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Well everyone has at least two or three outfits on their sheets so I thought I’d upload the full lineup…. it has every human major–supporting character. You can judge their fashion senses a bit by this….and their names from left to right, since I don’t draw some of them enough: Violet, August, Zoe, Li, Ichigo (Go), Yayoi (Yo), Ida, Samara and Danilo

Summer vocabulary in Japanese

夏 [なつ] - summer
六月 [ろくがつ] - June
七月 [しちがつ] - July
八月 [はちがつ] - August
夏至 [げし] - summer solstice
海の日 [うみのひ] - Marine Day
七夕 [たなばた] - Star Festival
お盆 [おぼん] - Bon Festival
山の日 [やまのひ] - Mountain Day
真夏 [まなつ] - midsummer
夏休み [なつやすみ] - summer holiday
日 [ひ] - sun
暑い [あつい] - hot
猛暑 [もうしょ] - heat wave
暖かい [あたたかい] - warm
晴れ [はれ] - clear weather, fine weather
日照り [ひでり] - dryness, drought
梅雨 [つゆ] - rainy season
雨 [あめ] - rain
雷 [かみなり] - thunder
湿った [しめった] - humid
動物 [どうぶつ] - animal
鳥 [とり] - bird
昆虫 [こんちゅう] - insect
魚 [さかな] - fish
蟹 [かに] - crab
花 [はな] - flower
草 [くさ] - grass
野菜 [やさい] - vegetables
べりー - berry
果物 [くだもの] - fruit
西瓜 [すいか] - watermelon
アイスクリーム - ice cream
海 [うみ] - sea
浜 [はま] - beach
砂 [すな] - sand
タオル - towel
水着 [みずぎ] - swimsuit
ショートパンツ - shorts
Tシャツ - t-shirt
サンダル - sandals
日焼け止め [ひやけどめ] - sunscreen
サングラス - sunglasses
キャップ - cap
傘 [かさ] - umbrella
テント - tent
寝袋 [ねぶくろ] - sleeping bag
扇風機 [せんぷうき] - fan
焚き火 [たきび] - bonfire
バーベキュー - barbecue 
外 [そと] - outside
公園 [こうえん] - park
庭園 [ていえん] - garden
遊園地 [ゆうえんち] - amusement park
プール - swimming pool
ピクニック - picnic
市場 [いちば]  -  market place
クルーズ - cruise
祭 [まつり] - festival
花火 [はなび] - fireworks
浴衣 [ゆかた] - yukata
風鈴 [ふうりん] - wind bell
釣り [つり] - fishing
ハイキング - hiking
キャンピング - camping
サーフィン - surfing
旅行する [りょこうする] - to travel
リラックスする - to relax
休む [やすむ] - to rest
水泳 [すいえい] - swimming
泳ぐ [およぐ] - to swim
肌を焼く [はだをやく] - to get a tan


A thunderstorm raged above Galahad. Wind whipped around him, whipped his clothes, making him cold. But that didn’t matter to him. The Circle had found him. They had taken Tristan. His staff was in his hand, already elongated to full length. Electricity buzzed and hummed along with his emotions. The storm had been his doing when he’d found out what happened. His beautiful rogue had been captured only a few hours ago. The rain pelted his clothes, making him soaked to the bone and drenched. That was nothing compared to what he had in mind for the Empire State building here in New York City. Two of the Templars had Tristan in front. The man on looked relieved to see Galahad in one piece.

Tristhad commission for @snowywinterwolf’s Modern Dragon Age AU!

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Religion is Complicated

gif is not mine

Title: Religion is Complicated

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader

Word Count: 1,583

Warnings: angst, and small amounts of fluff

A/N: This was requested by an anon! I hope you all enjoy Satan Sunday <3 <3 Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3

The rain pelted your clothes as you sat on the curb outside your house.  You weren’t sure where you were going to go.  Your family had always been strict with their religion and their rules.  You didn’t mean to upset them with your opinion.  Apparently having an opinion was earned in your home.  You realized this a little too late.

Tears streamed down your face as you sat in the rain.  It didn’t matter what happened, you now had nowhere to live, nowhere to eat, and nowhere to bathe.  This had to be one of the worst days of your life.

“Religion can be so complicated,” an unfamiliar voice uttered, as a tall man towered over you.  His hair was blond and his eyes were blue.  He was wearing jeans and a brown shirt with a green over shirt on top of it.  “I broke too many rules once.  My father kicked me out too.”

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