fashionable troll brorails 4 lyfe

davepeta………………. im not sure if that’s actually fashion or if u raided some tween scene kid’s closet


“Nice railing, bro.” -Painter #interiordesigns #railing #dragonforgeltd #dirtysmith #metalart #blacksmith

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Strippin: Oh, Rythian. By the way, I was thinking about, like, what would be required of you in order to officially induct into the Rail Bros.
Rythian: Oh god, is there an initiation?
Strippin: Yeah, I worked out the best way to initiate you would be just to hit you with a train.
Benji: That was way less sexual than I thought it was gonna be.
—  YOGSCAST Strippin - Cornerstone Minecraft - A new Rail Bro? (Week 6 Part 1) (2015) (x)

nanosounds will never know what the tekkit worlds were like and i both feel sad and happy for her.

she’ll never know the tekkit war from experience, only from vague stories and accounts that are obviously doctored to fit the perspective of whoever’s telling it, and good luck finding someone willing to

she wont know how powerful lalna was, but she’ll never know what he did during the war

she will never see sjin as anything but a lame-o farmer and won’t know how he destroyed a world (or two), controlled a business (or two), capitalized the nether, and kidnapped someone

she’ll never know the captive creeper or the crooked caber or nilesy’s best and greatest number one importer and exporter of pools and pool accessories or lombucket industries or rail bros or anyone who left after tekkit…

she’ll never know what honeydew inc or sipsco when they were alive and functioning, she only knows them by their derelict factories and dust gathering in the doorways

she’ll never know what sips and sjin were LIKE in tekkit…. she feels singled out by them tricking and killing her but??? they do that to everyone… im sorry….. she didn’t know what they were like so she fell for their traps

she’ll never taste a honeydew inc jaffa.


Finally finished combining all of the Yogscast Super Mario pictures together to create one ungainly image that can be tiled.

Artistic vision achieved!

Here are the links to larger versions of the segments: