Can Greek Rail Catch Up?                                                  

In an exclusive Bloomberg project staff photographer Simon Dawson spent a week documenting the modernisation of Greece’s antiquated rail network as it electrifies a final 106-kilometer stretch linking Athens and Thessaloniki.

Electrifying the whole Athens-Thessaloniki route has a price tag of about 2 billion euros, according to Erga Ose. The cost rises to 3.3 billion euros when the Thessaloniki-Idomeni upgrade and a planned electrified rail link from Athens to the western Greek port city of Patras are included, Erga Ose said.

* The work — much of it in mountainous terrain — is due to end in 2017, when journey times between Greece’s two biggest cities will be cut to three hours and 20 minutes from almost five-and-a-half hours.

*This section has 46 bridges and 15 tunnels, one of which stretches for 9.2 kilometers.

*The bridges and tunnels are all being built to withstand earthquakes as high as 7.5 on the Richter scale.

To find out why Greece’s 35 million-euro track, station and signalling upgrades is at odds with its port services and why the Russians are bidding for Trainose SA,Greece’s rail operator, and Thessaloniki port click here.

Photographer: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg

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This TEM2 class is about 40 years old. It shuttles at the industrial railway that connects an open mine with an enriching factory. 

The track is temporary. 

An excavator is younger than the diesel engine. This biggest iron beast is about 25 years old. 

The photo was taken in the early morning because this place don’t give any chances to take photos without backlight.

(via RailPictures.Net Photo: ARR 4326 Alaska Railroad EMD SD70MAC at Anchorage, Alaska by Dave Blaze…)

“Every year the city of Anchorage hosts a two week long celebration called Fur Rendezvous…or Rondy as it’s known.  This is a winter carnival and the city’s biggest celebration of the year.  The first weekend always features fireworks down near the mouth of Ship Creek that draw a large crowd.  The location of the launch necessitates shutting down rail operations at the south end of the ARR’s main classification yard and moving all haz-mat cars out of the “fall out” area.  Since nothing was moving at the south end it was a perfect time for an impromptu photo shoot with a string of SD70MACs just in from a freight run.  This was my first attempt ever shooting fireworks, what do you think? Note: the photographer is a railroad employee with permission to be on the property and was wearing all required PPE while taking this photograph.

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The American Freedom Train has just arrived in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania  from New Brunswick, New Jersey. The crew is backing the train into its display location next to the former Jersey Central passenger station.   August 27, 1976