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Here Part 5

Sorry this has taken a little while to get up. I had a very bus Christmas and didn’t manage to get any writing done and found it a little hard to get back into it afterwards but think I’ve got it now. Also apologies, I had plans for this part to go up before Christmas so it is set before Christmas so use your imaginations please. It’s only this part and the next part (which will be a little shorter I think) and then we’ll be in the New Year in the story. Sorry again but hope you enjoy it nonetheless. I xx



‘Ok love?’ Harry asked after opening the car door for Rosa. She simply nodded, quiet from the nerves Harry could tell she was feeling. Harry outstretched is hand for Rosa as she turned in her seat, her feet hitting the pavement as she stepped out taking Harry’s offered hand as she did so. She pulled the fur coat over her shoulders a little more, the winter air icy and sharp on any exposed skin. From the pavement, she could hear the music from inside the small venue she had never even realised was there before now. Rosa heard Harry thank the driver and turned to him as he stepped back towards her, his trademark grin on his face, ‘You do look stunning in that dress, it was definitely a good choice.’ Harry winked as Rosa smiled bashfully.

Rosa’s day hadn’t exactly got off to the start she’d hoped. Alfie’s cold was coming to an end but he was still being slightly difficult. A dose of calpol had made it easier to get him into the car and to Josh’s but she was still running late and was pulling a high neck, woollen, grey jumper over her head when Harry rang her doorbell only twenty minutes after she’d arrived back home. She opened the door a little breathless and Harry stood looking as effortlessly, well put together as he always did.

‘Good morning.’ He said cheerfully stepping into the house ‘For you,’ He smiled handing Rosa a bunch of cream and blushed pink flowers that she’d only half noticed him holding. She recognised the roses and the green belle but the rest of the bouquet where unfamiliar to her, though admittedly beautiful. ‘Sorry I didn’t know what you liked so I kind of guessed and got the florist’s opinion.’ He admitted as he closed the door behind himself.

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Is There Somewhere [a Barry Allen AU]

Request: If you’re doing song requests can i request an evil!barryxreader with Is There Somewhere by Halsey? Thank you so much love 😘

a/n: Halsey’s songs remind me of evil!Barry

You promised yourself that you wouldn’t fall for him. He had this charm though. It was simple; he flashed his crooked smile and you were done for. When he asked if you wanted to get out of the rowdy club, it only took a second and a quick nod before you were in a hotel room. The room was small, dimly lit, the only light coming from the tiny cracks on the dusty window shades. You knew you were going to regret this.

So you ignore what happened in the past, focusing on now. This is the place he was talking about. You clutch his arms like stairway railings; the striped yellow shirt bunches under your grip. “Careful, baby… Don’t need you getting hurt.” he hums softly, guiding you toward the unkempt bed. “Tell me…” he plays with your hair, green eyes shining in the darkness, “Why’d you meet me?” he whispers, breath hovering on your face.

You go red in the cheeks, cupping his chin. “I’ve tried to refrain, really, I’ve tried. But you’re stuck in my brain.” you mumble, eyes darting to his lips. They tilt into a smirk and he lays you down on the white sheets, hands roaming your body. Fluttering your eyelids closed, you wrap your legs around his waist, heels digging in his skin above his low hanging black jeans.

“So are you, baby.” he grumbles, pressing his lips to your exposed neck under your silk shirt, slowly inching to your mouth. Those big hazel eyes filled with love, romance; everything Barry doesn’t believe in. Lips hang heavy underneath him, making his movements come to a screeching stop. “Y/N-” he teases, nipping your skin harshly.

Gulping, you run your thumb against his cheek, mapping out his subtle freckles. This is what you want; him. You want him, but not like this. Not now. “I’m sorry but I feel in love tonight.” you breathe, gazing at his face; tracing his moles like a connect the dot puzzle. Something in his eyes change.

He leans back, ass touching the heels of his red and white Vans. Delicate fingers rake through his honey brown hair, fucking it up even more than it already was. “Babydoll… I don’t… I can’t… You shouldn’t tell me that kinda stuff.” he frowns, sighing through his nose. Suddenly, he feels ailing; he knew that look. He sees it every time when he stares in the mirror.

You reach your hand out for him, fingertips grazing his soft sweater, “I know…” you whimper, bittersweet tears blurring your vision, “I didn’t mean to fall in love…it just…” you trail off. The touch of his palm against your cheek numbs your entire body. “Can we pretend that we’re in love?” your voice echoes through his brain, lacing around it and yanking him down to the lumpy mattress, shoulder next to yours.

His head cranes to fit in the crook of your neck, lips touching your smooth skin. “Just tonight.” he agrees, knowing he wouldn’t be pretending at all.

How Country Feels (Part 3)

Summary: One of the horses are giving you trouble so Dean decides to help you out. You meet Jess and go to compete at your first rodeo.

Series: How Country Feels (Part 1) (Part 2)

Characters: Reader, Dean, Sam, Jo, Jess

Pairings: None yet

Word Count: 2500

A/N: Reader insert series. Part 3. Rodeo!AU, Cowboy!AU. Let me know what you guys think. Please read and reblog.

If I happen to use any terms that you don’t understand, please ask. I ride horses and deal with ranch stuff all the time, so if somethings confusing, I will explain it.

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Warnings: Language

You loved the Singer Ranch. Everyday was a new day and in a matter of a few weeks you had made the best friends you ever have had. You worked with the horses, Taz was improving and you thought you had a chance at the next rodeo in a few days. There were only two things that could kill your mood: that damn paint filly and Dean Winchester.

You were in the dirt now, sitting on your ass, looking up at that bitch. She stared back at you, challenging you to try again. You pulled yourself up, brushing off the new layer of dust before grabbing her reins harshly.

“I don’t know why you don’t just give up Blue.” You mumbled, trying to ignore the soreness as you put your foot in the stirrup and hauled your ass into the saddle. She stood there, but you didn’t get your hopes up. Usually she would try to toss you out of nowhere, five or ten minutes into the ride.

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iwaizumi-hajimie  asked:

hey fam can i get "things you said with no space between us" with bokuroo!! only if youre up to it ofc i love your writing <3

omg yes yes of course, bokuroo is my life fuel so pls enjoy some awkward, goofy, up-to-no-good boyfriends

“Bo, what are you—?”

“Hear me out, hear me out.  Sawamura’s gonna kill us when he sees, you know—“

“But the closet—“

Bokuto’s breath is nothing more than a puff against Tetsurou’s lips—a snort, a laugh, maybe.  Tetsurou can’t see for shit to tell the difference.  He usually relies on Bokuto’s smile for that, but in the closet, there’s just darkness.

“Give it twenty minutes.”

Tetsurou quirks an eyebrow.  “That’s longer than you usually last.”

Hey,” Bokuto protests, and Tetsurou feels hands grab at his waist.  He snickers despite himself, stumbling forward into the solid mass that is Bokuto Koutarou, his hands grabbing onto Bokuto’s shirt to steady himself.  “We’re hiding, that’s all.”


Bokuto hums affirmation, grinning; Tetsurou feels it rather than sees it this time, pressed up against his neck.  Bokuto mouths a series of messy kisses along the column of his throat, loud smacks echoing throughout the small space.

“Hiding,” Tetsurou repeats, sounding vaguely amused.


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