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Distractions (Liam x MC)

Book: The Royal Romance

Pairing: Liam x MC (Allie)

Rating: PG-13 for innuendo

Word Count: 843

Summary: Allie and Liam spend an evening playing board games.

Note: This is for one of the kiss prompts (description below). This one is Liam x MC, requested by an anon. :)

9. Distracting Kiss - When you are competing, maybe playing video games or something so you press kisses anywhere available; arms, nose, knees, ears, knuckles, temple, just anywhere to distract them.

Liam has an odd talent for winning board games. Allie discovers this a few weeks into their engagement, when they have a rare down night and she starts telling him about how she and her cousins always used to play Clue and Sorry during the holidays.

“Drake and Olivia and I used to play board games,” Liam tells her as they lounge on their bed. “We have quite a few here. We should play.”

They walk down to the library hand in hand. “I can’t imagine Olivia and Drake getting along enough to play board games together,” Allie says, laughing as she tries to picture it.

Liam chuckles. “It wasn’t always pretty, I assure you. Olivia used to make up her own rules to try and win, and Drake refused to follow them. He liked to cheat, too.”

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I just realized, I just bloody realized, Moist Von Lipwig’s story arc is a game of Monopoly through the eyes of a conman going through the board and winning all the pieces.

He has the top hat, the dog, the train (which replaces to automotive in newer boards) the friendship of the Seamstress’ Guild (thimble), the walking iron called Gladys, the boot (he’s the incarnation of the Disc God Fedecks who has winged boots) and also the bag of money.*   He goes to jail, but eventually gets to pass and go. He’s integral in the rehabilitation of civic buildings (post office, bank, mint, the acquisition of land to build a railway and then adding stations to said railway), the owner of up market private property, and also he invents paper money which everyone sort of thinks of as a bit of a game.

His very name, Moist Von Lipwig, is a pun about wearing a fake lip wig or mustache. Like so:

Lord Vetinari is quite literally using him to play a life size version of Monopoly with the city. And winning.

(Amendment: Adora with hear deadly footwear is also the shoe/boot.)

(* Alternates: Sam Vimes is boots, Gaspode and Beggars Guild is dog, Wheelbarrow is Harry King, Thimble is Seamstress Guild, Battlehsip/canon is Assassins Guild/Nobility, Money Bag is Thieves Guild, leaving Moist as Top Hat and Train. ANKH-MORPORK MONOPOLY, GIVE IT TO ME) 

((edited for typos, too busy flailing))!!!!!


And this hood was pretty completed (this was the time when I was seriously obsessed with Japan), but then I got myself fully switched to creating hood decos all the time I could spend on TS2. See these two bridges? One of those is a railway bridge. I’ve just added double railway tracks and poles to ingame stone bridge. Then I decided to create a railway set. And this is why the trains and engines based on Japanese prototypes.


Best Fun for the Money by Paul Malon
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