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Estación Martínez Nadal, San Juan, Puerto Rico. (2017)

Martínez Nadal es una estación del tren eléctrico de Puerto Rico, Tren Urbano situada en el sector de Gobernador Piñero ubicado en el municipio de San Juan colindando con el municipio de Guaynabo. La estación colinda con las facilidades de mantenimiento y almacenamiento del Tren Urbano.

Martinez Nadal Station, San Juan, Puerto Rico. (2017)

Martínez Nadal is the station of the electric train system called: Tren Urbano located in the sector of Gobernador Piñero located in the municipality of San Juan bordering with the municipality of Guaynabo. The station is adjacent to the maintenance and storage facilities of the Tren Urbano.


Panzer in Reggio Calabria.

Panzer III Ausf.N and Panzer VI “Tiger I” of 501 Schwere Panzerabteilung embarking from the port of Reggio Calabria to Tunisia ( From Reggio Calabria to Messina by ship, from Messina to Trapani by train, from Trapani to Tunis by ship).

The first 3 Tigers sent to Africa boarded a ship from the Reggio Calabria dock on 1943 (March) they were numbered 112, 132 and 11 (the company commander’s tank). The Italian ship (Aspromonte ?) had been built to transport railway carriages.

The soldiers pictured are the lieutenant Pohl, the Technical Officer Roth and another officer discuss the quay.