Another set of Railhammers in this Les Paul. Unfortunately, this Paul had Gibson’s utterly stupid circuit board wiring harness installed, which not only stifles the signal but also makes it way harder to install new pickup. We opted to build an entirely new harness instead! (at Mike & Mike’s Guitar Bar)


Reverend Sensei RA - Chicago Music Exchange

On the upcoming episode 4 of The Tone Control we talk about the new P90 from Rail Hammer pickups. Not familiar with their bar magnet/pole piece design? Check out this video from CME demoing a Reverend Sensei RA with Rail Hammer Chisel humbuckers!


Recently, Andrew was able to bring his Men As Trees era Les Paul out of retirement with the help of some new Railhammer Pickups (Anvil in bridge/Chisel in neck). The results have just been phenomenal and Andrew’s guitar has never sounded better. They may look a little different but anyone into guitar tone & clarity should definitely check these out. Really clear lows and highs that really clean up ones overall sound. These things are the future of humbuckers. You’ll be able to hear them on our upcoming “Friedrich” EP that we will be recording in the fall. Big thanks to Joe over at RH for helping us out. Feel free to send us a message if you’d like to know more.

Also many thanks to El B Tea for taking the photos!