rain drops on window

things that i like

1. rainy days, wearing a big cozy sweater with fluffy socks underneath, getting a cup of coffee or just a hot drink and sipping it while hearing and watching the rain drops hit my window and just feeling warm inside

2. friends, who tell you the truth about yourself, who compliment you, who criticize you for your own sake, who are always there when you need them, who are always there to make you feel good, to make you happy

3. dogs, dogs that wag their tails when they see me, dogs that put their paws on my shoulders, dogs that run around with their tongues out of their mouth, small dogs, big dogs, just dogs in general

4. cats, cats that purr when you pat them, cats that get sleepy when you pat them a bit too long and they just put their head on your legs and fall asleep, cats that lick you, just cats

5. long nights, when you’re outside with friends or just to do work and it’s time to go home, you get into a car or another vehicle and you’re just a bit sleepy so your eyes begin to close a bit and you just can’t wait to get to your warm cozy home and sleep

6. music, music that you listen to when you’re sad, when you’re happy, when you’re just trying to relax, they all give a different vibe and make the moment more enjoyable, songs that you just can’t stop listening to because you loved it, songs that just make you more happy inside

7. art, art that may have a deep meaning, art that just look good to your eyes, art that just makes you go ‘woah’, art that you just wouldn’t even imagine

8. scenery, scenery that you wish you could save in your brain for later to look at, scenery that just can’t be captured into a photo, scenery that just takes your breath away

Startled by a sudden lightning stroke illuminating the room, Jungkook turned to gaze out of the small window facing the street. Rain drops were drumming and glistening against the glass, before they slid down, connecting with other drops on their way.

Jungkook dropped his phone in shock as he remembered. Scrambling to his feet, he rushed to the hallway and as he had thought, Jimin hadn’t taken his umbrella with him when he had left the house earlier, the black umbrella still hanging in its usual spot.

Thinking of Jimin alone and freezing in the pattering rain, Jungkook reached for his own umbrella before he even realized.

And so the lovestruck fool rushed out with just a thin Tee on and didn’t even open his own umbrella, just so he didn’t have to fight the stubborn wind and could reach the other boy a little faster, even if it’s just a minute less that Jimin had to spend soaking in the rain. That would be worth it.

As he finally spotted the smaller men, his hood dragged over his dark hair, his wet bangs covering his eyes and heavy clothes clinging to his body, he stepped up next to him and opened his umbrella over their heads. Taking in Jimin’s dishevelled appearance, Jungkook knitted his brows in worry and couldn’t help but reach for his cold cheeks and try to kiss him better.

Art journal inspiration/ideas part 3

1. Draw on the hand with paint then press the hand onto the page

2. Shapes you see in the clouds

3. Summer nights

4. Rooftops, sunsets, friends

5. Candels, fire, burning, feelings asociated with it

6. Old buildings, churches, temples

7. Conversations at 3am

8. Reflection of traffic lights in the puddles of rain/ on the water drops on the windows

9. Write poems about people you see on the streets, in caffee shops or libraries

10. Overheard conversations

11. Copy things written/drawn on school benches

12. Neon lights

13. Take a book, open at random and choose a sentence and write or draw based of off it

14. Brainstorming

15. Make secret pockets in your journal

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