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Smoothing your face

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You were sitting on a stair railing, reading your book. It was common for you to end up in many random weird places all the time, never being comfortable for more than few minutes while reading. Sometimes the consequences were very poor for you, line for example, now.

Totally forgetting about where you were, you moved slightly to your left. Slightly, yet far enough to lose your balance and falling down from railing, head down. You closed your eyes, ready for an impact with the ground and possible head damage, when out of blue you felt something soft wrapping itself around your form and saving you from hitting the hard floor. You opened your eyes to see only red material, which covered your face. You instantly knew what it was. The Cape of Levitation, the relict which belonged to your teacher and master, Doctor Stephen Strange, the sorcerer supreme and master of the New York sanctuary, which you were living for almost a year now.

“Capey.” You smiled when cape helped you on your feet and unwrapped itself from around your body, levitating in front of you in happy-like manner, patting your head with one of its edges. “Thank you for helping me out there. Where is mister doctor?” You grinned at your own words, oh how you loved to annoy him with those words. You looked around, but saw no sight of your teacher. You shrugged and looked back to the cape. “Want to come with me to the library? I would love some company.” The cape moved, as if it was nodding and followed you through hallways to the said room.

Doctor Strange went from one room to the other, his brow furrowed and lips in thin line. It was now at least three hours from when he noticed his cape was gone from his study, and now he was looking for it in whole sanctum sanctorum for it. To say the least, it didn’t went good.

“Where the hell is this bloody…” He cut himself off when he got to the library, only to see you, laying in position that was definitely not comfortable, nor normal for anyone really, and yet you were sound asleep, his cape wrapped loosely around you, smoothing your face in loving manner with its collar. Doctor crossed his arms around his chest, raised his eyebrow and quietly, so not to wake you up, cleared his throat, taking his cape’s attention from your smooth, (s/c) skin.

“Are you serious right now? Come here.” Cape lazily let go of you and flew to its master, who took it by its collar and went out of the library, dragging it with himself. “Don’t think that I don’t know what you want. For the last time, let me take care of it myself.” The cape smacked him in the face, which annoyed him more. “I will tell her in my own time, for god sake, stop acting like my mother. You are annoying.” Strange finally let go of the cape’s collar, expecting it to flew around him and rest on his shoulders, only for it to get back into the library and once again wrap itself around your body, which were positioned differently than few minutes ago, differently and with your limbs strangely twisted. How on earth can you be comfortable like that he had no idea, and yet Stephen had no time to think about it, when his cape once more started stroking your face in just the same loving manner as when he found you.

Strange groaned quietly at that and left the place, going to his study with frown on his face. When he got to his destination, he sat in his armchair and sighed. His cape really had an annoying way to made him confess his feelings for you.


Steve Rogers x Reader

Requested by @girl-next-door-writes with the prompt, “I’m not asking you to forget what I’ve done. I’m asking for a chance.” 

Nerves wrecked your entire body as you walked into the room, knowing very well Steve was going to be there. The two of you had not talked since everything with the Accords went down and you hadn’t seen him since the regrettable show down at the airport in Germany. The guilt that you felt when Steve looked at you when you signed, it killed you everyday. You had loved him from the moment the two of you met and things were headed to a great place, but it had been put on the back burner and when Ross brought the Sokovia Accords to the table, it was the coffin on the nail of whatever relationship the two of you could have had.

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Dally x Reader

@ittybittydally asked: I would love to request an imagine with Dally and the prompts “come closer” and “don’t be afraid of me doll” ❤️ congrats on 1,000! your blog is amazing xx


Sporadically you wanted to prove people faulty. Scratch that, a lot of the time you wanted to prove people faulty. You were tired of being bland and boring. You wanted to be ambitious, purposeful and erratic. It’s what landed you in a party at some guy’s house. In the back of your head you recalled that his name was Buck.

Music resonated through his home and people swayed along to it, bumping against you and others with no means to apologize. Though one thing led to another and as the moon mounted in the sky, you grew jaded to say the least. Your tongue felt thick and your mind grew hazy as the alcohol you had downed started to digest in your stomach.

“I’m gonna step outside,” you mumbled blearily to the guy next to you. His back was facing you, but you felt the need to tell someone where you were going.

It was a long way to the porch as your legs trembled and your balance completely neglected you, but eventually you made it into the bracing night air and sloped over the railing.

“Come closer,” you heard someone say. “You look like you’re going to pass out.”

Blinking hard, you pinpointed a male beside you. His coat was awfully familiar, and you remembered it to match the one from inside, the one guy who had supposedly heard you tell him you were going to step outside.

He didn’t look like a nice guy, but you were too lashed to discern that. All you saw was covert brown eyes boring into your own, and brawny arms that were outstretched to catch you when you stumbled and fell.

“Woah,” he chuckled. His voice was low, amused. “Easy there, girl.”

You bit your lip, fighting to stand up. Ultimately, you managed to rest back against the rail, though the guy’s arm was still lingering beside you.

“I had too much to drink,” you told him sheepishly. He only nodded his head, smirking as the moonlight glinted off of his leather jacket.

Silence lapsed between you two, and you stole glances at the stranger. He was buzzed at the least. His words were slurred, but you weren’t sure whether to indict that on the alcohol or the town he had grown up in. Desperately, you wanted to believe that he wasn’t like most guys. That he was truly good, and wanted to keep you safe from the perverts inside, but you knew the truth. This boy was out of it, lost in his own head, but not enough to try and make conversation with a pretty face.

“I’m a Greaser,” he stammered. A grin tugged at his lips, but you pulled away.

Stories rang in your ears about the boys on the far side of town who fought with broken bottles and substituted friends as family. You didn’t fall into the Soc category, but you sure didn’t stagger into the Greaser one either.

“Don’t be afraid of me, doll,” he said. His voice changed when he spoke to you. The cloud in his eyes parted and he crept closer. “Most girls think it’s tough, that it’s cool. But you’re not like most girls. Are you?”

You shook your head.

The words weren’t meant to get you back into the house, in bed. It was simply the Greaser thinking out loud.

“I didn’t mean to offend you. I was just surprised,” you replied slowly. “What’s your name?”

“I’m Dallas, and yours?”

You said your name shyly, feeling pink race across your cheeks at the way he looked you up and down with obvious appraisal.

“Cute name. You got a date?”

You shook your head, and Dallas sighed, leaning onto the railing and cocking his head. “Neither do I. I mean-” He glanced over at you, raising an eyebrow. “Unless you’d like to be my date?” Chuckles escaped you, bubbly laughs that caused the male before you to break out into a smile. “Sorry, I tend to be forward,” he effected to say.

“No worries. If I go out again, I’d love to bring you as my date.” Dallas’s eyes broadened and his gaze feel to your lips for a moment.

There was a spark in his expression. It got brighter when you nodded your head, smiling. He knew how to read body language at that, and leaned into you, pressing his lips to yours in a hesitant, giddy kiss.

When you pulled away you could still smell the odor of the liquor he had drank and the smoke that had rubbed off on him. This wasn’t perfect, but it was to you. You smiled again, and he interlocked his fingers with yours, mumbling your name and matching your simper.

“Do I have to wait? Or can I be your date tonight?”

My Valentine

Pairings: Chris Evans x Reader

Words: 2,175

Summary: The reader and Chris have been friends for a long time. Chris gets invited on a triple date for Valentine’s Day and without wanting to be a third wheel, he tries to convince the reader to come with him even though she hates the holiday. 

Author’s Note: I wanna thank @mrs-squirrel-chester for being an awesome beta. I am absolutely the worst person ever! I meant to put this out last week (i.e. Valentine’s Day) but due to writer’s block I wasn’t able to do so. Call me Jean-Ralphio cause I’m

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Warnings: None just tons and tons of Fluff… Oh and Chris being a total meatball (Should that be a warning?)

Tagging: @ariallane @heather-lynn @always-an-evans-addict @mrs-squirrel-chester @bionic-buckyb @sebbytrash @marvel-ash anyone who wants in or out of the taglist please let me know! 

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You heard your phone go off in your purse as you opened the trunk to your car. Setting it inside your trunk, you dug through your purse, finally pulling out your phone and saw Chris’ name flash on your screen.

“Hey Chris.” You answered, holding your phone between your ear and shoulder, grabbing your gym bag.

“Y/N!” He shouted. “I’ve called you three times already! What were you doing?” He sounded urgent.

“I was driving Christopher.” You deadpanned, swinging your gym bag over your other shoulder and slammed trunk shut. “Everything okay?” You asked.

“Everything’s fine.” He answered, “Are you home?”

“Yes Chris I just got home why?” You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion.

“Oh good, cause I’m inside waiting for you.” He said.

“What?” You looked up and saw Chris at your window and waving at you with a huge grin on his face.

“Motherfu-” You quickly hang up and jog over to your front door.

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you drove to Chicago with a beer in your cupholder and your mama on speed-dial. we both knew roads grew long. we both knew time was valley someplace and mountain elsewhere. we both learned the sun can only be in one place at a time. so you sent photographs that arrived in my e-mail with subject lines like “I love you and this is not enough but here I am showing you all this world is and I love you.” attached, a picture of your right hand against yawning Chicago sky, birthmark at the bend of your thumb where I remember it. attached, a picture of your feet crossed at the ankles, sitting at a bench, the city’s lungs expanding noisily around you. here, I learned what away tasted like. like the sound of wine bottle hitting hardwood. like the feeling of hangnail bleeding more than you think it will, all this red from such little hurt. soon, photographs started to arrive with no subject lines at all. soon, your whole body stood in the frame, arms laid out beside you on the railing of a bridge, head tilted in casual disarray, eyes looking just behind the camera. a novel of kisses sitting in your cupid’s bow, a novel I still hadn’t finished. that smile, larger every time, honest and happy and monstrous. I imagined the person taking these, greedy in her capturing. I imagined her hands and here, in my place of scattered time and calls that go too quickly to voicemail, I grew jealous of the woman and her camera, of the woman too close to you to know what it was to miss, of the way she must have tasted to you like Chicago. like smoke and sameness and success.

Gordon’s Daughter | Part Two

//Hope you guys like it. I think I might do a part three to this, if you guys want this to be a long-continued thing? Yeah, so if you’d like that let me know. I really love getting feedback and stuff.


Warnings: Mild swearing. I may have accidentally made an innuendo, but I’m not sure, because I’m a freakin naïve little bab. So yeah. I might have not though.

Rating: Mid-Fluff.

Title: Gordon’s Daughter | Part Two //


She turns off the television as she sees Jerome’s mug shot appear on the screen, and practically throws the controller away from herself, pulling her knees to her chest. Y/n can hear the sound of footsteps pounding up the stairs, and grabs the gun that is laying on the table next to her, pulling the safety and aiming it at the door. Her heart pounds at the sound stops abruptly, and a quiet jingling sound can be heard before the person attempts to throw the door open, the deadbolt causing it to get stuck.

“I-I have a gun!” She shouts, standing up and walking over to the door.

“God damnit y/n, open the door, now!” Jim shouts, yanking it shut. She moves forward quickly, pulling the deadbolt out and opening the door quickly. Jim barges in the room, followed quickly by Harvey and Lee. Lee goes over to her immediately, pulling her into a hug. Harvey goes up the stairs quickly, while Jim goes down.

“Wh-what are they doing?” She stammers, placing the gun on the table. Lee smiles, and strokes her hair gently.

“They’re just searching the house, making sure it’s safe…I’m assuming you heard about…?” Lee doesn’t finish her sentence, but y/n knows what she means.

“Yeah…I-I just saw it, on…on the news.” Her voice is soft and weak, and she shakes slightly.

“Don’t worry. Jim and Harvey are gonna keep you safe. I’m here too. You’re safe, three against one.” Just as she says this, Jim comes barreling up the stairs from the basement, running over to the two of you.

“Downstairs is safe.” He says, briefly glancing at you before moving down the hall and checking the bedrooms. He quickly returns, and looks up the stairs. “Harvey!” Jim shouts. “Harvey, everything okay up there?” The only response he gets is a muffled scream, which causes him to begin to bolt up the stairs. “Harvey!” Before Jim can get all the way up the stairs, y/n begins to scream, causing Jim to turn back around quickly, and Harvey to come down the stairs, almost knocking into Jim. “Where is he Harvey?” Jim asks, trying to move past him.

“Where is…Christ, calm down Jim. I was just trying to lighten the mood…” Y/n’s body shakes as she begins to sob.

“Good job, Harvey!” Lee snaps. “What’s wrong with you?” She asks, glaring up at him. “This is serious.” Harvey shrugs, and looks to Jim for help, who just shakes his head angrily and walks back down the stairs to y/n and Lee.

“He-he’s going to come for me-me. He said so, he said so…” Y/n closes her eyes, and the memory floods her memory before she can stop it.

“Oh, sweet-cheeks. You, you, gorgeous…you’re afraid of me…it’s a thrill, really. I wanna know what gets under your skin, I wanna know what makes you laugh, what makes you smile, I wanna know everything doll.”

“That’s enough, Jerome.”

“So, she’s important to you, huh? Well, you see doll, now I’ve got to have you. When I get out, I’m gonna find you. Don’t forget about me! I know I won’t forget about you.

She opens her eyes abruptly, and shudders. “I want to go upstairs,” she says, moving away from Lee. Jim reaches out for her, and she pulls away. “I want to be alone.”

“That’s a really dumb idea y/n! You want to be alone? I can’t believe you-”

“Shut up, Jim.” Lee says, turning to him and giving him a pointed look. “She can go upstairs if she wants.”

“Yeah…I think I need some sleep.” Y/n whispers, gripping the rail as she heads up the stairs.

“We’ll be down here if you need anything,” Jim says. “Don’t worry, y/n. He won’t get in.” Y/n nods, and walks into her room and props the door open, laying down on her bed. Right as she closes her eyes she can feel herself drifting asleep, the stress of the day having worn her out completely.

She awakens a bit later to a freezing room. She shivers in her bed, and sits up to climb under the covers. As she does, she gazes around the room, her eyes falling on the billowing curtain. Her mind clouds with confusion for a second, and her head tilts slightly. “How did that…” Before she can finish her sentence, her head whips towards the door in a blind panic, just as it slams shut. She can hear the lock being turned, and see a figure moving around her room, grabbing a chair and throwing it in front of the door. All the noise causes a ruckus down stairs, soon followed by a banging at her door.


“Oh, don’t worry about her!” A familiar voice calls out, causing y/n’s heart to jump into her throat. She scrambles out of her bed, and lunges for the door, only to have a slender arm wrap around her waist and yank her back against his warm chest. “Hello, doll.” He growls, his lips only inches from her ear. He laughs slow, and deep, dragging it out in an unnatural way. He brings his other hand up to caress her face, causing her to shudder harshly, which only makes his smile grow larger. “Oh, Jimbo,” he calls out, his voice taking on a taunting tone. “You should have never let me know you cared about her,” he mutters. “But for her to be your daughter,” he laughs harshly. “That’s the cherry on top of the very, very sweet sundae.” Jerome purrs, stepping back and pulling y/n with him. He smiles, placing a kiss on her cheek and inhaling deeply. “And it’s all mine, she’s all mine.” He laughs harshly again, and turns his gaze to the door, his cheek pressing against hers. “Whatcha gonna say, Jimbo? Any last words to your daughter?”

“I swear Jerome, when I get my hands on yo-”

“Oh, let me guess!” Jerome gasps happily. “You’ll kill me?” Jim growls, and a loud bang can be heard against the door, which throws Jerome into a fit of giggles. His laugh quickly becomes dark and hoarse, and he looks back over at y/n. “Did ya hear that? He’s going to kill me!” Jerome makes a face feigning fear for a split second before his mouth drops open, and he blinks slowly. “I’d like to see you try that, Jimbo.” He calls out, backing up towards the window again. “I would let you see your daughter before I take her, but, oh, this is getting boring fast with these threats. So cliché, done so many times, I hoped you would be more interesting. I know y/n is going to be,” he says, his voice taking on a light tone. “Just remember, Jim. When you’re feeling down, and you want to see your daughter, remember…”


“You can’t.” Jerome hisses, a cruel smile crossing his face.

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#2 for tsukishima please???

《With a hoarse voice, under the blankets.》

He just couldn’t sleep lately. Every time he’d shut his eyes and try to focus on anything besides the malice, his mind would run right back to it again. She was quiet next to him, huddled up in an old, Hello Kitty quilt. She looked so peaceful, so at ease with her face buried in the pillows, eyebrows furrowed together intently as if they were meant to be that way. Even in her sleep she was thinking about something, and Kei couldn’t help but wonder what.
“What’s on that beautiful mind of yours, hm?” He caught himself whispering, his shaky hand reached for her forehead but stopped halfway there. “Whatever it is, it’s surely not this horror story I’m dealing with.” He finally let his fingertips brush against her, taking in her everything for a moment before backing away, slipping out of bed to do something about the nasty migraine he’s been hosting all night. The hardwood floor was freezing underneath him, the moon and only the brightest of pollutant beating stars still prominent way up in the sky. Sometimes he just disregarded medicine all together and sat on the balcony, taking in the comfort from the sky above and the empty streets below. He’d sit down on a cast iron patio chair, and lay his arms across the cast iron railing and lay his head down, closing his eyes against the force of the gentle harbor breeze. Sometimes he wondered how he even got here, with his head full of nightmares and his heart full of sorrow. Thousands and thousands of miles away from home, Five thousand, two hundred, sixty seven miles to be exact, and for what? Five thousand, two hundred, sixty seven miles away from home to run away from some distant memory, hoping in that distance, the pain would get lost along the way. He was happy now, truly, and he thought back to her in the bed, just twenty feet away, soon to be fifteen, then five, then zero, because he knew she couldn’t sleep without his presence, and even in the worst days she’d follow him out to the balcony, pull out a chair next to him, and sit there, holding his hand until he wanted to go inside. It was always like that, and part of him loved it. Was it romantic? Quite possibly, if insomnia was put in the retrospect of being romanticized. Fisherman started undocking their boats on the canal down below, shouting at each other in a language Kei couldn’t quite comprehend. They didn’t notice him, but he watched them, his fingers tracing lazy circles around the bar on the railing as their foreign conversation dragged on, dragging his interest with him. Behind him, the balcony door squeaked, and even though he knew exactly who the perpetrator was, he still jumped, the iron chair rattling underneath him. She giggled, wrapping her warm, tired arms around his neck from behind, her lips toying at the nape of his neck.
“Hey, it’s just me…” She cooed, and Kei took the opportunity to sigh.
“I know…” He grabbed her hand and held them closer to his chest. He always wondered why her hands were always so cold, yet the rest of her was always so warm. He said nothing as he placed them over his heart, goosebumps prickling along his bare arms. It was only fifty degrees, yet fifty degrees was warm for a place like this, especially at the break of dawn. She didn’t even bother to sit next to him today, just holding him as time ever so slowly passed by.
“Do you want to go back to bed?” She muttered after some time, lethargy still hinted in the very crevices of her voice. He wanted to tell her that it was stupid of her to even follow him out here in the first place, that she didn’t need to, that she could just stay by herself inside until his pity party subsided. She wouldn’t listen, though, she never did. He liked to say she was as stubborn as she was beautiful, sometimes. He tilted his head back and looked into her eyes for the first time that morning, the soft gaze and knowing eyes enough to melt his heart all over again. He nodded, letting go of her hands over her chest and sulking back inside, sparing one last glance to the lost fishermen on the canal.

She burrowed herself under the same Hello Kitty quilt as before, pulling him closer and draping it around his shoulders. He sighed, part of him feeling ridiculous, usually he wanted that thing kept as far away from him as possible, but now that it practically engulfed him, he couldn’t help but lean into the solace of its warmth. She spared him a chuckle, cupping his head in her hands and kissing the corner of his lips in the singular way that made his head spin. Her fingertips were still cold, but her lips were ever so warm, and goosebumps broke out on his skin once more.
“You’re being oddly affectionate today…” He croaked, leaning in to notion that he only wanted more.
“Is it a crime to kiss my boyfriend now, Tsukishima Kei?”
“If it was a crime, I wouldn’t mind going to prison.”
“Oh.” She peeped, quietly before breaking out into giggles. “That was horrible. You really do need to sleep, baby, replenish your wit before you say that to me ever again.”
Kei found himself laughing, burying himself deeper into the quilt on top of him. He still looked up at her, the sudden sunlight filtering through the blinds making him squint even more than he was before. The softness of the light that casted through made her look like an angel, he thought, an absolute divine deity. Although she had bags that made her look like she had received two black eyes and frizzy bed head that was only more prominent against the light source, she looked perfect to him.
“I love you.” He said with a hoarse voice, under the blankets. She looked straight at him with amused eyes, blinking ever so slowly until they shut, and she leaned over to kiss him. He melted into it, his hand heavy against the side of her torso.
“I love you too.” She muttered, between a broken kiss. “More than you could ever imagine.”

its always been you, my love [soulmate au]

Pairing : Joshua x Reader
Word Count : 3,534
A/N : this turned out to be an angsty / fluffy mess. and honestly, i accidentally deleted the first draft so i apologize Greatly if this isn’t up to par (i was angry @ myself n that may have effected how this turned out, it’ll get better i swear TT) also , spelling mistakes ? they’re probably there n i apologize 

*** everything in italics is a flash back ***

Originally posted by koraenpop

The evening was dwindling down to nothing as the sun set over the trees in the horizon, and the decreasing temperature with every passing second stung your cheeks leaving them stained. you read the face of your watch once more, one that had adorned your wrist since your tenth birthday,  the nail of your thumb gently digging into the scratch that you had inflicted upon it accidentally when you were thirteen.

Five years, ten months, two weeks and four days.

A constant countdown that dauntingly reminded you each day that in nearly six years you will meet your soulmate.

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Our Window (Kenny Omega Imagine)

Kenny Omega x Reader
Warning: Angst, a little fluff
A/N:  I think I like torturing myself
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~800 words

Four times Kenny said ‘I love you’ and the one time he didn’t.

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Veronica x Reader: Drunken Smackdown

Warnings: alcohol use, swearing

Requested: Yes

*Your POV*

“EVERYBODY TAKE A SHOT” I screamed over the island in the kitchen, forcing a shot of whiskey down mine and Archie’s throats, the alcohol burning the flesh as it flowed down. I looked at Archie who crinkled his nose and shook his whole body.

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Could you write a angsty reader x noctis. Where he and Luna are catching up and getting ready for the wedding but there's conflict, like Noct has feelings for Luna and the reader too.

I like the way you think, my dear anon. It didn’t turn out exactly as I hoped, but I hope I do your idea justice, friend~!

We’re in Love, Aren’t We?

Altissia was always beautiful, but it was even more beautiful as the sun was setting. The way the waters reflected the golden rays of sunlight was unspeakably remarkable.

“Here, try this one!”

You were pulled from your private little world by Prompto’s voice. He had a small cup of gelato in his hand, holding it out to you. You smiled at him and took a small bit of it onto your spoon. Altissian gelato was delicious, and it seemed to be Prompto’s goal to try all of the flavors over the past forty-five minutes.

Noctis had gone to meet up with Lunafreya, Gladio in tow. This left you with Prompto and Ignis - and, of course, Ignis had decided to go grocery shopping. Prompto had been itching to get out of the hotel room, so you agreed to go wander the city with him. That’s when you got stuck at this gelato cart, staring blissfully into the water below as Prompto happily chattered away about how much he loved the sweet treat or the pictures he had taken that day.

You started as Prompto pushed his chair away from the table you were sitting at, jumping to his feet. He started waving his hand in the air, still holding the spoon.

“Noct! Gladio! Over here!”

You quickly looked over your shoulder to see Noctis and Gladiolus walking toward you. Gladio looked pissed off, which wasn’t unusual, and Noctis look annoyed, also not unusual. They must have argued about something.

The thought of Noctis going off to meet with his betrothed made you incredibly nervous. You were fully aware that you had fallen for Noctis, hard and fast. But he was no longer on the market, so to speak.

“How was it? How was she? Man, I can’t wait to meet her!” Prompto said excitedly, practically bouncing over to Noct, curiosity and joy evident in his eyes.

Noct opened his mouth to speak, but closed it soon after. He walked past Prompto and away, turning a corner and disappearing out of sight.

“What’s wrong with him?” you asked Gladio quietly, almost afraid to hear the answer.

“He’s been like this for over an hour,” Gladio growled, “I can’t get him to talk. He was fine with Lady Lunafreya for a while, but then he got quiet and… weird.”

“You should go talk to him,” Prompto added, nearly cutting Gladio off.

“What? Wh-why me?”

“He likes you! Y’know?” Prompto said, fidgeting awkwardly, “He won’t get as annoyed with you as he will with us.”

He likes me. The thought raced through your head, but you quickly pushed it away. That couldn’t be what Prompto meant. He likes me as a friend. I’m a good… friend.

You stood quietly for a while, Prompto and Gladio’s expecting eyes resting heavily upon you. Without a word, you walked away, following Noctis. As you turned the corner, you saw him leaning against the railing, looking down at the water.

“What’s up with you?” you teased as you walked to him, leaning up against the railing beside him, “Finally realizing you’re getting married?”

Noct’s eyes darted over to you quickly, but back to the water. Something definitely wasn’t right, but you didn’t know what.

“I-I just needed to walk off the nerves,” he muttered quietly.

“Mind if I ask what she’s like?” The words were out of your mouth before you even realized it. And you regretted it before he could even respond.

“She’s as beautiful as I remember,” Noct answered after a long pause, “Gentle, kind, compassionate… Everything I remember about her and more. I can’t believe I’m marrying someone as wonderful as her.”

Your stomach flipped. You could feel the butterflies in your stomach rising to your throat as your stomach twisted and turned. That wasn’t what you had wanted to hear.

“Well? What’s wrong with you? Something doesn’t seem right,” you said, hoping you didn’t sound too harsh. You hadn’t meant it to, but you were having a very difficult time controlling your emotions. You wanted him to choose you not her.

“I…” Noct trailed off, before turning to look at you.

You were looking down at the water, but you could feel his gaze heavy upon your shoulders. You were terrified you’d get too emotional if you looked at him.

“I just…” Noct began again, before drawing in a deep breath, “I don’t know what to do. I’m supposed to marry her. And she’s gorgeous. She’s great, yeah. But I…. I don’t think I can do it.”

You finally had enough nerve to look over at him.

“Because I love you.”

You felt your heart skip a beat. Did he really just say what you thought he had? There’s no way.

“What?” It was all you could manage.

“I could be married to her for the rest of my life, but I’ll be wishing she was you instead,” he said quietly, finally dropping his gaze to his feet, obviously becoming shy and slightly embarrassed.

“Noct…” you murmured, adding on quietly, “We’re in love, aren’t we?”

“I don’t know. I’m so confused. Can I love both of you? How could this be happening? Why is this happening?” He was flustered, and it was obvious. He leaned back against the railing, propping his head on his hand, “I’m… I’m sorry.”

“I do love you, Noct,” you said quietly, “But if you choose her, I understand. You’ll make the right choice.”

“But do I really even have a choice?”

You reached over and took his hand in yours, squeezing it tightly.

“You’ll always have a choice.”

Perfect to Me-Alec Imagine

I was sitting on my balcony of my room just looking over the city. From my room I could see the Institute, quite clearly actually. I wasn’t a Shadowhunter or mundane. Since Clary has found out what she was I found out was a witch. My powers were suppressed my mother for my own protection. My powers also revolve around on element or come thru in one way. Electricity. I can do most anything but it comes thru as electric energy.

“I’ve had enough!” I heard someone scream. I looked down at the park below to see Alec storming thru it. I could see him fuming. I decided to call out to him.

“Hey Alec!” I called to him while leaning on the fancy railing of my balcony. He stopped and looked up at me. “What’s up archer boy!?” He looked down and chuckled at the nickname.

“Just my mother!” He called back up to me. He was half smiling.

“What did she do this time?” I laid my forearms on the railing and laid my head on them.

“Just being her normal self.” He put his hands in his pockets and shrugged his shoulders. He looked around then back up at me.

“Instead of storming through the city why don’t you come up here?”

“Aren’t your parents up there?”

“Nope they’re gone for the weekend.” I said truthfully and shrugged.

“Alright.” He looked around again. Then he moved toward the base of the wall and started up the vines. Once he got up the vines he swung himself over the railing and lent against it.

“You know I could have went and opened the door.” I joked. He just shrugged. We talked about random things for awhile. You see unlike Clary and Alec we get along quite nicely. As we were talking the fight him and his mother had kept nagging in the back of my head. “Alec?”

“Yeah?” He looked at me.

“What exactly happened with your mother?” He looked down and had a grim look.

“She was being her normal self by being the biggest critic on the planet!”

“What was she being a critic about this time?” I asked curious. When he didn’t answer right away I became concerned. I got and placed a hand on his arm. “Alec?” He pushed away from the railing.

“It’s just nothing pleases her! Everything I do anymore it seems like she always has something to say about it!” He was pacing the balcony. “I do something she asks! And when it’s done she picks out something to gripe about. And also she is still criticizing Izzy about who she is!” He continued to rant and pace. “And I just can’t take it anymore!” He slammed back against the wall and slid down. He leaned his elbow on his knee and then his head on his hand.

“Alec.” I knelt down in front of him. “If it bothers you that much you should tell her straight up.” I took his hand in mine. He lifted his head and let his arm fall. He smiled at me.

“Thanks for the advice but I don’t think that will work.”

“If you want I can shock some sense into her.” I light up my hand.

He chuckled, then started laughing harder. He threw his head back in laughter. I laughed with him. It was good to see him like this so relaxed and care free.

“That might just do something!” He laughed out. I stood up and held my hand out when I felt the energy change in the air. He took it and I pulled him up. I started to walk backwards into my room while pulling him with me. “What are you doing?” I held up a finger once we were inside. He looked at me confused.


Next thing he knew thunder and lightning crashed and it starting pouring. Alec jumped back and looked at me.

“How did you?” I went and closed the balcony doors.

“I felt an energy change in the air.” I went and sat down on the bed. He looked out at the rain. “For what its worth Alec..” He turned to look at me. “You’re perfect to me the way you are.” I looked down blushing. I heard him moved and sit next to me.

“Y/N.” He lifted my head to look at him. “Thank you. it means a lot to me that I’m not a screw up to everybody.” He then kissed me.

“You’ll never be a screw up to anybody, my archer.” I kissed him and pulled him down on the bed. Oh! Did I forget to mention that me and Alec are together? Opps. Sorry.

highwarlockkareena  asked:

#i also really want to write a very physical battle couple situation - if you put this in front of me, I have to ask for it please, Izsak.

you don’t know how much i was hoping you’d send me this kareena

original tags

“please remind me how we got into this position again, alexander?”

the last of the late sunset was spilling through the broken windows of this warehouse. it was streaming over magnus’s face, the warm glow cutting across his jaw and turning his eyes that molten brown it always did. around them this place was decaying. it smelled like blood and mold, the floor split in front of them, moss and plants spilling out the edges and up the walls. it was rank kind of damp, now run through with the smell of death. despite that the thrum of magic in magnus’s body was steady, curling little flames of blue around his fingers that trailed up his arms just slightly. beside him alec shifted, taut bow string shifting as alec surveyed the room. magnus’s lips curved up slightly at the pointed silence.

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chapter 12.

Rich || Jaebum

Originally posted by mixedangel

Reader (you) x Jaebum ft Jinyoung

Word Count: 1247

Warnings: a little bit of violence 

note: HIIII~ I’m late again hehe sorry. I got a flu and basically stayed in bed all day rip. The cold weather in Canada had me dying for warmth. Anyways here’s the chapter y’all been waiting for! Also, thank to those who submitted your questions! I’d like to receive more please and thank you haha. Happy reading everyone and take care! -admin

At this moment in time, I wanted everything to freeze while I run away from the scene. I don’t even know why I came here in the first place. Jaebum’s stupid idea wasn’t a great plan. What made me wonder was why did I feel like I needed to make Jinyoung jealous?

“Did you just say girlfriend?” Jinyoung asked, stepping forward so that he came face to face with Mr. Im.

“Come on, Jinyoung. Let’s not be silly. A girl like her cannot inherit the family business. Plus, she’s the one that has a debt to pay. A girl like her plan to latch onto guys like us just for the money.” Mr. Park explained to Jinyoung, taking him by the arm and dragging him back. I stood there in shock, trying to comprehend what was going on. How did Mr. Park know that I had a debt? Surely, Jinyoung never told his family about my father’s debt. But somehow he knew.

“Where’s your respect, Mr Park?” Jaebum’s mother scoffed. “Don’t make lies about a person whom you don’t know.”

“They aren’t lies.” Mr. Park stated. “It’s true.”

“It’s true.” I finally spoke up confidently. “I’m a girl that latches onto people for money because I have a debt to pay. You’ve caught me. Congratulations.”

“(Y/N).” Jaebum hissed. He knew I was getting angry which was probably a bad thing. But I didn’t care. This was the main reason why I came to this party in the first place.

“But Mr. Park,” I step forward with confidence, “How did you know about my father’s debt? The only person who knew about his debt was Jinyoung. And one thing that I liked about Jinyoung was his honesty. He never told anyone about my father’s debt and how I was left to pay everything off. So I wonder where you got that information from.”

Everyone stood there in silence. I saw in Mr. Park’s face that he knew he has been exposed. My father never told me why he had debts to pay. He only told me that I’d have to pay them after running off somewhere. Right now, the pieces were finally getting put together. I’ve always wondered how Jinyoung knew I was in trouble without me having to call for help. He would always show up unexpectedly like a knight in shining armour. But all along, he knew something I never knew.

“Perhaps,” I said, stepping forward again, “Did my father work for you, Mr Park? Or was he someone important to you?”

No one replied to my question. Everyone stood there, frozen in time. So it was true then. My father must’ve been someone who work for Mr. Park. Something must’ve happened that I wasn’t aware of. And all this time, Jinyoung never told me this.

“(Y/N).” Jaebum softly whispered in my ear, as he grabbed me by the waist. But I swatted his hand away, keeping my position still.

“So it is true.” I cried out loud, feeling my emotions boiling inside of me. I saw Mr. Park slightly nod his that wasn’t noticeable for anyone else who watched him, but only noticeable for me.

“And after all this time,” I scoffed as I turned to look at Jinyoung’s terrified face, “You knew all along.”

“(Y/N).” Jinyoung finally spoke up, stepping towards me. I raised up my hand and closed my eyes. The amount of disappointment and the feeling of betrayal overwhelmed me. I wanted to break down but I was afraid of being judged in front of everyone.

“I need air ” I simply stated before running off away from everyone. Finding an open balcony, I walked outside while taking a deep breath. Leaning on the railings, I tried to comprehend what just happened. I thought back to the times Jinyoung told me that he was going to help me with the debt I would have to pay. Did he go against his family to help me or did he feel sorry for me and helped me instead? These thoughts consumed me head as I try to think of different ways to solve this situation. Why was my life like this? A complete total mess.

“You’re going to freeze to death standing out here.” A voice stated from behind me, putting a coat around my shoulders. Noticing the black and leather fabric, I turned my head to the side to see Jaebum leaning on the railings.

“Thanks.” I mumbled, wrapping the jacket tightly around me.

“It was a bad idea to bring you here.” Jaebum stated, look ahead at the city lights in front of him.

“No kidding.” I sarcastically said. “Don’t even know why I agreed to your idea.”

“Well at least you got something out of that.” Jaebum smiled at, putting his hand on top of mine on the railing. I nodded my head response, sighing and watching the mist come out of my mouth. Hands grabbed my waist, pulling me closer to Jaebum as he hugged me tightly to his body.

“You deserve so much better.” He whispered as his thumb touched the soft skin of my cheek. His fingers forcing me to look up at his sparkling eyes, caressing me in the softest manner.

“I don’t deserve anything. I’ve already lost everything I have, what’s more to gain?” I huffed out. Jaebum’s eyes scanned my face specifically looking at my lips. His eyes full of emotion as he grabbed my face and lean in so that our faces were merely inches away from each other.

“Jaebum, there’s no way I can pay that debt.” I cried, feeling my eyes starting to water as a tear ran down my face. “Why does it have to be me? The one who always suffers.”

“Don’t say that.” Jaebum softly whispered, wiping the tear that ran down my face. “There’s something in the Park family that they’re hiding in which I’ll hopefully try and figure it out.”

“Why help me? You’re busy with work and stuff. There’s no bother in helping me.” I scoffed at him.

“Because you’re one of the few that I care about.” And with that he closed the space between my lips and his, molding his face against mine. The kiss was slowly and gentle, yet there was still a passion burning behind it. The warm feeling engulfed me making me forget the things that recently happened. It was a sweet kiss, something Jaebum has never done to me. I part my lips as Jaebum moved closer to me, leaving minimal space between us. His slow and soft kisses melted my insides as we continued to share this passionate moment.

It was until then, someone forcefully ripped us apart. Losing the heat and contact of Jaebum’s lips, the force of the push almost had me falling backwards. Luckily, I caught myself on the handrail as I looked at the person to pried us apart. Holding Jaebum by the collar was someone who was his best friend. Jaebum was pushed against the railings, his head leaning back with a fist raised above his head.

“You fucking bastard!” Jinyoung screamed at the top of his lungs, full of rage. It was the anger I’ve never seen before in my life which it terrified me. His fist clenched tightly, raised above Jaebum’s head. And right at that moment, as Jinyoung’s fist forcefully punched Jaebum, I fell to my knees in terror.

No!” I cried, watching Jaebum’s body become limp. “Please, stop!”

Prompt: “insecure!possibly curvy! reader x kirk where someone makes a rude remark about her, she goes and cries & then kirk tells her she’s perfect?” - Anon

Word Count: 1,243

Author’s Note: I don’t know, I feel like this story is important. I’ve been made to feel this way by clothes before, and I’m coming to learn that it’s a problem with the clothes, not me. If I need a piece tailored, depending on the piece I’ll have that done. If the piece I’m trying on is too tight, I’ll buy the next size up. Anyway, I think what I’m saying is that I hope none of you ever feel this way <3 I know it’s easier said than done, but remember that you’re amazing and the right people in your life will think you’re amazing no matter what you look like or what your ability level is. @stargirlhorse

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We Start Over (Part 11)


Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: None
Notes: Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4. Part 5. Part 6. Part 7. Part 8. Part 9. Part 10. So… here it is. The ending to We Start Over! Writing this series has made me super happy, and the reaction from you guys has been so great. So I just wanted to say thankyou! If you guys want an epilogue filled with fluff then let me know! Masterlist. 

“Oh, my god…” You murmured, mouth gaping open slightly as your mind began to race. “I… I need to be somewhere else.” You said, a small smile tugging at your lips as you turned to leave. “Y/N?” Steve said, confusion clear in his voice as his hand wrapped around your wrist, “What’s going on?” He asked, his brow furrowing as he held you back. “I realised that…the person I’ve been looking for, the person I thought I saw in you… was standing right in front of me the entire time.” You smiled, tugging your hand free before turning back in the direction you came. “I’d say I’m sorry, but I think this makes us even.” You called back to Steve, barely sparing a glance back in his direction as you hurried down the hall.

As your feet pounded against the hardwood floors of the tower, you felt your heart beat out of your chest. Memories played through your head like a film, every single hug, every time he comforted you as you cried, every movie night and every longing look that you brushed off for some reason or another. How could you have been so blind this entire time? Part of you, had always known, the joy you felt when you saw him safe and sound after a mission, the comfort it brought you to be wrapped up in his arms and the pain that tore away at your gut anytime you saw him scared or upset. The other part of you, just hadn’t wanted to admit, that you were head over heels in love with Bucky Barnes.

Reaching the glass doors, your eyes locked onto the broad figure standing in the dim light, hands clenched on the metal railings as their head ducked down towards their chest. The sound of you throwing open the door, caused the figure to whip his gaze in your direction. “Y/N?” Bucky murmured, eyebrows creased in confusion. “Were you gonna kiss me?” You blurted, not being able to control your mouth in the moment. “I… what… I… I don’t know what you’re talking about…” Bucky spluttered, a bright crimson colouring his cheeks as he averted his gaze from your direction. “You were trying to kiss me.” You grinned, “Why?” You asked, needing to know that it wasn’t just the Asgardian alcohol that he had been sipping all night. Still not meeting your gaze, you saw the many emotions flicker over Bucky’s expression, fear, doubt, sadness and finally resignation. “Okay…” Bucky sighed, rubbing the back of his neck, “I did try to kiss you… and I’m so so sorry… I just, I really like you Y/N, and I don’t want this to fuck up our friendship so…” He rambled, getting cut off as you launched yourself into his arms and pulled his face down to yours. “I like you too, ya big idiot.” You murmured, smiling at the look of shock on his face before crashing your lips against his. Making a small sound of surprise, Bucky quickly spun you round so your back was up against the rails. As the two of you pulled away to catch your breath, both with stupid smiles on your faces, you could still feel the doubt radiating off Bucky in waves. “Penny for your thoughts?” You murmured, brushing your hand up his back gently. “I just…” Bucky exhaled, tipping his head back slightly. “I didn’t think you’d ever like me like that, you were always so adamant with people that we were just friends, and then there’s Steve…” Bucky frowned, licking his lips nervously.

“I think, a part of me has always felt this way for you, it just took me a little while to catch up-” You smiled, raising a hand to fiddle idly with the baby hairs at the back of his neck “-and as for Steve, I… well I don’t know. I know that I don’t love him now, or that if I ever did really. But I understand if you don’t want whatever this is to jeopardise your friendship, I’m a big girl.” You murmured, trying to mask the sadness that clouded your eyes. Cupping your chin in his fingers, Bucky tilted your face back up to his. “I want to give this a shot, whatever this is…” Bucky smirked, chuckling slightly as you prodded him in the stomach for the small jab at you. “Steve’s my best friend, but you’re my best girl… nothing in the world would keep me from you.” Bucky murmured, pressing his lips against your once again as you hand reached up to caress his stubbled cheek. “Best girl, huh?” You murmured against his lips, feeling them lift into a smile in response. “Always Doll.” Bucky replied, before ducking in for another kiss.


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Izaya x Reader Oneshot: Nighttime Illness

Brief Description/Summary: You get up in the middle of the night, not feeling well, only to receive an interesting and slightly worrying reaction from Izaya.

Pairing: Izaya x Reader
Reader Gender: Neutral
Anime/Manga: Durarara!!
Rating: T+
Type: Oneshot, fluff-ish, tiny bit of angst
Length: 1,874 words
On Fanfiction: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11206048/1/Nighttime-Illness
On Ao3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/5659774

Normally, when you’re not feeling well, you still try and force yourself to sleep. However, in order to try and sleep with a killer headache it usually requires you to toss and turn. Izaya, who was sleeping soundly next to you, is a light sleeper, and last thing you want to do was wake him up.

That leads you to where you are now: 3AM with only a light nap that lasted an hour. You went to bed at 9PM: you should be asleep by now. Due to being overtired, you now had nausea mixed with your throbbing headache.

You glanced over at Izaya. Contrary to what he looked like awake, his face looked so peaceful and angelic in his sleep. His mouth was slightly open and he was making light breathing sounds, his body curled up into a ball like a child. No, you did not want to wake him up.

The nausea was at a point, though, where you needed a heating pad or something to help calm it. You quietly shift to the edge of the bed and get up, slipping on your slippers and housecoat as you went. You heard Izaya murmur, shift, then turn over, now slightly awake. You let out a whispering sigh…’He’s such a light sleeper.’

Making a quick visit to the bathroom, you then creeped your way into the kitchen. You started boiling a pot of water for the heating pad, figuring Izaya would think that you’re just making late night tea. Once the water was ready, you carefully poured the pot’s boiling fluid into the heating pad, amused at the fact that it sounded a lot like filling a large mug. You carefully and tightly sealed the lid on the heating pad.

You were about to make your way back to bed when you realized how warm you feel. Putting your hand to your forehead, you realized you must have a slight fever. You glance at the patio outside Izaya’s apartment. There where some patio chairs and a table set out.

Maybe fresh air will help.’

You carefully opened the patio door, not wanting to wake up Izaya again, and slipped outside. The air was fresh and cool: the smell of night in the air. You made your way to a patio chair next to the table and sat.

You curiously peer over the edge of the railing. Despite the fact that it was 3AM, there were still people walking about. You curiously watched them, their faces glowing behind the light of their phones or streetlights as they walked. You leaned over the edge a little more to try and get a better look at some of them, but the pressure of the railing on your stomach made you wince and sit back in your chair.

“For a moment there I was afraid you were going to jump.” A husky voice said behind you.

You flinched and let out a gasp, until you realized that the voice belonged to sleepy Izaya.

You turned around and looked at him standing in the patio’s doorway. Your eyes widened at the sight. Even when he gets up at night to go to the washroom he fixes his hair a bit, but this time that was definitely not the case. His hair was disheveled and his housecoat hastily tied around his slender waist, his slippers were barely on his feet.

You remembered what he said, then it all clicked: he heard you leave the bedroom quietly, going about your normal late night business you sometimes do, and just as he was falling back to sleep he heard the patio door open, something you never really do since you’re normally anxious to get back to the warm bed. He probably thought you were trying to wait until he fell back to sleep to slip out and try and commit suicide, so he bolted out of bed and ran to the patio.

“Y-you thought I would commit suicide?” You stuttered. Why would he think that?! You were very content with him right now- “S-sure the view is cool, and the sensation of falling would be interesting…” You looked at the ground sensing him flinch at your comment, “But I would at least have a parachute or something…or, or even those cool flight suits people wear now” By now you were flapping your arms, demonstrating the people using the flight suit.

By the time you looked up, he had a tired crooked grin on his face, “Of course, my favourite human wouldn’t do that, I was just half-asleep, that’s all.” He walked over and stroked your hair.

You would have taken this situation much differently if you had known that a few years ago he went through a phase of having fun manipulating people to commit suicide, making the suicidal people think that he would commit suicide with them.

Of course, you did not know of this, and you smiled tiredly, watching the people below. You felt his eyes leave your face and watch his precious humans. You realized how much you enjoyed his presence, despite the fact that you still felt ill. He stood next to your chair, one hand in your hair and the other in his housecoat’s pocket, smiling at his humans below. He was quiet, which was rare, but you guessed it was because he was both tired and thinking over what just happened.

Izaya’s hand slowly left your hair and made its way to your cheek. He gently stroked it, then lightly lifted up your chin. You looked up at him. By now he’s obviously noticed that your skin is paler than normal, and that both your cheeks and nose are flushed, accompanied by dark bags under your eyes.

“My poor human is sick.” He chided, and you nodded despite it not being a question.

He sighed and playfully tapped your nose, “I’ll go get you some tea.”

You watched him leave, then you rested your sore head on the patio’s railing. Your head hurt even more now that it was pondering what Izaya had said. ‘Why would he think I would commit suicide?’ You tried to think the way he thinks, but the only thing that you can think of was that you were showing symptoms…’But I haven’t been showing any sympto-‘

You stopped mid-thought as you realized you have, in a way, have been showing similar symptoms of depression. Due to the fact that you haven’t been feeling well for the past couple of days, you’ve had much less energy than usual: sleeping more, being lethargic on the couch, talking less. Using less energy, and coupled with feeling ill, leads to eating less. And when you are not feeling well you seem to lack caring about almost all discussion topics. On top of that, you didn’t tell him you weren’t feeling well because you didn’t want to disturb his work or make him worry…not that he’d worry anyways. All of those are similar symptoms to depression, which can cause suicide. Of course, that was not your intention, but for once it seems Izaya had mis-read you and your actions.

The sound of a soft ‘clink’ woke you from your thoughts and you sat up. Izaya had placed a cup of tea on the table next to you. As you took the cup and sipped its contents, Izaya moved one of the other patio chairs next to yours. You noticed that he had a blanket draped over one of his arms, and as he sat down he wrapped it around both of you, keeping out the night chill.

He casually slung one of his arms around your shoulder, “Nighttime around here truly is fascinating, isn’t it?”

You expected him to continue talking about nonsense like he usually does, but instead he went back to watching his humans below. You took the moment to get a better look at him.

You were aware that he was always good looking, but something about him now made him seem even more appealing. Despite what he lets on, he is actually very self-conscious about his looks - even around you. However, this is the one time he didn’t bother with his appearance and let you see him as he is. You really liked seeing this new side of him, and you knew that there are many more different sides of him to be revealed: he’s just simply showing them to you at his own slow pace.

His soft, borderline silky, raven-black hair was messy and sticking out at random ends in a complete bedhead look. His rust coloured eyes were still not entirely open, and they held a very calm, thoughtful look to them. From your angle to his side, you were able to see his strong, square jaw-line, which was relaxed. His soft lips did not hold a smile on them, for once, and they were relaxed, the tips pointing downward ever so slightly. His smooth, pale skin looked soft, and you knew he took great care to keep it that way.

Feeling your gaze on him, Izaya glanced over and smirked, “Enjoying the view?”

You felt your cheeks grow redder then their sickly colour and looked away, hearing him chuckle. You both sat silently, watching the people below. You realized that Izaya was smiling more, and you thought it was because he was people watching with his “favourite human”, but you came to realize that this smile was different.

As if reading your mind, he quietly murmured, “When my favourite human is happy, I’m happy too.”

Despite all the teasing and things Izaya puts you through on a daily basis, he always makes sure you smile at the end of the day. You never really thought about it, but he almost seemed to live to make you happy. He had very odd ways of amusing you and making you smile, but that is probably because that is his own unique way of showing his love to you. He pretty much never says “I love you” or gives you flowers or sweets, but you imagine from his view it meant more to make you happy than to follow tradition. And Izaya never liked to follow tradition anyway.

You realized that you were smiling yet again, your nausea mostly gone with only a lighter version of your previous headache remaining. You had drank all your tea, and set the cup down on the table. You felt Izaya’s free hand move and sit next to your own hand. You placed yours on top of his, gently wrapping your fingers around his thin, but strong, calloused hand.

You leaned your head on his shoulder, neither of you wanting to go back inside, and enjoyed the moment. ‘To think that I’d end up people watching again…’ you mused, not one to give in to Izaya’s eccentric habits. But here you were, slowly feeling sleep take over you as you watch the interesting people below, carrying on with their daily lives, unaware of a couple watching them from above.

By the time the sun started to peak over the horizon, both you and Izaya were asleep, blanket wrapped around you both, and leaning on each other, content with each other, and content with life.

Auston Matthews - Part 10

Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days, made this one a bit longer to try and make up for it. 

Alex POV

               “Dress all set?” Mom asks Y/N the moment she and Auston walk through the front door.

               Y/N’s cheeks turn a faint pink and I notice she avoids my mom’s gaze when she answers.

               “Oh yes, everything went great,” her voice a little shaky as she mumbles her reply, if mom notices she doesn’t say anything and launches into questions about the wedding that Y/N is the maid of honor in.

               I narrow my eyes at Y/N trying to get her to look at me so I can read her face better when Auston steps in between us, effectively hiding Y/N from sight.

               “So what did you get, Auston,” Breyana asks from her seat beside me.

               Auston stares at the table as he takes his seat across from her.

               “Nothing,” he mutters and he too is avoiding eye contact with anyone.

               “You didn’t have time?” Breyana presses, oblivious to the way he’s acting.

               “Right,” Auston replies and jumps back up out of his seat to help mom, clearly over talking to Breyana.

               Something happened.

               I nudge Breyana in the side to get her attention.

               “I think something went down between those two,” I whisper, dad is sitting on just the other side of Breyana but his attention is elsewhere.

               “What do you mean?” She asks, her eyes darting between Y/N and Auston.

               “Look how neither of them will look at mom or even at us,” I say, and even as the words leave my mouth I realize I’m overreacting, they have known each other just over twenty-four hours. Breyana and I didn’t expect our plan to go through in less than twenty-four hours.

               “I wouldn’t look too into it Alex, Y/N is worked up about tomorrow and Auston is usually grumpy,” she says, her tone bored.

               “Well, just watch them tonight, see if anything has changed.”

               Breyana just rolls her eyes and turns her attention to her phone.

               I can’t help but continue to watch as Y/N and Auston help my mom bring everything to the table, something has definitely changed, they seem more comfortable around each other and for the first time since we picked Y/N and told her where we were staying, she looks relaxed.

               Within a few minutes she’s back to talking and laughing with mom and the rest of us, Auston too. Although mom sits between them at the table I notice Auston glance at Y/N a few times, seemingly fascinated with every word that comes out of her mouth.

               Y/N seems oblivious to it, but she too hangs on to every word that Auston has to say. I realize I’ve been staring at Y/N when suddenly her eyes lock onto mine and she quirks an eyebrow at me.

               “Do I have something on my face, Alex?” She asks me playfully, a smile pulling at the corners of her mouth.

               “No, you just seem very happy tonight,” I pause, “I’m sorry I haven’t been more interested in helping you for tomorrow.”

               Y/N just smiles and reaches across the table to squeeze my hand.

               “You’ve been supportive without even realizing it, Alex. I would have gone insane today if I had been back home with no one to distract me. Your mom was right this morning, I’m prepared…” she pulls her hand back and settles back down in her seat. “You believe in me and that’s the most important thing.”  

Your POV

                For the first time in a month, the sinking feeling in my stomach wasn’t there at the mention of my meeting. Instead, I feel a strange new confidence and I can’t help but think that being here with the Matthews has something to do with it. They give me support, not that my parents don’t, but being here with them is calming, they fully believe in me and they show it.  

               However, despite that confidence, I can’t seem to fall asleep once I go to bed. While Alex and Breyana are softly breathing beside me, I’m tossing and turning over and over again for an hour before I give up on sleep altogether. I get up and move to the chair across the living room. When I open my Instagram I see there’s a follow request in my notifications. I stare for a moment at the request; Auston_matthews. I contemplate for a moment before accepting.

               I start scrolling through my feed when my phone buzzes with a text message from a number I don’t have saved.

               Aren’t u going to follow back?

               I frown at the message, thoroughly confused as to how he got my number and then I remember him holding onto my phone while I went and changed at the boutique earlier.


               I send back, almost instantly getting a response.

               Harsh considering ur sleeping on my couch.

               I roll my eyes and type out my reply.

               I’m not sleeping on your couch right now and I already follow you.

               I hit send and then type out another word.


               Alex moves on the pull out next to me and I freeze, like I’m about to be caught doing something I shouldn’t be. Which is probably true. She sighs in her sleep and a moment later goes still again. I glance back down at my phone and see a message waiting.

               First of all, uncalled for and second of all, why aren’t u sleeping?

               Because I can’t fall asleep and it was very called for.

               Bed not comfortable?

               No, its fine, I’m just too excited for tomorrow I guess. Why aren’t you sleeping?

               It’s not my bedtime yet.


               U can come in here if u want

               My stomach does a backflip and I want to bolt out of my chair. I sit there a moment actually considering it before I mentally slap myself. It was enough of a close call in the car on the way home, and it was something that I was still very confused about. Reluctantly I type my response.

               That’s ok, I should probably stay out there. What would your mother think???

               The three little bubbles pop up as he types a reply.

               Always using my mother as an excuse

               I can’t help but smile as I read his message.

               Goodnight, Auston. P.S. only the second time I’ve used her as an excuse.

               Two times too many. Goodnight, Y/N.

               I drop my phone down onto my lap and stare out the window beside me. Only I’m not thinking about the stars or tomorrow, I’m thinking about the boy on the other side of the wall just a few feet away and the fact that my heart has been pounding in my chest since I first saw the follow notification.

               Quietly, I stand and make my way over to the door where my coat hangs and pull it on along with my shoes before making my way back over to the slider in the living room that leads out onto a small balcony. I bundle myself up and sit on one of the chairs, thankful that it’s above freezing outside for once. I lean my arms on the railing and tilt my head to the sky, desperate to get Auston out of my head.

               My plan seems to work, I start naming everything I can find in the sky and where it originated from and the many myths and legends about that particular star or constellation. Halfway through the story of Cassiopeia I feel a prickle on my neck and get the feeling someone is watching me. I glance over my shoulder into the apartment and I can see Alex and Breyana asleep from the faint glow from the candle on the dining room table. I look across the street to where another apartment building rests and scan the windows facing me, not seeing any movement or person.

               I am just about to go back to my story when I hear the slider open behind me and I whip around, startled.

               “Whoa, just me!” Auston whispers, putting his hands up in front of him.

               I let out a relieved sigh and turn back away from him.

               “I thought you were going to bed,” I say, slightly annoyed to have him out here with me considering I just got him out of my head for more than ten minutes.

               “I thought the same thing about you, I was just getting a glass of water when I saw you sitting out here in the cold,” Auston huffs back at me while sliding the door closed behind him, pulling his hood up on his sweatshirt. I’m just glad he’s not wearing that stupid hat again.

               “It’s not that cold,” I mutter, but at the same time I’m starting to lose the feeling in my fingers as they sit on the railing.

               Auston doesn’t reply as he joins be at the railing and leans against it. I try to ignore the proximity of his body and move slightly away from him

               “So, what are you doing out here. Besides freezing your ass off?”

               “My ass is just fine and like I said earlier, I can’t sleep so mind as well spend the night with the stars,” I reply and lock onto the North Star again.

               “This is how you relax isn’t it?” Auston asks, looking over at me.

               “Yes, I suppose it is,” I admit and refuse to meet his eyes.

               “I can see that,” he says and I don’t reply.

               “If I said any star or constellation, would you be able to find it?” He continues.


               Auston thinks a moment and I wonder if he even knows any star name besides the Sun.

               “My birthday is in September, so Virgo, can you find that?”

               “Well, Virgo is known as a spring constellation, so while you might be able to see a few stars that make up Virgo all year round, you can’t really see the shape in the sky right now in January. Possibly if we were someplace with no city lights limiting our view.” I answer and I point in the direction of Spica, the brightest star of Virgo. “Right now, all you can see is Spica, and even that is a little hard to find right now.”

               “How did you get into Astronomy in the first place? I haven’t ever met anyone that has showed any interest in it before.” Auston says, looking back down at me and this time I meet his eyes and see genuine curiosity.

               I smile as I reply, “My dad, he was very into Astronomy when he was little, although he never pursued it, obviously going into pro-scouting instead. But when I was little, he would take me outside in the summer and we would spend hours laying in the lawn and just looking. We would make up stories and the next morning we would go to the library and check out every book we possibly could about anything to remotely do with the night sky. I became even more obsessed with it after I watched Aladdin,” I pause at this and glance at Auston again, who raises his eyebrows slightly.

               “Aladdin?” He asks.

               “Well, more so heard a song in Aladdin,” I shift next to him, slightly embarrassed for even bringing it up.

               “What song?”

               “A Whole New World,” I answer and look away quickly.

               He’s quiet for a moment and I think he’s trying to remember the song. I can’t help but fidget next to him, thoroughly mortified that I told him that. He cocks his head at me, still clearly confused.

               I take a deep breath and very quietly start singing the song that made me realize what I wanted to be when I grew up.

               “….. Let me share this whole new world with you….” I finish off and take a breath, unbelievably mortified. “It know it sounds stupid, but it just… Stuck with me I guess,” I mutter, feeling like I have to defend myself somehow. “The part about a new point a view was when I fell in love. Sometimes I feel like that what people need some times, a new perspective. The stars give me that, it’s an entire new world up there while I’m stuck down here.”

               I finally look at Auston who has been silent as I babbled on, he’s giving me that pretty boy smile again and everything south of my belly clenches.

               “You love it,” he says through his smile.

               “Well obviously I love it,” I say and gesture to the sky. “Why else would I plan my life around something that I can barely see?”

               Auston laughs and nods his head. “True, although I do love hockey, I would never sing about it in front of a pretty girl.”

               I blush and roll my eyes. “It’s more awkward to say that words normally than it is to sing them. Besides, if you ever tell anyone, I know exactly where you sleep and if I asked Mrs. Matthews, I’m sure she would give a key.”

               “That I’m positive she would, but I don’t think you’d come into my bedroom to murder me.”

               “No?” I ask.

               “Too messy and everyone would know it was you. You seem like the type of person who would plan out a murder so perfectly that you would never get caught,” Auston grins at me and I can’t help but laugh.

               “Alex told you about my compulsive planning and preparing?”

               “In vivid detail.”

               I shake my head and look to the sky again although I can still feel Auston’s eyes on my face.

               “You’ll do great tomorrow Y/N,” he says gently and puts his hand over mine on the railing, warmth spreads through my like wildfire.

               I don’t say anything but give him a soft smile of thanks, he leans down and for a brief moment I think he’s going to kiss my lips but at the last second his lips find my cheek. I turn beat red and bite my lip to keep from smiling.

               “We should head back inside, we both need some sleep,” he says softly, his face still within inches of mine and I nod, taking his hand and walking back in through the slider. We move silently from the door and shrug off our coats, throwing them on the chair. He waits as I wiggle my way back into my spot on the bed that Alex seems to have taken over. Almost immediately she throws her arms around my waist and snuggles into me. I roll my eyes at Auston and cover myself with a blanket.

               “Goodnight,” he murmurs, grinning at me as I try to get comfortable with Alex clinging to me.

               “Goodnight, Auston,” I whisper back. He turns to leave, his gaze lingering on the pillow beneath my head that smells of him.

               “Don’t drool on my pillow,” he teases and I resist the urge to throw it at him.

Something Different from me

CROSSOVER Grey’s Anatomy/The Night Shift

[Title Impending]

Will be on FF and Ao3.

“Dr. Derek Shepherd to the ER, Dr. Derek Shepherd to the ER”.

He heard the overhead page but chose to keep his feet planted behind the glass wall of the catwalk, his hands bracing on the railing. Crisp blue eyes gazed listlessly out the full-length window across from him to watch the sun set on the Seattle horizon.

Losing one was still hard. He should have tried harder. Should have thought of something else, another way to look at the problem for a better solution. His gaze dropped to his dark blue scrubs and shook his head once. The vibration of his black pager went off again in addition to the all-call system.

He pushed off the railing to head downstairs. The ER would inevitably have a serious injury needing his attention. As his wife would say, life’s a carousel; it never stops to let you off.

Entering the hall that led to the pit, Derek saw a few of his colleagues working on a patient lying on a gurney. Lines were already attached to the skin, the monitors alive with steady beeps. He assumed his game face despite his shift’s latest loss. “Alright, what’d you got?”

“Male, thirties, hit a pole on highway 3 at 55 miles per hour. BP is stable. For now,” Meredith snapped as she cleaned a deep gash in the man’s temple. Dark blood still seeped from the wound, swelling already setting in.

“Was he brought in alone?”


Without thinking about what his body was doing, Derek quickly shoved his hands into the blue gloves and pulled the light pen from his white lab coat, opening the patient’s eyes to shine the light. The brown irises were slow to react, but they were responding. “Call up and get a head CT. Anyone know how his head took the hit?”

“Yea, Doc,” a sarcastic, deep voice stated. “The car stopped but his head didn’t. I thought they taught you that in med school.”

Derek’s breath hitched only for a moment at the familiar, yet distant voice. It had been at least four years since he had last heard it. He glanced up from leaning over the patient’s head to where he heard it, his eyes laying claim to a tall, dark-haired man standing with his feet planted the same width as his wide shoulders. 

A soldier’s stance.

He straightened, his voice flat with a hint of surprise. “What are you doing here?”

The man wore wrangler jeans that stuck to his thin yet muscular frame. Brown cowboy boots graced his feet and a green t-shirt covered the rest. A lazy smirk appeared on the unshaven jaw. “Ahh, come on, that’s no way to greet your-”

“TC, get out.”

“-long lost brother.”

Meredith’s hands faltered and the nurse across from her both exchanged glances then gazed to both men. Derek took the clipboard with the patient’s status information they had been able to gather. His eyes had turned hard and he refused to look up as he wrote.

Listening to the steady beeps of the monitor and the silence that filled the rest of the room, Meredith’s eyes searched. “What-”

Christina stopped by the open doorway, slightly pushing TC out of the way with her news. “Bus crash with injuries, ten minutes out. EMTs are bringing four here. All children. April’s gonna need some hands.”

She frowned, giving the back of TC a look up and down before she turned to leave.

“Ok,” Derek broke the remaining silence, keeping his voice upbeat. “Admit him and call his family. It doesn’t look too serious, the pupils’ dilate, but not as fast as I’d like. Push ten of mannitol and page me when the head scans are in.”

He caught the look Meredith tossed his way. The look that meant the conversation isn’t over. He had seen that in her eyes many times since beginning his job at the hospital.

Leaving the room, Derek looked at TC as he passed through the entry. “What are you doing here,” He asked again, though it was more of a statement.

TC followed him, his boots clacking on the floor. “I’ve been home for a few months. Tried life as an EMT, but it doesn’t cut it.”

“You brought him in?” Derek asked and pointed to the room they had exited.

“Witnessed the accident on my bike,” TC replied. “I was already on my way here.”

Picking up a yellow trauma gown off the supply cart, Derek shook his head. “Dammit, TC. You’ve been back for how long and can’t even man up to tell mom?”

TC frowned as he spoke and watched him tie the tie strings at his neck. He let the last part of his statement slide. The neurosurgeon wouldn’t understand what it was like. What he had had to deal with on a daily basis. “I will. I’ve just needed time to adjust.”

“Go adjust somewhere else. Not here.”

“I need a job.”

Derek tried to ignore his younger brother as he trailed relentlessly behind him as he made his way through the ER unloading bay. “When you do, call mom.”

“Derek,” TC touched his arm as they halted at the sliding doors. “Please. I need a job where I can be me.”

His older brother stared into his green ones. TC was hurting. It may not be physically, but emotionally -maybe mentally- there were scars that still needed healing. A job fixing other people may not be the answer he was searching for. He needed to fix himself first.

“I can’t-”

“Then who can? I can do this, I just need the opportunity, the benefit of the doubt here. I’ve been through worse.”

Taking a deep breath, Derek was aware his fellow doctors were filling the entryway and were giving TC strange looks. No one said anything. Some inches taller than Derek and broader shouldered, the stranger looked very similar to their head neurosurgeon: dark hair, strong jaw, clear eyes and a smile that could drop a few female staff members to the ground.

“Hunt. Dr. Owen Hunt. He’s the chief,” Derek sighed. “He’s a background similar to yours. You may get in with him.”

TC tightly squeezed his brother’s shoulder as his lips turned up into a smile. “Thank you, brother.”

And Derek knew two things in that moment. One, that the doctors crowding the doors waiting on the Ambulance now knew that he not only had a younger brother but that he had neglected to tell anyone about him. Cristina had heard every word as she arrived unusually late to the party.

Two, his brother would soon likely join the medical staff at Seattle Grace.

Aaron Tveit - Christmas Decorations

Day one of my 12 days of Christmas fic series! Each day will be a different actor/character. Hope you enjoy!

It’s 12 days before Christmas and Aaron gets rather excited about putting up the decorations in your house. Christmas with Aaron was always amazing and putting up the decorations was always something special that you shared, something that you both enjoyed. Aaron was like a big child when it came to anything to do ith Christmas, You felt so lucky to have him, someone to make you laugh, someone to make you smile, someone to spend this wonderful time of year with. 

Warnings: Aaron being an adorable little shit, Fluff!

A/N: This was so much fun to write! Aaron is such an adorable little shit I can’t cope. Enjoy the fluff!

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