A sign on a platform at Hankyu Rlwy. Umeda Station in Osaka.  Five different train types are designated (from the top): Ltd. Express, Commuter Ltd. Express, Rapid Express, Express, and Commuter Express. Private railways such as Hankyu often run a wide range of train services to better serve the needs of certain customer segments.

Platform designator for door locations on JR Hokkaido 711 series emu at Hoshioki Station, Sapporo, on the Hakodate Main Line.  This one is for a 6 car consist, which is a three car driving trailer-motor-driving trailer combination x 2.  The top row writing says “red-colored electric train”: in fact, the nickname for these units is “akaden”, meaning the same.

Chasewater Railway Museum - New in October 201

Chasewater Railway Museum New in October 2011 Although this post has been published previously, I still found it to be interesting, and in the last four years new readers may discover this blog – hope so !! Although I can’t imagine the first items shown will ever be seen in the museum, they do show something of the variation in size between items offered.This photo shows two of four signal posts…

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A Growing Evolution of Industries in Noida

Noida has significantly come up as a most developed city at regards to infrastructure and businesses. The very thing proves peccant to move significantly appropriate for living as well in that movement purposes. With a hasty growth apropos of divergent industries the region creates fostering grounds to develop massive housing options around you. The hygeian metro railway signifies a sign of ease as it connects people from ABOVESTAIRS, Haryana and other parts of Delhi to Noida.

In regard on the instantaneous industrialization and urbanization from Noida and the soaring infrastructure requirements, a plenty of private transient lodging players have turn out to be vigorous in the region. At the start, Delhi contraband the pop up of creek units of industries, which in turn headed the industrial giants to transplant to NCR towns. Noida is unquestionably supernal even with an estimable and pleasing feeling because industrial waxing along with ‘laissez faire’ as a guiding gutsiness and likeable offers take to industry-friendly packages are offered to the entrepreneurs.

Noida Share 2 offers one as respects the best Industrial Building\ Factory that is spread oblique a prime plot of size 416 sq mt, an altogether covered area of 17000 sqft and is equipped with homelike basement+4 storeys. You can avail this premium industrial building at a justified cost of 6.5 cr. These high-end productional factories ensures its occupants midst a clean space and hosts a varied range of feature and specifications like wide-ranging parking space, private homaloid, massive open balcony, private lush garden, extravagant supply base, serf quarter, swelter pour on\ storage etc. Many other than lucrative options are available touching other sectors as well for an give full particulars Noida Segment 3, 4 and 5 etc. Industrial Land is available against sale in Noida, being strategically set in despite of all the permissions on start up any nature concerning business and is practically equipped with boundary buffer state. Self offers various amenities including safety tank, pantry, water vapor tank, electricity, street light and security.

Industrial Plot modernistic Sector 3 Noida Phase 1 so resale which is constructed in a spread of sprawling 1860 sq mt with a provision in regard to all being the quintessential tournure and is made open to you at a great abundance worthy encyclopedic cost of 3 cr and other options of mere chance sectors are also available like sector 2 and 4 etc. When it comes to develop commendable casa with giant storage space and easy open door, the Industrial Sheds wish give voice you the massive clear spans and apogee internal clearances. Mercantile Desquamate in Greater Noida at sector Ecotech 1, Gautam Budh Nagar is supreme such purposeful plot equipped with RCC shed having a high point as to 25 ft. This resale affluent property is attainable for 13 cr and complies with buildings codes, standards and noose speed requirements and for example can ably stand airward on even the quarrelsome clearing up circumstances. Other industrial sheds in sector Ecotech 2 and 3for manufacture & godown purpose also lob an excellent farmplace with basic amenities and can endure availed at fair prices.

Friday 24th July PE Crew

Today was the first day that we woke to a clear sky and the hope of a dry day. The walk in was spectacular with the sun rising over mountains above the township. Today the walk in was a pleasure and not a squelchy ordeal. We strided confidently across the fields eager to take on our field challenges; embracing our teaching and finishing the project. The walk was not without incident with Laura walking into a railway sign as we avoided the mud on the path. Genuine concern from the surrounding students erupted into giggles when they realised she was okay (as much as she ever is).

We arrived at school and started with assembly, one of our favourite times in the week. We hoped for our favourite song – Marching to Heaven and they did not let us down. Charlie led the thanks to the school with some generous words to the learners, teachers and the management of school for their patience and understanding during our visit. Lessons today went well on the whole and the standard did not slip until the final hooter sounded (a little earlier than expected as lesson 5&6 were cancelled for classroom cleaning).

Throughout the day the project teams had worked tireless both inside and outside the container. The book sorting team were led again by Kate who deserves special mention for her commitment to the cause sometimes sitting on her own working through the piles of books – she tells us that she is not a great reader but her and the rest of the team’s work will inspire others to read more.

The team working on the front on the Library continued to draw on the design and it looks like it will be stunning when it is finished. We will be in on Saturday morning to finish it off – we have come so far to reach this point. Credit to all the team who have worked so hard and with great care to make the library a focal point of learning.

The back of the library was transformed with the stencils of our inspiring Dr Seuss quote: “The more that you read, the more you know. The more that you know the more places you’ll go. This is almost finished but the afternoon winds caused chaos to our shelter which we made yesterday. This will be a great inspiration to the locals walking past the school. Another 2 hours and we should have it done.
After school we attempted the traditional pyramid photo with mixed success but eventually we made something that looked more like Table Mountain than anything that you might find in Egypt.

We finished up at school and walked through the other side of the township which the team had not seen. We saw the work of previous GRP teams as well as the impact of the monsoon style weather – many roads off the main street were impassable and helped us understand the challenge of township life.

Saturday will be a well earned lie in till breakfast at 7:45 and then we will be back to school to finish off before the formal fair well where our GRP choir will make its make their one and only performance before being disbanded.

Tonight after a lovely braai around the fire we had the Rosedale Olympics which saw the 3 teams Ubuntu, 9 seconds and Kick Ass go head to head over – the orange and spoon race, orange bowling, Cereal box challenge, indoor newspaper hockey, water bomb catching (in the dark). With all the teams within a point we had a double points orange passing game which saw Kick Ass take the trophy. Kick Ass took the overall prize by a couple of points to be crowded GRP champions, much to the disgust of team Ubuntu who have tried to bend the rules in many events!

All the leaders are so proud of the team and everything they have done – many have pushed themselves so hard and taken on challenges that have put them in positions where they have had to show character, resilience and determination to come through. They have been a wonderful team who have amazed the locals with their un-ending enthusiasm and selfless approach to the work we have undertaken. We (the leaders) have been privileged to work with such an inspiring group of young people.

This is not the end of the trip but it marks a major landmark on our journey. We can now look forward to 2 more relaxing days before we head home.

For the record the Hat of Shame went to Laura but she was run close by Hyun Jai for his spectacular muddy fall on the way home tonight.
Mark, Laura and Jo Jo