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You know what? I’ve only got into b.a.p during these last few months but I fell in love so hard with them and with their fandom, like seriously, babyz are one of the most chill and lovable fandoms I’ve ever got the pleasure to get in. Also, b.a.p are criminally underrated and honestly I don’t get the reason? They are fucking amazing under every point of view: they produce their own music, vocal line on point, rap line always spitting fire and their unique sound is unmistakable, all summed up in one word quality. God bless this group, these sweet sweet boys who always give everything for their fans and always work hard. 

MKIT RAIN facts / profile
  • MKIT RAIN is a Los Angeles based hip hop label established in January 2016.
  • MKIT RAIN artists create hip hop songs influenced by both their Korean and American nationalities.
  • Nafla and Loopy created the label and then asked Bloo and Owen to join.


  • His real name is Nicholas Choi.
  • He was born on February 28 1992.
  • He is from Pasadena .
  • He is member of both MKIT RAIN and 42.
  • He is 162-165cm.
  • He has an eyebrow piercing.
  • He has collaborated with artists like Babylon, Dumbfoundead, Dynamic Duo and Woo Tae Woon.
  • He would like to collaborate with Frank Ocean.
  • He went to university with Killagramz. They used to exchange messages through Facebook.
  • If he wasn’t in MKIT Rain, he would like to be signed in 1llionaire.
  • He lives in the studio. (I’m not sure about this and even if it was, it is from an interview in 2016, so it might have changed).
  • Nafla was involved in a diss with CJamm. Neil (who was in the same crew as him, Young Creation) dissed CJamm and somehow Nafla got involved. It was nothing serious and there weren’t any bad feelings afterwards.
  • Nafla has a lot of respect for Just Music, specially for Swings and Vasco.
  • His top 5 favourite rappers (2016): #1Gaeko, #2 Beenzino, #3 E-sens, #4 Lobsta, and #5 G-dragon.


  • His real name is Lee Jinyoung.
  • He was born on September 9 1987.
  • He is from Seoul.
  • He is 172 cm.
  • He skates.
  • He has several tattoos: Louis Vuitton logo on his face, the word “goldie” on his neck, and a rain drop on his head.
  • He has collaborated with artists like Dumbfoundead, Code Kunst and Dope’Doug.
  • He had his first solo concert on May 20 2017.
  • He likes Drake and Kendrick Lamar.
  • He originally wanted to be a producer, but when he was in LA he though why not be a rapper, so he started working on in and dropped his first mixtape.
  • He said he wanted a cool name and a name that people can remember easily. The name “Loopy” came first from a character’s name, Loopy / Luffy from One Piece, who has an incredible punch, which can be related to Loopy’s rap which is powerful; but it also came from the English word “looping”. With “looping” he wants to say that his flow will make your head spin.
  • He lives with his family. (This is from an interview in 2016, so it might have changed).
  • He calls Nafla, “Fla”.
  • After he released “King Loopy” MyunDo dissed him, Loopy responded with “Me”, MyunDo dropped “L for Loser” and, after a while, they got over it and the story ended.
  • E-Sens is one of his role-models.
  • His top 5 favourite rappers (2016): #1Nafla, #2 Beenzino, #3 B-free, #4 Okasian, and #5 E-sens; he also added Nucksal.
  • He has a lot of respect for those who participate in SMTM.


  • His Korean name is Kim Hyeunwoong and his English name is Daniel Kim.
  • He was born on October 12 1994.
  • He was born in Korea and moved to Los Angeles.
  • He is member of both MKIT RAIN and 42.
  • He is 170-172cm.
  • He likes shopping.
  • He likes spicy food.
  • He would like to collaborate with Jennie from Blackpink.
  • He likes Kanye West and A$AP.
  • He likes old school hip hop, artists like Tupac, 50 Cent and Biggie.
  • He has several tattoos: crescent moon on his chest, a cross in a circle on his finger, “peaky” (from Peaky Blinders) and a G with a Gothic font on his right arm, flowers and Michael Archangel (this is supposition) on his left arm, “cook” (skins character) on his right hand.
  • He is friends (or at least knows) with Harin Lee, CL’s younger sister.
  • He lives with his family. (This is from an interview in 2016, so it might have changed).
  • He has a birthmark on his cheek.


  • His Korean name is Kim Hyunwoo and his English name is Owen Kim.
  • He was born on October 13 1991.
  • He was born in Seoul but moved to New Jersey.
  • He went back to Korea in 2005.
  • He is 178cm.
  • He likes and plays videogames like World of Warcraft.
  • He played basketball.
  • He is a Christian.
  • He studied English in the University.
  • He has a nostril piercing.
  • He has several tattoos: Make it, rain and drops on the middle and index finger of his right hand, Fort Lee New Jersey, 201 and praying hands on his neck.
  • He participated on SMTM3 and SMTM4.
  • He was contacted by Naflla after seeing him on SMTM3.
  • He has a duo with pH-1, called Sous Chefs.
  • His track City was produced by Groovy Room and the MV includes recordings of fans around the world.
  • His track 11 in the morning was produced by Groovy Room and mastered by The Quiett.
  • The Quiett helped him producing his firt album, P.O.E.M.
  • He has collaborated with artists like Dumbfoundead, Ja Mezz, Paloalto, Okasian and Giriboy.
  • Before being a rapper, he wanted to be a vet.
  • His brother is a producer.
  • He lives in the studio. (This is from an interview in 2016, so it might have changed).


  • His real name is Koo Youngwoo.
  • He was born on November 24th 1994.
  • He is from Los Angeles.
  • He is member of MKIT RAIN and 42.
  • He is 182cm.


  • She is MKIT RAIN’s DJ.


  • He was born in 1992.
  • Producer (I’m not sure if he belongs exclusively to MKIT RAIN).


  • He is MKIT RAIN’s manager.
  • He lives in the studio. (This is from an interview in 2016, so it might have changed).


PD: notes in italics are not confirmed, or I’m not sure about them. Feel free to send more info or tell me if anything is wrong or needs to be updated! I would really appreciate your help! :)

These facts are mainly from interviews, IG lives and @fy-mkitrain, make sure you check out their page, it’s amazing!

‘Mystery Girl’

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You’re forced to make your relationship public & He introduces you to the guys.


Nafla x Reader - Fluff

The current situation was a bit of a mess, your face was all over the Internet along with your boyfriend; Nicholas. You two had only been dating for three months, it was a secret to the world and anyone around; until now that is.

A fan had recognized Nicholas aka Nafla roaming the streets with an unknown female; you. They had taken pictures and posted it on their Instagram with the caption “Nafla’s shopping, lol” The comments on the post were all about you though, asking who you were and why you were with him. Thankfully there was no hate, they were just simply curious.

Questions went around tumblr and Instagram, everyone was talking about it; including Mkit Rain. You hadn’t been introduced to them yet, not because you didn’t want to meet but because Nicholas wanted to wait for the right time.

Nicholas sat next to you on the couch and read the comments on his recent post, a lot of people were asking about the ‘mystery girl’ wanting to know everything about her. You were shy, so this whole media explosion thing was a bit overwhelming. Your boyfriend had introduced the idea of doing a live and formally introducing you to his fans and to Mkit Rain.

So, now you were standing in front of a big black door feeling nervous and worried. What if they didn’t like me? You thought. This wasn’t the way you wanted to meet them, you wanted to introduce yourself on your own, not with help from social media.

Nicholas squeezed your hand and smiled down at you; letting you know that it was going to be ok. With a sigh you pushed open the door and stepped in, pulling your boyfriend in with you. The noisy studio went silent and soon all eyes were on you. You froze on your spot feeling sweat form on your forehead and your heart beat at an abnormal rate; this was scarier than you had imagined.

Nicholas spoke up and introduced you as his girlfriend and explained the situation with the fan. They all understood and introduced themselves to you. They found you adorable, how you were shy and blushed easily; they were happy Nicholas had found someone as loving as you.

Now it was time for the live; for Nicholas to introduce you to his fans. The thought made your mind cloudy and your chest feel heavy. What if they don’t like me? Another thought raced through your mind as you sat silently sat next to your boyfriend; who was busy setting up his phone.

He turned to look at you and noticed you were completely out of it “We don’t have to do this.” He says while holding your hand. You let out a sigh and made eye contact with him “Let’s just get this over with”

Nicholas nodded his head and pressed 'start live’ he enclosed an arm around your waist and pulled you into his side; comforting you. The live started off slowly, but soon it was full of comments from fans asking you questions; getting to know you. There were some rude comments. however. the sweet and curious fans had made you forget about the hate you might receive at the end.

Not everyone was going to like you and you were okay with that because you had people like Nicholas and Mkit Rain that would always be by your side and right now, that was all that mattered.

a/n; I worked two requests together; well tried to, haha! <3