rail zeppelin


The Schienenzeppelin (rail zeppelin) Berlin, June 1931. Photographer: Georg Pahl - an aluminum bodied experimental railcar with a streamlined zeppelin airship look. Designed and developed by the German aircraft engineer Franz Kruckenberg in 1929. A rear propeller provided the propulsion for the Schienenzeppelin. On 21 June 1931, it set a world railway speed record of 230.2 km/h (143.0 mph) -  the railcar still holds the land speed record for a petrol powered rail vehicle. Only a single example was ever built - due to safety concerns it remained out of service and was finally dismantled in 1939. (images via Wikipedia)

Bad girls

Evil!Lucy Spriggan12!Lucy

Literally inspiration is sudden and its happening now


(this was just meant to be some flirty fighting but it became something much fluffier wAHt)


“Braaaandddy~” The blonde girl whined from her lounge chair, popping out her cherry sucker from her mouth.

“What?” The woman beside her said, keeping her head titled towards the sun as she held out her tanning fan.

“Im so bored with all this war stuff! When are we gonna have some fun?” Lucy said, clapping her hand together.

Out of a golden puff a smoke stood an orange haired man in a butler suit, holding a silver platter, laid with several fruits and a pink drink.

“Your martini, Princess Lucy.” He bowed.

“Thank you.” She said, plopping the sucker into the drink before grabbing the glass and tilting it toward her lips.

“You’re not even a real princess.” Brandish smirked, watching as a coy smile splayed across the blondes face.

“You’re right, I really should update my status to Queen Lucy.” She joked, lifting up her shades as she winked at her best friend.

Their giggle session was cut short as a loud explosion rung from beneath them. The two woman hurried up from their seats to look over the railing of the zeppelin.

A raging battle continued near a large clearing near the open field of a small port town called Hargeon. The fight seemed very tame, and the soldiers easily took out wizards one by one, so of course the girls let them do all the dirty work. They would only fight for the real deal.

And there it was.

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I have no idea what the narrator or the text are saying, but seeing this sleek-looking thing glide — albeit noisily — among a yard full of old Victorian/Edwardian/whatever carriages is just…wow.

More on-the-go footage here.