“Hyung..It’s about Y/n.

Yoongi lazily slumped back on his chair; hearing that name after almost a month, still for some reason brought a burning sensation in his chest. He could feel – no, he could hear something fizzing up inside of him. He buried you, even though you’re alive, he buried you every day.

And it was working too. He was with Minah every night so he could forget your face; he drank every day with Choi because the taste of burning alcohol was still more endurable than you in his head. But now hearing your name again feels like the nails in your coffin that he hammered for past one month are getting pulled out.

“What about her?” Yoongi asks after a small pause, he did his best to hide the growing strain in his voice.

“Hoseok hyung.. is-” Jimin looked so small whenever he had to confess something. He looked like he was 14 all over again.

“Can you be fucking quick about it. I have important business to attend-” Yoongi scolded him.

“Hoseok is there. With Jin and Y/n”

‘What the fuck.’

Yoongi didn’t dare say it out loud. The sole purpose of sending you there with Seok Jin, was to keep you far away from this shit storm. Hoseok was one of the ‘co-producer’ of that shit storm, what the fuck was he doing there? He was dangerous. Not in the sense that he could hurt Y/n, but he could attract people who wanted to.

“He went there looking for Taehyung, turns out Seok Jin and __ were in the same place. They were actually living at his house”

Taehyung was living with Y/n, Jin let it happen. This was a fucking joke, it had to be. It had to be, this didn’t actually happen, did it? Should he laugh? Taehyung was dangerous, in a sense that he could kill Y/n. How Jin could let it happen?

“Hyung,..He stabbed her.”


He heard the door opening behind him, sound of bare feet dragging on the floor. Hold it in he told himself, hold it in Min Yoongi. The urge to completely dismantle this place and run out of here, he was holding it in with all his might, crushing his teeth and hiding his balled fist underneath the table.

“Taehyung? Did it-” Yoongi asked “Taehyung stabbed her” and Jimin nodded.

“You lied when you said you didn’t know where he is? I asked you 5 minutes ago. All this time, you lied to my face-

“Hoseok didn’t want to let you know.” Yoongi kicked the table with his one foot in anger and got up.

“How long did you know? How long have you and Hoseok been in contact?”

“About 2 weeks now”

“-And you’re telling me now?”

“Ho-seok said that he wanted to deal with Taehyung himself. I-

“Who do you fucking work for? Me or Jung “fucking” Ho-seok?”

“Hyung, we need to leave. We’re not safe if we’re miles apart from each other. You can’t protect people by sending them away from you. HYUNG-“

Yoongi was already up and about. As he was about to open the door and run out when a hand landed on his shoulder. He eyed the women from the corner of his eyes.

“Yoongi, are you okay?” Minah asked looking worried.

“Don’t fucking touch me” he snapped at her and she retracted her hand at his warning. And then Yoongi was out in the rain, running somewhere, hoping to find some peace and quiet. His head was screaming again.

Maybe some alcohol could numb it. He needed to see Choi anyways.

He wanted to forget. Forget it all.

…‘Forget’ that he needed you so much right now.

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100% chance of rain

◦ pairing: reader x jimin

◦ rating: m

◦ word count: 3.3k

m a s t e r l i s t

“Babe,” he smiled, reaching out to still my hand as I frantically smoothed my hair down. “You look fine.” He sat back in his chair, watching as I fiddled with strands of my hair. I combed through it with my fingers one more time before slouching hopelessly. It had taken forever to straighten it properly, and just a few rain droplets had pulled my waves out of hiding. I never liked my curly hair.

“Jimin,” I sulked. “It took so long.”

This date night was supposed to be perfect; it was our one year anniversary. Neither of us were a big fan of dressing up fancy and going to an expensive restaurant, so Jimin brought us to the place where we had our first date. It was a quaint ice cream shop just one block away from my apartment, jumbled in with the mess of the bustling city life. Unless you were familiar with the city, you would surely miss it.

Jimin chuckled, shaking his head as he dipped his spoon into the cup that sat between us. Motioning for me to lean forward, he placed the cold spoon in my mouth. I hummed with satisfaction, carefully licking the dribble of ice cream that trailed my upper lip. The steady drizzle of the rain outside pattered against the puddles on the ground. I puckered my lips, still scolding myself for wasting so much time on my hair without checking for the very important detail of the weather forecast.

“You know,” Jimin started, pushing around the scoops of ice cream. “I like your natural hair.” He flipped the spoon, placing it facedown on his tongue as he let the ice cream melt on his tongue. His eyes met mine with a mischievous glance, raising his eyebrows up and down.

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anonymous asked:

Can you do a falling in love/dating headcanon for Elder Maxson? (Sorry if you already wrote one and I just didn't see it)

While Falling in Love…

  1. Feeling Maxson’s eyes on you constantly while in the Prydwen;

  2. Actually making him smile when you report in your mission’s success;

  3. Finding fresh bottles of your favourite liquor mysteriously appearing every now and then in your footlocker;

  4. Maxson quietly worrying about you while you’re gone away on missions;

  5. Private audience with the Elder on Friday nights, when you both wind down with bourbon and general conversation which never fails to turn flirty; and

  6. Everyone in the BOS knowing not to come onto you because if they did they’d be D E S T R O Y E D.

While Dating…

  1. Owning the privileged seat next to Maxson in the mess hall;
  2. Regular Friday meetings which are now more…physical;
  3. Maxson worrying even more now while you’re away on missions;
  4. His quarters and your quarters are now one and the same and everyone knows not to knock when the door’s closed;
  5. Date nights consisting of flying on a Vertibird, raining hell on Supermutants before returning and enjoying a lovely meal on the Prydwen; and
  6. Waking up in the morning enfolded in his muscled arms, his beard tickling your neck and the sheets smelling of sex.

An Introduction to Kim Seokjin

And this my friends is a post about Jin that no one asked for but that I’m excited to write b u t it is to celebrate BTS’s f i f th anniversary, I will be doing an intro post for all of the members so to start us off, as he always does is the amazing Kim Seokjin aka Jin

  • This post is for any new Armys out there but it’s also for people who have been around for a while, it’s an appreciation post meets an introduction post
  • I have quite a few appreciation posts dedicated to Jin, too many to link tbh but here is my official Jin appreciation post
  • Also if I miss out on something you love about him or a moment of his that you love, feel free to reply to this post with whatever you wanna add or reblog this and leave it as a comment on there, I’d love to read your guys’ personal favorite moments or qualities about Jin, these are just gonna be my personal favorites or things that have stuck out to me
  • S o, an introduction to Jin
  • His full name is Kim Seokjin, his “stage name” aka the name most people call him, is Jin
  • His birthday is December 4th and he was born in ‘92, making him 25 internationally and I think like 27 or 28 in S. Korea I’m not fully sure
  • I don’t really do astrology but he’s a Sagittarius for those of you who are interested
  • He is the oldest in BTS but he is known as a second maknae
  • He is a vocalist and an amazing one at that
  • His solo song is titled “Awake” and it is a fucking masterpiece, it shows off a bit of his range, it shows that he can belt a note but also sing with emotion
  • He’s also released a Christmas version of the song, I believe he released it for his birthday and it’s also a t u n e would 10/10 rec
  • He’s also done a song with Taehyung called “Even if I Die, It’s You” whICH IS A W HO L E AS S B OP
  • He’s also done a couple covers, would h i g h l y recommend
  • His voice is s up e r versatile, he can do songs that are slower like Rain or Tomorrow, he can do upbeat songs like Converse High and Anpanman, he can do more hip hop/rap based songs like Mic Drop or Baepsae
  • Also Don’t Leave Me is just a great song but it’s also a great showcase for his vocals bc the high notes at the end o o f they get me every time boy is gonna make a bitch c r y
  • Now here are some things that Jin is known for in the fandom
  • Blowing kisses and/or anything involving hearts
  • “Worldwide handsome,” “worldwide cutie guy,” “third one/member/guy from the left”
  • Dad jokes
  • His laugh (seriously go look it up, you will not regret it)
  • A love for food
  • He has a bunch of old videos from a mukbang/eating show series he did called Eat Jin, some of them are on their VLive channel but most are on their BangtanTV channel and he occasionally does mukbangs/eating shows nowadays
  • Did a food challenge once and lost and was in shock for like 15 seconds straight
  • He is also commonly linked with cooking and he used to post a bunch of posts of him trying out recipes and would include pictures of everything along the way and pictures of himself making the food and he was basically just really fucking cute about it
  • One of my favorite moments including cooking is the moment in Run (ep. 44 I believe) where tae and joon are going away for the day and Jin literally wakes up and cooks them a meal to take with them
  • Like a fu ll blown meal
  • He literally w o k e up just to make them this cute ass meal so they’d have something to eat
  • Jin is s o sweet and caring and I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen the dude reject a hug like he’s just so loving and affectionate and he’s all about making people laugh
  • He once was trying to tell a joke and he could barely get the joke out bc he kept laughing and at the end, it didn’t even matter what the joke was bc just seeing him laugh and be happy was enough
  • There was also the time he and hobi were a lil delirious and were attempting to practice their beat boxing skills and Jin just could n o t stop laughing no matter how hard he tried to and it’s one of the best videos on the internet
  • Once had a pink flip phone and was very happy to show it off
  • Has a thing for dropping it low and bringing it back up slow
  • Now for some of the top Jin looks
  • List eN
  • Jin is a visual catching him with a bad look is about as common as getting three stars on Namjoon’s cypher in SSBTS on your first try bu t I’m gonna try to narrow this down to my top three favorites or at least just three that I love
  • I think my favorite Jin look was possibly the pink hair

Originally posted by softienamjoon

  • It was short lived but damn it, it was beautiful
  • This look was featured in the Wings era, where we got the masterpiece that is Blood, Sweat and Tears
  • Another r ea l ly good look was the blonde hair

Originally posted by aestheticpinkjoon

  • The blonde is from the Fire era
  • Before we got the blonde hair, Jin stayed to fairly natural colors??
  • He had a dark red in Danger and this dark green/brown with green undertones in I Need You but other than that, he typically stuck to browns and blacks (which looks amazing on him, I can make an entirely separate post dedicated to my love of black hair!Jin) so the blonde was a m oment we all weren’t prepared for
  • Speaking of black hair, that ha s to be mentioned here bc my dude looks so fucking good with black hair

Originally posted by mistypines

  • Don’t tOUCH ME
  • This particular look is from the Mic Drop music video/DNA era
  • I think my f a vori te black hair Jin moment may have to be the Japanese version of the Danger music video bc t ha t was a fucking look my friends
  • But that wraps up my introduction to Jin, make sure to give him some love and appreciation bc he is a very important member of BTS (as all of them are) and deserves to be given the same love and support as the rest of the members