rain cycling

“Let it be to kill the demon.”

He fell quietly from her arms.

He was a king.

💧Water Correspondences💧

💧 This is a little compilation of correspondences from my grimoire 💧

🔵 Sea Water: Cleanse, purification, banishing, protection. Perfect for Mermaid Magic.

🔵 River Water: Movement, change, progress, and new opportunities. Good for cleansing items on the current. Good for Fae Magic.

🔵 Lake Water: Peace, meditation, strength, reflexion, knowledge, relaxation. Good for Fae Magic.

🔵 Rain Water: Cycles, creativity, inspiration, energy, cleanse, growth.

🔵 Snow Water: Transformation, cleanse, purification, new beginnings, protection, a little bit of everything.

🔵 Cistern Water: Healing, wishes, growth, psychic abilities.

🔵 Dew Water: Prosperity, growth, birth, fertility, wishes, beauty.

🔵 Stream Water: Purification, cleanse, rebirth, harmony.

🔵 Swamp Water: Banishing, hexes, curses, binding, attracts and keeps negativity.

🔵 Moon Water: This type of water is special. It’s water made for keeping Moon’s energies, it can be used in all kinds of Moon related magic. Also pretty useful for cleansing, balance and giving your spells an extra boost.

💧 Some tips: 

🔵 Different sources of water can have different elements such as metals dissolved on it, and this gives it more effects. For example, copper for love, sulfur for banishing or salt for protection.

🔵 Check if rain is drinkable in your area, you could make many things with it! as teas or drinkable potions.

🔵 As Moon water, you can also make water with the energies of other celestial bodies as stars, planets and more!

💧With love, Nao💧

Completely self-indulgent malec fluff, summer, love, animals etc and most likely AU, inspired by this pic 


They leave the car in town, rent bikes to explore the landscape, their bags fastened on the bicycle racks.They’re in awe of the vastness of the wonderful countryside all around them as they cycle along an earthy but even path, green meadows, trees of all shapes and sizes, fields of crops and flowers and a lake in viewing distance. Magnus reaches out a hand towards Alec who’s next to him and a moment later their hands are entwined and they’re smiling, their chests filled with overwhelming content.They arrive at a farm, are offered the nicest, fresh food they ever tasted and a room so quaint and lovely it didn’t take them a minute to decide to stay here. The bed is kingsized and Magnus bounces as Alec pushes him onto it, the look of surprise on Magnus’ face making Alec laugh before he covers his boyfriend’s body with his own, their giggles lighting up the house, until nothing but the sound of kisses can be heard - if one eavesdrop at their door.

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The street rat AU is so precious! I love it! Could we get some more of that please?

Looking up at a warning beep, Qui-Gon shifted his long legs to get up and leave the garden, grumbling a bit. He had only just reached meditation state damn it, he didn’t want to vacate the garden just yet.

But the only other option would be to get wet by the rain cycle falling.

He’d almost left the room when the Force gave him a little tug.

It was almost small enough that Qui-Gon didn’t notice it but he did and therefor turned back to the garden even as water started to fall and moisten his tunic.

‘Well then, what now…’ He wondered as he let the Force guide him back into the meditation garden as water fell all around, giving the plants the nourishment they needed.

Uncaring of his water soaked tunic and hair, Qui-Gon moved to the middle of the room and looked about, frowning a bit in confusion when the Force stopped. And then he heard something that was not rain falling.

A snuffle that was followed by a little hiccup.

Qui-Gon reached out with his Force ability and almost groaned when he brushed against an all to familiar signature in distress. “Obi-Wan?” He offered worriedly, hearing a small shuffle and then the rustle of a bush. “Obi-Wan I know you’re there, come out little one.” He offered more calmly.

The air filled with hesitation before there was another rustle and Qui-Gon could feel Obi-Wan moving towards him.

Crawling out of a few bushes to the left of the Jedi Master, Obi-Wan came into sight and straightened up, blinking at the master.

And suddenly Qui-Gon saw exactly why the other had been hiding away.

Obi-Wan was sporting a black eye and a split lip, there was blood on his tunic and he was shaking, his clothing soaked by the rain cycle.

“Obi-Wan!” Qui-Gon moved to him and knelt down, blue eyes wide in shock and worry as he put large hands on slim shoulders. “Child what happened?”

The little one trembled before pushing himself into Qui-Gon’s arms, hiccuping. From the state of his unswollen eye, it was clear that Obi-Wan must have been crying for hours from the redness.

“I’m taking you to the Healing Halls Obi-Wan. Right now.” He wrapped his arms around him and stood, feeling the child stiffen but not argue with him. That was cause for worry too as he hurried out of the gardens with a soaked and injured child on his arm.

“Master wha-Obi-Wan?” Xanatos blinked at them as he meet them in the hallway. “What’s going on? Master did you get stuck in the gardens under a rain cycle again?”

“I was about to leave when I found Obi-Wan. He requires the Halls.”

That put Xanatos on alert as he followed them, noting how Obi-Wan was oozing with distress in the Force and didn’t lift his face from the master’s tunic, just clenched his tiny fists into the water darkened fabric.

“Obi-Wan?” He questioned, brows furrowing when all Obi-Wan did was hiccup. He looked to Qui-Gon instead, grey eyes full of questions.

“Obi-Wan has a black eye and a split lip.” Qui-Gon pinched his lips together and held the little one closer.

“Obi-Wan, did Chun do that?” Xanatos questioned in alarm and cursed quietly when Obi-Wan flinched at the question. He quickly separated from his master to go find the creche master in charge of Obi-Wan.

“Did he Obi-Wan?” Qui-Gon questioned more quietly as they reached the Halls.

“…Yes.” The little imp whispered and then the healers descended on them.

Qui-Gon set the child down on a bed as the healer carefully looked at the swollen eye and split lip, tutting softly in worry as she touched him. Then he accepted the towel one of the apprentice healers gave him, carefully drying Obi-Wan’s hair first before accepting another for himself.

Creche Master Dolan arrived just as the healer started on Obi-Wan’s swollen eye, the man taking a sharp breath before moving forward while Xanatos slid to Qui-Gon’s side to observe quietly. “Oh Obi-Wan, we’ve been looking everywhere for you.” The man murmured worriedly even as Obi-Wan flinched in the healers grip. “Child what happened?”

The redhead looked at all the adults, his distress ramping up as he was overwhelmed by all the attention. Qui-Gon took the creche master by the arm. “Perhaps we should let the healer finish before we ask him. Master Dolan, may I have a word?”

“Of course Master Jinn.” He followed, giving Obi-Wan another worried glance as Xanatos settled close and took the Initiates hand, holding it as he was healed.

“I found him in one of the meditation gardens. Rain cycle.” Qui-Gon explained quietly. “He indicated that Initiate Chun was the cause of his distress.”

“I…see.” Dolan sighed and rubbed his face. “Bruck is…he seems to enjoy lashing out towards other Initiates. I was very worried when I couldn’t find Obi-Wan anywhere, we’ve been looking for him for hours.” He confessed quietly. “Normally I wouldn’t worry so much but he missed all his lessons, something Obi-Wan doesn’t do. He’s punctual to all his lessons.”

“Did you inform anyone?”

“I was about to when Padawan Du Crion came to fetch me. Thank you for finding Obi-Wan.” Dolan gave a half smile at him, a knowing one.

Qui-Gon smiled back before sighing. “What will be done about Initiate Chun, this is…this is far beyond normal taunting. I imagine he’s in good shape if you had no suspicions.”

“Yes, I will have to speak to the Council, perhaps get Bruck and his friends to go see the mindhealers and…” Dolan hesitated. “And I might have to put in the question if they are suited for the Jedi life.”

The Jedi master jerked to in surprise before nodding slowly in understanding. “I see.” What else could he say to that, it was a serious thing, this entire thing was serious.

“As it stands…I won’t bring Obi-Wan back to the creche while I deal with Bruck. Would you consider keeping him in your quarters for a few hours, make sure he eats and that he’s comfortable?” Dolan tucked his hands into his sleeves, staring up at Qui-Gon.

“Of course. He’ll need new clothes though, his are wet and bloody.”

“I’ll send one of the padawans in the creche with a new set.”

“Thank you Master Dolan.”

“No Master Jinn, thank you for finding Obi-Wan. We may not speak to loudly about it, but he is bright in the Force.”

The two shared small smiles.

fun things I want for S4 that probably won’t happen:

  • when a sim ages to elder their smart phone downgrades to a flip phone.
  • a patch that introduces a simple rain cycle (which is expanded when a seasons ep if released).
  • playpens for toddlers to keep them contained/give them time outs
  • teens being embarrassed when sick bc their covered in spots/swirls
  • children having crushes/first loves or thinking crushes are icky
  • toddlers being able to shout “forbidden words”
  • children and toddlers being able to have imaginary friends
  • newspapers being delivered with mail and giving your sims moodlets for reading them (angry or sad over bad news/politics, playful from comics section, flirty from a personal ad, sad over obituaries, bored from a wordy editorial, etc) and coupons for books, seeds, etc
  • dating sites along with the ability to be set up on blind dates
  • gossip articles/websites and moodlets based on whether it’s flattering or demeaning for your sim, their SO, their enemy, etc
  • personal stuffed toys that have emotional moodlets and can be loved into adulthood
  • toddler-friendly playground equipment
  • S W I N G  S E T S
  • rentable movies that imbibe moderate moodlets and “special” movies that make sims flirty, or embarrassed if caught watching them.
We have not touched stars,
nor are we forgiven, which brings us back
to the hero’s shoulders and a gentleness that comes,
not from the absence of violence, but despite
the abundance of it. The lawn drowned, the sky on fire,
the gold light falling backward through the glass
of every room. I’ll give you my heart to make a place
for it to happen, evidence of a love that transcends hunger.
Is that too much to expect? That I would name the stars
for you? That I would take you there? The splash
of my tongue melting you like a sugar cube? We’ve read
the back of the book, we know what’s going to happen.
The fields burned, the land destroyed, the lovers left
broken in the brown dirt. And then it’s gone.
—  Snow and Dirty Rain, Richard Siken

Desert plant + planet correspondences brainstorm:

Sun (warmth, power, strength) - Palo Verde tree, for it’s unique photosynthesizing trunk, it’s golden flowers, and spring warmth. Chia seeds for their life-sustaining protein and hydration; lots of power in a small package. Honey Mesquite for it’s sweet golden bean pods, nourishing and plentiful.

Moon (dreams, emotion, mystery) - Datura (TOXIC) for it’s hallucinogenic powers, and dangerous visions. Star Jasmine for it’s white, sweet smelling blossoms, which bloom at night. 

Mercury (healing, communication, magic, travel) - Cottonwood tree, for it’s wind-borne fluffy seed dispersal (good for wishes). Aloe Vera for it’s soothing healing properties. Citrus trees, and their acidic, immune boosting fruit. Encilia for it’s healing tea. 

Venus (love, beauty, art) - Cactus blossoms for their brief but radiant beauty. Citrus blossoms, the sweetest flowers in the world. Prickly Pear fruit for it’s nourishing sweetness. 

Mars (war, aggression, bravery) - Cactus thorns, for their sharpness. Cheesebush (ambrosia salsola) for it’s pungent chemical protection. Ocotillo spines for their spear shape. Mormon Tea for it’s energizing caffeine-like zing.

Jupiter (Growth, prosperity, Increase) Juniper Berries, powerfully protective like their cousin cedars. Desert wildflowers like Sand Verbena and Evening Primrose, for their lush seasonal abundance after rain.

Saturn (Purification, Binding, Reduction) -  Century Plant (agave americana) for it’s rebirth-focused life cycle. Creosote, for it’s powerful antiseptic cleansing and emetic purifying properties. Mistletoe for it’s diligent, parasitic hunger. Chiles, and their cleansing capsaisin.

Uranus (Inspiration, invention, individuality) - Lantana flower clusters; source of childhood divination games. Various succulents, with their ingenious water saving adaptations. Tumbleweeds, for their famously unique method of seed dispersal.

Neptune (Intuition, empathy, adaptability) - Ocotillo leaves, only drawn out by rain. California Sagebrush, for it’s (especially menstrual) pain relief, reliance on the rain/dormance cycle, and pleasant smell.

I’m unfamiliar with Pluto, and unsure what to associate it with. Gonna leave it out of this list.

Give me feedback, desert witches/folk!! What do you think of local plants, and the planets. Do you have correspondences different from mine? Argue them with me; I had a hard time placing sagebrush. Let’s pool ideas.

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Same-age AU is super cute my friend!! Could you do some more fluffy pining? I just want more time spent together!! Nothing overt maybe just homework or sparring and them /noticing/ each other like THAT. (Maybe some background giggling Qui-gon and a groaning Mace)

To be perfectly honest, he and his master had been on four missions, back to back, each one longer then the other and each one just as tiring as the last. The fact that he had fallen asleep while meditating in the Thousand fountains gardens was not exactly a surprise.

The only surprise was that someone had found him.

Because Obi-Wan knew all the best hiding spots.

But he wasn’t going to complain about the hand carding through his short hair and caressing slowly and almost gently, making him melt even more in his half drowsy state.

“Hey, Kenobi, the garden is due for a rain circle, you best wake up.” A voice tried to rouse him, prodding at him with finger that was more then likely attached to a body.

“Le’me be.”

“I know what you tried to say but at best that was the most slurred I’ve ever heard you talk, and that includes the mission where you fell in the river after getting bitten.”

The voice sounded amused and Obi-Wan forced his eyes open to look up into deeply amused blue eyes. “…Skywalker?”

“Yup. Come on, its a rain cycle coming.” The hand that had prodded him in the side (and perhaps stroked his hair?) was held out to him, ready to pull him up.

Obi-Wan slowly uncurled and glanced about before rubbing his face and accepting the hand, letting Anakin pull him to his feet. The blond used a bit to much force and dragged him into his chest, Obi-Wan yelping.

“Sorry!” Anakin laughed but gave his hand a slight squeeze before stepping back.

Obi-Wan snorted and fixed his tunic, sighing as he glanced about.

“Not exactly the best place to nap you know.” The other raised his brows at him and Obi-Wan shrugged, following after the taller teen as he heard the warning noise of the rain cycle for the garden sound.

“I didn’t intend to sleep honestly. I was going to meditate.” He huffed, running his hand over his face again. “The council’s been working me and master rather hard these last few months since I recovered.” He shrugged and Anakin hummed.

“Master mentioned that. Apparently you two were requested all over the galaxy while you were recuperating.” He shrugged.

“You mean my master. Its him they ask for, not me.”

Anakin got a faintly puzzled look on his face. “No, you too, you’ve been making some waves in the galaxy too you know.”

The redhead tucked his robes around himself a bit and shrugged a bit, looking down.

“…Are you embarrassed?” Anakin sounded incredulous and Obi-Wan rolled his eyes.

“Of course not, I’m prideful and ‘perfect’ isn’t tha-”

The taller teen backed him to the wall in a flash, hands on either side of the others shoulders to keep him in place as Obi-Wan stared up, startled at the serious look on the other padawans face.

“I don’t think that anymore. I don’t know if you caught on Kenobi but I kind of like you.”

The two stared at each other.

Blue eyes dropped to the others lips and suddenly Anakin pulled back, flushing as he rubbed the back of his neck. “I just…I kind of think you’re neat okay.”

“Neat?” Obi-Wan could could feel his heart pounding against his ribs as he stared at the other.


The two quietly surveyed each other.

“…How about homework, I still haven’t gotten to cultural taboo practice.” Obi-Wan managed to get past his suddenly dry throat.

“Yeah…I haven’t done that either. And I kind of have to get diplomatic debate done too…”

“You haven’t…of course you haven’t, typical Skywalker.” Obi-Wan sighed, falling into their usual routine. The blond looked much to grateful for that.

“Hey, I bet you haven’t finished this months slicing work.” He accused, huffing a bit while crossing his arms over his dark clothed chest.

“No but I gotten a start on it.”

The two eyed each other.

“…Half an hour in the Archives? The usual table?”

“Sure. But no food, Nu almost had my head when she found crumbs at my desk.” The two shook on it before separating to head to each their own quarters and fetch the necessary homework.

“Were you honestly going to let him get caught in the rain cycle?” Mace eyed their padawans separating from the safe spot under a tent in the garden, rain falling around him and his friend.

“It would certainly be a lesson.” Qui-Gon moved his dejarik piece on the table between the two, giving a low hum. “He knows better then to fall asleep here and rest in our quarters if he’s tired.”

“As if you didn’t fall asleep in here.” Mace snorted and eyed his move with a small frown.

“Yes and Master Yan was quite happy to let the rain cycle teach me a lesson.” The older man offered brightly. “A nice soaking walk through the temple.”

“Didn’t Yoda say you caught a cold for that?”

Qui-Gon blinked and thought back. “…Oh right, and Yan got yelled at by the healers…hmm best not repeat my master’s mistake.” He chuckled.

Mace snorted and glanced back to where their padawans had gone. “…I do hope some of Obi-Wan’s work ethic rubs off on Anakin, he tends to deliver his homework late and then his teachers complain to me.”

“Once again, don’t let him corrupt my padawan.” Qui-Gon chuckled.

Made my day!

When I checked my emails just now, I had a review on Cycles of Sun that absolutely made my day and reminded me while I keep writing even when I just want to sleep.

They said that they love the When it Rains characters, but when they looked at the new FB & the crimes of grindlewald poster, they said they were confused because Hippolyta wasn’t there and they had accepted her as canon.

That, my friends, is the highest compliment! I am sat here beaming and maybe skipping! Thank you so much for everyone who has stuck with the Rain even though I have so little time to keep going!

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On his terms, or not at all.
I will be your hands, Adam thought. I will be your eyes.The Raven Boys

Adam Parrish | Photography
Characters, The Raven Cycle © Maggie Stiefvater