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You know what? I’ve only got into b.a.p during these last few months but I fell in love so hard with them and with their fandom, like seriously, babyz are one of the most chill and lovable fandoms I’ve ever got the pleasure to get in. Also, b.a.p are criminally underrated and honestly I don’t get the reason? They are fucking amazing under every point of view: they produce their own music, vocal line on point, rap line always spitting fire and their unique sound is unmistakable, all summed up in one word quality. God bless this group, these sweet sweet boys who always give everything for their fans and always work hard. 


Tabi singing purple rain 💜☔️🙆🏻


iconic f(x) performance: ‘started from the bottom’ - LA chA TA in the rain 

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[werewolf au] Yoosung proposing to Saeran?

Uh, god, I feel like this was not good enough! I mean, Yoosung’s proposal should be better! Did I make this too simple? Were there enough feels? I hate myself right now, but here you go Anon:

Saeran lay on his back, watching the rolling clouds pass by, a wistful smile on his face.

They had laid the blanket down and Yoosung was taking out their picnic. It was simple: meats, cheese, and crackers. For desert, strawberries and cream.

Saeran glanced at Yoosung. The blonde had a smile on his face as well. He never seemed to be happier than when he was doing something for others, especially when he could take care of the pack.

These days, however, it was the pack that had to step up for Yoosung. He’d graduated and opened his own veterinary clinic. MC and the twins spent days there, helping him build his reputation and people began to flood in. Yoosung’s personality and genuine empathy won them over. He had recently hired a full-time receptionist and was in the process of interviewing an assistant.

Saeran was extremely proud of the man Yoosung had become. He reached out and touched his hand. Yoosung stopped and stared at his mate, the smile widening.

“Lay down with me.” Saeran asked of him.

Yoosung’s eyes flicked to the basket, then back to Saeran. Deciding that Saeran was more important, he complied. Sighing contentedly as he lay next to Saeran. They laced their fingers together, shoulders touching, heads tipped towards each other.

“This was a great idea. I think we could both use a break.” Saeran said.

“Mmhm.” Yoosung muttered. His body trembled. He was anxious and was finding it difficult to relax, even in the peaceful meadow. He wondered that Saeran hadn’t caught onto the fact that Yoosung was unusually nervous. Maybe he just attributed it to stress from the clinic. In fact, Yoosung felt very little stress. He had so much support that even if he failed, he had a soft place to fall. Even Jumin had made Yoosung Elizabeth 3rds official veterinarian. Yoosung had cried when he’d brought her in. He could tell that Jumin was uncomfortable with the emotion, but Yoosung didn’t care. In that moment Yoosung’s heart had filled with so much love for Jumin. Jumin had endured the hug and even reciprocated after a fashion.

Zen was the only RFA member who had not visited the clinic. Yoosung understood why, his allergies prevented him from being comfortable in any Vet clinic. But he had shown his affection by sending Yoosung a gift basket on the day he opened. Most of the items were Zen’s DVD’s, but Yoosung appreciated the thought.

Everything was looking bright for Yoosung. He had begun to think of his future and what he wanted in life. Not just professionally, but personally.

He turned his head and stared at Saeran’s profile. His mate, his love, his everything. His heart leapt into his throat, suddenly overcome with emotion. Tears sprang to his eyes and fell silently onto the blanket.

Saeran, unaware, continued to stare at the clouds, a look of complete contentment and peace on his face. Yoosung had to tear his eyes away, closing them and rubbing at them with his free hand. He wiped his tears and sniffled lightly. Saeran turned his head and saw Yoosung’s distress, he let go of his hand and propped himself up on his elbow. He pulled Yoosung’s hand away from his eyes.

“Yoosung, what’s wrong?” he asked with concern.

Yoosung smiled, the sun shining in his hair, creating a halo of light.

“I just got a little emotional, that’s all.”

“About what?”

“Remember when we first met?” Yoosung asked.

Saeran groaned and lay back down, throwing his arm over his eyes. Yoosung chuckled, Saeran had hated Yoosung on sight. His hair was too yellow, his eyes were too bright, his clothes were childish, his hairclips were gay, his voice was too high pitched and girly, and annoying, he couldn’t forget, annoying. And why the fuck was he always smiling?

Yoosung lay his head on Saeran’s chest, his arm around his waist. “You got over that pretty quick if I remember correctly.” Saeran groaned again.

Their first kiss had not been pleasant, for either of them. Saeran’s only thought at the time had been to shut Yoosung up. Saeyoung had left them alone while he went to the store to pick up snacks. It had been nearing their mating week and Saeran was already on edge. Yoosung kept touching him, as if to make a point, but each touch was electric and lit another fire in him. He just kept talking and talking, Saeran didn’t even know what the hell he was saying half the time. And those eyes, so big and open, crinkling at the edges constantly because of his smiles. He kept saying his name, over and over…”Saeran, Saeran, are you listening to me? Saeran? Am I talking too much? I should probably shut up now huh? Saeran? Saeran? Do you want to play a different game? We could…Saeran?” and he’d had it. His anxiety was on high alert, his body was reacting like never before to anyone, and with that last ‘Saeran’ he turned and grabbed Yoosung’s shirt in his fist, his other hand going to the back of his neck and pulled him in in one quick motion. Their lips smacked together, teeth biting into flesh and clinking together. He’d never kissed anyone properly and neither knew what they were doing. Yoosung, surprised, widened his eyes and dropped the controller he’d had in his hands. The kiss hurt, he could taste blood as Saeran thrust his tongue into his mouth. He didn’t resist, but he floundered as to how to respond.

Saeran had pushed himself off and walked away, leaving Yoosung stunned on the couch, hearing Saeran’s bedroom door slam shut behind him.

“I guess I could have been a little smoother.” Saeran mumbled.

“All I could think about for a week after that was you, my tongue kept playing with the scab inside my mouth, where my teeth cut it. You’ve gotten a lot better at kissing since then.” Yoosung teased.

Saeran scoffed and lay his arm across Yoosung’s back, cradling him against his body.

“You’re not so bad yourself.”

Yoosung sat up and pulled Saeran up as well.

“I know you don’t like alcohol, but, will you share a glass of champagne with me?”

“You brought champagne?” Saeran asked.

“Well, yeah, I…I don’t know, I just wanted this to be special.” Yoosung blushed and looked up at Saeran in that way that always left him a stuttering mess.

Saeran sighed, tilting Yoosung’s head up with his thumb and forefinger. “Anything for you.” And kissed his nose. Yoosung’s face split into a grin and he pulled away to uncork the bottle he’d brought. Saeran took the champagne flutes out of the basket and held them ready. Yoosung pushed on the cork and it popped into the air, the bubbles cascading out of the bottle and over his fingers. He squealed in delight, Saeran laughing at his boyfriend. Yoosung carefully filled the flutes with the bubbly, setting the bottle down and taking one of the glasses from Saeran.

They looked at each other, lost in their own thoughts. Yoosung shed another tear and Saeran, head cocked, wiped it away without a word. Yoosung leaned into his hand, closing his eyes and sighing.

“I can’t imagine my life without you Saeran.” Yoosung opened his eyes and clasped Saeran’s hand in his.

“Good thing you don’t have to.” Saeran answered, taking a sip from his glass, he wrinkled his nose as the bubbles tickled the inside.

Yoosung’s heart tore through his chest watching him. It was now or never.


Saeran cocked an eyebrow at the sudden change in tone.

“These last few years have been the best of my life. Before you, I was adrift, I had no anchor, I had no hope for my future. You showed me that I could be so much more, that I could accomplish anything! You showed me that I was stronger than I’d ever thought I could be. You gave me a purpose, a family, a pack.” He set his glass down and caressed Saeran’s cheek with affection.


“Please, let me just get this out.” Saeran nodded and kept silent. Yoosung dropped his hand and, without breaking eye contact, reached into the picnic basket, laying hands on the box he’d hidden in there. He pulled it out and held it close. Saeran didn’t even glance at it, his eyes were fixed on Yoosung’s amethyst gaze.

“I love our life. I love our home, I love our pack. It’s almost perfect. And I’ve never been happier! I want this feeling to last forever! When I think about where we came from, how much we struggled to get here…” Saeran’s eyes began to water, because he knew the struggle had been his fault. Yoosung was a ray of sunshine and Saeran had been a grey storm cloud full of raging wind and rain. He’d blocked out the sun for far too long. Yoosung let go of Saerans’s hand and it was his turn to wipe away the tears. He smiled at Saeran.

“It was worth it. You were worth it. Every tear, every fear, every doubt, and every pain. I would do it all over again. And if it all ended here, I would die happy, having known you, having loved you, and having had you love me. But I want more, so much more Saeran.”

Saeran stared at Yoosung, how much more of himself could he give? Yoosung already had it all. His heart, his soul, his body, his existence.

He brought the box between them and opened it. Saeran’s eyes settled on the object set inside, confused.

“Will you marry me Saeran?” Yoosung whispered, his voice catching and cracking. He hadn’t planned to be a blubbering mess when he asked, but here he was, unable to look Saeran in the eyes for fear that he would see rejection in them. His hands trembled. Saeran wrapped his hands around Yoosung’s to steady him and waited for the blonde to look at him again. When he did, he smiled, the most joyous smile Yoosung had ever seen on Saeran.

“Yes.” Was his simple answer, whispered shyly.

“Are you sure?” Yoosung asked, anxious.

Saeran laughed and took Yoosung’s face in his hands, kissing him tenderly.

“Of course I’m sure, now, put that ring on my finger before I change my mind.”

Yoosung’s eyes widened and he scrambled to get the ring out and shoved it onto Saeran’s ring finger, then sat back, holding his hand, admiring the shine of it in the bright sunlight.

“I can’t wait for you to be my husband.” He exhaled.

Saeran sprang at Yoosung with a guttural growl, his teeth ending in sharp points and biting down on his neck, then clamping his mouth around the wound and sucking long enough to leave a bruise. Yoosung gasped and groaned at the assault, clutching at the back of Saeran’s shirt. He opened his eyes and watched the clouds quietly float by. His future even brighter.

Werewolf AU