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A Detailed List of Candles

I thought I would type up an extremely detailed list of candles today.

Of course you have you basic chime candles, but there is so much more! Here I’ll begin with the basic candle colors then go down through the list.

White: Protection, purification, peace, truth, binding, sincerity, chastity, happiness, exorcism, spirituality, tranquillity, can be used in any ritual, new begins, banishing, uncrossing, road opening. planetary magick, working with spiritual guides/assistants/friends.

Red: Protection, strength, health, energy, sexual attraction,vigor, lust, sex, passion, courage, exorcism, love, power, woman mysteries, mother goddess, Fire and working with its spirits, destruction, and masculinity.

Black: Absorbing and destroying negativity, creating negativity, jinxes, tricks, curses, protection, healing, banishing, attracting money, work with psychopomps, Crone, breaking addiction, astral travel, and spells to work with the spirits of the night. 

Blue: Understanding tranquillity, great for healing, meditation, patience, happiness, overcoming depression, work with spirits of the air, sky deities, rain spells, change, flexibility, subconscious mind, psychic powers, healing, water, ocean spells, and working with the Crone

Green: Earth, plants, healing, grounding, working with the Mother, working with the Hunter, money, finance, fertility, prosperity, growth, good luck, employment, beauty, youth, success in gardening, and gambling.

Gray: Neutrality, cancellation, stalemate, working with ghost, opening the veil, finding hidden things, psychic powers, and waxing & waning moon magick

Yellow: Color of air, charm, attraction, study, persuasion, confidence, divination, good fortune, psychic powers, wisdom, vision, sleep, health, metabolism, raising vibrations, and the mind.

Brown: Working with animals, healing animals, home, the hearth, and justice and legal work.

Pink: Love, honor, fidelity, morality, friendship, attraction, emotional healing, glamour, and self love.

Orange: Adaptability, stimulation, attraction, encouragement, legal matters, Solar magick, creativity, and spirituality.

Purple: Power, healing severe disease, spirituality, medication, exorcism, ambition, business progress, tension relief, command, compel, and control spells, and domination.

Most of these things have come from Kitchen Witchery by Marilyn F. Daniel, but then I have continued to add on as I’ve continued my path. I highly recommend the book if you are pagan or Wiccan.

I am going to leave out colors like gold, silver, and copper. I feel like those are very self explanatory. If they’re not reblog and I’ll type up another detailed list.

Now on to candle shape

Multiple day candles

Seven day candles! These candles are often called vigil or prayer candles. You can go to your local Botanica and buy some or you can order them.

Traditional these candles are prayed over and burned sequentially through out seven days. They are typically one shade, so use the list above to determine what you need it for. These candles are often dressed (anointed), by being removed from the glass and being carved, being drilled into, through the wax, and being stuffed full of herbs. They also sell different sizes of these candles, like an 128 hour candle. If you have a working deity like for example Hecate, you can then buy one of these monstrous candles and dedicate it to her, and save yourself some money. Don’t worry she’ll approve of the usage, but you can also find these candles with the name of the Orisha or a specific condition you wish to bring about. These candles also come as dressed or undress spell candles. You can by a vigil candle call Follow me boy/girl! or Lucky 7/ 7/11 candles, and etc. There are so many out and to truly write about each one deserves a separate post.

Then there is the famous seven or nine knobbed candle. These candles are often dressed and then prayed over for the amount of knobs there are. (If there is nine knobs then you burn a knob a day).

Figurine Candles

Adam and Eve/Lady and Gentleman  candles

These candles are simple suppose to be representative of a person. If you typically make wax poppets, I highly recommend being a lady and gentleman candle or the Adam and Eve candles. The only difference is one group is naked and the other is fully clothed. These are candles used when the spell is suppose to target a person or yourself. Carve your name/persons name on the bottom, and dress the candles. These candles come in a variety of shades, so again use the list above when selecting a candle. Two of these candles (same gender or opposite gender) can be tied together and burned to make two parties fall in love with each other. You can also burn each candle bit by bit to bring two people together, as you move the candles together in a line towards each other. 

Bride and Groom candles

These candles are designed to be used in relationship work. Blue can be used to smooth out any relationships, black for cursing and serration work, red for passion and love, pink for fidelity and love, white for marriage, spirituality, and new beginnings for a couple. I do not know when they began to sell these candles, but there are also Bride and Bride candles, and Groom and Groom candles! If you can not find one of these candles either use an Adam/Gentleman with an Eve/Lady, Eve/Lady with an Eve/Lady, or an Adam/Gentleman with an Adam/Gentleman candle for the relationship work. Just burn them side by side. I recommend using the Lady and Gentlemen candles for this purpose. 

Lover Candle and Heart Candle

These candles are mainly used in love magick. Lover candles are often used to instill passion, and Heart candles can be used in all forms of magickal love working!

Divorce Figurine Candle

Pretty self explanatory. Used to end a relationship between two parties, but also can be used to end a relationship that you are end. If one party is unwilling to move you can burn a divorce figurine (to remove them physically) and preform a cord cutting (getting rid of their emotional and spiritual connection to you) to get them out of your life. I would like to note, that if you are reading this and are in abusive relationship and think about preforming one of these spell, please reach out to those around you and call the police, and head to your friends house or local woman’s shelter. They have resources to help you deal with the abuse. Magick can help us in so many ways, but we must be the active parties to help ourselves.

Gargoyle Candle

Used for protection and I often use this candle to work with my protective spirit friends. I often have a giggle when I order this candle. I order this candle from Lucky Mojo and they have it labeled with “Gothic Cuteness”. I love that company!

Two tone candles

These candles often have two types of wax, and typically deal with removal of a curse. You will see these sold as double action or reversal. You have red and black (reversal or send back to sender), green and black (removal of a money jinx), and red and black (removal of love jinx).

Master Candle or Master Hand Candle

These are extremely powerful candles. These bring about conditions, and are unforgiving. Make sure to be careful for what you use them for. They come in many different shades, so refer to the list of colors above when choosing one.

I don’t necessarily uses all of these candles, but as the saying in my group goes. Knowledge is a witch’s truest power, because if we understand we can move and bend what stand in our way. 

I don’t remember where most of this information as comes from since it is coming out of my spell book. A lot of this information as been passed from mouth to mouth and passed on to me. I hope this helps everyone move forward in their craft or at least I hope it provides a good read!

Azure Blue

Words: 8711

Genre: Fluff, So much damn cuteness (you could die), Adventure, Fairy!Au

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Notes: Gif. This was supposes to be a lot shorter and somehow it became 8k…Whelp, here’s my early birthday present to Chim~                     

Fluttering your wings, the wind blows against your face, slipping through the strands of your hair and tinting your cheeks pink. For one slight moment, you forget about your sickness until a certain someone screams your name.

“Y/N! Y/N!” Your heart accelerates and you try to fly away faster and faster.

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Suffer Little Children

First Next | AO3

Anakin let out a loud, delighted cry when the ship entered Sadu’s troposphere, and flew into a bank of storm clouds, pregnant with water and lightning. The boy pressed his face to the transparisteel, fascinated with the violent view. Three years away from Tatooine did not erase his almost religious adoration for rain.

(Obi-Wan was still unconvinced that Anakin did not venerate rain as an actual deity. Whenever he asked him about it, Anakin evaded the direct answer with a glee. Soon, a discussion about theoretical religions became a habit of theirs, an inside joke between two bored friends with too much imagination. Master Windu thought they were both insane when Anakin placed an altar for Azathoth, The Vengeful Tooka god of Wrath, in the Room of Thousand Fountains and convinced a few initiates to bring mashed fruit as an offering. The following morning the fruit was gone. Obi-Wan suspected it had fallen victim to Master Yoda’s sweet tooth.)

A sudden flash of blinding light filled their cabin, and the roaring thunder shook the ship as if it were a mere child toy. Anakin laughed. And even though Obi-Wan knew they were in no real danger, he watched his padawan with unease.

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Ft. a trippy rework of Björk’s “Venus as a Boy”

produced entirely out of samples that were processed through MAX/MSP/JITTER

Part I: Creating a Religion

Part II: Religious Hierarchies

Part III: Pantheons, Deities, Mythologies, etc.

BONUS: Ceremonies (birth, death, naming, sacrificing, rites of passage)

This is similar to Part III, but more specific on a single deity.


What is a deity?

A deity is a divine or supernatural being that meets one or more of the following:

  • Is worshiped by a population
  • Is given attributes and associations
  • Is recognized as a divine being

They are often referred to as gods and goddesses.

Your religion does not need deities.


You can have different groups of deities within a pantheon of deities. These groups can be separated however you want. Perhaps one group is for all the water deities (rain, storms, fresh water, salt water, waterfalls, snow, ice, etc.) or maybe the deities are separated by hierarchy.

What you do with these groups is up to you. Deities within one group might share similarities in their appearance or behavior, or each group might have a different following of worshipers, or each group might represent something as a whole (an animal or a season, for example).

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Perhaps one of the more direct examples from the neck up, here we have Tlaloc, major Aztec deity of rain and storm, channeling a form of ceramic vessel as seen in the above image taken from the Templo Mayor of Tenochtitlan. These were generally believed to have been filled with water, hung up, and bashed to pieces with a blunt instrument; the sound produced by the shattering of the vessel and ensuing fall of water was meant to simulate thunder and rainfall. 

The pot is replicated to near exactness, right down to the indentations above the brow and underneath the eyes. Of course, Kaneko elaborates upon the design with a body of translucent blue and some tastefully placed storm clouds, in order to recall his role as chief deity of the storm. 


Trying to get my mind off this week, and as a result, an au! In this au Juvia is a rain deity meant to travel and bring rain to drought villages, but due to her mood swings she caused many floods and disasters forcing humans to trap her in one village. At first, locals are diligent about visiting her shrine, however over centuries she is forgotten

I plan on having Gray in this au, depends on if I decide to continue with this

anonymous asked:

What are some rain witch things you do? Do you have any sources?

An excellent question nonny! 

I use the term ‘Rain Witch’ because I practice an inland form of sea-witchcraft that focuses on weather magic, and more specifically rain. This majorly means working with rain-related elementals and deities, in addition to using the weather in scrying, divination, and remote viewing (as a form of focused introspection of course). 

In my craft there is a definite suspension of disbelief (like you might do when you read a story) because the end goal is the mental effect or emotional understanding, rather than outrageous claims like controlling the weather. But tasks such as predicting the weather are certainly reliable within the craft, because it relies on a mixture of significant folklore/superstition in addition to a direct scientific observation of cause and effect.

When it comes to my spells and rituals, I write each one unique for myself (as is common among practicing witches). I do however reference several books regularly for inspiration and understanding of the parts that may be used in culturally significant rituals, and then re-apply them to the context of a modern period practitioner with no significant cultural ties. And then you get something completely different.

Here are some books I would recommend if you are interested in learning more:

Earth Power: Techniques of Natural Magic by Scott Cunningham

Earth, Air, Fire & Water: More Techniques of Natural Magic by Scott Cunnigham

these books have a decent section on rain/weather magic and some examples of what you might expect to see when creating your own weather-based spells.

Weather Wisdom: Facts and Folklore by Albert Lee

a complete collection of weather superstition, folklore, and science. An extremely useful book for any weather-based witch because of its comparison between superstition and scientific phenomena.

The Wisdom of Water by John Acher

a good book, but take it with a grain of salt. The author has an extremely romanticized view of nature to the point that he demonizes science. This would normally kill the book for me, but he has a certain talent for obtaining primary sources that are extremely obscure but well-informed. If nothing else this book is an excellent stepping stone into other books and culture’s views on rain / magic.

General Theory of Magic by Marcel Mauss

this book is useful no matter your path. It gives solid theory behind the practice of magic and ritual, and gives the reader a working explanation of sympathetic magic - which is ultimately the basis for all rain-magic. 

Golden Bough: A Study in Magic and Religion by James George Frazer

any experienced practitioner should be familiar with this book, because it’s a beast of information. It has around 24 pages of rain magic (not including other forms of weather) and is simply packed sentence after sentence with brief synopses of practices and beliefs from around the world. An extremely informative and inspiring read.

I hope this answered your question!! 

A quick look at: Chac, the Maya rain deity. 

Chac, being the rain god, was closely associated with life and creation. As one might expect, Chac was the all-important deity for the ordinary Maya farmers in particular, whose primary concern was the well-bring of their maize fields.

Chac is presented in the codices with a reptilian face, 2 downwards-facing fangs coming out of his mouth, and a long (usually down-curling) snout. Throughout the Maya area today, the mask panels with this signature long, curled nose, probably represent the head of Chac. Often the nose will be broken off, but the example shown above from Chichen Itza is one typical, and well-preserved example.

Chac had 4 principal aspects. Each of these were associated with a colour and linked to a particular cardinal direction. The great festival named ocna (“enter the house”) was held yearly in the mouth of Yax or Chen, in honour of the Chacs. In order to determine an auspicious day to hold the ceremony, the Bacabs were consulted: who were 4 gods held in close association with the Chacs. Incense burners and idols were renewed during this ceremony.

Photo taken by Dennis Jarvis. When writing up this post, Sylvanus Griswold Morley’s The Ancient Maya (Stanford Uni Press), was of use.

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#*spank me daddy* O'Brien whispers in the background

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Someone reads my tags lol You’re damn right! I’m telling you, that’s absolutely Dylan’s reaction upon seeing Hoech wielding that paddle like a Dom Pro in the trailer. 

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Tian - Heaven Di - Earth

Just for fun of knowledge i’ve been reading about many chinese gods, and one of them was Tian as I got into his wiki section some things got into to my eyes, well what do you know he is a god related to Heaven and Earth (“Tian is often translated as ”Heaven“ and is mentioned in relationship to its complementary aspect of (), which is most often translated as ”Earth“.),("They are thought to maintain the two poles of the Three Realms (三界) of reality, with the middle realm occupied by Humanity (人, Ren).”)

And what do you know… Tian is often despicted as god with big Forehead/Head, as his forehead is symbol of power, Tian also known to have Third Eye, which is on his forehead!

Human forehead; head, cranium. 人的額部; 腦袋., heavenly goddesses scatter blossoms [a Vimalakirti Sutra reference to “Buddha’s arrival”]

Blossoms, wow, why does Tian’s section is so full of things related to Sakura?


(1) A material or physical T'ien or sky, that is, the T'ien often spoken of in apposition to earth, as in the common phrase which refers to the physical universe as ‘Heaven and Earth’ (T'ien Ti 天地).

And then there is Tian Shu Zhu “The Sun God and the Wind Deity”

now then let’s look how is this how despicted,hmmm:

This really remind me of something I wonder what:

Now let’s see what else is there…

The central strip shown from the above list is marked by a sun deity and a moon god at the two ends in a very consistent manner. A Garuda (mythical bird) is usually shown in the middle. And one or two wind deities, a rain god (Naga) and a standing Buddha or monk with flames often appear in between.

Hmm, Buddha with flames? Why does it remind me of something let’s see,

Oh Kishimoto you seem to use a lot of references no?

The symbols of the sun (star) and the moon (crescent),

hmph cresent moon, sun/star… could it be?

Anyway it’s just fun to find things like that out of nowhere! I love to find sources that might be related to manga’s, thought this time I wasnt searching for it I found it on accident ^^