raikou the legend of thunder

f-22k  asked:

Recommend some movies please! :D

Let’s see, I haven’t watched too many movies, so here are some that I love to watch a million times!

This one is a classic anime film! it’s satire so its really funny and weird, so be warned (has bare anime boobs).

The US Digimon movie!!! I’ve watched this a million times. It is a combination of a bunch of Japanese Digimon movies spliced and rewritten into a new story. It is surprisingly good and I love the soundtrack.  It might be my nostalgia goggles talking though.

If you’re a Pokemon fan, it’s not really a movie but I lovelovelove the Japanese subtitled version of Raikou Legend of Thunder. I do not watch the Pokemon anime because I don’t like it; however, this is different because Ash and the usual people are no where to be found! it focuses on the characters of Gold/Silver/Crystal!!!

Thats all I can think of right now for animations. I also enjoy older sci-fi movies like Contact (with Jodie Foster) and Gattaca, They really make you think and it’s cool to compare them to new technology, discoveries and inventions we have developed since they came out!!!!