CB&Q 4-8-4 Class O-5-B 5632 by Chuck Zeiler
Via Flickr:
Chicago Burlington & Quincy Railroad 4-8-4 Class O-5-B 5632 on a photo runby at Zearing, Illinois on September 29, 1963, photograph by Chuck Zeiler. This was a fantrip from Chicago to West Burlington, Iowa and return to celebrate 5632’s birthday. The track passing over was the NYC. Someone would invent the Photo Line sometime in the future.

Reasons to side with the Railroad:

  • Save the synths
  • Deacon is fuckin’ hilarious
  • Glory is prime badass gf material
  • Tinker Tom is my actual son
  • Carrington is an ass but like that ass that you like to piss off cause he’s also your friend in this weird mutually antagonizin’ way
  • Railway Rifle™
  • Ballistic Weave™
  • More than one person sounds like Garrus Vakarian n’ I trust that bird-cat-alien dude with my life