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💧Water Correspondences💧

💧 This is a little compilation of correspondences from my grimoire 💧

🔵 Sea Water: Cleanse, purification, banishing, protection. Perfect for Mermaid Magic.

🔵 River Water: Movement, change, progress, and new opportunities. Good for cleansing items on the current. Good for Fae Magic.

🔵 Lake Water: Peace, meditation, strength, reflexion, knowledge, relaxation. Good for Fae Magic.

🔵 Rain Water: Cycles, creativity, inspiration, energy, cleanse, growth.

🔵 Snow Water: Transformation, cleanse, purification, new beginnings, protection, a little bit of everything.

🔵 Cistern Water: Healing, wishes, growth, psychic abilities.

🔵 Dew Water: Prosperity, growth, birth, fertility, wishes, beauty.

🔵 Stream Water: Purification, cleanse, rebirth, harmony.

🔵 Swamp Water: Banishing, hexes, curses, binding, attracts and keeps negativity.

🔵 Moon Water: This type of water is special. It’s water made for keeping Moon’s energies, it can be used in all kinds of Moon related magic. Also pretty useful for cleansing, balance and giving your spells an extra boost.

💧 Some tips: 

🔵 Different sources of water can have different elements such as metals dissolved on it, and this gives it more effects. For example, copper for love, sulfur for banishing or salt for protection.

🔵 Check if rain is drinkable in your area, you could make many things with it! as teas or drinkable potions.

🔵 As Moon water, you can also make water with the energies of other celestial bodies as stars, planets and more!

💧With love, Nao💧

Completely self-indulgent malec fluff, summer, love, animals etc and most likely AU, inspired by this pic 


They leave the car in town, rent bikes to explore the landscape, their bags fastened on the bicycle racks.They’re in awe of the vastness of the wonderful countryside all around them as they cycle along an earthy but even path, green meadows, trees of all shapes and sizes, fields of crops and flowers and a lake in viewing distance. Magnus reaches out a hand towards Alec who’s next to him and a moment later their hands are entwined and they’re smiling, their chests filled with overwhelming content.They arrive at a farm, are offered the nicest, fresh food they ever tasted and a room so quaint and lovely it didn’t take them a minute to decide to stay here. The bed is kingsized and Magnus bounces as Alec pushes him onto it, the look of surprise on Magnus’ face making Alec laugh before he covers his boyfriend’s body with his own, their giggles lighting up the house, until nothing but the sound of kisses can be heard - if one eavesdrop at their door.

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We have not touched stars,
nor are we forgiven, which brings us back
to the hero’s shoulders and a gentleness that comes,
not from the absence of violence, but despite
the abundance of it. The lawn drowned, the sky on fire,
the gold light falling backward through the glass
of every room. I’ll give you my heart to make a place
for it to happen, evidence of a love that transcends hunger.
Is that too much to expect? That I would name the stars
for you? That I would take you there? The splash
of my tongue melting you like a sugar cube? We’ve read
the back of the book, we know what’s going to happen.
The fields burned, the land destroyed, the lovers left
broken in the brown dirt. And then it’s gone.
—  Snow and Dirty Rain, Richard Siken

On his terms, or not at all.
I will be your hands, Adam thought. I will be your eyes.The Raven Boys

Adam Parrish | Photography
Characters, The Raven Cycle © Maggie Stiefvater

Desert plant + planet correspondences brainstorm:

Sun (warmth, power, strength) - Palo Verde tree, for it’s unique photosynthesizing trunk, it’s golden flowers, and spring warmth. Chia seeds for their life-sustaining protein and hydration; lots of power in a small package. Honey Mesquite for it’s sweet golden bean pods, nourishing and plentiful.

Moon (dreams, emotion, mystery) - Datura (TOXIC) for it’s hallucinogenic powers, and dangerous visions. Star Jasmine for it’s white, sweet smelling blossoms, which bloom at night. 

Mercury (healing, communication, magic, travel) - Cottonwood tree, for it’s wind-borne fluffy seed dispersal (good for wishes). Aloe Vera for it’s soothing healing properties. Citrus trees, and their acidic, immune boosting fruit. Encilia for it’s healing tea. 

Venus (love, beauty, art) - Cactus blossoms for their brief but radiant beauty. Citrus blossoms, the sweetest flowers in the world. Prickly Pear fruit for it’s nourishing sweetness. 

Mars (war, aggression, bravery) - Cactus thorns, for their sharpness. Cheesebush (ambrosia salsola) for it’s pungent chemical protection. Ocotillo spines for their spear shape. Mormon Tea for it’s energizing caffeine-like zing.

Jupiter (Growth, prosperity, Increase) Juniper Berries, powerfully protective like their cousin cedars. Desert wildflowers like Sand Verbena and Evening Primrose, for their lush seasonal abundance after rain.

Saturn (Purification, Binding, Reduction) -  Century Plant (agave americana) for it’s rebirth-focused life cycle. Creosote, for it’s powerful antiseptic cleansing and emetic purifying properties. Mistletoe for it’s diligent, parasitic hunger. Chiles, and their cleansing capsaisin.

Uranus (Inspiration, invention, individuality) - Lantana flower clusters; source of childhood divination games. Various succulents, with their ingenious water saving adaptations. Tumbleweeds, for their famously unique method of seed dispersal.

Neptune (Intuition, empathy, adaptability) - Ocotillo leaves, only drawn out by rain. California Sagebrush, for it’s (especially menstrual) pain relief, reliance on the rain/dormance cycle, and pleasant smell.

I’m unfamiliar with Pluto, and unsure what to associate it with. Gonna leave it out of this list.

Give me feedback, desert witches/folk!! What do you think of local plants, and the planets. Do you have correspondences different from mine? Argue them with me; I had a hard time placing sagebrush. Let’s pool ideas.

Maybe I found paganism because I saw something divine in the natural world around me.

Maybe I wanted to see something divine in me too - wanted to realize there was nothing separating me from the rest of the world - wanted to realize I was a part of nature too.

Maybe I wanted to realize there is nothing wrong with me.  I do not need to repent. I do not need to ‘fix’ myself.  I do not need to apologize for the way my heart beats.

Maybe I wanted a path that did not have any rules that could hurt my family, or keep others out.

Maybe I wanted a way to find something greater than myself, and connect with it on my own terms.

Maybe I just loved candles, and the rain, and the moss on the trees.

Maybe I found a comfort in gods that could make mistakes - in gods that could die.

Maybe I wanted a path that asked for me to love myself and found nature was my best guide.

Maybe I wanted to find the power to change myself, to create my own traditions, and find values of my own.  Maybe I wanted to acknowledge my questions rarely have black-and-white answers.

Maybe I wanted a way to honor the deceased; a way to honor life.  Maybe I wanted to find a way that death made sense to me - a way that matched the cycling rains and moon.

Maybe I stumbled into it - maybe it made more sense the longer I fumbled my way forward. Somehow I became pagan.  And inching forward, I keep creating and changing, making this path as it makes sense to me - trying to learn to care for both myself, and others.

love is just a bloodsport
a super chill rovinsky [mix]

  1. across the universe ost - i want you [she’s so heavy]
  2. blue foundation - eyes on fire
  3. mikky ekko - we must be killers
  4. 30 seconds to mars - bad romance [lady gaga cover]
  5. halsey - trouble [stripped]
  6. cracker - low
  7. alexander ebert - bad bad love
  8. hozier - angel of small death & the codeine scene
  9. arctic monkeys - 505
  10. placebo - special k
  11. the neighbourhood - lurk
  12. the sneaker pimps - bloodsport
  13. placebo - every you and every me
  14. arctic monkeys - why’d you only call me when you’re high
  15. x ambassadors - love songs drug songs
  16. alt-j - breezeblocks
  17. daughter - landfill
  18. across the universe ost - happiness is a warm gun
  19. ms mr - dark doo wop
  20. the neighbourhood - wires
  21. panic! at the disco - far too young to die
  22. 30 seconds to mars - was it a dream

bonus tracks:
the neighbourhood - female robbery
placebo - meds & days before you came

Drown In Your Sorrow Curse

Because sometimes you want one who has wronged you to suffocate in the water the way you did, with no life line to crawl out.

disclaimer: don’t use this willy-nilly. it is designed to be a lasting curse, not a once off, so be absolutely certain you want your target suffer long term. it can be undone once you feel they’ve suffered enough.


So first things first, this is not a nice curse (not that any curse is really “nice” but, still). This curse is intended to cause your target to either have their feelings of sorrow, pain, sadness, isolation, fear, paranoia, etc amplified or to create situations in which these feelings occur and are magnified; It’s method of working really depends on your target and their current level happiness.


  • a jar with a lid (to hold your poppet and your water)
  • a cloth poppet (it does need to be cloth as you want it to soak up the water and hold it)
  • needle and thread (for making the poppet)
  • storm water (you’ll want enough to fill your jar, but if you haven’t had a good storm, you can use ice water, because the ocean is cold af and that’s where we’re stickin this guy)
  • a small but heavy stone to weigh down the poppet (or two or three, however many you want, whatever. just make sure they can fit in the poppet)
  • small strips of paper
  • a black marker or pen (I prefer marker because it bleeds through the paper, soaking the intent in completely)


(i am a very methodical person who likes things done in a certain way, so this will be a detailed step by step of what i did. you do not have to use the exact same placements as i did)

Firstly, gather all your shtuff together at your work space. Jar with lid and bowl of storm water to your left, stone(s) and poppet material in front, paper and marker to your right.

Now, create your poppet. He doesn’t need to be pretty and his stitching doesn’t have to be even (in fact, it’d be easier for the water to seep in and drown him if the stitching was slightly spaced), but you do want him to be about medium size so he can fit your stone(s). Leave a large enough hole in the top to stick in the stone(s), stuff those suckers in, and sew up the hole. Sit him back in front of you next to the food coloring. Glare at him every so often while doing the rest, if you like. Cackle manically. Take a sip of wine. Hum Delta Rae’s Bottom of the River. Whatever.

Now, take your jar and set it in front of you; then take your marker and paper and write down all the emotions you want to throttle your little dude with: sorrow (of course), fear, paranoia, loneliness, general sadness, the feeling of wanting to cry all the time. Whatever emotions you want them to feel that are sad and depressing. Toss the bits of paper in, set your marker back to your right.

Grab up your storm water and fill your jar about one third of the way; snatch up your poppet (don’t be gentle with him, he’s a little shit, remember?) and toss him in. At this point, he’s a bit chilly but he’s only got his toes in the water. Things are still okay, eh, nothing too bad, he thinks he’ll be alright. Which means now it’s time to drown him. Pour in the rest of the water, almost to the top but not over flowing and watch as it seeps into your poppet, soaking him in pain. Maybe imagine some little bubbles floating from his little poppet mouth, the bastard.

Finally, screw on the lid of the jar and stick it somewhere dark, dank, and spooky and leave it there for a good week or two…or four. The longer it’s there, the longer the curse lasts. I put mine under my sink because we don’t open it often so it’ll stay nice and dark. You don’t want any light to shine on this unless/until you want to undo it. Speaking of….


If you decide your victim has suffered enough, take the jar out from where you stashed it and take it outside. Take out your bits of paper (if they haven’t disintegrated), take out your poppet, and return the storm water to the land so it can be cleansed and reused in the rain cycle (science!) by pouring it over the ground (not near anything you like, though. this was curse water so it’s not friendly until it rains again). Trash the bits of paper and then snip snip the threads on your poppet to pop him open. Pull out the stone(s), drop them in a stream to be cleansed by the water, then set your poppet somewhere nice and sunny and let him dry out. Once the water has drained from him and he’s dry again, trash him. Boom, curse undone.

Happy cursing witchy ones!