Femboy Fashion 101 - By Eagle Summers

1. starting again with a black strap top to give your waist, chest and shoulders shape. they are also very warm and comfortable. 

2. wearing a sleeveless top over the strap top will show just the right amount of it. the contrast between the black and white on the both tops will make them stand out from each other. i personally love skeletal designs like this, they give a punk / alt edge to your look. although this is not for everyone. 

3. i love this cardigan and own more than one in this pattern and colours. this will keep you warm and can be worn is so many different styles. it also gives a feminine flow to your body.

4. normal skinny jeans in any style or colour will work with these tops. i would try to avoid too garish colours though or they may stand out to much and draw away attention from them. the rips and worn out love of these jeans again give an edge to your look. try wearing coloured tights or leggings underneath for a bit of flare.

5. big furry boots! nuff said.

6/7. matching bobble hat and tube scarf, these are extremely cute and will keep you warm. the off white colour also works as a way of bringing subtle colour in the monochrome outfit. 

all found at H&M and Hot Topic

overall a punker autumn / winter look for all you femboys out there.

stay classy out there guys and gals.



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