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Happier, Aren’t You?

Tom Holland
Song: Happier by Ed Sheeran (This song fucked me up by the way)

Part One ||| Part Two ||| Part Three 

Saw you walk inside a bar
He said something to make you laugh
I saw that both your smiles were twice as wide as ours
Yeah, you look happier, you do

Oh, ain’t nobody hurt you like I hurt you
But ain’t nobody need you like I do
I know that there’s others that deserve you
But my darling, I am still in love with you

Tom could feel his chest tighten at the sight of [Y/N] and her new boyfriend walk into the same bar he was about to head into. It was difficult to be this close to her. Tugging at his tie to loosen it, he flickered a look towards Harrison who was cautiously waiting for his reaction.

“You good?” Harrison asked. 

Nodding and shrugging his shoulders, Tom cleared his throat. “Yeah, yeah. I’m good, I’m good.” Clearing his throat again, he motioned towards the bar, “Let’s go.” 

Harrison pursed his lips, “You sure? There’s another pub down the street we can hit.” Harrison had been against Tom’s decision on breaking up with [Y/N]. He knew Tom like the back of his hand, there was no way that Tom was ever really, truly going to move on. 

“I said I’m good, let’s go. All our friends are going to this one.” Tom replied with a colder tone than he had meant to. 

“Alright, mate. Let’s go then.” 

Tom’s heart was racing, they hadn’t spoken since the day after he had broken up with her. He had checked up on her, knowing in his head that it was too soon to be texting her but he couldn’t resist in hearing her voice one more time. She had sounded absolutely broken and he knew she had been crying all night. The call lasted only thirteen seconds but it was thirteen seconds of confirmation that he had made the biggest mistake. 

He hadn’t fallen out of love with her like most people did in his kind of situation. Tom just couldn’t find time to make her his number one priority like he wanted to. And to him that wasn’t fair to her. He wanted to treat her like a Queen, like his world revolved around her because at one point, it completely had. With his newfound fame, she became second to a lot of things and even though it seemed like she didn’t mind, it bothered him. 

As soon as he walked into the bar with Harrison, all of their friends cheered and hollered. He laughed along with them, telling himself to not search for her. But, it was like a magnetic pull, his eyes found hers instantly. She was the first one to pull her gaze away and he was thankful for that because he wouldn’t have been able to if she hadn’t. 

“Come on, Tom. They saved us a table over by the bar.” Harrison shouted over the music and chatter. 

Nodding, Tom finally tore his eyes from her and followed his friends. He desperately tried to ignore the fact that [Y/N] was just a few feet from him. Laughing with friends, he had to remind himself to fake the smile that his friends wanted to see. Eventually, it became a little bit easier with each passing hour and with each passing beer. Soon, the idea of [Y/N] being there was fading until he received a notification on his phone. Glancing down, his heart sank a little.

@yourusername just posted a picture for the first time in awhile, check it out.

Knowing that he shouldn’t engage in looking at her Instagram, Tom ignored his better judgement and swiped to look.

@yourusername happy ✌️

Tom chewed on his lip, bringing the bottle to his mouth. He took a swig before double tapping the picture and clicking his phone off. Continuing to fade in and out of his friends conversation, he couldn’t help but think of how different he would feel if she was sitting next to him. Or if it was his hands holding onto hers. 

“I’ll be right back.” Tom said as he leaned towards Harrison’s ear.

“Want me to come?” 

Shaking his head, Tom sighed. “Nah, man. I’m just going to get some air.” 

Harrison nodded, “Alright…” He could read between his words but respected his decision to go alone. 

Pressing a smile, Tom patted his shoulder and headed towards the exit. Running a hand through his hair, he broke apart the neatly gelled style. Looking up, he searched to find some stars. One of his favorite pastimes with her. Stargazing. But the city was far too lit for him to find any. Sighing, he started to walk a little, wanting to just go to bed and forget of having seeing her with him. 

“Did you intentionally like my picture or was it something petty?” 

 Tom jumped at the sound of her voice, swiveling to face her. His mouth sat open, shocked to see her standing in front of him. She looked ten times more beautiful up close, it hurt. “[Y/N]! Uh, um, I.” 

Stepping closer, her voice was firm with her eyes glossed over. “I can’t do this, Tom. Please just don’t remind me of you.” 

“[Y/N],” Tom bit his lip, “I, uh, I, um. I just want you to know that I’m glad you found someone.” Looking down at the sidewalk, he mumbled out. “I’m happy that you’re happy.” 

“I am happy, Tom.” She responded, her voice quivering slightly. “But the thing was, was that I was happy with you too.” 

Tom closed his eyes, sighing. “Love,” 

Shaking her head, she gritted her teeth, “Don’t call me that.” 

Opening his eyes, he looked up at the sky. His teeth still scraping over his lips. “I made a mistake,” he said defeated. 

[Y/N] scoffed with tears in her eyes, nodding. “Yeah, yeah you did.” 

Finally meeting her gaze, “You look happier with him then you did with me. So it wasn’t really a mistake for you to love me.” 

Her brows knitted together, her hand reaching for her torso, “A mistake for me? Are you mad?” [Y/N] twirled in her steps, her hand running through her curls. “You only think I’m happier with him because you aren’t happy. I was incredibly happy with you Tom.” Shaking her head, she frowned. “You broke up with me because you wanted me to be treated the way you thought I deserved. Little did you know the way you treated me was everything I wanted.” 

“So you aren’t happier?” Tom asked quietly.

[Y/N]’s mouth opened and then closed. Sighing, she looked away from him, chewing on the inside of her cheek. “I am happy with him. But I’m not sure I love him yet and that was the difference between our relationship and this one. I loved you with everything in me so of course I was happier then.” 

Tom kicked a pebble, shoving his hands in pants, he murmured. “I was happier with you then I am without you.” Looking up, “If he ever decides to be stupid like me and lets you go. I’ll be here, [Y/N].” 

 “How can you still love me after I’ve moved on?” 

“I’ll never hold it against you for finding someone, love. Because there are so many others that deserve you but I’m still in love with you and always will be.” Pressing his lips, he flinched as he felt rain drops hitting his face. “Would you tell Haz that I’ve gone back to the hotel?” 

Part One ||| Part Two ||| Part Three

The Bangtan Club (Namjoon/Seokjin)

Prompt No.2: “I don’t think anyone could ever be as lovely as you.” (could be funny/sarcastic, or fluff, honestly the writer has free reign). Based off of the Breakfast Club. 

Genre: The Breakfast Club!AU. 

Words: 13K+

Author: Admin Kaycie

Summary: Dear Mr. Lee, 

It is to our understanding that from today’s detention session that you wanted each of us to write a letter of self reflection, detailing our wrongdoings and what we’ve learned from committing such “heinous acts” in the eyes of the school officials; however, after much thought, we’ve decided to tell you the story of who we are as a whole.”

Tags: Namjin, VMin, drug (Marijuana) use, alcohol consumption, smoking, profanity, etc.

*Please read Author’s Note below the read more cut.

Originally posted by peaches-and-joonie

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Life Preserver

The rain fell softly onto his beige trench coat and if he was anything but an angel, the bitter cold would have bothered him. He could hear the sound of cars coming up the road, but he just stood there, unmoved. Time was endless for Castiel and he could care less, nothing mattered at the particular moment. That is until a familiar feeling came over the angel, a tugging he prayed away countless nights.

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Sanvers Dog Walking AU (Part 3)

A continuation of this story – https://queercapwriting.tumblr.com/post/163229671529/sanvers-dog-walking-au-part-2

Maggie had known it was going to be a long day.

But this long?


A double homicide in the morning and a hostile debriefing with a hostile higher-up?

She’s almost late grabbing Spot from home and bringing her to the park to meet Alex.

She almost doesn’t have time to be nervous.


But then she sees Alex – sleeveless, lacey tank top that shows simultaneously just enough but not enough skin, jeans even tighter than Maggie’s throat – and she almost runs.

Almost runs, because there’s no way she deserves this.

But then Spot is tugging her forward and barking twice, sharp, excited. Tugging her toward Gertrude. Toward Alex.

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anonymous asked:

imagine skrullz are infiltraing shield, with shape-changing and person mimicking. Imagine clint, who's always had a crush, finally getting up the nerve to talk to coulson, dos so, and finds out it's a skrull. also with Phil having ears everywhere, he heard the whole thing and noe hw knows

At first, Phil fought by trying to regain consciousness. He managed to surface three times and even got out of the holding room once before they caught him and plugged him back in.  Then he tried all the mental techniques SHIELD taught, counting backwards from a thousand and repeating the lyrics to Led Zeppelin songs. But still the Skrull’s devices mined his memories, pulling out all sorts of details to feed to the operative who looked just like Phil.

Then Phil discovered that it was the little details that he could manipulate. While his Skrull self was sleeping, Phil filtered through memories, finding places where they were fuzzy, facts that had grown dim with age.  He sharpened the edges, subtly shifting unimportant points, using the truth to bolster the lie, hoping that the Skrull would trip up.  Until then, all Phil could do was helplessly watch as people he loved were sent into dangerous situations and put at risk.

Clint slammed into the office, blood and grime on his arms, his tac suit ripped across the chest and one thigh.  “What the hell was that?” he challenged. “You aren’t cleared for full field work.”

“Should I have let those people stay trapped?”  Skrull Phil replied.  “Besides, the last doctor’s report was very positive. No need to worry about me anymore.”

When they drew on his memory, it hurt, the mechanical intrusion firing through the synapses to find what they wanted. Phil winced at the pain as his mind filled with Clint, the Skrull trying to determine how to react to the anger.  

“Damn it, Phil, you’re acting reckless.  This isn’t like you.” Clint paused at the end of the desk, leaning on his hands. “I’ve already lost you once, I don’t want to live through that again.”

PHil couldn’t stop the surge of warm emotion so he let it flood the connection and tinged it with regret.  He replayed all his archived versions of Clint’s smile, the curve of his biceps, that laugh where he almost snorted. From there, he slipped into fantasies, the ones so crisp and sharp that might as well has been real. Clint, wet from the rain, drops running down his cheeks, leaning in and brushing his lips across Phil’s.  Then he let the truth color it all, the fact that he couldn’t have Clint, could never take advantage of him that way.

“I don’t plan on dying,” the Skrull said.

“It’s just … things have been weird lately, and I thought … I hoped … “ Clint’s cheeks flushed as he stumbled over his words. “Would you like to grab a cup of coffee? You and me? Like a date?”

A kiss in the rain, a refusal, pining, years of wanting what he couldn’t have. All of it bubbled to the surface.

“We’ve been through this, Barton. I’m your superior and any relationship couldn’t be consensual. I thought it was settled after the kiss in New Mexico.” The Skrull’s voice grew harsh as he walked to the door. “You’re running on adrenaline now, just like then. Go home and sleep it off.”

Phil wasn’t sure what hurt more, the Skrull machinery or the look that flitted across Clint’s face.  

“The kiss in New Mexico,” Clint repeated. “Thought maybe you’d forgotten that. Guess not.” He opened the door, pausing before the Skrull. “I won’t bring it up to you again.”

If he could, Phil would sigh and put his head in his hands. In his tank, hooked to so many wires, Phil could only watch as the Skrull laughed as soon as Clint was gone.


“Phil?” Clint’s voice reached him in the middle of a dark dream. “It’s okay, Phil. I’m here.”

The harsh light made his eyes water, and he squeezed them closed again.

“Come on, Phil. We’ve on the clock; Tony’s patch won’t last long.”

“C … Cl …” His mouth wouldn’t work, his voice rusty and unused. “Clint?”

“Yeah, it’s me.” He smelled like Clint, and Phil forced his eyes open. Fuzzy images came into focus. “Can you walk?”

“I …” Phil looked down at his bare feet and hairy legs; he put weight on one and almost went down before he got his balance. “Yes. I’m damn well walking out of here.”

“Good. Here.” Clint put a gun in Phil’s hand; he clutched it like a lifeline. “Just don’t shoot me, okay?”

They started to the door, Phil gaining strength with every step.  Shivering in the cold air, Phil was glad he had on boxers and a t-shirt at least. He could have been naked and that would be awkward.

“When this is over and we’ve kicked every Skrull’s ass, we’re going for coffee,” Phil said as they paused to check the hallway for hostiles.

“Now there’s the Phil I know and love.” Clint turned red as he realized what he’d said. “Not that I .. I mean … “

“And by coffee, I mean dinner and a nightcap and then breakfast in the morning,” Phil clarified.

“Sounds like a plan,” Clint agreed.

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Hello! I heard you were taking requests?? Could you do a cute little kissing in the rain headcannon/scenario (up to you??) for Levi, Eren, Armin, Ymir, and Mikasa if that's too many people you can just choose the ones you want?? Thank you so much if you get around to this! -much love

Howdy, anon! We hope you don’t mind but we decided to split these and each take someone for a scenario. Mod spookzz will do Eren and mod Elle is doing Levi (can u tell who our bias are??? lmao). Enjoy!


You aren’t sure when you started feeling different about Eren–you’ve known him for too long to be certain anymore, but if you had to venture a wild guess, you might say you’ve always felt this way, at least if you were truly honest with yourself. Eren had never been just another friend; he was nothing like Jean or Armin, and even the title of best friend you had given him when the two of you were no older than eight years old could do your feelings any justice. Silence was comfortable with Eren in ways it just wouldn’t be with anyone else, and no matter how many times your pessimistic side tried to convince you that there was no way you and Eren would keep in touch for the rest of your lives, there was a stronger side of you–the better side–that fought for otherwise. No matter what way you tried to see it, you always pictured you and Eren ten, fifteen, twenty years from now, laughing together as you reminisced with old yearbooks and even older inside jokes.

You’re laughing now as you fall into stride next to Eren, the misty smell of rain permeating your senses and you both know its about to start pouring. Neither of you brought an umbrella and your fingers are icy as you shove them under your armpits in an effort to escape the dropping temperature. Eren is so much taller than you now and you wonder when he’d sprouted and where you’d been to completely miss it. The rest of him had followed suit–he was no longer the scrawny bean pole you’d teased him to be when you were teenagers, and you knew that, despite your best efforts to think otherwise, he had grown into an extremely attractive man. An extremely attractive man that, someday, would have an extremely attractive girlfriend. The thought caused your lips to involuntarily curl into a displeased frown, and the sudden action from laughing to practically scowling had Eren sending you a concerned look.

“Are you–?”

The words never get to finish escaping his lips as the first drop of rain slaps against his cheek, and then another on his eyebrow until finally its full-on raining just enough to soak your clothes through to the bone if you stand there long enough. Thankful for the interruption that allowed you to escape Eren’s prying question, you jerk your head toward your home, the place you’d been heading in the first place.

“Come on, we’re going to get soaked!” you called, trying to yell over the rain and taking a step back as you connect your gaze with Eren’s.

You register something solid against your back and you barely realize its a telephone pole before Eren is closing the distance between the two of you, slyly slipping his hand behind your back and carding his fingers through your semi-wet locks of hair. His teal eyes focus so intently on yours that they become all you can see, and suddenly the once deafening sound of the rain becomes silent.

You can feel his breath ghost across your lips and then involuntarily open, your own chest rising and falling while your heart tries desperately to jump from your chest. You aren’t sure what’s happening or why he’s so close, but all too suddenly you’re assaulted with a memory.

Last week in your intro to philosophy class a girl had asked how true love could possibly exist if no one could explain it. She always asked questions like that–questions she thought might earn her brownie points or kudos from the professor for “thinking outside the box”. It was intensely tiring and you were extremely sick of her attitude. Eren knew your feelings about the girl since he shared the same philosophy class with you, and you could feel his eyes on you as you finally decided to answer her directly. 

“Love is supposed to be unexplainable,” you’d tried, gritting your teeth in annoyance. “It’s supposed to be like…like a kiss in the rain! Impulsive, exciting, and no one can really explain why they feel so inclined to do it when they know it’s only going to get them soaked but they just do and no one minds it in the slightest.”

After class Eren had fallen into step beside you, unusually quiet when he was always so anxious to talk after his least favorite class. Finally he spoke, though it was quiet. “Have you ever kissed someone in the rain?”

You’d blushed, eyes glued to the floor, and only offered a simple shake of your head.

“Then how do you know what it feels like?” Eren had pressed, his eyes practically burning holes through you.

“I guess I don’t,” you finally responded, fingertips digging too tightly into your clutched textbook. “But I can dream, can’t I?”

Eren had merely shrugged, and the topic had been dropped as you entered your next lecture. Things had been normal between the two of you–like the small yet intimate conversation had never even taken place.

Until now.

You swallowed thickly as your back pressed further into the pole, Eren’s fingers finding purchase on the fabric of your jacket and the other hand still gripping tightly to your hair.

“Do you want to know what it feels like?” Eren whispered against your goose-bump covered skin, eyes searching yours.

You knew exactly what he was referring to and you immediately knew the answer, but you had no intention of admitting it aloud. You knew your eyes must have given your true feelings away because Eren’s softened with an unmistakable hunger, and then he was pressing his lips against yours while the rain continued falling around you. A few drops slip over your lips, between them and you weren’t sure if the rain drop had started on you or Eren.

He’d taken you by complete surprise but after the shock had worn off you were doing your best to kiss him back, your palms laying flat against his shoulders while he tilted his head to deepen the kiss. The moments fly by and extend forever, but when he finally pulls away you know you’re blushing as your eyes flutter open.

“There’s your kiss.” He’s matter-of-fact and confident, but you can still hear the small nervousness slip through his tone. “Was it everything you were expecting?” he asks just as quietly while your heart hammers away in your chest, your brain and the organ communicating just what meaning had been behind his impulsive, exciting behavior.

“Everything and more,” you whisper back, smiling encouragingly back at him and slipping your fingers between his. You find yourself immersed in happiness when he doesn’t pull away, and the two of you begin your final trek to your house, hearts in hand. 

Mod Elle here to deliver you an AU that no one asked for. The one time I have a chance to write fluff and it comes out bittersweet. I hope you enjoy, anon! 


The pungent odor of decay and rot was temporarily muted by the frigid rain that fell from the angry skies, chilling you straight down to the bone. Against your back, the shotgun’s metal barrel felt like ice, your soaked-through clothing sticking to your skin, offering little to no protection against the elements and against them.

They were still there—any human who had been subjected to this nightmare recognized the low, throaty moans of pain that echoed from their festering lips. Still, the rain slowed them down, or so you and your partner had observed one morning, which gave you ample time to put distance between you and them.

A quiet string of curse words tugged you from your reverie, eyes sliding to the profile of your partner and the way his brow furrowed in concentration. A pile of boxes and other material blocking the intersection was your current obstacle and, from the way they were mounted on top of one another, there was no way that the car two of you had been driving thus far would make it through.

“Fucking fantastic,” you muttered underneath your breath and placed a hand on your hip, studying the situation for a few more moments until you glanced over in his direction. “So what now, Levi?”

“We walk,” came his simplistic answer accompanied by the taciturn expression that had taken you months to figure out.

If you had the option to choose one person to be by your side when the world was ending, Levi Ackerman wasn’t that horrible of a pick. He was fierce when faced with a horde and even more deadly when it came to corrupt humans, so your chances of survival increased drastically the day you met him. Solemn and over times guarded, Levi was an anomaly that you still hadn’t figured out completely despite the fact that you two had been traveling with one another for the better part of the year.

Despite his blunt, abrasive words, the two of you somehow managed to come full circle and develop a level of trust that extended far beyond words. Whenever you felt like there was no point in pressing on, Levi would be there to pick you up and knock some sense into your thick skull.

Slowly, that trust blossomed into something more; something that was dangerous in this world, where death and loss came too quick and too sudden. The feeling whenever his cool gaze met your own scared you more than anything—more than zombies and more than anything else this messed up world could possibly offer you. How could you develop romantic feelings for someone who might not even be there when the dawn broke through the next morning?

To the best of your abilities, you swallowed down your own feelings and simply did your best to survive, which led to your current situation.

“Levi, it’s storming and we’re freezing our asses off. We need that car.”

Slate-colored hues flickered from the blockade to where you were standing, ebony hair plastered against his forehead and neck until he eventually agreed, “Fine. We can’t take time to move all of that with the horde behind us, so we’ll have to blow it up.”

You blinked in disbelief. “Blow it up?” you questioned incredulously, making sure to keep your voice down. “Levi, that’s insane. We’ll attract every damn zombie in a five-mile radius. No—no way.”

“Unless you have any more bright ideas,” came Levi’s blasé response as he dug around in the bag slung across his shoulder. Retrieving the bomb, he took a moment and looked at the disdain painted across your features, yet it didn’t derail his actions. Instead, he judged the amount of debris blocking your way, a soft sigh falling from his lips. “I’ll go back for the car while you go ahead.”

“No way.” When Levi raised his eyebrow at your heated protest, you stalked closer and reached out, fingertips digging into the soaked material of his jacket to get your point across as you protested, “If you even think that I’m going to stay here while you go back across town where the horde is waiting for you, then you’re an idiot.”

Unfazed by your reaction, Levi’s narrowed eyes sliced straight you. “I survived a lot longer than you did without anyone by my side. Get to higher ground and wait for me. If I’m not back in—”

“Levi,” you sharply interrupted, your grip on his forearms tightening, “I don’t give a damn about what you want me to do. I am not staying here while you risk your life!

In retaliation, he parted his lips to throw something back at you that would sound too convincing and logical, so you did the only thing you could think of to stop him from saying anything else.

You leaned forward and pressed your lips against his own.

The cold chill of the rain fell down on the both of you, but the only thing you took notice of was the way Levi froze as soon as your lips made contact with his own. You refused to let him break away and kissed him harder, allowing your desperation and every other emotion you couldn’t properly express to flow through the moment. He shifted until his hands tangled in your wet hair and pulled you closer, paying no mind to the fact that you could catch your deaths out in this weather.

Nothing mattered in the moment except for him and the way his fingers pulled through your hair and traveled down your neck, or the way his body shifted closer to your own. Levi was the first to pull back and rest his forehead on your own, his hot breath fanning out across your still-tingling lips.

Neither of you said anything in that moment before you reached down for his hand, quietly threading your fingers through his own. It took him a moment, but Levi eventually squeezed back, murmuring, “We’ll get the car and drive it through. Let’s go.”

You didn’t know what the future would hold or if you even had a future to begin with, but having Levi by your side made you feel safe and that was all you could really ask for.

The Land of Tears

Pairing: Punk!Jimin x Reader

Genre: Angst/Smut

Word Count: 2,174

Warnings: Sexual content, swearing, unhealthy relationship

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

He lifts up your skirt and wraps your bare legs around his waist – his jeans too cold, carrying the October rain with them, and it makes your whole body shiver.

I was inspired by this picture, posted by kkaebsong-guys.

The air is cold and filled with cries.

You feel the pain in your chest again, spreading more and more, suffocating you slowly.

For the first time in your life, you feel like you could actually die from sadness.

You stand in front of your window, looking at the streets – the night is falling quickly, casting a dark blue light on the entire city. It had just stopped raining and it’s colder outside now.

You used to love this weather – now, it only makes the pain in your chest stronger, and soon, you can feel it travelling up your throat.
It makes you sick, it makes you want to throw up, but you know that nothing will make it better now.

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I Want You To Stay (Part 1) - Theo Raeken Imagine

So I had an idea about writing this for a while and since i´m finally starting to feel better (I was & still am sick) I decided to write this. I hope it´s good, my writing might be sloppy at this moment but I still hope you enjoy it!
Oh & it´s not a typical happy ending imagine.

Anyways I hope you guys like it! Enjoy!


Pairing: Theo x Reader
Note: A song inspired imagine, not a happy ending | Part 2
Word count: 938
Inspired by: Stay - Rihanna ft. Mikky Ekko

(not my gif)

🎶All along it was a fever, A cold sweat hot-headed believer. I threw my hands in the air, said, “Show me something,” He said, “If you dare, come a little closer.“🎶 

We were both standing there out in the cold while the pouring rain was draining us and the ice cold wind sending me shivers all over my body. Every inch of my body was wet even through my clothes. My hair was a wet mess, rain drops dripping from my hair, pretty much from every were on my face. Theo was standing in front of me, keeping some kind of distance between us. He was also dripping wet, my eyes focused on the rain drops that were developed at the edge of his nose, ready to fall and hit the ground at any second now.

“Y/N…” He started once again and broke the silence.

My eyes immediately shut closed when he spoke up. His voice pierced through my ear, making my heart beat faster and weak on my knees. Everyone had warned me about Theo Raeken but as stubborn as I am, I did as I wanted to. I was so damn stubborn, I wasn’t going to back down just cause he dared me to, but most importantly I was in love. He made me feel safe and happy, I knew he would never hurt me. Well that’s what I thought. Recently a lot of things have been going on, yeah supernatural things, and Theo, well he´s the enemy. At first he fooled us all, making us think he was one of the good guys and he started to hang with us (the pack) more but eventually the truth came at as he tried to kill one of my best friends.

“Just hear me out…” He continued to whisper as the rain drops were dripping down from his rosy, wet lips.

🎶Round and around and around and around we go. Oh now, tell me now, tell me now, tell me now you know.🎶

He took a small step closer to me but I immediately stopped him by putting my hand up on the air, making a stop motion. 

“Hear you out? Really?! How many times do you want me to ‘hear you out’?” I said to the male figure standing in front of me.

“You’re a liar! All of this was just lies on lies! You played me, you used me! Now your just gonna toss me away!” I shouted, not knowing I had that in me.

“You just kept on hurting my friends, making me believe in YOU and not in them! You’re the fucking devil Theo!” He grabbed me by my arm harshly and pulled me closer to him, making me stop talking.

“I- I know! Don’t you think I know that?! Well I fucking do! But I’d take it all back, for you. I’d do anything for you. I’m sorry, I really am! I’m trying to change, I swear! I would put my life in danger for you. I just want to protect you. I want to keep you safe.” He began as he lets go of my arm and starts walking back and forth.

🎶Not really sure how to feel about it, Something in the way you move. Makes me feel like I can’t live without you, It takes me all the way. I want you to stay.🎶

The tears were streaming down my face, tear drops and rain drops melting into each other.

“I don’t want you to put yourself in danger for me! I just wanted you Theo! You! Was that so damn hard? And putting my friends lives in danger isn’t exactly keeping me safe.” He looked at me hurt. 

But I wasn’t taking it. No, he doesn’t get to get away with doing all of this. Even though I love him with every inch of my body and seeing him hurt kills me inside, I was going to say everything I had thought about saying before I agreed on meeting him here.

“Who’s going to protect me from you? Who’s going to keep me safe from this killer who’s standing right in front of me?” I whispered with shut eyes, not daring to look at Theo.

🎶It’s not much of a life you’re living. It’s not just something you take, it’s given.🎶

“I would never hurt you. You know that. You know me Y/N.” Theo answered with a shaky voice, capable of breaking at any point.

“Hurting my friends is the same as hurting me. And no. I don’t. I thought I knew you but it was just someone you were pretending to be. You’re a stranger.” My eyes were burning as the tears kept on coming.

Theo’s strong, big arms wrapped around my waist and he held me tight against his chest. For a minute I felt warm and safe, I forgot about the cold and the pouring rain. His arms around be felt like they would stay there forever, not wanting to let me go, ever.
I wanted to pull away so badly but his touch paralyzed me, not being able to move. He buried his face on my neck and breathed in my scent.

“Please stay…” He spoke up with a broken voice.

🎶Not really sure how to feel about it, Something in the way you move. Makes me feel like I can’t live without you, Yeah, it takes me all the way. I want you to stay, stay. I want you to stay, oooh.🎶 

I slowly got out of his grip, turned around and walked away. Leaving Theo there, hopelessly alone under the pouring rain.

No Known Drink or Drug

Fandom: The 100

Pairing: MurphyxReader

Prompt Summary: Murphy and reader get drunk together. 

Word Count: 788

Warnings: Drinking, FLUFF, mentions of smut

Inspired by THIS song

Out of a group of one hundred convicts, you perceived yourself as the most innocent. You were a sly, nimble, young child, who used your abilities to steal extra food and clothes for your old grandmother who was sick and unable to help herself. Your success brought both fear and joy to your grandmother, but instead of scolding you for your actions, she decided to keep the secret between you two. You still have never found out how the secret was discovered after she passed away or how you wound up as teenage criminal.

But that didn’t matter now as you now lived on the toxic Earth with only a drop ship and flimsy tents as protection. You stood behind a table by the drop ship, chopping up and peeling apart nuts that hunters had found in the woods. Every couple minutes, you would sneak a handful into your pocket to save for later, knowing very well that one hundred teenagers couldn’t survive on just nuts. As the last hunting party came in from the woods, you took one last handful of nuts and stuffed them inside your jacket pocket. Turning away from the table, you popped one in your mouth as you headed towards your tent in the back section of camp.

“I saw that,” you heard a voice call. Your blood ran hot as you turned to see the one and only, John Murphy, leaning against the edge of the drop ship. Murphy was arguably one of the worst parts of being on the ground, Bellamy Blake ran neck and neck with him. He and Murphy were the kings of the ground.

“So what? I stole a handful, did you really expect me not to?” you asked with your mouth still full. Murphy walked towards you, his right hand hidden behind his back.

“We both know that you stole more than a handful,” Murphy smirked, wiggling his eyebrows. You wavered for a second, eyeing the delinquent up and down. You kept your lips sealed as you swallowed the remains of the nuts, shoving your hands deep inside your pockets.

“What do you want, Murphy?” you spat, keeping a steady eye on his right arm. Murphy stopped walking, twisting his head around camp to see if anyone was watching. Slowly, he pulled out something from behind his back, blood pounded in your ears.

“How about we get a little tipsy?” he asked with roguish smile. You almost laughed as he waved a dirt covered bottle of moonshine in front of your face, the nozzle dangling from his fingers. Here you were, standing in front of John Murphy who was essentially asking you to get wasted with him. You considered the offer, looking from the half empty bottle to your fingers tucked inside your pockets.

“We keep this between us,” you reply, pulling out a couple nuts from your pocket. Murphy nods, letting the bottle drift down by his hips.

“Whatever you say, darling,” Murphy coos.


The next couple hours rushed by in one big blur. All you could remember was Murphy cracking open the moonshine bottle and all your morals washing away. Whatever was in those nuts weren’t helping either as the world in front of you was nothing but a mixture of colors and sounds. You lay flat on your back, stomach aching from laughing. Murphy sat up next to you, bringing the bottle to his lips. Outside came the steady sound of rain drops.

“Guess we’ll be stuck in here for a while,” Murphy slurs, setting the empty bottle down. You laughed.

“What a shame.”

Murphy leans down on the mattress, propping his head up with his hand. His eyes drift down towards your body.

“I can’t believe they sent you down here,” he mumbles, placing his fingers on top of  your stomach. His cold fingertips sends shivers up your back.

“Neither can I,” you mumble.

Murphy moves his fingers up towards your ear, playing with the strands of your hair. You turn your head to look up at him, watching as his dilated eyes kept fixated on you.

“How did you get such a bad rap?” you asked in a small voice. Murphy’s eyes flicker around the room, the corners of his mouth twitching.

“I could’t tell you.”

It happened quickly. You put your hand on Murphy’s cheek and all of sudden, his lips were on yours. And then he was on top of you, and soon, his jacket was discarded. Was this really happening? You ran your hands underneath Murphy’s shirt, digging your fingernails into the flesh on his back.

It continued to pour, the rain pelting the outside of the tent. Seconds stretched out into minutes and minutes stretched into hours with nothing but the roaring thunder playing in the background.

On the day of breasts and small hips
the window pocked with bad rain,
rain coming on like a minister,
we coupled, so sane and insane.
We lay like spoons while the sinister rain dropped like flies on our lips and our glad eyes and our small hips. 
“The room is so cold with rain,” you said
and you, feminine you, with your flower
said novenas to my ankles and elbows.
You are a national product and power.
Oh my swan, my drudge, my dear wooly rose,
even a notary would notarize our bed
as you knead me and I rise like bread.
—  Anne Sexton, “Song for a Lady” (1969)
Essays in Existentialism: Bows

Im sure you probably saw the newest ep, where lexa bows to Clarke. Can your write something that goes deeper into it maybe the kiss we all wanted to happen. 

There should have been quiet. The world was an awful kind of silent, and yet Lexa was deafened by the pounding of her blood in her ears. She knew there had to be a kind of stillness in the world because it was night, and the lights were all burning so low that it meant people were asleep or going to sleep, and yet, all she heard was a kind of pulsating heartbeat stuck in her ears that must have woken the very Earth from its slumber. 

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skamskada  asked:

4 for the kiss prompt thing!

4. Kiss in the rain. Isak/Even (because I messaged you and asked and you said you wanted that and romance)

Isak’s hand slipped from Even’s, fingers water-slick and cold, and Even’s momentum carried him two steps forward before he came to a halt and whirled around, holding onto the hood of his sweatshirt he’d pulled over his hair with the other hand.

“Isak!” he called on a laugh, cheeks hot against the relentless onslaught of the rain. He watched Isak lick a drop of rain off his lips and licked his own lips, tasting the rain water. It felt like the hoodie was doing fuck-all to protect his head and face from the rain, but he knew that wasn’t true so he kept it on even though he felt like pushing the increasingly soggy fabric back off.

“Come on!” he said, holding out his hand to Isak again. Would it be easier to run from the sudden shower if they weren’t holding hands? Undoubtedly. Was Even going to hold Isak’s hand anyway? Absolutely.

“You come on,” Isak said, raising his voice a little over the rain and taking Even’s hand, only to give it a little pull that had Even stumbling forward. Laughing, Even followed the pull on his hand until he was stood nose to nose with Isak, Isak’s smiling face tilted upwards.

“Hi,” he grinned.

“Hi,” Isak grinned back, triumph glittering in his eyes.

“We’re standing in the rain,” Even pointed out. Not that there was any way Isak could have missed it, with the way the rain ran down his face and clung to his lashes.

“Yup, we are,” Isak agreed and let go of Even’s hand to wrap both arms around Even’s neck. “And you’re going to kiss me.”

Even laughed again and wrapped his arms around Isak’s waist in turn, pulling him into a hug, the tip of Isak’s nose cold where he pressed it against Even’s neck.

“Am I?” Even murmured, not sure Isak could hear him with how the rain and the fabric of Isak’s clothes muffled his words. But Isak hummed something that sounded like a confirmation, so Even grinned to himself and pulled back to brush his nose against Isak’s.

“I love you a lot, you know that?” he said.

“Yeah, I know that,” Isak said, slipping one hand into Even’s hood to curl his fingers into Even’s hair at the back of his neck. “I love you too.”

An involuntary shiver crept down Even’s spine at the cold of the touch and he shook his shoulders against it before he put his own hand on Isak’s cheek.

“Why do you wanna kiss in the rain? Isn’t that a bit cliché?” he asked, eyes already halfway shut, and mouth more than halfway to closing the distance to Isak’s. When Isak answered, his hot breath branded the words right into Even’s lips.

“Cliché is what our relationship is built on,” Isak joked. “ And anyway, everyone always says it’s shit in real life but I’m sure if I did it with you it would be great.”

Even could practically taste the smile on him when he connected their lips.

It was slicker than usual; wet all over and every part of Isak’s skin Even touched cool except the heat of his mouth. Still, the damp in his clothes, the chill on his thighs and knees from his wet jeans, the vague sense of annoyance that their lovely walk had been interrupted by the weather - that all fell away at the touch of Isak’s lips, the way he opened his mouth to Even, the slow way he leaned closer, pressed their bodies together more tightly. His fingers were cold where he cradled Isak’s face, but there was a smile stuck in the back of his throat that threatend to make him break the kiss any moment. Isak hummed a pleased noise, smoothing both hands down Even’s chest, seemingly unbothered by the way the rain ran into their mouths when their lips separated as they readjusted the kiss.

“I was right,” Isak said, voice low and intimate, and the smile broke free from where Even had held it back, plumping his cheeks and making him pull Isak into a hug again, body instantly soaking up every single bit of heat he gave off.

“Might I suggest we run home and continue this in the shower anyway?” he offered, swaying on the spot a bit with Isak in his arms.

Isak laughed into the juncture of Even’s neck and shoulder and then pulled away from him, linking their hands again.

“Let’s go home then.”

There was another tug on Even’s arm, and then they were off again, flying down the streets.

(Prompt me a kiss!)

hollyspacey  asked:

Ok, I would like to request #10, Falconshock. THANK YOU!! :)

i’m having so much fun with these! hope y’all aren’t tired of them yet, because i have quite a few prompts left. ❤️❤️❤️

“I, uhh—I should probably go,” he said, not looking away from her mouth. Darcy idly thought it might be tough for him to walk away when he was still gripping her waist so tightly, but she didn’t say anything. It might ruin the mood.

Debris tumbled past, quickly followed by a streak of red, white, and blue, reminding her that this really wasn’t a good time for any kind of mood at all. As he moved past, Steve yelled, “Either kiss the girl or don’t, Wilson, but don’t just stand there! We gotta job to do.” He punctuated the statement with a forceful throw of his shield into one of the monster’s torso. It fell to crumbling pieces with an ear-piercing shriek.

“You heard the man. Captain’s orders,” Sam teased with a confident grin, leaning down to kiss her. Only to be stopped by Darcy’s fingers on his lips, gently pushing him away.

“I don’t want you to kiss me because your captain orders you to,” she snarked, taking a step back to break his grip on her waist. When Sam opened his mouth to backtrack, she rescued him from his floundering with a gentle grin. “I know it was a joke, Sam. It’s okay. And I’m happy to give you a rain check, really. But right now doesn’t seem to be the right time.” She gestured over his shoulder at the deformed creatures who were now moving down the street in their direction.

Sam seemed to agree with her assessment, if the way his shoulders tightened and his hands reached up to bring his goggles over his eyes was any indication. He turned back to her, keeping the threat in his peripheral vision. “Rain check,” he confirmed, his voice low and gravelly and ready for battle.

“Great,” she said, offering him a thumbs up. “Come find me when you’ve no longer got battle lust, or whatever, and we’ll find out if this is real.” She motioned a finger between them.

He snapped his wings out, nodding once. “You got it, Darce.” And then he was flying away, and she was picking her way through the rubble back to the relative safety of the tower.

Sam didn’t show up after the battle. After a few hours of waiting on the couch, Darcy shrugged and went to bed, ignoring the heavy weight of disappointment that lingered in her gut. I guess he decided it wasn’t real after all.

She put it behind her, going on with life as usual. Which was why she was really surprised to see Sam two days later, leaning against the wall across from the lab when she left for the evening. He looked amazing, clean and sharply-dressed and missing the grime from battle, but then again he always looked good. Even scruffy and covered in dirt.

Sam looked up as the door to the labs swooshed open, pushing off the wall with his foot. He held a bottle of wine loosely between his fingers, cradling it by the neck. A bouquet of flowers drooped in his other hand, and she wondered how long he’d been waiting outside the door. A while, based on the look of them.

As he grinned at her, smile stretching all the way across his face and lighting up his eyes with that mischievous look she loved so much, Darcy absently wondered if she’d ever met someone so beautiful. Probably not, and definitely not when he was so happy.

“Hey, Sam,” she said, looking at him in confusion. After he hadn’t shown up after the battle, she’d assumed he wasn’t interested. But that theory was clearly missing some key data, based on the wine and the flowers.

“Hey, Darce,” he replied, holding out the bouquet. “I wanted to wait until you knew for sure it wasn’t just battle lust or whatever the hell you called it.” He grinned sheepishly and shrugged a little. “But I think I might’ve waited too long. Still up for that rain check?”

“I might be,” she said, eyes dropping to his lips. The grin spread wider, captivating her. “Depends on who those are for, though.” She gestured toward the flowers she still hadn’t taken, but her eyes never left his mouth.

“My Mama taught me to always come prepared with an apology,” he said. “They’re for you, if you’ll have them. And me, too, I hope.”

Darcy stepped closer until they were chest to chest. Rising to her tiptoes, she pulled him down to her with a hand on his neck. “I think that can be arranged,” she murmured against his lips, then kissed him. His hands wrapped around her waist, and she forgot all about the flowers and the wine; the sweetness of his mouth against hers was all she needed.

100+ Kink Challenge 15

Kink #80 (New List): Outdoor Sex

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Rating: Explicit

Word Count: 939

Warnings: Outdoor Sex, Unprotected Sex, Sexual Language

Requested by: @codenameruby <3 

Check out these nuggets that are doing this crazy shit with me @helvonasche @madamelibrarian @formidablepassion @lucibae-is-dancing-in-hell​

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