Be a Pro in Ruby on Rails - Sorting Jobs using Category

Be a Pro in Ruby on Rails – Sorting Jobs using Category

Crash Learn Rails by Coding replicas of Web Apps — Evernote, Pinterest, Glassdoor, Trello, a Blog, Reddit and Fandango.

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Build 7 replicas of popular web apps in Rails (Reddit, Fandango, Pinterest, Evernote, Glassdoor, Trello, WordPress)
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Penn Central 4025 and 4224 by Marty Bernard
Via Flickr:
Caption: “Shot from the Roosevelt Road Viaduct taken just before Amtrak Day on March 30, 1971. Most probably the Broadway Limited’s power. Almost looks like the PRR and the NYC are cooperating.”


March 30, 1971

Photos by Marty Bernard


Eurasian Coots (Fulica atra) in a floating nesting box

Ever since we built the mallard nesting box in our yard, I’ve been thinking more about constructed bird habitats, and how important these refuges can be in areas that have been heavily cultivated or landscaped, or areas that are heavily populated. 

Semi-aquatic birds can be discouraged from nesting around water margins, because often these areas have high foot (and dog) traffic. Floating nesting structures are a solution that allows the birds some measure of security from humans and predators alike (barring intrusions from the occasional water-loving “birdy” Labrador).

These coots, members of the rail (Rallidae) family, have certainly benefitted from having a relatively safe place to raise their young.