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A Horoscope of Powerful Women

Aries: Gloria Steinem - journalist, activist for women in the media

Taurus: Queen Elizabeth II - longest-reigning queen in history

Gemini: Laverne Cox - actress, LGBTQ and trans-rights activist

Cancer: Malala Yousafzai - activist, youngest Nobel prize laureate in history

Leo: JK Rowling - UK’s best-selling living author

Virgo: Beyonce Knowles - singer, women and African American rights activist

Libra: Julie Payette - astronaut, holder of 26 honorary degrees

Scorpio: Elizabeth Cady Stanton - feminist, abolitionist, suffragist

Sagittarius: Ella Baker - civil rights activist and leader

Capricorn: Michelle Obama - lawyer, health activist

Aquarius: Harriet Tubman - Underground Railroad conductor, abolitionist

Pisces: Janet Mock - writer, trans-rights activist