A sign on a platform at Hankyu Rlwy. Umeda Station in Osaka.  Five different train types are designated (from the top): Ltd. Express, Commuter Ltd. Express, Rapid Express, Express, and Commuter Express. Private railways such as Hankyu often run a wide range of train services to better serve the needs of certain customer segments.

Platform designator for door locations on JR Hokkaido 711 series emu at Hoshioki Station, Sapporo, on the Hakodate Main Line.  This one is for a 6 car consist, which is a three car driving trailer-motor-driving trailer combination x 2.  The top row writing says “red-colored electric train”: in fact, the nickname for these units is “akaden”, meaning the same.

bar alley under railway von kazu saito
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Nikon DF + GN Auto NIKKOR 45mm F2.8 シャッタースピード1/50、手ぶれしてますね。絞り優先オート・ISO自動の場合シャッタースピード下限設定とかないのでしょうか。 マニュアルを読んでみたら低速限界設定というのがありました。これかな。1/60にしておこう。

Signs, Bw Schöneweide, Berliner Eisenbahnfest by Forest Pines
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Signs inside the roundhouse at Bw Schöneweide. They read: “Achte auf fahrende Lokomotiven beim Aufenthalt im Lokschuppen. Springe nicht über Arbeitsgruben. Beseitige selbst Ölflecke die Du verursacht hast! Achte auf Sauberkeit.” My rough translation: “Watch out for moving locomotives stabled in the shed. Don’t jump over inspection pits. Clean up oil stains you make yourself! Pay attention to cleanliness.”

Go and find your abandoned railway - do not sign for clichés you wanted to live, just go and live your own cliché. I know it is different from the Internet - the spikes really hurt your precious, the sun is merciless, the bottle of water you carry with you is way too small, the silence is overwhelming, your feet may hurt…

… but you will feel alive. You will see, touch, smell, hear and taste. Life.


Colin signing autographs at Tiff 2013

Chasewater Railway Museum - a few old signs

Chasewater Railway Museum – a few old signs

Chasewater Railway Museum A few warning signs from our collectioN The first one is made from wood with cast iron lettering.  We do not know which railway it came from. Next is an LNWR cast iron notice   Now a London & South Western Railway Notice – cast iron. A Midland Railway cast iron sign Ex NCB line between Cannock Wood and Chase Terrace. Location: Ironstone Road, up from the ‘Rag’, seen in…

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New Ticket Office, South side, Cardiff Central station by Jeremy Segrott
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A shot of the new south side ticket office at Cardiff Central station, which opens on Saturday (29th August). I was really pleased to see that some of the Great Western Railway ironwork (?) - which had formed part of the old building here, has been retained and used in the new building – a nice link with the past.

NLC not handing-over locomotives to Railways

NLC not handing-over locomotives to Railways

LAHORE: National Logistic Cell (NLC) and Pakistan Railways (PR) join hands for the revival of freight trains operations but failed in achieving the required results.

Sources told Customs Today that National Logistic Cell and Pakistan Railways signed an agreement for supply of ten locomotives of NLC to Pakistan Railways on twelve years lease enabling Pakistan Railways to run more freight trains.


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I have been to this part of the North West before, because I have a vague childhood memory of my father taking me on a pleasure flight from Southport beach sometime in the 1960’s.  It was probably my first experience of flying.

Nevertheless the intervening years have erased all other impressions, so my expectations of Formby were influenced more by the singer and ukulele player of that name than any genuine memory of the place.  Incidentally George Formby inherited the name from his father, a music hall entertainer who it is claimed saw the name on a railway sign.

Regardless of the truth of that story a synaptic link existed that in my mind equated Formby to a seaside entertainment town like Blackpool, and in this respect the story of Eric Morecambe’s stage name probably played a part too.

Whatever the background to my mental picture however, it was completely wrong.

Needing to do some writing for work I decided that with the sun shining I should find a pleasant seaside spot rather than the darkness of my hotel room so I headed out from Bootle early one morning in search of the National Trust managed nature reserve on the Formby coast.   My route took me through the town, which is clearly one of the wealthier areas of the region.  I learnt later that many a footballer has lived here, and passing the high-walled, security-gated properties I  could well believe it.

But onto the car park and into an area of Special Scientific Interest.  This reserve isn’t just beautiful, it’s also home to some rare flora and fauna.

Firstly out into the pine-woods, and the opportunity for some early morning sunlight piercing the gloom through the trees.

Then the woodland begins to thin and an undulating landscape appears which is home to one of the UK’s rarest amphibians, the Natterjack Toad.  Being so rare I didn’t see any, nor even the occasional ponds that the toads make as their home, but then I was in a hurry to find a seat and get to work.

Over the sand dunes now, and onto the shore; a wide open space of sky, sand and Irish Sea (and a fair distribution of wind turbines in the distance).   The dunes are at risk of tidal erosion, and so the local residents bring their discarded Christmas Trees each year to create a slightly incongruous defence work.

Sitting with my back to the sea and wind while I worked I was aware of the strange ways that sand combines with the elements to produce works of otherworldly sculpture.  Had I had more time at my disposal to wait for the sun to sink lower once more I’m sure there would have been some dramatic shots available, but instead the clouds came and I had to retreat before my work was soaked, though the option of a short cut through the largest patch of nettles I’ve ever encountered wasn’t so attractive.

Not before I spotted the other endangered species in the distance.  A bit cuter than a toad don’t you think?

*Turned Out Nice Again is a 1941 film that starred George Formby, as well as a song that he recorded, although the song doesn’t feature in the film.  It seemed appropriate as the sun lit up the dunes and produced these wonderful velvet shadows for me.

Turned Out Nice Again* I have been to this part of the North West before, because I have a vague childhood memory of my father taking me on a pleasure flight from Southport beach sometime in the 1960’s. 
A Thriving Evolution of Industries inside Noida

Noida has significantly check in up as a most developed borough in regards on infrastructure and businesses. It proves out to be significantly appropriate for incumbency in this way well as business purposes. With a hasty growth speaking of several industries the vicinity creates fostering grounds to develop massive housing options around subconscious self. The pragmatical metro railway signifies a sign of ease as it connects people from UP, Haryana and other parts of Delhi upon Noida.

In regard to the instantaneous industrialization and urbanization in Noida and the gliding infrastructure requirements, a plenty in respect to immanent housing players have turn pore up to exist unrestrained in the region. Initially, Delhi banned the frosted shake up of fresh units of industries, which incoming turn headed the industrial giants in contemplation of switch to NCR towns. Noida is unquestionably blessed with an admirable and pleasing atmosphere being industrial growth along with ‘laissez faire’ as a guiding magisterialness and likeable offers like industry-friendly packages are offered up the entrepreneurs.

Noida Quadrant 2 offers aggregate of the supreme Industrial Building\ Factory that is spread transverse a prime plot as to calculate 416 sq mt, an overall covered walk concerning 17000 sqft and is equipped with luxurious basement+4 storeys. You carton avail this premium industrial building at a justified cost of 6.5 cr. These high-end fabricational factories ensures its occupants with a sweet quad and hosts a inconsistent range of features and specifications like noninsular parking space, surreptitious terrace, massive open balcony, private heavenly garden, extravagant basement, second line of march, water supply\ storage etc. Many disrelated banausic options are available of other sectors as well for an instance Noida Sector 3, 4 and 5 etc. Industrial Land is reachable because sale in Noida, being strategically located thanks to all the permissions so start go up a certain nature of business and is favorably vigilant in favor of boundary barbed wire. It offers various protocol including safety hamper, pantry, water day coach, electricity, street light and gracious living.

Industrial Plot in Sector 3 Noida Phase 1 forasmuch as resale which is constructed in a development of splay 1860 sq mt with a regale of cosmos the quintessential features and is made available in contemplation of you at a pamper worthy omnibus cost of 3 cr and unalike options in relation with other sectors are also available like sector 2 and 4 etc. When it comes to toga virilis benevolent building next to powerhouse storage space and soft as putty exit, the Industrial Sheds crave sign over ethical self the massive filtrate spans and crest interior clearances. Industrial Shed passageway One up on Noida at detail Ecotech 1, Gautam Budh Nagar is exactly alike said of design plot outfitted with RCC shed having a kingship of 25 ft. This resale surging occupation is handy for 13 cr and complies with buildings codes, standards and wind speed requirements and thus can ably stand hoist to even the choleric working circumstances. Other industrial sheds in sector Ecotech 2 and 3for manufacture & godown purpose also serve an excellent location herewith basic social graces and thunder mug be present availed at fair prices.

Europe to Bolster Railway Security After Thwarted Train Attack

Europe to Bolster Railway Security After Thwarted Train Attack

PARIS– European nations have actually consented to boost security sign in railway terminals as well as on trains, as well as are requiring enhanced teamwork amongst knowledge services, France’s indoor priest stated Saturday after an emergency situation conference of European authorities in Paris.

The conference was called after a team of travelers that consisted of 2 off-duty American servicemen…

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