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While cassowaries have been known to eat fungi, flowers, snails, insects, frogs, birds, rats, mice, and even carrion, their diet consists primarily of fruit.  They will eat the fruit of several hundred species of tree and bush, and one tree, the cassowary plum (which is toxic to other species but eaten readily by the cassowary), has even been named for the birds.  Cassowaries can become extremely aggressive about their food; when they find a tree that is dropping fruit, they will stay there and eat, chasing away any other cassowaries who try to approach and feed, until the fruit is gone.

Cassowaries will swallow fruits whole, even large ones like apples and plums.  Because of this, seeds and pits will go through the cassowary’s digestive system and be passed in their droppings.  These birds have been known to distribute seeds over distances of over a kilometre, making them hugely important in the dispersal and germination of fruit trees through the rainforests.  Some seeds, such as those of the Ryparosa trees, are shown to have much greater germination rates when they have been through the gut of a cassowary.  These makes these birds a keystone species for the rainforests they inhabit.


TITLE: Relaxation


AUTHOR: hiddlemediddles

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine teaching Loki yoga and meditation.



“No, like this” You said gently, moving your leg to rest upon the mat as the other crossed the floor. You had tried your best to be an attentive and equally patient teacher, though it seemed Loki had received no experience whatsoever regarding relaxation of both the mind and body. You were not surprised - it was hardly as though Asgard offered daily yoga sessions with a slice of shortbread and green tea to follow.

Loki, attired sparsely in clothing that you thought looked bizarre on him, endeavoured to imitate your actions. Loki, in a loose vest and black shorts, looked almost as though he were able to blend in with the mortal world. Almost, you noted, as his raven black hair fell across his shoulders. His singular appearance was one of the first traits you had seen - you had neither recoiled in terror when he had revealed his true form as a frost giant. It had been a shock to say the least, though not an unwelcome thing. It was him. You knew you must accept all of him.

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We have a lot of saving to do. More saving than we ever imagined. The bees, trees, bats, tigers, whales, bears, birds, rain forest, ice caps. And so much more. Basically, we really fucked it up this time. The world, our home, our sanctuary. We still have time. Time to solve this, to help us all. It all comes down to a simple thing. If we have the compassion. The compassion to save these things and therefore save ourselves. If we could give a little more and take a little less, we will find what we need. We need to spend more time building nature instead of destroying it to build sky scrapers filled with people staring at screens. We have a lot of saving to do, but we can do it.

Mother Nature by Amy Kennedy



Romance is for the birds…

Happy (early) Valentine’s Day from the Upland Tropical Rain Forest!