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Don’t fall in love with everything: Fall in love with sunsets, with the pure and unpolluted eyes of an animal, with the flower petals in spring, with the rain beating against your window while you’re reading a book, and with people who respect your views, even if they don’t share all of them. But don’t fall in love with materialism, with the technological progress that makes machines the masters of our souls, and with people who only want to take advantage of you.
—  Sereno Sky, author of the “Lonely Traveller” novels

it’s the middle of the night. it’s been storming for hours and the rain is beating against your bedroom window. the blanket is evenly distributed between us for once. we watch cooking shows and you pull me close til i fall asleep sighing happily in your arms


anime: Spirited Away

music: Harris Cole - Rain, Part 2

“There’s a quidditch game this weekend.”

“I’m well aware.”

“You should come!”

“And why would I do that?”

“Cause I’ll be playing.”

OR: Pharmercy Hogwarts AU where Fareeha and Angela agree on many things, but still can’t seem to communicate their feelings ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Cuddling with bucky at home while it rains! 💕

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The rain was beating down hard, the windows rattling. You yawned, snuggling deeper into Bucky’s embrace, reveling in the warmth he provided. His arms tightened around you and you smiled at the sound of his metal arm whirring and the plates clicking. Despite him detesting his vibranium arm, you loved it dearly. Its sounds and quirks were now a part of you and you couldn’t imagine Bucky without it.

You leaned your head on his shoulder, eyes fluttering closed. Bucky smiled and turning his face to press a kiss to your forehead. His right hand was drawing nonsensical patterns on your shoulder and it felt good, prompting shivers to curl down your spine and all throughout your limbs.

“Do you know I love you very much?” you said softly, your head pulling back to press a kiss on his scruffy jaw. He hadn’t shaved in over three days now and you were enjoying the stubble, especially how it felt on the inside of your thighs when he teased you endlessly.

Bucky gasped in mock-surprise, a wide smile upturning the corners of his lips as he glanced down at you. His arms pulled you closer to him and he squeezed you tight. “You do? Well, what do you know? I love you, too, doll.”

You chuckled, wrinkling your nose. “Good. Because if you don’t, we have a problem.”

“The only problem here is that I think I love you more than you love me.”

You gasped at this. “Absolutely not!”

“Absolutely, yes!” he said with a laugh.

“How dare you say that, James Buchanan Barnes?”

He laughed loudly, his smile so wide it crinkled his eyes. You couldn’t help yourself and laughed along with him. He was beautiful when he was relaxed.

“Alright, alright. Equally,” he said. “Truce?”


You shook hands before you cuddled back into your boyfriend’s embrace, feeling like the luckiest person in the entire world.

Let’s Do Something (Mark Lee x Reader)

Hey everyone! I’m back the day after Christmas to give you my late present! Just because Christmas has passed doesn’t mean the winter season is over, actually, to me, it’s only just begun! This precious fluff is where your boyfriend Mark takes you back to Vancouver with him during winter break and cuteness ensues. This one is filled to the brim with young love and realizing that Mark Lee is growing into a man now! fight me he is a grown up big boy now no longer is he a baby lmao

P.S. Enjoy you some of my smol boyfriend, I would DIE for Mark lmao

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The hypnotic sound of rain beating against leaves stirred you from your jet lag induced sleep, a shiver running up your body as a chill ran underneath your blanket and raced across your skin. From the floor next to your bed, you heard an endearingly loud snore. Situated on the floor by the window on a barely inflated blow up mattress was Mark, his limbs skewed akimbo as he dozed peacefully. He didn’t seem to mind the morning chill at all, you observed, granted he was from here. You pulled your legs closer, curling up under a blanket that smelled like him, something like fresh laundry and his unique home smell.

You peeked out the window who had its curtains wide open, looking out into a mass of trees that reminded you of a rain forest you’d seen in a nature documentary. The sun wasn’t out, but the puffy clouds that blocked it out produced a bright white light. Might as well get up, you thought as you clicked open your phone to read the time. It was late in the morning, almost noon, and your chances of waking Mark up were approximately .1%, yet you would persevere.

You rolled over in bed and let your arm fall near his head, playing with the messy faded pink waves from his latest comeback. As you languidly studied your boyfriend and played with his hair, you thought how thankful you were that he had asked you to spend his winter break with him back home in Vancouver. You were extremely eager to meet his friends, visit Canada for the first time, and finally see his parents in person. You’d never met his parents face to face, having only ever video chatted with them or called them on the phone. You weren’t disappointed either, with anything. Vancouver was beautiful, with its somehow pretty rainy weather, rainforest-like foliage, and the many different things to do, both in the city and out. The moment you touched down, Mark’s parents had greeted the two of you warmly, like it wasn’t your first time seeing them, it touched your heart greatly. The two of you had ate a delicious home cooked dinner courtesy of Mrs. Lee, and then immediately collapsed in bed, barely mumbling good night, love you as you passed out.

Mark stirred under your hand as it slid down to trace the curve of his nose before tickling his Cupid’s bow. You smiled in amusement as he scrunched his face, amazed at the fact he hadn’t woken yet from all your poking.

You cooed gently, brushing his smooth cheek with your fingers, “Mark…”

He gave a whiny groan, eyes opening just enough to make out your outline. Without a word he lazily grabbed your arm and pulled you out of bed and down to the air mattress with him. You made a surprised sound as your hip hit the floor uncomfortably, Mark’s arms wrapping around you sleepily and cuddling you into his chest. You blushed when your hands met with the muscles of his chest, always seeming to forget that Mark was finally growing into his body. You gave a defeated sigh and snaked your arms around him, hugging him as close as you could, “Mark, we should get up.”

He gave a noncommittal grunt, meaning he really had no plan of moving anytime soon. His deep and croaky morning voice brought a smile to your lips as he groggily mumbled, “Why can’t we just stay in and cuddle?”

“Mark~,” you whined, wiggling in his grip.

“_______~,” he responded in kind, imitating your voice.

You huffed retracting yourself from his arms and standing up, ripping the covers from him so he was suddenly met with the same chill that woke you up. He gave a little yell, sitting up to wrestle the blankets from your grasp. You thought you had succeeded until he pushed you down on the bed and grinned, “Remember I’m a lot stronger than you are now, pumpkin.”

You blushed at his nickname for you, pouting slightly, “Mark, I wanna do something today with you.”

Seeing you look so cute in your pajamas, messy hair, and no makeup made Mark weak to your pleas, so he rolled his eyes, “Okay, what do you want to do then?”

You thought for a moment, coming up with a blank; you really didn’t know what to do in Vancouver, there was just so many options. Mark saw you struggling and allowed you to sit up, “How about I show you Stanley Park?”

You shyly glanced up at him, towering over you now, “You don’t mind?”

He gave a soft smile, pulling you to your feet and pressing a kiss to your forehead, “‘Course not, let’s get some breakfast first.”

The two of you proceeded to dress, and warmly for that matter due to the chilly weather. December in Vancouver was unforgiving, so layering was a must. Mark allowed you to do your makeup and fix your hair while he brushed his teeth, transfixed on the adorable way your tongue would stick out as you applied mascara to your lashes. You caught him staring and he looked away, embarrassed, a small satisfied smile on your lips as his ears turned pink from where they poked out from his beanie.

The two of you had a welcomed surprise when you reached the kitchen, Mark’s mom already setting two stacks of fluffy pancakes on the dining room table, a knowing look in her eyes. She set the forks and syrup down, smiling warmly, “You two lovebirds hungry?”

Mark whined at his mom for teasing them, but you just stifled your laughter behind your hand as you sat down, ready to devour your breakfast. Your boyfriend ate his pancakes at record speed, while you took careful bites, savoring the maple syrupy goodness. When you both finished and had helped Mark’s mom clean up, you grabbed coats, gloves, scarves, and an umbrella before shouting goodbye and stepping out into the cold.

Mark clearly knew his way around, luckyily, because you had no idea where anything was. The way he moved so confidentially made your heart flutter, the sureness of his steps and his firm grip on your mittened hand made a dusting of pink appear across your cheeks. The two of you approached a bus stop, waiting huddled close in the cold for a bus destined for Stanley Park to appear.

Eventually one did, but your nose and lips were frozen by the time it arrived. You both hurried onto the bus, searching for seats and settling in ones in the farthest back. You began to pull on a loose thread, trying to keep yourself from staring at Mark, who, since this morning, had been taking your breath away and making you rethink everything about him. There was a time when you could wrestle toe to toe with him, laugh at his stupid jokes, hold his hand without blushing, stand the same height as him…now you had to crane your neck and stand on your toes just to kiss him, he seemed to envelope you in his hugs, his frame much broader now. You remembered all those times Mark’s mom would secretly tell you on the phone that he was a late bloomer, always a step behind everyone else. Now he towered over them and he had a maturity that you hadn’t noticed before now.

Today, Mark seemed to be doing anything to have an excuse to touch you. Currently he was twirling a lock of your hair around his finger, amused that you were trying to distract yourself from his antics. That was something else new too, he had a newfound confidence that completely caught you off guard.

He leaned in close all of a sudden, his breath ghosting over the shell of your ear, making the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end. You could hear the smirk in his voice as he murmured, “______, why won’t you look at me?”

You were glad with carrying on without acknowledging him, but he kept prodding your side with his finger, poking your rib cage through your layers of clothing, “What do you mean? Do I have to stare at you all the time?”

“No,” he teased, nuzzling into your scarf clad neck, “I just really like seeing your eyes go wide and your cheeks all red.”

You couldn’t help but smile, about to tease him when a voice over the intercom stated, “Stanley Park.”

The two of you walked off with numerous other groups of people, families, friends, and couples huddled close together and clutched each other’s arms to feel some semblance of warmth. Mark kindly offered you his arm, a small smile on his lips as you gazed in wonder at the trees strung with beautiful lights, all aglow and bright. Although it was still daytime, the cloudy sky darkened your surroundings and seemed to masquerade as the night. It was like you and Mark were traveling through a tunnel of starlight, illuminating your smile as he tugged you along. He was eager to show you different things, telling you that the park was so huge, it couldn’t possibly be covered in a day. A holiday event of sorts was taking place at the time, vendors with carts of treats and steamy drinks lined the pathways, people lining up to indulge in some sweets.

Mark pointed to one of the vendors, his eyes eager, “Wanna get some hot chocolate? It’ll warm us up for sure.”

You nodded happily, allowing him to pull you toward the line, his arm wrapping around your shoulders to shield you from the cold. Mark didn’t seem to bothered by the dropping temperature, but you sure felt the cold creep to your very bones, making you visibly shiver. As you inched up in line, Mark noticed you trembling beside him, “_______, are you really that cold?”

Your teeth chattered, lips frozen as you sassed him back, “Of course I am! I’m not some Canadian snowman like you.”

Mark chuckled, his funny little laugh that made people whip their heads around to stare at him in confusion. And you loved that about him. He was trying to stifle his laughter as he suggested, “I know an old trick to warm you up.”

He grasped your hands in his own, pulling them up so his lips rested on your gloved fingers. You blushed as he held your gaze and blew hot air onto your fingers, your skin tingling from the temporary warmth his breath gave you. He spoke up again, a little smirk on his lips, “And if that doesn’t work, then I use my special technique, which only works on you.”

“W-what’s that?,” you teeth clattered, wanting them to do desperately stop their insesant shaking as Mark leaned in close to you.

He placed his slightly chapped lips onto your own, wishing so desperately that you had applied chapstick earlier. But Mark didn’t seem to care as he kissed you gently, his hands cupping your face and shielding you from the cold. You had to stand on your toes but he still stooped down, being so distracted by your kiss that he hardly noticed when the hot hocolate vendor cleared his throat uncomfortably.

You and Mark broke away simultaneously, your boyfriend already rapidly ordering your drinks as his cheeks turned scarlet, and not from the cold. You tried your best to hide behind his back, pressing your forehead against his spine and grasping his coat in embarrassment. You could hear the people whispering and chuckling behind you, leaving you with little to aleveate your bashfullness.

It seemed like a year had passed before you were whisked away by Mark onto a park bench away from those who had witnessed your dramatic public display of affection. Your boyfriend saw the shyness in your expression and spoke up softly, “Hey…don’t get worked up about it pumpkin.” He knew you weren’t one for being the center of attention, so he was trying his best to help.

Mark pushed your hot chocolate into your hand, mock clinking his with yours, causing a smile to spread on your lips, “Cheers!” You sipped at the warm treat, inhaling the steaming aroma that curled into your nose and down to your lungs, filling them with heat. It was topped with whipped cream and cinnamon, a spicy and chocolately combination perfect for warming you up.

Mark suddenly laughed again, causing you to give him a perplexed look, “What’re you laughing at now, you big dork?”

He gave a boyish giggle, “You have some whipped cream on your nose.” Already leaning in he mumbled under his breath, “I’ll get it.”

Expecting him to wipe it off with his fingers, your boyfriend yet again surprised you with a kiss. His lips met sweetly with the tip of your nose, pulling away after a mere second, licking the corners of your mouth, “Got it.”

You blushed, wanting to smack him over the head, “You’ll do anything won’t you?”

“If you mean anything to just kiss you, you’re right,” he grinned, giving your pink cheek a chaste kiss before tending to his hot chocolate.

“It’s not fair,” you mused, pouting slightly. “It’s so much easier for you to kiss me because all you have to do is bend down and my face is right there.” You took a sip of your drink, “But if I want to kiss you, I have to drag a step ladder around everywhere I go just to reach you.”

Mark gave a chuckle, “You don’t have to do any of that, all you have to do is ask. I won’t ever say no, _______.” He turned to you, eyes serious, “I promise.”

You gulped, not expecting such an earnest reply from him. Why not test his promise then and now? You had nothing to lose at this point, everyone already saw you make out with him once, right? He looked so handsome in the twinkling half light, his skin glowing and rich brown eyes wide and hopeful. You couldn’t hardly stop the words from pouring out, and you didn’t want to anyway.

“Kiss me, Mark.”

Not even a second went by before he grabbed your hot chocolate and placed both his and yours on the ground. His movements were swift as he dragged your by your hip close to him, cupping your face once again and pressing kiss after kiss to your lips, nose, forehead, cheeks…it was like he hadn’t kissed you in days. All his sweet kisses contained his bare feelings, filling you with so much affection for the boy sitting beside you on the park bench.

Mark pulled away when he ran out of breath, panting slightly and sending clouds of steaming air rising into the sky, “Was that okay…?”

You tugged him close for a final kiss on the lips, proving to him that you barely had words to describe your feelings. He kept you close when you tried to pull away, whispering those three heavy words, “I love you.”

Your eyes grew bigger than dinner plates, your arms that were wrapped around Mark’s neck, tensed up, your mouth parting in shock. For you to hear those words coming from Mark first was like if he were to propose to you. You always thought you were going to be the first to say it, but he beat you to the punch.

You grinned back at him, pulling him close for a hug as you whispered, “I love you too.”

Mark seemed to sag in relief, tightening his arms around you as he embraced your smaller body. He suddenly caught sight of another vendor with their cart, one that didn’t seem to be selling food or drink. He read the sign and brightened up visibly, suddenly excited, “_______! I just got a really cool idea!”

Confused but intrigued you followed him over to the stand, catching sight of spools full of colorful string and shiny pendants resting together in bowl. Mark turned towards you, breathless, “It’s a bracelet making thing, let’s make ones for each other. Please?”

The puppy dog look in his eyes made you cave rather easily, not that you were opposed to something like this, in fact, you were rather excited. Mark really loved doing sentimental things for you, so this was a really beautiful way to tell you how much you meant to him. The owner of the kiosk had set up stools for people to sit down on while they made their bracelets, so you settled into the one beside Mark. You watched in amusement as he set upon the craft supplies like a man starved. Your boyfriend wasn’t known for his craftiness, but regardless, you would love whatever he made for you.

You already had an idea in your head, forcing down your giggles as you imagined Mark’s reaction to your creation. You made a simple braid with his favorite colors and then sneakily snatched a charm you had been eyeing without Mark noticing. You finished way before him, and watched patiently as he clumsily braided the string and slid on a charm you couldn’t quite make out onto his bracelet. He turned toward you, his smile sweet and boyish as he held up your bracelet, “A pumpkin for my pumpkin.”

You took the cute handmade present from him, smiling fondly at the charm that represented his pet name for you. You leaned over and pecked his cheek, “I love it,” you handed over your present to him, “A throwback to your iconic debut hairstyle, made with all my love.”

Mark groaned at the small mushroom charm, but buried his head in your neck and placed a daring kiss there, “Thank you, baby.” He gave you a look, “Thank you for never letting that joke die with the hair cut.”

You laughed loudly as you tied the bracelets onto each other, lacing your fingers together as Mark paid the vendor, who wore an amused look. The two of you walked off, exploring different parts of the vast park, convering not even a fourth of its total size. Mark suggested since the temperature was dropping and the rain was beginning to fall that you had back home. He looked down at you with a warm smile, “We can just watch movies, cuddle, and eat food for the rest of the day. Deal?”

By all means that sounded good to you. You definitely wouldn’t mind being under a toasty blanket with Mark as you watched your favorite movies and ate popcorn. The sky wasn’t raining as you waited under Mark’s umbrella, but it seemed to be spitting little droplets of water, the wind pushing them onto your clothes and into your shoes. You weren’t wet, just uncomfortably damp and you wanted more than anything to change your clothes into something dry and warm.

The bus taking you home couldn’t come fast enough, Mark taking the same seats in the back as before. You settled in and rested your head on Mark’s shoulder, watching Vancouver zip by through the fogged up windows dripping with rain. You and Mark didn’t talk at all, comfortable enough to just sit next to each other in silence as he played with your fingers in their gloves. The two of you suddenly seemed tired, drained from all your walking and exploring. You made it back to Mark’s house sooner than expected, a pleasant surprise to your chilled bones.

The two of you entered the heated house, pealing off your wet clothes, not really minding that you were changing in front of each other. Normally Mark would insist on turning around or leaving the room completely because he thought it was very important to respect your privacy. Neither of you seemed to care this time though, going ahead and stripping down to your underwear without a care. You didn’t fail to notice the slight dusting of pink across his cheeks as your slid your pajamas back on, relishing that you could make him embarrassed too. After the two of you changed, you were called down by Mark’s mom and his dad, who had just returned from work. Your entered their cozy living room and Mark dragged you over to the love seat with him, but was stopped by his mom who wore a mischievous look on her face, “_______, sweetheart, why don’t you sit next to me? I have some things I want to show you.”

“Wait, what? Mom, what’re you-,” Mark looked confused and slightly afraid, his brow furrowed.
You listened obediently, delighted out of your mind when she whipped out what appeared to be scrapbooks, “Are those…?”

Mrs. Lee nodded with a grin on her face, “Baby pictures!”

Mark immediately protested, trying to pry the baby blue book out of his mothers iron grip, “Uh, uh. No way are you exposing me to the only girl to ever pay me any attention!…”

“Mark, settle down, son,” his dad tsked, laying a hand on his shoulder. Your boyfriend pouted and gave a huff, resting his chin on his elbows as he sat down by the coffee table on the floor. You could tell by his gaze that he was worried, so you shot him a look that meant you weren’t going to judge him for his naked baby pictures.

You couldn’t help squeaking in delight along with his mom as she flipped from page to page of Mark’s baby photos. He had to be one of, if not the, cutest babies you’ve ever seen. Baby Mark had the same toothy smile and by the way his eyes crinkled, probably the same goofy laugh you loved too.

You pressed a hand to your mouth and stifled your squeals of delight as Mark’s mom showed you his naked bath time photos, “Oh my gosh…!” You couldn’t believe the suave and slick boy called Mark was this cutie patootie sloshing around in his bath with hair and beards made of bubbles. It made you want to laugh out loud thinking of how cool Mark had been earlier and then seeing his baby pictures now.

Mark had been trying to distract himself from the high pitched cooing on the couch by watching television, but curiosity got the best of him. He sighed, “Okay. What’re you two looking at now-”

His dark eyes landed on the bubble bath photos and his naked baby tush poking out of the water and nearly choked on his spit, “Dear God, woman! You’ve crossed the line.”

He was a blubbering mess as his mother and you failed to to hide your laughter, his hands scrabbling for purchase on the scrap book as he slammed it close, “That’ll be enough for now.”

Mark’s mom was practically crying from her laughter, “Aw, but we didn’t even get to the pictures of the time I put you in a dress-.”

“Alright, alright,” Mr. Lee wore an amused expression, “Give the boy a break, honey. It’s a little too early to embarrass him this much. At least wait until they’re married.”

Mrs. Lee conceded, “Fine, fine. You two are free to go, I’ll try and stop my antics for the rest of your break.”

Mark seemed relieved, “Okay, thanks Mom.” He pulled you to your feet, more than ready to retreat back into the peaceful haven of his bedroom. The two of you scuttled away up the stairs, Mark tugging you along so quickly that your nearly tripped and face planted.

Just as you reached the door, from downstairs faintly came Mrs. Lee’s voice, “I’ll stop…maybe.”

Mark’s eyes grew wide as saucers, ripping the door open and shoving you in his room as he shut and locked it rapidly. You were about to pee yourself from laughing so hard, you hadn’t stopped since Mark’s near conniption fit earlier. Your boyfriend flopped down face first onto the bed, his voice muffled, “That woman is crazy. Pure crazy…”

“She’s awesome,” you gasped, wiping a tear away from your eye as you finally settled down. You stomach hurt from laughing so hard and Mark looked at you in amusement, finally calming down too.

“Yeah,” he smiled, “She honestly really is.” You flopped down beside him, letting him play with your hair and gently run his fingers over your skin as your eyelids slowly slid close. “Are you already tired, pumpkin?”

You grumbled and nodded pitifully, already snuggling into his arms, “It’s just such a good day to nap and snuggle.”

“Says the girl who wanted to go do everything there was to offer in Vancouver this morning,” Mark teased, his voice sarcastic as he grabbed a blanket and pulled it around your bodies. “I agree though, let’s just nap.”

You allowed a fat minute to pass by before you dared to even speak, already blushing, “There’s something else I want to do.”

Mark turned to you, perturbed as you nervously picked at his flannel shirt, “What’s that, pumpkin?”

“I want to kiss you,” you nervously mumbled, unable to meet his gaze, “Can I kiss you?”

Mark was already leaning in to capture your lips with his own, “You don’t have to ask me twice, _______.” The boy had to have an obsession and you were perfectly okay with it. Maybe you did too, who knows?
The two of you had practically kissed to the point of passing out of oxygen deprivation, Mark succumbing to sleep before you. His arms were wrapped protectively around you, his face buried into your neck where he had last pressed his lips to you. You reflected on the day and how much of a whirlwind it had been, how many realizations you had, how much fun you had, and all the good memories you had made today with Mark. You looked down at your bracelet again, smiling at the pumpkin on yours and the mushroom pendant on his wrist. As you watched him doze, his hypnotic breathing deep and even, he didn’t even stir when you pressed one last kiss to his barely parted lips. He still tasted like the hot chocolate from earlier, sweet and warm, the scent of his skin aiding you as you drifted off to sleep; happy this was only the first beautiful day of many like it with Mark.

“Baze,” Chirrut said.

Baze readied himself to pull the trigger on his cannon. To burn the platform with more blaster bolts than there were drops of rain on Eadu.

“I sense anger in you,” Chirrut said.

Let the Imperials sense it, too, Baze thought.

“This is not what we came for,” Chirrut said. There was no playfulness in him now. “This solves nothing.”

Baze jerked his weapon down and turned to his companion. “They destroyed our home. I will kill them.”

Chirrut said nothing. But the blind man’s unflappable calm, the wind tugging at his clothes and the rain beating against his scalp, seemed to leach some of Baze’s ire. In time, Baze spun back and lodged himself among the rocks, observing the goings-on on the platform with his naked eye. The Imperials were only smudges that way. Harder to hate a smudge.

“So what did we come for,” Baze asked, “if not vengeance? Are we lackeys of the Rebellion now?”

Chirrut tapped at the ground with his staff, searching out the edge of the cliff before crouching at Baze’s side. “Captain Andor is the only lackey of the Rebellion here. And even he may not last much longer.”

“Then why follow Jyn?” Baze asked.

He had allowed Chirrut to lead the way up the ridge. He had allowed Chirrut to lead him in many things, and learned long ago not to demand answers. But grief had turned all his lessons to tatters. Today was not a day for the evasions of a Guardian of the Whills.

Chirrut knew, of course.

So many years together, how could he not?

“Because she shines,” Chirrut said, and placed a hand on Baze’s shoulder.

For a few short minutes, there was serenity in the rain on the mountaintop.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story novelization by Alexander Freed

They’re both so good


And now I am listening to this song compulsively.



Final Fantasy VIII - Laguna and Raine.

Irish Tea

He brought tea to bed
because it’s what his mother had taught him
to do
as a child,
on cold winter nights when the wind
was howling
and rain beat against his windows,
old as his homeland itself,
she would bring him tea,
and he brought it to me
20 years later
in a flat far newer
than that old, worn down house
he took me to
that weekend in April,
when he pretended to still be a Catholic
and crossed himself at Mass
to make his father proud.

He lay tangled in white cotton sheets,
skin grasping on
to a slight tan
from a week of more sun
than his body had seen
all year.
I licked my lips
as I watched his fingers
graze the dip in his waist
and squeeze his hip;
I wished my teeth could dig
into his soft flesh
and nibble just a bit
as I kissed further down below
his sheet
that was covering
my favourite spot
on the inner part of his thigh.

His lilt was gentle music
as he whispered against
the skin of my neck,
his full weight on top of me
anchoring me,
freeing me,
as the rain beat against the windows
and soaked into the earth below.
His skin always smelled
like the sea,
even when he was far away
from home.

He told of his plan
to take me to Killarney
and show me where
his mother had come from
when she was just a girl,
when her mother brought her tea,
on cold winter nights
when the wind was howling
and the rain beat against the windows
of her father’s house.

I’m still waiting.

Original Work: KEH 30/11/16

Taehyung Scenario - ‘Kitten’

Requested by a lovely anon <3

*Don’t own the gif/s yo*

Author: Taebaby ( I loved this one)

The storm was loud. It was so loud that the thunder shook your window panes, making you shake too. You were never a fan of thunder storms, your childhood fear turning into mild discomfort as you got older. Taehyung, in stark contrast, loved them. He never gets so horny than when it’s thunder storming.

               You were trying (read: failing) to sleep, and Taehyung was trying (read: failing miserably) to control his raging boner as the rain beat down on the roof, making a booming pitter-patter sound. Finally, Taehyung couldn’t control his body any longer and he pressed himself to your back, his pelvis rubbing on you, whimpering at his own sensitivity. You sighed, letting him touch you. Normally, you’d push him off you since you were never really in the mood when it stormed, but you let him this time. For some reason, the thought of him touching you made you feel a little less weary.

               “Oh, sorry baby, I forgot.” He said softly before pulling himself away from you, and you felt the hardness move away from your thigh. Impulsively, you grabbed his hand and held it to your lower abdomen, pushing yourself backwards towards him.

               “I… I’m kind of scared Tae. Can you touch me?” You said, still not looking at him, slightly embarrassed by how pathetic you sounded. You heard him suppress a groan and push even closer to you, very obviously pressing his hard dick into you.

               “Of course I can touch you, kitten.” He growled into your neck and gave your body a new reason to shake. You felt his hand on your abdomen move of its own accord, down to that sweet spot between your thighs, rubbing gentle circles into your clit. His other hand stayed firmly entwined with yours. His mouth was pressed against your ear, so his hot breath tickled you every time he let out a heavy sigh or moan. He began rubbing himself on you again and you could feel yourself getting wetter by the second, quickly forgetting the storm.

               After a few moments, he sat up and pushed you flat on your back, hovering above you. He lifted your shirt over your head and slid your now soaked panties down. He still only had his boxers on and you reached up and palmed him through the thin, damp fabric.  You felt him twitch and buck against you, and his sigh was shaky. He pulled away after only a few seconds, though, and pushed you back onto the bed, his finger to your lips.

               “Wait here, kitten, I’ve got something for you.” His deep voice rumbled like the thunder outside and made you ache in all sorts of different places. You waited patiently as he got up and started rummaging through a dresser drawer. He pulled something out but kept it behind his back as he walked over to you, smiling his normal rectangle smile. The bed dipped as he kneeled in front of you and pulled out a little pink collar with a gold bell on it.

               “I was waiting for a special occasion to talk to you about this… but tonight feels special enough for me. (Y/n), will you wear this for me, kitten?” You asked shyly, holding the collar out to you, a faint blush hinting at his cheeks. You didn’t speak. You merely sat up and tilted your head, exposing your neck so he could collar you. You and Tae had been doing this ‘kitten kink’ for a while, but more so as just as an experiment. You guessed he must’ve really liked it for him to go out and get you something like this. To be honest, the thought of Taehyung owning you gave you a jolt of excitement.

               You heard swallow hard and he leaned in to buckle it around your neck, his fingers ghosting over your skin and giving the bell a little flick. There was a clear wet spot in his boxers now and you decided they needed to go. You went to slide them down, but Taehyung pushed your hands away.

               “No, kitten. Rub yourself on me first. Your face.” His voice seemed to get deeper and deeper. You knew what he was asking for, you’d heard of scenting before. You crawled toward him on your hands and knees and you could see his muscles flex from the waist down. You pressed your cheek against his crotch and rubbed your nose around him, smelling his musky scent. His head rolled back as your started to palm him (paw him?) again. You almost forgotten all about the storm at his point until a close bolt of lightning struck and shook your house violently. You jumped nearly a foot and let out a frightened gasp, pushing yourself back up to the foot of the bed. Tae’s head snapped forward and he rushed to you, holding your face in his hands.

               “Hey, hey, shh it’s ok kitten, it’s ok (y/n), I’ve got you. Your owner’s got you, kitten.” His voice went from a growl to a gentle purr. You leaned into his hands, calming yourself down as best as you could, not wanting to spoil the night.

               “Taehyung.” You purred out breathlessly. The change of your tone immediately bringing his attention back to the neediness in his boxers.

               “What is it kitten? What do you want?” His knees scooted a bit closer.

               “I want my owner to take care of me. I want my owner to make me feel good.” You put your hands on him, smoothing over his hard biceps. Tae’s tongue flicked out to wet his beautiful lips and his eyes wandered up and down your body, devouring you.

               “Of course, kitten.”

sproings replied to your post “Okay, I’m going to try writing for a while tonight after I get all of…”

A cold rainy night in Brooklyn, Bucky needs to get home, but there’s this guy, soaking wet, trying to rescue a kitten …

I love you, friend.  Have some ridiculous fluff:

Bucky shrugged his shoulders, burying his nose deeper into the collar of his jacket and clenching his right fist in his pocket, trying his best to control his shivers.  While the thick, quilted pea coat he’d bought on returning to New York for good was usually capable of fending off even the most biting windchills, he was sincerely regretting not having an umbrella with him, as the rain continued to beat down on his head and down his neck, chilling him to the bone.  Luckily, his apartment was only a block and a half away, now - he did his best to ignore the continued freezing drizzle soaking down his back, instead imagining the hot shower and stupid fluffy pajamas (a gag gift from his kid sister that had turned out to be one of his most guilty pleasures) he’d be wrapping himself in within the next ten minutes.

Bucky turned the corner down Flatbush, picking up the pace as he knew that home was within sight… he’d later realize that he’d practically jogged past the alleyway closest to his building, making it exceedingly odd for him to have noticed the small form struggling next to the dumpster.  But he had caught a glimpse of the obnoxious jacket in the dim light of the alleyway, and had paused just long enough to make sure that it wasn’t anything too suspicious (while his therapist continued to be impressed by the leaps and bounds that Bucky was making in acclimating to civilian life, there were certain paranoias that he couldn’t quite shake, not after so many watches… not after how horrifically wrong his last one had gone).

It was a single form moving in the alley, at least, one that looked positively tiny, dwarfed by what looked to be a varsity-style jacket with a huge red, white and blue target on the back.  Bucky groaned as his eyes focused better through the sheet of rain, recognizing that the person very well could be a kid - a kid who really shouldn’t be out alone at this hour of night in the city anyway, much less a night when the biblical flood seemed to be making a comeback and the temperature was slotted to drop well below freezing.

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anime: Cowboy Bebop

music: leaf beach - rain