It’s always been you Part 5

You and Bucky had instantly clicked as soon as you arrived at the Avengers Facility, and soon became best friends. He trusted you implicitly and ever since heard you sing, he felt himself falling faster as the days rolled on. So when you start to pull away from him, he feels betrayed and upset. Thinking it’s something to do with him and his past.

Little did he know that it was nothing to do with his past, but your shame in your body, your feelings of self-loathing and your ever growing love for your best friend.

Bucky + Plus Size Reader

AN: Hey Dolls! Couldn’t leave you all hanging could I? I’m sorry if it’s a little bit cliché, but I’ve always loved a little bit of cheese! Hope you enjoy this, cause it was really enjoyable to write! It’s getting’ juicy! Also, if you would like a backstory of how you came to be an Avenger, do let me know, as I’d be happy to do it! <3

Tags are still open and as always my inbox is always open for requests!- Rae xo

Word Count: 1445

STORY TW: Weight Issues, Fat Shaming, Swearing, Violence, Smut (Maybe? Idk yet)

CHAPTER TW: Drinking, Swearing, Ultra Mild Smut, Implied Smut

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Part 5 – Shit, I’m in deep.

Song : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KrZHPOeOxQQ



Darlin, you give love, a bad name’

 The music kicks in and you’re automatically dragged back to your performing days. You’re turned away from the growing audience. Ruffling your hair to make you look a bit more rock n roll, you smile to yourself, silently admitting how much you’ve missed this. You’ve missed moving in time with the music, swaying your hips to the beat sexily and holding the microphone in your hand like it’s an extension of you.

 ‘An angel’s smile is what you sell,

You promise me heaven, then put me through hell,

Chains of love got a hold on me,

When passions a prison, you can’t break free’

You turned around when the verse starts, loosening up as you do so, your voice oozing sex appeal. The crowd of people at the party, especially your fellow team mates, filled the dance floor, dancing and singing along. Their eyes glued to you as you strutting around the stage, working the crowd just like you used to, slipping straight back into old habits.

‘Oh, you’re a loaded gun, yeah,

Oh, there’s nowhere to run,

No one can save me,

The damage is done,’

You pointed your finger gun at Tony and pretended to shoot him, sending him sexy, but friendly wink as he starts laughing at you, knowing exactly what you’re doing. You change your gaze to Bucky, who is stood at the back of the group, with the same look in his eyes that he gave you earlier at the tower. You knew what that look was now, Lust. And the way he was clenching his jaw, hell, you would have let him take you then and there. His darkened, clouded eyes burned into you, and you knew you were done for. You carried on with the song, moving provocatively, knowingly playing with him. You thought the poor guy’s jaw was going to grind into a pulp with how taught it was.

The guitar solo came up and the lead guitarist moved closer to you. You were back to back and you slid your way down to the floor, on to your knees. He turned around and continued the solo like that in front of you, with you in a compromising position. The crowd of people were going crazy, cheering and hollering for you, you even caught a few wolf whistles, which made you giggle and blow kisses to the offenders. You got up off your knees and finished the song, egging the crowd on to join in and have a good time. The room went nuts and you thanked them all for their applause, searching the sea of people for those piercing blue, now navy eyes, when you couldn’t find them, you tried to hide your disappointment and headed back to the group.

Tony just giggled as you sat down. All of the team were simultaneously ogling you, and smirking.

“What?” you ask as you bring your cold drink to your lips.

“They’re just feeling the call of siren is what they’re doing.” Tony quipped sending you into a fit of giggles.

“I wasn’t even being that sexy” you said between laughs.

“Oh bullshit Y/L/N, you almost made me cum in my pants, let alone those horny bastards” he joked, nodding his head in the direction of the rest of the team, sending you into a full on belly laugh.

“Yo-, You we-, You were amazing Y/N. Damn, you were good” Steve stammered, running his hands through his hair nervously, and breaking the ice, his face flushing with a slight red tint.

“Holy fucking shit girl, your voice gave me an eargasm, fuck.” Nearly tripping over his words, they flew out of Sams mouth.

“Woah kid, that took balls.” Clint said from behind you, he must have joined them while you were singing, you gave him a hug, and carried on looking for the only person who really mattered to you at this point.

“He’s outside. Probably gone to crack one out at you practically eye-fucking him the whole song” Natasha smirked at you, noticing you looking for him, shouting across the table.

You stood up real fast and walked out onto the patio into the cold of the night, goose bumps appearing on your exposed skin. You stopped when you noticed him looking over the railing at the vast gardens of the expansive building. You stood in the middle of an archway for a moment, wondering what to say to him, your eyes burning into the back of his head. He turned around, feeling your stare on him and walked towards you with purpose.

“Why did you lea-“ you were cut off by his lips, crashing against yours with such force that you nearly fell over. You pulled your arms around his neck, stabilising you. His hands flew to your face as he deepened the kiss, and then fell to your ass giving it a squeeze. Your hands roamed his hair as he pulled you closer, putting your bodies flush together. You felt the bulge through his trousers graze your thigh and all the nerves in your body swam to in between your legs. He pulled away all too soon for your liking and rested his forehead on yours.

“I had to leave because I couldn’t stand seeing the guys look at you like that. I couldn’t control myself. And, if I’d have stayed in that room for one more second with you looking at me like that, I would have fucked you in front of all those people, and I don’t think you would have approved.” He let out a small laugh. His now messy hair fell over your cheek, tickling it. The thought of him taking you, claiming you, in front of that full crowd made you blush.

“Oh really, Sergeant?’ you looked up at him innocently through your full, wispy lashes and bit your lip suggestively, teasing him, and testing the waters.

“Stop. Don’t do that to me, doll.” His tone almost like a warning.

“Stop what? Stop this?” you bit your lip again and Bucky pulled you in for another mind blowing, universe halting kiss. More needy and desperate than the first. His hand trailed up your body and landed on your chest, softly kneading your breast, feeling your sensitive nipple harden under his touch. You moaned into his mouth from the sudden contact and he growled in response, feeling it vibrate against your lips, the feeling at the bottom of your abdomen grew stronger. He pulled away and grabbed your hand, dragging you through the crowd, into the lobby of the grand building.

“Bucky, where are we going?” you squeezed his hand and he pulled you into an embrace, nuzzling his face into your neck to find your sweet spot, kissing and nibbling at it, driving you crazy.

“Home, baby girl. I’m not letting you out of my sight tonight,” he whispered into your ear. He spoke the words in such a seductive and domineering tone, that they went straight to your core. You clenched your thighs together in hope to get some relief, but no such luck. You start to feel your arousal seep into your panties and instantly knew you’d been defeated.

‘Shit, I’m in deep.’

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Chaos, Longing, Secrets, Stars
warning: very cheesy ending ahead.

When Riley pushed herself over the King’s balcony railing for what seemed like the hundredth time, she made a small, satisfied sound at her new mastered skill. She dusted a bit of dirt from her gown, turning to look for Liam. She paused in her movements when she saw him at the railing overlooking the gardens, elbows on the wood and head hanging. Wringing her hands together, she stepped forward cautiously, fearful that she would startle him. “Liam? Are you all right?”

He didn’t jump at the sound of her voice but instead shook his head. He took a moment before looking up at her, eyes rimmed red. “It’s too much.”

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This is the first vignette into a series that I will continue during the Jonsa Summer Challenge hosted by @jonsa-creatives…. :-)

It was as if Jon’s head had been battered with something solid and heavy. His tongue was thick in his mouth and his limbs felt foreign. He stumbled, clutching onto something solid and upright, it was like a trunk of a slim tree, only it was smooth and rather cold when he’d leant his forehead against it to try and catch his breath.

“Hey buddy, you alright”? he heard someone call out. He screwed his eyes shut and shook his head. Jon did not recognise the voice and the accent was strange. Not northern. He blinked rapidly at the source of the voice when another one reached his eardrums. “Just leave him, Scott, he looks like a right weirdo”.

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Leave Nothing to Chance

day seven! these titles have gone from overly poetic to me yelling at the characters

Uraraka was a goddamned gift, Midoriya thought fervently.

Ever since the Hair Incident, where the reality of his feelings had Detroit Smashed him in the face, he had relied on her for every bit of romantic advice.

Sure, there were other sources, but he didn’t think Bakugou and Kirishima’s confession tactic of “literally blow up at each other and end up making out” would work for him.

So here he was, clutching a bouquet of flowers, standing outside of Todoroki’s room.

He really, really hoped no one else walked by.

Uraraka had promised to keep them occupied, but even so…

Midoriya raised a fist and knocked.

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Marry Me - Ashton Irwin

4/4 of Marry Me by Train!!! :)) I hope you guys liked it! ps this one is kind of cheesy srry 


Marry Me - Luke | Michael | Calum 

“Promise me you’ll always be happy by my side." 

You stood in front of your mirrored closet doors, smoothing out your outfit as you got ready for the hectic day that is helping your sister and the other bridesmaids do last minute things before your sister gets married in a few hours. 

Ashton walked into the room, holding a bouquet of purple lilacs he bought from the store last minute when he went to go run some errands earlier. Instantly a smile spread across his face as he approached you and wrapped his arms around your waist. 

"Good afternoon gorgeous,” he said, resting his chin on the top of your head. 

You noticed the flowers that Ashton was holding out in front of you, and immediately blushed. “Flowers?” You giggled, “why?" 

You turned around with Ashton’s arms still wrapped around you.

"Because you love lilacs and I love seeing your smile." 

Absolutely blushing at his romantic gesture, you grabbed the back of his neck to pull him down slightly closer to you. You kissed his lips and felt him pull you closer, causing you to smile in between. You pulled away and grabbed the flowers to put them in a vase. 

As you walked down the stairs, Ashton followed behind you and you two started to talk about the day and how you guys had planned for it to go. 

"Okay so I’m going to meet up with my sister and the other girls in a little bit and get our hair and nails done.” You started as you walked down the stairs. “Then we’re going to treat out my sister with a late lunch somewhere. And by the amount of girls today, we’ll probably spend a long time at the restaurant. And after that should be around the time we start getting dressed and ready.” You finished, as you put some water into a vase, followed by the flowers. 

“Alright babe, that sounds good.” Ashton followed behind you, pulling out a chair to put on his shoes. “I’m gonna go meet with the boys at the studio for rehearsal, then I’ll come back here and change and meet you there." 

"Sounds perfect,” you said, walking up to him to give him another kiss. “So I’ll see you later then? In a beautiful dress and everything?” Ashton said grinning while standing up, all ready to head to rehearsal. 

“Yup!” You answered back as you walked with him to the front door, “and I’ll see you. In a nice suit." 

Ashton opened the door and stepped out but turned back around to you. For a while he just looked at you and you were going to ask him "what?” But he interrupted you when he leaned in for one more kiss before you two go about your day. 

“I love you y/n, you make me happy." 

Throughout your entire relationship with Ashton, he would always tell you the sweetest things at the most random moments. You’d think that usually you’ll expect heartfelt and sweet words on special occasions, like anniversaries or holidays, but with Ashton, it was whenever really. You two could be laying in bed, close to falling asleep and he’d tell you "do you know how beautiful you are?” Or at dinner when you’d bring the food to the table for you and Ash and he’d say, “you’re amazing baby thank you.” Ashton was just that type of boyfriend, always complimenting you and making sure you know how much he appreciates you. 

And you did the same for him. Always being there at concerts or flying to wherever he was whenever you could to support him. And constantly reminding him how amazing he is at what he does. And always being sure to let him know how loved he makes you feel and how many times a day he’s the reason that you’re smiling. Letting Ashton know those little things always made him feel like he was the absolute best boyfriend to you, and he deserves that. 

You grabbed his shirt and pulled him in for one last kiss before he had to go. “You make me happy too Ash. Always." 

He smiled at you and told you again that he loves you before he took off. 

You went back inside the house to grab your purse and other things that you’ll need later on, such as your makeup bag and your dress and shoes. 

While grabbing your dress in the closet you saw Ashton’s suit hanging that he was going to wear later on, and you decided to lay it out for him on the bed, along with a little note. 

The boys were still at the studio and they had just finished rehearsing so they decided to stay for a little bit and hang out with each other. 

Luke, Michael, and Ashton were messing around for a video they wanted to post on Twitter. 

"Hey guys! It’s Ashton!” He said, waving to the camera. 

“And I’m Michael,” Luke said casually. 

“And I’m Luke,” Michael said, going along with it. 

“And there’s Calum!” Ashton said, pointing at nothing but air. “Wow Calum you look good." 

After finally posting the video, Ashton and noticed Calum lounging on the couch by himself. 

"Calum what are you doing?” Ashton asked through his laughter as he noticed Luke and Michael recording another silly video. 

“Hmm? Oh just texting your angry girlfriend." 

"What? Why? And why is she angry?" 

"Because she’s asking me where a certain someone is because that certain someone didn’t show up to her sister’s wedding." 

Quickly, Ashton’s mood changed and he looked at the clock hanging on the wall and noticed that the ceremony had just ended. 

"Aw fuck me,” Ashton groaned while he threw his head back and put his hands over his eyes, feeling like a complete idiot that he forgot about your sister’s wedding, even after months of talking about it. And even today when you two went over it. 

“Well after tonight I don’t think she’s gonna want to,” Calum snickered and the rest of the boys laughed too but Ashton was already rushing out the door to even react back to what Calum said. 

Driving in a hurry, he headed home first to change out of his day clothes and into his suit. Once he walked into the bedroom he noticed that you laid out his suit and shoes for him on the bed. 

He dropped his shoulders and groaned again, feeling even more worse that you set out his outfit for him. Ashton walked towards the bed and noticed that you even left him a note. 

“Can’t wait to see my handsome man in this suit. See you later <3 -y/n”

As if anything couldn’t make him feel worse than he already does, but reading that note managed to make him feel horrible. 

Quickly he changed into the suit and rushed into the bathroom to spray some cologne and somewhat fix his hair, then he was out the door. 

Thankfully, traffic wasn’t as bad so he was able to make it to the reception’s venue. Not exactly on time, but he made it there. 

He checked his phone for the time and realized he hadn’t checked his phone all day when he saw your unread texts and 4 missed calls. 

“I just made it to the church, are you on your way? Ps. Drive safely, love you!" 

"Babe the wedding is about to start where are you?" 

"I’m seriously wishing right now that you did not forget about this wedding Ashton we talked about this for months. Hell, we talked about it this afternoon." 

"Nice video on Twitter… Obviously you’re not here and you’re not going to be here so I’ll just see you at home.”

After reading your texts, he knew the amount of trouble he was going to be in when he finds you. 

When he walked into the venue, he saw all the guests scattered about as he looked over them, trying to look for you. It was hard though, as some of them were sitting, while others were in line getting seconds for food or on the dance floor, and the handful of children that were running about. 

“Ashton?” He heard someone call out to the side of him and he looked over to see your sister walking towards him. 

“Hey y/s/n! You look absolutely stunning! And congratulations!" 

Ashton greeted her, trying to be polite and hopefully not have her notice that something was on his mind.

"Thank you!” She said back while going in to hug him. 

“Um, so-” Ashton awkwardly started out when she pulled away. He didn’t know what to say when all he could focus on was finding you but he didn’t want to feel rude by instantly asking where you were. 

“I’m guessing you’re looking for my sister." 

Ashton pursed his lips together and slowly nodded his head, now knowing that your sister knows he had forgot. 

"Well I honestly don’t know where she went. She stayed for the beginning, but as soon as people were free to dance or eat, I don’t know where she went." 

"Oh,” he sadly looked down to the floor, “well I’m going to keep looking for her. Congrats again." 

As Ashton started to walk away, he felt her grab his wrist. 

"Hey,” she said with sincere eyes as she let him go, “she’s pretty upset that you were late Ash." 

"Yeah, I could imagine. I’m sorry I missed the ceremony." 

She gave Ashton another reassuring smile letting him know that it was okay for her, but for you, that was a whole other story. 

As she left to return to her party, Ashton went back to looking for you. 

Seeing as he couldn’t find you anywhere inside, he stepped outside for some fresh air. As he stepped out, he noticed the back of you standing alone in the garden, leaning against a pillar. 

He took a deep breath before he approached you. "Baby?” He called out when he got closer to you. 

You turned around at the familiar voice and looked at him, not saying a word, then turned back around. You walked away from the pillar and walked forward to lean against the railing that surrounded the garden. 

Ashton sighed again, knowing how upset you are since you were quiet. 

He followed you, and wrapped his arms around your waist, just as he did this afternoon. He did this with caution, unsure if you were going to push him away or accept it. And surprisingly to him, you let him. 

“Don’t touch me, I’m trying to stay mad at you,” you huffed out, probably sounding like a little baby. 

Ashton lightly chuckled before leaning down to kiss your exposed shoulder from the strapless gown you were wearing. 

“I know baby. I’m sorry I was late. There’s really no excuse. I honestly forgot. And I know we talked about this months before, and even just hours ago. But,” he started out until he felt you suddenly place your hands on top of his that were resting on your stomach. “But nothing, I guess. I forgot and lost track of time, I’m sorry." 

He leaned down to kiss your exposed skin again, and you just sighed out before grabbing his hands off from you and turning around to look at him. 

He got a little sad that you left from his arms, but you were the one here that was even more hurt. 

"I really can’t believe you forgot Ash. You know how embarrassing it was when my parents and sister asked where you were and I had to come up with an excuse?” You softly said, trying to contain yourself from raising your voice. 

“I know y/n. And I feel horrible. Even more when I came home to quickly change and noticed you set out my suit with a note." 

"Well it was pretty embarrassing Ashton. I kept looking for you to see if you were already sitting down or something but you weren’t and that hurt." 

Ashton looked sincerely in your eyes, and you couldn’t be mad at him anymore now that he confessed saying that he genuinely forgot, but you were still upset. 

The music that was playing from inside could be heard from where you and Ashton were, so he grabbed both of your hands and started to slow dance with you in the garden. 

And it was nice, really. Stars were in the sky. Faint music playing. No other people. No other distractions. Just you and Ashton. 

As he started to sway with you, he kissed you on the forehead and kept his lips close to your skin as he continued to apologize again and again. 

"It’s fine Ash. I’m over it now… But I swear if you forget something again you’re going to wake up with shorter hair." 

He giggled against your forehead before placing another kiss there. After a moment of just slowly swaying to the music and being in each other’s embrace, Ashton started to talk again.

"One day I’m going to give you a big wedding. And it’ll be you and me as the bride and groom." 

You looked up at him, and he looked down at you.

"You’re going to wear a beautiful white dress. And I’ll wear a suit and tie. And we’ll cry and smile at each other’s wedding vows and when we put the rings on each other. And then after everything, I’ll be able to finally kiss you. And at the reception we’ll dance and have fun and I’ll get to smash cake into your face.” He paused a moment to laugh a bit and so did you. “Then after that, I’ll take you home and we’ll get in bed and when you fall asleep I’ll just be looking at you, and thinking how grateful I am that it’s you with my last name." 

"Wow babe, you got it all planned out.” You said with a smile on your face. 

“I really do love seeing you smile.” He said quietly, as he brought his hand up to stroke your cheek. 

You looked at Ashton, and you swore whenever you did this feeling always rushed over you that made you feel indescribable on how happy you were to have him in your life. 

“No matter how much you aggravate me sometimes Ash, I’m so happy with you.” You said as you laid your head on his chest. 

“That’s all I ever want y/n. For you to be happy.”


(credits: luhaven)

Okay, I love Yixing. His dimples are just- asdfghjkl. He is very caring and so delicate - i quote leo. And did you hear his song monodrama like yes it was a long time ago BUT WHO TF CARES IT MADE ME ALL EMO AND TEARY. NEW BIAS <3

and I do not imply any of my sentences to anyone or anything. pure imaginary.

word count: 1,643

Yixing walked his way out of the ridiculously packed ballroom to the garden. Tonight was supposed to be a charity gala, but somehow one man decided to down any alcohol he could find and everyone soon joined him. Yixing was not going to have any of that tonight. He was dressed in his best suit and he was not going to have his suit reek of alcohol and vomit. Sighing, he slicked his hair back into place after struggling with the drunk mob.

“Well well well, if it isn’t Zhang Yixing.” A familiar voice chirped behind him.

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nihilistblackgirl  asked:

Rhaegar lives prompt where Jon is a Targaryen and crowns Sansa queen of love and beauty at a tourney after defeating Sansa's betrothed, Joffrey Baratheon

Yes, of course! I actually wrote more than needed, so this will likely have two parts. I got carried away! Thank you for the request! 


Sansa has always dreamed of attending a tourney, she’s heard so many stories and songs about them. Especially the knights. It’s the only good thing she can think about when she arrives in Kings Landing. After having been betrothed to Joffrey, it’s been getting harder and harder to believe in those stories.

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